The War in South Africa Memorial is located near the corner of Kings Park Road and Fraser Avenue, Kings Park, Perth. The Memorial inscription reads:

In Memory of
the undermentioned
Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers & Men
of the
West Australian Contingents
who were Killed in Action or Died from Wounds or Disease
the War in South Africa 1899-1902

Major H G Moor RA
Lieut A A Forrest Lieut G S W Hensman
Lieut G A Moris Lieut S S Reid

Sgt F F Edwards Far. Sgt R H McGregor Cor G N Bishop
Cor W E Bollinger Cor R J Furlong Lance Cor J G Dalliston

T H Angel F T Adams R Alday A Blanck W H Cross* M Conway
W M Collett C C Clifford J Delahunty W J Dunstan H Force
O E Fry Wm Fraser B Fisher E A Hambly A Hammond
J Hume E G Iles Jas Kay W J McPhee W Parker
F Page J Roscoe J Semple H Solomon R W Spencer
J B M Thurston G Westcott H White T H Wilson

And in the Great War 1914-1918
Lieut Col C J Todd CMG Major J B Mills Major F M W Parker DSO Capt R T McMaster
Capt C A Barnes Lieut W C Mills Lieut N G Sherard Sgt Major S G McWhirter Sgt H A Campbell
Sgt E H Welchman Pte E W Bell Pte E Brady Pte M Cunningham Pte W Davis Pte S Jones
Pte G F Lidington Pte T F Mansbridge Pte J Marshall Pte F W Seccombe Pte J H Wilson

This Foundation Stone
was laid by
HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York KC KT KP &c
on the occasion of the visit to Australia
of their Royal Highnesses
the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York
to open the Parliament of the Commonwealth
22nd July 1901

* Private William Henry Cross 74 is not recorded as a casualty on the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour.  He contracted Tuberculosis and was repatriated, passing away in Fremantle on 13 January 1902.

This Roll of Honour shows the Soldiers’ names inscribed on the Memorial in Unit Order.

1st Mounted Infantry Contingent

MOOR Hatherly George KIA: 19Jul100
HENSMAN Geoffrey Gordon William Wounds: 12Mar00
CONWAY Michael 96 KIA: 9Feb00
BISHOP George Neville 18 Died: 14-16Feb00
COLLETT Murray William 30 KIA: 19Jul00
FORCE Harold 13 Wounds: 14Sep00

2nd Mounted Infantry Contingent

No fatalities

3rd Bushmen’s Contingent

HAMBLY Edgar Anthony 75 Died: 26Jun00
McPHEE William John 67 Died: 2Jul00
ROSCOE John 81 Wounds: 3Nov00
ANGEL Thomas Hotspur 105 Died: 23Apr01
HUME James 83 Died: 1Jun01
WHITE Henry 34 Exposure: 4Jun01

4th Mounted Infantry Contingent

ILES Ernest George 43 KIA: 24Aug00
KAY James 119 KIA: 19Jul00
FRASER William 70 KIA: 8Apr01

5th Mounted Infantry Contingent

FORREST Anthony Alexander KIA: 15May01
McGREGOR Robert Henry 184 Died: 20May01
BOLLINGER William Frederick 115 Wounds: 18May01
EDWARDS Frederick Francis 111 KIA: 15May01
SOLOMON Herbert 266 Died: 15Apr01
PARKER Walter 140 Died: 22Jan02
ALDAY Robert 168 KIA: 1Feb01
DALLISTON James George 239 KIA: 1Feb02
HAMMOND Arthur 149 Wounds: 1Feb02
DUNSTAN William John 289 Died: 19Feb02

6th Mounted Infantry Contingent

MORIS George Augustus KIA: 3Feb02
REID Stanley Spencer Wounds: 29Jun01
FISHER Benjamin 335 KIA: 15May01
PAGE Frank 341 KIA: 15May01
ADAM Francis Thomas 385 KIA: 15May01
SEMPLE John 403 KIA: 15May01
BLANCK Arthur 339 Wounds: 18May01
SPENCER Richard Walter 436 Died: 14May01
WESTCOTT George 413 KIA: 23Jun01
CLIFFORD Clarence Chudleigh 348 KIA: 23Jun01
HUNTER Robert Thomas 458 Accident (Shot): Date Unavailable
DELAHUNTY James 387 KIA: 16Aug01
WILSON Thomas Henry 376 Died: 12Dec01
THURSTON John Bates Milne 420 Died: 30Dec01
FRY Oliver Edwin 429 Died: 22Dec01

This Roll of Honour shows the names of veterans of the War in South Africa whose names are inscribed on the Memorial and who lost there lives while in service during the Great War of 1914-1918.  This Roll is on a separate Plaque and was added to the original inscription placed in 1901.

TODD Thomas John CMG DSO MID Illness: 23Jan19 (49) Perth WA
MILLS John Brier Wounds: 30May15 (45) Perth WA
PARKER Francis Maitland Wyborn Illness DSO (Meningitis): 18Mar15 (38) Perth WA
McMASTERS Robert Thompson KIA: 7Aug15 Perth WA
BARNES Charles Albert KIA: 28Apr15 (35) Guildford WA
MILLS William Checkley (British Army) Died: 23Jul16

SHERARD Norman Castel 3080 KIA: 7Aug16 (38) Kalgoorlie WA
McWHIRTER Samuel George 451 KIA: 29Aug15 Guildford WA
CAMPBELL Henry Alexander 367 KIA: 19Nov15 (40) Perth WA
WELCHMAN Ernest Herbert Accident: 16Oct16 (48) Mount Lawley WA
BELL Edgar Watson 9 KIA: 2May15 Cottesloe WA
BRADY Edgar Vernon 709 KIA: 7Aug15 Victoria Park WA
CUNNINGHAM Michael 412 Illness (Pneumonia): 8May18 (36) Laverton WA

DAVIS Walter Herbert 5682 KIA: 10Apr17 (38) Guildford WA
(JONES S) JONES George David Charles 2935 KIA:26Sep17 (39) Perth WA
LIDINGTON George Frederick 762 KIA: 4Oct17 (40) Geraldton WA
MANSBRIDGE Tom Franklin 3395 KIA: 3Jun18 Perth WA
(MARSHALL J) MARSHALL George 6605 Wounds:24Nov17 Fremantle WA
SECCOMBE Frank William 497 KIA: 2May15 (34) Perth WA
(WILSON J H) WILSON* Joseph Benjamin 994 KIA: 8Aug15 Perth WA

* Private Wilson was too young to serve in the War in South Africa. Before travelling to Australia, he was in service in South Africa in the Cape Medical Corps and this may have led to his inclusion on this Roll in error. The name WILSON J H is unable to be identified.

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