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The Rolls and Order of Names shown on this page are listed in the order on the State War Memorial, Kings Park, Western Australia.

Soldiers’ names are shown in the format of Family Name, First Names(s), Military Awards, Regimental Number, Jurisdiction of Birth in brackets, Unit where in a mixed-unit Roll, and HAKP showing the link to the private individual plaques placed in the Honour Avenues, Kings Park (see below). A list of abbreviations is given lower on the main page.

The intention was that all those from Western Australia who served were to be remembered as evidenced by the Roll of Other Corps of Australia, the United Kingdom and Dominions. This has resulted in the names of Soldiers serving in the British or other Dominion Armies being included. However, the records kept in the paper-on-file method of the time meant that no systemic search for those eligible from non-Australian forces could be practically made, and the names of more Soldiers who would have been eligible for the Memorial are now very likely to be identified with contemporary technology and records availability.

As the eligibility criterion was to recognise those Soldiers from Western Australia who served, none of the Rolls on the Memorial represent the complete Roll of Honour for any of the Units listed. The names of Soldiers who enlisted in other jurisdictions and were transferred into these Units and subsequently died while in service have not been included.

The Memorial was unveiled in 1929 and the dates of death of some of the by-then former Soldiers date into the early 1930s. The first National Roll of Honour policy was formulated by the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in 1928 and those names highlighted in blue (only in this document, not on the memorial) simply indicate that these deaths are not recognised on the National Roll of Honour or the Commemorative Roll (added 1981). The qualifying period for inclusion on National Roll is 4 August 1914 – 31 March 1921.

The Honour Avenues in Kings Park was an initiative of the then Kings Park Board Chair, Arthur Lovekin, who had witnessed the creation of an Avenue of Honour in Ballarat, Victoria, during the War. The Board called for privately funded applications for individual honour plaques in late 1918 and two major Dedication Services were conducted. These were on Sunday 3 August 1919 (the fifth anniversary of the British Declaration of War against Germany) in which 398 plaques were dedicated, and on Sunday 7 November 1920 (the Sunday nearest the second anniversary of the Armistice (Remembrance Day)) in which 270 plaques were dedicated. At this time there was no certainty that a State Memorial was to be built and these plaques served as the only memorials to the War in Kings Park for nearly a decade until 1929.


ABBOTT Harold Henry 1138 (VIC) 24th Btn
ADAM Leslie Harold 3112 (VIC) 46th Btn
ADAMS Charles 2780 (WA) 10th Btn
ADAMS Charles Edward 2010 (TAS) 26th Btn
AFFLECK James Carlyle Wells 282 (VIC) ex-50th Btn
AITKEN Frank Thompson 2997 (British Army) (Unknown) Seaforth Highlanders
ALEY Frederick Roger 609 (England) 31st Btn
ALLEN Horace Beresford 3348 (VIC) 52nd Btn HAKP
ALLPIKE Henry James 988 (WA) 1st Remount
ALTHORP Algar Hampton 1301 (SA) 10th Btn
ANDERSEN Anton Alexander 6192 (WA) Pay Corps HAKP
ANDERSON Andrew 1926 (NSW) 34th Btn
ANDERSON Ronald Forrestal 2774A (VIC) 39th Btn
ANDREWS David Lloyd 3034 (Wales) 15th Btn
ANNEAR Kenneth Charles 3985 (SA) 46th Btn HAKP
ARCHER Reginald 3108 (SA) 46th Btn
ARMITAGE George 2633 (WA) 1st Camel Btn HAKP
ARMSTRONG Roy Bunbury 2799 (WA) 15th LHR
ATKINS Fredrick James 3800 (WA) 52nd Btn
ATWELL Sydney Harold 2779 aka LEE Norman Thomas (NSW) 14th MG Coy
AULD Tom Smith 5795 (England) 27th Btn
AYLETT Frank Thomas Lewis 5796 (VIC) 27th Btn HAKP
BABBS Percy John 3795 (England) 13th LTMB
BAILEY Ernest Lionel 2585 (England) SC
BAMFORD Frederick Ladbury (NSW) 28th Btn
BANTOFT Thomas 1003 (England) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
(BARBER P S) BARKER Paul Shedholm MC British Army (Unknown)
BARNES John 3059 aka FULLWOOD Peter (VIC) 28th Btn
BARNES William Patrick 2781 (Ireland) 39th Btn
BARRETT Herbert James 1797 (VIC) 34th Btn
BARTLETT Francis Sydney Keith 2788 (England) 39th Btn
BARTLETT James 3801 (VIC) 52nd Btn
BASTIAN Ronald Raymond 3313 (VIC) 2nd Pioneer Btn
BATCHELOR Percy Albert 3121 (England) 46th Btn
BAXTER John 5652 (NSW) 59th Btn
BEATTY Thomas Bernard 2533 (VIC) 43rd Btn
BEECROFT Clement William 744A (WA) 40th Btn
BICKERSTETH Robert 3349 (England) 42nd Btn
BINNING Walter Priestley 3407 (WA) 4th LTMB
BIRRELL Thomas 5805 (Scotland) 27th Btn
BISHOP Francis Sydney 6413 (SA) 50th Btn
BLAKE William 2538 (England) 43rd Btn
BODDINGTON Frederick Eckersley (QLD) 46th Btn
BODKIN Albert (NSW) Eng Depot
BODKIN James Lowry 3255 (VIC) 9th LHR HAKP
BODYCOAT Harold William 783 (VIC) 31st Btn
BURKE M P J (BOURKE Michael Patrick John (VIC)) 44th Btn
BOWES Joseph 2288 (NSW) 43rd Btn
BOYCE Joseph Richard 4280 (VIC) 4 Tun Coy
BRACK John William 2289 (England) 43rd Btn
BRADLEY John Bernard 3372 (NSW) 31st Btn
(BREHEMY M J) BREHENY Michael Joseph 2536 (VIC) 43rd Btn
(BREHEMY P F) BREHENY Peter Francis 2545 (VIC) 43rd Btn
BREWER Bertie James 6288 (England) 50th Btn
BROCKMAN Ralph William 2291 (WA) 43rd Btn
BRODIE John Alexander 3119 (Scotland) 46th Btn
BROOM Wallace 3860 (VIC) 4th LTMB
BROWN David William (WA) 44th Btn

BROWN John 2292 (VIC) 43rd Btn
BROWN Thomas 2532 (WA) 43rd Btn
BROWN-EKINS George Herbert 3389 (England) 44th Btn
BRUMBY Ernest Gladstone 5655 (TAS) 5th Btn
BRYAN Daniel Patrick 6401 (WA) ex-27th Btn
BRYANT William Edward 2030 (VIC) 39th Btn
BUCKENARA Lawrence Alfred 2601B (SA) 10th Btn
BUDGE James 5811 (Scotland) 27th Btn
BULAND Henry Louis 353 (France) AFC
BULLEN Fred Percival 2296 (England) 11th LTMB
BURT Theodore Charles Arthur (British Army) Fld Arty KIA
BYRNE Edward (QLD) 40th Depot Btn
CAIRNDUFF Robert Patrick 13158 (Scotland) 45th Btn HAKP
CAMERON Alexander 2004 (NZ) 23rd Btn
CAMERON Donald (Scotland) 12th LTMB
CAMERON Hugh 3089 (VIC) 10th Btn
CAMERON John Archibald 901 (WA) 8th LTMB
CANNELL Hugh Featherstone Campbell (England) RAF
CARD Harold George Blanchard 2299 (NSW) 43rd Btn HAKP
CARTER Arthur Slater MM 1373 (England) 50th Btn
CARTER George Ebenezer 5815 (VIC) 50th Btn HAKP
CARVILL Henry 942 aka CAWLEY Henry (England) Mining Btn
CHALONER Theophilus 5817 (England) 27th Btn
CHAPMAN Audrey McGregor 19348 British Army (Unknown) Royal Scots HAKP
CHATLEY Norman Cecil 3798 (VIC) 22nd Btn HAKP
CHORLTON Oswald 250 (England) 28th Btn
CHRISTMASS Percy Charles 2553 (WA) 43rd Btn
CLANCY Robert Bede (QLD) 28th Btn
CLAREY John Charles 302868 British Army (VIC) Tank Corps
CLARK Herbert Hollman 3807 (VIC) 52nd Btn HAKP
CLARKE Charles 955 (England) ANMEF
CLARKE Ernest Alfred 2796 (England) 39th Btn
CLARKE Frank (QLD) Depot Btn
CLARKE Harry 1853 (SA) AVH
CLATWORTHY Joseph 62782 (WA) 3rd Reinforcements W
CLELAND Samuel Davenport 2556 (SA) 44th Btn
CLIFTON George Leake Cecil (WA) RFC HAKP
(CLIFTON S B) BRINDAL Clifton Sydney 3487 (NSW) 54th Btn
COLES Ernest John 1805A (WA) 33rd Btn
COLLIER Owen Ambrose 3244A (WA) 46th Btn
COLLINS Frederick 3792 (England) 52nd Btn
COLLINS Frank Erskine Hobbs (VIC) 47th Btn
COLLINS Frederick William 5672 (WA) 59th Btn
COLWILL William James 2790 (SA) 39th Btn
CONNELLY James 3806 (NSW) 52nd Btn
CONWAY Francis Thomas 2305 (VIC) 43rd Btn
CONWAY Harry 1806A (TAS) 33rd Btn HAKP
COOK Alfred James 6303 (WA) 27th Btn
COOKE Roy Egerton 64 aka CRAIG Leslie Fain (SA) 7th LHR
COOMER Francis John (WA) 13th LTMB
COOPER James Walter 30460 (England) 3rd LTMB
CORNISH Reginald Henry 3362 (VIC) 52nd Btn HAKP
COTTRILL Frank Edward 2800 (England) 39th Btn
COUPAR Henry Brunton 2313 (Scotland) 43rd Btn
COUSINS William John 1898 (England) 57th Btn
COWAN Gerard Henderson (WA) AFC
COWEY Frederick 1808 (SA) 34th Btn HAKP
COX Charles Frederick 474A MID (VIC) 31st Btn
CRAIG Norman (NSW) 52nd Deport Btn
CROSBIE Stanley James 4790 (SA) 1st ANZAC Cyclist Btn
CROSSLAND Roy Charles (WA) 1st Fld Coy, Eng

CRUMP John (aka MILLGATE John) 292 (England) 12Th LTMB
CUNNINGHAM John Henry 2801 (NSW) 39th Btn
DALTON Herbert MM 1495 (VIC) ex-52nd Btn
DARROCH William 5827 (Scotland) 27th Btn
DAVIES Aldborough Henry (Unknown) British Army
DAVIS William Charles 3365 (England) 10th Btn
DEACON Charles 4800 (VIC) 16th Btn
DEAN Alexander 3290 (Scotland) 46th Btn
DEANS Adam 3092 (Scotland) 10th Btn
DELANEY Leslie Sylvester 1380 (VIC) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
DELMENICO Anthony Simpson 2554 (WA) 43rd Btn
DICK Samuel Henry 1036 (WA) 25th Btn
DING Albert Wonseford 62794 (SA) 3rd Reinforcements W
DIXON Frederick 8852 (England) 53rd Btn
DIXON James Jeffrey (Ireland) Fld Arty Depot
DOIG David MacNair (Scotland) 47th Btn
DOIG James John 3370 (VIC) 10th Btn
DOLLING Arthur Herbert 2861 (SA) Imperial Camel Corps
DONNOLLY Robert Charles British Army (VIC) Fld Arty
DOUGALL Norman MC (VIC) 10th Btn
DOW George Mowat 3137 (QLD) 46th Btn HAKP
DUNN Thomas Dawson 2160 (Ireland) 57th Btn
EAGLETON Albert Henry 3366 (VIC) 52nd Btn HAKP
(EDGAR F H) EDGAR Stuart Halbert 1349 (NSW) 1st Btn (Enlisted NSW) HAKP
EDGE Robert Richard 6318 (England) 27th Btn HAKP
EDWARDS Frank Bertram 2811 (WA) 39th Btn
EDWARDS Herbert Thomas Noel 2815 (WA) 1st Camel Btn HAKP
EVANS Frederick William 2313 (WA) 37th Btn
EVANS Herbert Wynne 1817 (NSW) 3rd Div SC
EVANS Mansell William 3811 (England) 52nd Btn
(EWELS H R) Robert Henry 2438 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
FANNING Henry 3258 (WA) 46th Btn
FARMER George Henry 2561 (VIC) 43rd Btn
FARRANT James Lascelles 6320 (WA) 27th Btn
FEIST George Samuel 911 (England) 52nd Btn
FISHBOURNE Eustace Delano Ffolliot 1818 (India) 34th Btn
FLEMING John 984 (NSW) 11th LTMB
FLINDELL Frank Richard 1620 (WA) 8th LTMB
FOGARTY Michael 2325 (QLD) ex-43rd Btn
FOLLAND Malvern Plympton 3933 (WA) 1st Camel Btn
FOREMAN Charles Avon 2563 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
FOSTER Clarence Charles 829 (WA) 31st Btn
FRAZER David James 3143 (WA) 46th Btn
FREETH Lawrence Luxford 2192 (NZ) 15th Reinforcements
FRITH Stanley Charles 1264 (England) 8th LTMB
FULLER George Albert 2813 (England) 39th Btn HAKP
GALLOWAY Samuel James 5848 (NSW) 27th Btn
GARDNER Charles Ernest (England) 87th Depot Coy
GARLICK John 2600 (SA) 5th Pioneer Btn HAKP
GARNHAM Edward Maurice 2326 (England) 43rd Btn
GEARY John Govett (NSW) 13th Btn
GEE Clement Walter 2193 (WA) ex-3rd LH MG Sqn
GEE Robert Francis Hudson 1073 (England) 23rd Btn
GERBER Frederick William 579 (VIC) 1st Btn
GIBBONS Frederick John 2249 (England) 26th Btn
GILBERT Charles 2266 (NSW) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn HAKP
GILL Thomas Martin 5362 (England) 7th LTMB
GILLON William 2570 (Scotland) 43rd Btn

GIVEN James (Ireland) D Depot, Blackboy Hill Camp
GLASSBOROW Charles Sidney 309 (England) 11th LTMB
GLEESON Ernest George 3816 (WA) 52nd Btn
GLEESON James Joseph 2432 (WA) ex-AVH
GLENISTER Walter 5843 (England) 27th Btn
GODDARD Frank 2331 (England) 43rd Btn
GODDARD William Henry 2825 (England) ex-39th Btn
GOOD Clements Francis 52 (India) 4th MG Sqn
GOODILL James 2333 (England) 43rd Btn
GOULD Alfred Noel 3150 (VIC) 46th Btn
GOULD Richard Baxter 1390 (VIC) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
GRAHAM James 2919 (QLD) 8th Btn
GRAHAM Percy 1947 (QLD) 15th Btn (QLD enlisted)
GRANO Arthur Langton 6838A (VIC) 23rd Btn
GRANT John Ambrose (TAS) AASC
GRANT John Percival 1828 (WA) 34th Btn
GRANT Robert Hannibal DCM 5845 (South Africa) 27th Btn HAKP
GREEN Leonard Thomas (England) Depot Btn
GREEN Richard Clarence 4163 (WA) 15th LHR
GREGORY Fleming Clement MC MID British Army
GREY Frederick 2393 (England) 52nd Btn
GROVER Leo John (WA) 1st Depot Btn
GRUBNAU Michael 3152 (WA) 46th Btn
GUNST Frederick Samuel 5106 (VIC) 4th LTMB
GUTHRIE Albert John 36 (WA) 2nd Fld Coy, Eng HAKP
HAIG Charles Wolseley 2809 (Ireland) 2nd LHR
HAMILTON John 1832 (Ireland) 34th Btn
HAMLYN Arthur Franklyn 917 (VIC) 4th Btn
HAMMERSLEY Ernest James 3453 (TAS) 10th Btn
HAMPTON Fred 2581 (England) 43rd Btn HAKP
HANKS Arthur Charles 2841 (England) 39th Btn
HARDWICK James Richard George 2832 (WA) 39th Btn
HARDWICKE Aubrey Charles Julian 1560 (VIC) 3rd Btn
HARRIS John Thomas MM 1663A (VIC) 52nd Btn
HARRISON Herbert William 3604 (WA) ex-14th LHR
HART Reginald Hugo MM 1880 (SA) 1st Btn
HARTUNG Ernest 29609 (VIC) 13th LTMB HAKP
HARVEY William Royal 1834 (England) 34th Btn
HARWOOD Colin Crisp British Army (WA) MG Corps HAKP
HAWKES Samuel Gibbings 5861 (NZ) 27th Btn
HAY Thomas Egbert 3345 (VIC) 52nd Btn
HAYDOCK Daniel Patrick 889 (SA) 11th LTMB
HAYES William Early 5236 14997 (NSW) Fld Coy, Eng Depot
HEAD Walter 827 (WA) 27th Btn
HEAL John Thomas (England) 43rd Btn
HEALEY Thomas William 1835 (Wales) 34th Btn
HEIGHT John Shaw 10865 (VIC) ex-3rd Army FAB
HEMPSELL Thomas Henry 62818 (WA) 3rd Reinforcements
HENDERSON William (Scotland) 33rd Btn
HERFORD Walter Harrel 1397 (England) AFC
HESKETH Thomas 1839 (VIC) 33rd Btn
HIGGS Charles 3314 (England) 14th Bde MG Coy
HIGGS William 2841 (England) 45th Btn
HIPKISS William 3076 (Canada) 52nd Btn
HITCHCOCK Clarence John 2323 (WA) 46th Btn
HODDER Mark Henry 2835 (VIC) 39th Btn
HODGKINSON William 1152 (NSW) 1st Btn
HOGG Ernest 3823 (VIC) ex-52nd Btn

HOLMES Thomas (VIC) 32nd Btn
HORTIN Sydney Grenville (SA) 44th Btn
HOUGH Christopher Leslie 1246 (WA) 2nd LHR
HOUSE Arthur Albert 2339 (WA) 43rd Btn
HOUSTON Robert Clarence Herbert 1561 (VIC) 3rd LTMB
HOWARD William George 982 (VIC) Remount Unit HAKP
HOWELL William Henry 1292 (VIC) 12th LTMB
HUDSON Joseph Robert 3160 (WA) 46th Btn
HUMPHREY Charles Frederick 2766 (VIC) ex-39th Btn
HUMPHRIS Walter George Thorrell 2632 (England) 1st Camel Btn
HURST Charles Preston 2767 (WA) 39th Btn HAKP
HYDE Albert John MID (England) 6th Btn (Enlisted VIC)
INGLIS Fred 4651 (SA) 3rd LHR
INGRAM George 44 (WA) 13th Btn
IRWIN Guy 616 (Unknown) ex-26th Btn
JAMES Harry 3069 (VIC) 13th LTMB
JARVIS Thomas aka GILLSON Thomas 25404 (England) 7th LTMB
JENKIN Henry Wilks 3827 (SA) 52nd Btn
JOHN Harry 2344 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
JOHNSEN Soren 5783 (VIC) 27th Btn
JOHNSON William Samuel 294 (VIC) ex-Postal Corps
JOHNSTONE Harry 2584 (WA) 43rd Btn
JORDAN Robert Jamieson 1234 (VIC) 22nd Btn
KANE Patrick Joseph 2587 (VIC) 43rd Btn HAKP
KANNAN Alfred John 4234 (WA) 14th Btn
KARLSEN Andrew 1369 (Norway) 51st Btn
KAY Harry 3830 (WA) 52nd Btn
KEENAN Thomas 3933 (NSW) 4th LTMB
KELLEHER Clarence John 3168 (TAS) 46th Btn
KELLY Bernard James 2207 (WA) ex-Camel Corps
KELLY Rupert Joseph 1827 (WA) 1st Camel Btn
KENNEDY Patrick 4599 (NSW) 21st Btn HAKP
KENNEDY Peter 1855 (Scotland) 33rd Btn
KEOGH Claude Goldsmith 2586 (VIC) 43rd Btn
KESSELL Harry (Unknown) 15th Btn HAKP
KILBURN Wilfred 2697 (England)
KIRKPATRICK Robert 3220 (Ireland) 53rd Btn
KJELDSEN Christian 2175 (Denmark) 52nd Btn
KNIGHT Albert 7087 (England) 28th Btn
KNIGHT John 2589 (VIC) 43rd Btn
KNOTT Cecil Harold 7261 (VIC) 50th Btn
LADHAMS Henry Richard George 2591 (WA) ex-43rd Btn
LAMBERT John William 1857 (England) 33rd Btn
LANGDON Lewis George 2717 (QLD) 4th Div HMTMB
LANYON Christopher Murray 3275 (SA) ex-43rd Btn
LAWLER Arthur 2700 (VIC) 7th LTMB
LAWLOR Alfred John 2594 (WA) 43rd Btn
LEARMONTH John 2641 (Scotland) 52nd Btn
LEHEY Arthur Stanley 2849 (VIC) 5th Btn
LENANE John (WA) 44th Btn
LEVY Frank 114 (England) 1st Camel Btn
LITTLE Robert Clark 4721 (VIC) 24th Btn
LLOYD James (QLD) Depot Btn
LOBB Arthur John 6770 (VIC) 5th Btn
LOCKHART George Harold 465 British Army
LODGE Geoffrey Brettingham 6353 (England) 50th Btn HAKP
LONG Charles Percy (VIC) RFC HAKP
LOWE Edward John 6351 (VIC) 50th Btn HAKP
LOWE Hugh Mosman 1053 (Scotland) 9th Btn
LUFF John Stannan 1865 (WA) 33rd Btn
LULHAM Cecil Allen 310 (VIC) 15th Btn

LUNDY Victor 3291 (VIC) 21st Btn
LYDIATE Albert 3171 (WA) 46th Btn HAKP
LYON Charles Hugh aka LYON Charles Hill (VIC) 3rd Camel Btn
LYONS James 1018 (VIC) 2nd Btn HAKP
McARTHUR Arthur John 3440 (VIC) 50th Btn HAKP
MACAULAY Neil 15128 (England)
McAULEY John 5905 (VIC) 7th FAB
McAULIFFE Dennis MM & Bar 1130 (VIC) 7th LTMB
McCOLL Neil 913 (NSW) ex-1st Remount Unit
McCORMACK Alfred 1882 (VIC) 38th Btn
McDADE Edward (Scotland) 2nd Tun Coy
McDONALD John James 656 (Canada) Vet Corps (VIC enlisted)
McDOUGAL Richard 6356 aka RIEKIE Richard Blair (Scotland) 27th Btn
McELHENNEY Patrick 5898 (VIC) 27th Btn
McGANN Thomas Christopher George 6362 (WA) 50th Btn
McGHEE Edward 5899 (WA) 27th Btn
McGUINNESS Edward Joseph 2046 (WA) 1st Btn
McGUIRE John Joseph 6360 (Ireland) 27th Btn HAKP
McGUIRE Phillip Patrick 2598 (VIC) 43rd Btn HAKP
McINTOSH John Francis 7510 (VIC) 13th Btn
McKENZIE Archibald Alexander 2914 (NSW) 39th Btn
McKENZIE Colin 1877 (SA) ex-33rd Btn
McLEOD Malcolm Donald 3390 (VIC) 52nd Btn
McMILLAN Daniel 3186 (Scotland) 46th Btn
MADER George 2652 (SA) 43rd Btn
MAGEE Thomas (Ireland) 3rd Coy Mining Btn
MAINLAND Henry Owen 2365 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
MAITLAND Maitland Hazel 2372 (Unknown) 43rd Btn
MALCOLM Norman Maxwell (SA) ex-9th LHR
MALLEY John Sydney 2041 (England) ex-AFC
MALONE Richard 4249 (NSW) 3rd LTMB
MALT George Filtness 4867 (England) 1st Camel Btn
MANDERS Albert William Palmer 990 (VIC) ex-Pay Corps
MANSON Walter Neil Emery 2765 (VIC) 39th Btn HAKP
MARK Clarence Roy 321 (WA) 4th Btn HAKP
MARRIOTT Charles 872 (England) 11th LTMB
MARSHALL Alfred Isaac 5901 (SA) 27th Btn
MARTIN Henry James (WA) 60th Depot Btn
MARTIN William Glassie 2361 (VIC) 43rd Btn HAKP
MASSA Joseph 1712 aka MASSEY Joseph (NSW) 2nd Pioneer Btn
MASTERS Reginald William 2437 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
MATTERS Charles Adams 2002 (SA) 6th Btn
MATTHEWS Edgar Wyndham 1405 British Army
MATTHEWS James Albert Lawrence 2369 (WA) 43rd Btn
MAXWELL Thomas 3176 (Scotland) 46th Btn
MAY Frank 3414 (VIC) 51st Btn
MAYBERRY Joseph Smyth 5891 (Ireland) 27th Btn
MEADE Patrick 1032 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy Mining Corps
MEADS Edwin 2862 (England) ex-7th Btn
MEARES Douglas Seymour (WA) 43rd Btn
MEDBURY Leslie Harold 3270 (WA) 46th Btn
MEEHAN John Thomas 652 (VIC) 31st Btn
MEEHAN William James 6366 (VIC) ex-27th Btn
MENAGH Ernest Lyndor 1853 (VIC) Ordnance Corps
METTAM Albert Frank (NZ) 7th Btn
MEWS Ernest John 2597 (WA) 43rd Btn
MILES Francis Thomas 2861 (England) 39th Btn
MILLAR Arthur (NSW) 3rd Depot Btn
MILLAR John William MID (VIC) 47th Btn HAKP

MILLER Victor Henry 3947 (SA) ex-2nd LHR
MILLS William Checkley British Army (Unknown) Yorkshire Regt HAKP
MITCHELL Frederick James 6851 (VIC) 22nd Btn
MITCHELL Gerald James 22149 British Army (Unknown) Gloucestershire Regt
MITCHELL William Lyle 5894 (NZ) 27th Btn
MOFFATT Herbert William Sargent (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
MOIR McLaren John (WA) 44th Btn
(MONCRIFF C P) MONCRIEFF Charles Patrick 3A aka GAVAGAN Charles John (VIC) 26th Btn
MOORE David Ernest (WA) 51st Btn
MOORE Maitland John (WA) 7th, 48th Btn
MORAN Alfred Stephen 5902 (WA) 27th Btn
MORGAN James 1934A (England) 44th Btn
MORGAN Patrick 666 (WA)
MORLEY Harry Endrick 2819 (NSW) 26th Btn
MORLEY Henry Thomas (WA) 44th Btn
MORRISON Alexander Campbell White 2605 (Scotland) 11th LTMB
MORROW Thomas Cuthbert 3178 (VIC) 46th Btn HAKP
MORTENSEN Christian Paul 1081 (Denmark) 3rd Tun Coy
MOURITZEN Roy Walter (Unknown) RFC
MOXHAM Hubert Albian 3834 (QLD) 52nd Btn HAKP
MUDGE Charles Edward (VIC) 53rd Btn
MURPHY William Edward 1873 (WA) 33rd Btn
MURRAY George 2732 (WA) 13th LTMB
MURRAY Richard 2604 (WA) 43rd Btn HAKP
NEILL Charles Henry (VIC) 45th Depot Coy
NORMAN Percy (WA) 52nd Btn
OCKENDEN Frank Maxwell 28672 (SA) ex-8th LTMB
O’DONNELL Michael (VIC) 14th Btn
O’DONNELL Richard 2429 (Ireland) 43rd Btn
O’KEEFE James 3192 (VIC) 46th Btn
OLIVER John 2374 (England) 43rd Btn
O’LOUGHLIN Dennis Francis 1103 aka O’LOUGHLIN Frank (SA) 7th LTMB
O’NEILL Alexander Wilton CdeG France 853 (WA) 52nd Btn
ORR James 2264 (Scotland) 57th Btn
OTTEY Thomas Alexander 5909 (VIC) 27th Btn
PAMMENT Ernest Frederick Murray (SA) 43rd Btn
PARKER Herbert 6313 (England) 11th Btn
(PATERSON J L) PATERSON John M2/178313 British Army (Scotland) HAKP
PEARCE Clyde Bowman (TAS) 52nd Btn
PEARCE Maxwell Beckett 3197 (SA) 46th Btn
PEARCE William Herbert 47 (NSW) ex-Postal Corps
PEDLER John Price 2879 (SA) 39th Btn
PERRY George Frederick 2379 (England) 43rd Btn
PETERS Daniel Nicol 3200 (Scotland) 43rd Btn
PHELPS Hurtle Henry 3198 (SA) 46th Btn
PIKE Rolfe Wilson 167286 British Army
PINCHON Jules Marius 3273 (France) 46th Btn
PITCHER Mitchell 6372 (VIC) 50th Btn
POHLSON Gustaf Adolf 2877 (Russia) 7th Btn
PORTER Gavin Alexander (Unknown) RFC (First Australian to be killed in Air Combat)
POTTINGER James George (Scotland) 43rd Btn
PRICE William Gilbert Nathaniel 2884 (VIC) 8th Btn
(PRIEST H) PRIEST Thomas Henry 1359 (WA) 52nd Btn
PRINDIVILLE John Robert 3842 (NSW) 52nd Btn HAKP
PUGH John William 5891 (NSW) 39th Btn
PUNSHON Harry 3614 (VIC) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
PURCELL James Patrick 3926 (Ireland) 3rd LTMB
PYWELL Hubert 3107 (England) 46th Btn
QUARRELL Alexander Percy 2381 (VIC) 43rd Btn

QUINLAN Harold Daniel British Army
QUINN Michael Andrew 4324 (VIC) ex-HQ12th Inf Bde
RADCLIFFE Arthur Walter 4885 (NSW) 11th Btn
RAE Norman Harry 550 aka FRISBY Harry Rae (NSW) 31st Btn
RAE William John (Unknown) 3rd Camel Btn
RALPH Arthur Roland 3370 (WA) 3rd Camel Btn HAKP
RAMSHAW Eric Jack 2143 (WA) 11th Inf Bde
RANDELL Raymond Keith 3393 (WA) 52nd Btn HAKP
RANNARD Richard Roland Rupert (VIC) 2nd Btn
RATHGEBER James Henry 212 (VIC) 39th Btn
READING John Forrest Piggott 329 (WA) ex-10th Btn
REAR James Henry 2392 (VIC) ex-43rd Btn
REDDEN Ernest Moule 3950 (SA) Imperial Camel Corps
REDDROP Albert 860 (VIC) 52nd Btn
REDGRAVE Alfred Charles 2385 (VIC) 43rd Btn
REEVE Charles Valentine 935 683 (WA) ex-24th Btn
REEVE William 2393 (WA) 43rd Btn
REILLY Horace James 1173 (VIC) 52nd Btn
REILLY William Charles 2394 (WA) 43rd Btn
RENOU Lawrence Adrian DCM 1984 (VIC) 52nd Btn
REYNOLDS Andrew 6375 (WA) 50th Btn
REYNOLDS Arthur aka REYNOLDS Aloysius Patrick Anthony (WA) Fld Arty
REYNOLDS Bert 2481 (WA) 3rd Camel Btn
RICHARDS Ernest William 2890 (England) 39th Btn HAKP
RIDLEY Thomas Houghton 6280 (QLD) ex-50th Btn
ROBERTS William 2389 (Wales) 43rd Btn
ROBINSON Harry Arthur 3586 (NSW) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
ROBINSON Walter James 2440 (VIC) HQ 5 Div
ROBINSON Wilfred Norman 5917 (WA) 27 Btn
ROBINSON William Razey 2388 (NSW) 43rd Btn
ROCHESTER Thomas James 2561 (VIC) 57 Btn
ROGERS John Frederick 2440A (VIC) 9 Btn
ROY Alexander Nicol 16792 (VIC) ex-5th Fld Amb
RUFFELL John Frederick 557 (WA) 31st Btn
RYAN William John 1898 (QLD) 34th Btn
SALTER Thomas 5919 (NSW) 27th Btn
SANDERS Ralph Victor 3399 (SA) 52nd Btn
SARGANT Harold Marcus 2655 (VIC) 43 Btn
SAUNDERS John 978 (England) 4th Btn ANMEF
SAWYERS Sydney James Armstrong 2857 (VIC) 52nd Btn
SCOTT Frederick William 121 (WA) 45th Btn
SCOTT John McLaren 1629 (Scotland) 1st Camel Btn HAKP
SCOTT Walter Francis 3951 (NSW) ex-15th LHR
SCREECH James William 2395 (WA) 43rd Btn
SEDDON Henry 2627 (England) 43rd Btn
SHORT Leslie Ellis (VIC) 1st FAB
SIBERT Frederick John 3482 (VIC) 52nd Btn
SIGGS Roland Alfred 299 (England) 6th Fld Coy, Eng HAKP
SILL Arthur 5792 (England) 27th Btn
SIMMONS Horace Richard 478 (SA) 50th Btn (Also listed 10TH Light Horse Regiment)
SIMPSON James 835 (Scotland) 3rd LTMB
SKIPWORTH Selwyn Kemp 1904A (VIC) 34th Btn
SMEED Leonard Arthur 50 (England) Postal Corps
SMEETON Edmund 397 (England) 5th Div Cyclist Coy
SMITH Bert 1907 (VIC) 33rd Btn
SMITH Henry 5429 (England) 4th LTMB
SMITH Wilfred Stanley 6412 (VIC) 50th Btn
SMYTH Richard 2892 (Ireland) 39th Btn
SNEDDON William John 7124 (NSW) 37th Btn
SNELL Charles 3911 (Singapore) 4th Btn
SPALHOLTZ Henry Alexander 2402 (WA) 43rd Btn

SPEAKMAN Norman Henry 2626 (England) 43rd Btn
SPENCE Harold 6378 (VIC) 50th Btn HAKP
SPENCER Ernest 19826 (England) 39th Btn HAKP
STALKER William Lionel 180 (NSW) 36th Btn HAKP
STEWART Henry James 2894 (Scotland) 39th Btn
STINSON William John 6379 (Ireland) 50th Btn
STRONACH Keith William 1946 (VIC) AFC
STUART Alexander Chamberlain 2621 (India) 43rd Btn
STUBBS Robert Maurice 3282 (NZ) 46th Btn
STUDLEY William Henry 368 (England) 11th LTMB
SUSSEX John 1910 (VIC) 34th Btn
SUTTON Harry Hudson (England) Medical Corps
SWANSON William Neil 2406 (SA) 43rd Btn
(SWEENEY F T) SWEENY Francis Thomas Moody 28900 (NSW) 5th FAB
TALBOT Gilbert 870 (England) 52nd Btn
TATE Norman Willows 2901 (VIC) 39th Btn
TAYLOR Lawrence Michael 2255 (WA) 10th LHR
THOMAS Henry Robertson (WA) 38th Btn
THOMPSON Joseph Augustus 2410 (SA) ex-43rd Btn
THOMPSON James Jacob 3618 (QLD) 41st Btn
THOMPSON Norman Harrison 1282 (TAS) ex-26th Btn (Enlisted TAS)
THORNE Carlestone Harry 395 (England) 4th MG Btn
THORNE James Stanley 3219 (England) 46th Btn
TICHBON Edward 2902 (WA) 39th Btn
TIPPETT Herbert Henry Victor 683 951 (VIC) 37th Btn
TORRENS Robert 38 (Ireland) ex-4th LTMB
TREDINNICK Paul 3218 (SA) ex-46th Btn
TRENAMAN Wilford Roy 2414 (SA) 4th ANZAC Camel Btn
TREWEEK Joel 1918 (VIC) 34th Btn
TUCKETT Philip (VIC) 49th Btn HAKP
TURVEY William 2457 (WA) 12th LTMB HAKP
TYLER Charles Havelock 2899 (England) 11th LTMB
URQUHART Robert Leslie Gibson 21112 (VIC) Arty
WADE Francis Henry 13 (NSW) 4th Btn HAKP
WADE James Stewart 1925 (WA) 34th Btn
WALKER William George MM 3251 (VIC) 46th Btn
WALMSLEY Thomas (England) 44th Btn
WALSHE Walter John 1919 (VIC) 34th Btn
WALTER Ernest Victor 3674 (England) 10th LHR
WALTHAM Richard 3983 (VIC) 8th Btn
WARD James 666 aka HAYWARD John (England) 31st Btn
WARD William Rowland 3233 (Wales) 46th Btn
WARD-JONES Frederick Vivian MC British Army (Unknown) South Wales Borderers
WARDEN James Greig 2414 (Scotland) 43rd Btn
WATSON Frederick Henry 2527 (VIC) 43rd Btn
WATSON John Moore 1302 1616 (VIC) 13th Btn
WEEDON George Frederick 3623 (WA) 15th LHR
WEETMAN Ernest George 2450 (VIC) 43rd Btn
WENN William Henry 6399 (WA) 50th Btn
WERNDLY Arthur 3229 (SA) 46th Btn HAKP
WHITEMAN Harold Ernest (WA) RFC
WHITFORD Roy Victor 3449 (VIC) 10th Btn
WHYTE Joseph Thomas 2416 (VIC) 43rd Btn
WILKINSON Andrew James 3968 (SA) 13th LTMB
WILLIAMS Charles Frederick Tomkins 5939 (England) 27th Btn
WILLIAMS George 3408 (SA) 52nd Btn
WILLIAMS Robert Francis 1393 (NSW) Camel Corps Reinforcements
WILLOGHBY Alfred Seymour Bolton 3248 (NZ) 57th Btn
WILSON Albion Staple Colin 62890 (WA) 3rd GS Reinforcements

WILSON George Henry 2617 (WA) 1st Camel Btn
WILSON Joseph Bert 2430 (SA) 43rd Btn
WILSON Rowland Joshua (England) 4th Btn
WINTERHALTER Gustave Adolph 2905 (WA) 39th Btn
WISHART Norman McLeod 740 (VIC) Ordnance Corps
WOOD Arthur William CdeG France 1895 (England) 4th LTMB
WOODARD Thomas (Unknown) HQ Instructional Staff
WOODHEAD Royce 2260 (SA) 1st Camel Btn
WORTH Ernest 6898 (England) 27th Btn

ROWAN E T (Name yet to be further identified)
BENNETT Francis Reginald 5305 (WA) 19th Btn
WORTHINGTON Granville 5940 (England) 27th Btn
WREFORD Frederic 985 (SA) ANMEF
WRIGHT Christopher 3227A (England) 46th Btn
WRIGHT James 5452 (VIC) 28th Btn
YOUNG John Henry 3095 (England) 52nd Btn
YOUNG Perry Adamson (SA) 28th Btn
GOODMAN Richard Garfield 3408 (WA) 55th Btn
(McARTHUR J D) McARTHUR James Bernard 7520 (WA) 40th Btn

CARTER Athol Harding 881 (VIC) ex-59th Broad Gauge Operating Coy
(RICHARDSON N D) RICHARDSON Ian Dacre RAF (Unknown) Repatriation Camp Blandford, England
(DAGLISH A R M) DALGLEISH Archibald Maitland 4308 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
ROSE Harold Wells (England) ex-43rd Btn
DENNY Laughton 20563 (VIC) ex-1st Wireless Section HAKP
EATT Charles William MID 1222 (SA) No. 2 Stationary Hospital
HUMPHREY Charles Frederick 2766 (VIC) ex-39th Btn
O’CONNOR Roderick 975 (NZ) 17th Btn

ABBOTT Charles Edgar 3536 (VIC)
ABBOTT Oliver Oswald 5043 (SA) HAKP
ABBOTT Robert 4146 (England)
ABRAHAM William Strong 744 (VIC)
ADAM Robert William Wyllie 1901 (WA) HAKP
ADAMS Herbert Gerald 5044 (WA)
ADCOCK Frederick Brenchley 1044 (England)
ADCOCK Frank Henry Burton 394 (England)
AINSWORTH Thomas William James 3702 (VIC)
AKHURST Frederick Howard 5979 (NSW)
ALDERSON Robert 2338 (England)
ALEXANDER Myles 6224 (NZ)
ALFORD Charles William 6470 (WA)
ALFORD Samuel 1702 (England)
ALLAN Ellis Norman 393 (VIC)
ALLEN John Arthur 269 (England)
ALLEN William Vincent 746 (England)
ALLERY Henry Thomas 396 (England)
ALLISON David Andrew 7205 (QLD) HAKP
ALLISON William Smith 1903 (Scotland)
AMOS Harry Oswald 1056 (Wales)
ANDERSON Albert Edward MID 3257 (NSW)
ANDERSON Dudley Maurice 380 (VIC) HAKP
ANDERSON Ernest 4147 (Russia)
ANDERSON Joseph Herbert 3705 (VIC)
ANDERSON John Shaw 1504 (WA) HAKP
ANDERSON Roice Campbell 1873 (VIC)
ANDREWS Percy 392 (QLD)
ANNEAR William Richard (VIC) HAKP
ANTHONY Charles McPherson 1302 (Scotland) HAKP
ARMFIELD George Wilson 7939 (VIC)
ARMSTRONG Christopher 2342 (WA) HAKP
ARMSTRONG Thomas George 6963 (VIC)
ARTHUR Thomas 6467 (WA) HAKP
ARUNDALE Robert Louis 10 (England)
ASHBY Albert 2182 (England)
ASSAN William 3709 (WA)
ATKINSON Francis Frederick 3239 (NSW) HAKP
AUSTIN Henry Ernest 1101 (WA) HAKP
BAILE Ernest Arthur 144 (England)
BAILEY Ben Harold 272 (WA)
BAIRD William Neil 6006 (VIC)
BAKER (Frederick) Ernest 634 (England)
BAKER Frank Brighton 5342 (VIC)
BAKER George Frederick 1310 (England)
BALAAM Walter Benjamin 7211 (WA)
BALDOCK Joseph 4465 (England)
BARNES Charles Albert (Unknown)
BARNES Gordon Howard 5027 (WA)
BARNETT Lionel 7948 (WA) HAKP
BARRETT Nathan Douglas 6725 (WA) HAKP
BARRETT Peter Douglas 1309 (WA) HAKP
BARTLETT George William 6004 (VIC)
BARTON Harold Eric Getting 869 (VIC)
BATEMAN William 5048 (England)
BATT Thomas 149 (Wales)
BATTYE Crispin Kenworthy 864 (SA)

BAXTER Alfred 1507 (England)
BECKER Frederick William 1709 (SA)
BECKETT Robert 4450 (VIC)
BECKETT William Richard 5349 (WA) HAKP
BELL George 275 (Scotland) HAKP
BELL James 7213 (England)
BELL Raymond Fletcher 5350 (WA)
BELL William 1910 (NSW)
BENHAM Gordon Earle 1105 (England)
BENNETT Stanley Victor 5473 (QLD)
BENNETT William George 2498 (England)
BETTLES James Frederick 6966 (WA)
BICK Harry 2113 (VIC) HAKP
BIELBY Walter 1724 (England)
BIGGIN Hugh Richard 150 (TAS)
BIGNELL Edwin Allen 1078 (SA)
BISCHOFF Walter Samuel 4463 (WA)
BLACK Harry Alexander MM DCM 4155 (NSW)
BLACK Mathew David (VIC)
BLAIR Walter Bell 145 (NSW)
BLAKE Alexander 5055 (England)
BLECHYNDEN Frederick William 5993 (WA)
BLYTHE Andrew Blake 2595A (WA)
BLYTHE Drummond James 863 (WA)
BLYTHE Francis Albert 858 (WA)
BOLAND Percival James 635 (VIC)
BOLAND William Patrick 4156 (VIC)
BOLLE Cyril 757 (NSW) HAKP
BOLT William Samuel 5999 (VIC)
BOLTON Henry Richard 3725 (WA)
BONAVIA Charles Emanuel 157 (Malta)
BOOTHEY Leonard Roy 6479 (SA)
BOWEN Albert George 3272 (NSW)
BOWLER Bertie Frederick 5057 (England)
BOWRING Alfred Arthur 1009 (VIC)
BOWRING Lionel Lancelot 1307 (TAS)
BOYD John 6234 (NSW)
BOYLAND Harry 3274 (NSW)
BRABNER George Alexander 7442 (VIC)
BRABNER Harold James 274 (VIC)
BRACKNELL George Henry 3276 (England)
BRADFORD Herbert 1716 (VIC)
BRADY Harry Francis 4640 (QLD)
BRADY Robert 5664 (WA)
BRAITHWAITE Joseph Daniel 5354 (VIC)
BRANDON Charles 4448 (WA)
BRANSBY Richard John James 6277 (WA)
BREAKER Harry 2573 (SA)
BRENNAN James 5062 (WA)
BRENNAN James Vincent 3024 (WA)
BRENNAN Samuel Thomas 5063 (WA)
BRIMSON Ernest Richard 3280 (England) HAKP
BROAD Lewis John 5356 (WA) HAKP
BROCKWELL Francis David 3281 (VIC)
BROWN Allan Clare 2475 (SA)
BROWN Claude 3521 (VIC)
BROWN Charles George 1008 (Scotland)
BROWN George William 854 (WA) HAKP
BROWN Herbert Charles 6726 (VIC)
BROWN James Alexander 3732 (SA)

BROWN John William 1715 (England)
BROWN Kenneth Roy 2112 (VIC) HAKP
BROWN Oliver 3747 (VIC) HAKP
BROWNE Tom 2350 (England) HAKP
BROWNING Thomas 516 (NSW)
BRUCE Henry Homewood 865 (VIC)
BRYCE Felix Arthur James 8559 aka BRYCE Felix Morton (WA)
BUCCI William Martin 4453 (QLD) HAKP
BUCHANAN Victor George 4455 (VIC)
BUCKLEY William 6010 (VIC)
BUCKMASTER John Ronald 957 (England)
BUDD John Leonard 6474 aka MUDD John Leonard (VIC)
BULLEN Marcus Charles 1104 (England)
BUNBURY Moutray Frederick Richardson 7219 aka RICHARDSON-BUNBURY Moutray Frederick (WA)
BURDON Henry Ernest 3284 (SA)
BURGESS Frederick 1055 (WA)
BURGESS Isaiah 3285 (England)
BURGESS Stuart Davidson Horwood 12 (WA) HAKP
BURKETT Richard 6007 (SA)
BURNETT Thomas Arnold 2576 (SA)
BURROWS James 2577 (England)
BURTON John Rickatson 4040 (WA)
BUSHBY Harold Sydney 4162 (NSW)
BUSWELL Henry George 859 MM (WA)
BUTCHER John 142 (England) HAKP
BUTCHERS William 4449 (England)
BUXTON Thomas 4164 (QLD) HAKP
BUZZA John Mitchell 9867 (VIC)
CADWALLADER Oliver Harry 6463 (VIC)
CADY Horace Leman Churchman 19 (England)
CAFFYN William Gregory 6974 (QLD)
CAIN Harold Mervyn 6246 (WA)
CAIN William Corbett 3033 (VIC) HAKP
CALDERBANK Hugh 161 (England)
CALDERWOOD William 419 (Ireland)
CAMPBELL Edwin David 3288 (WA) HAKP
CAMPBELL John Peter 6244 (VIC)
CAMPBELL Sydney 1111 (WA) HAKP
CANNY James 6024 (VIC)
CANTLON Thomas Edward 3289 (Ireland)
CANTWELL Patrick 6248 (VIC)
CARGEEG Albert Victor (Selway) 877 (SA) HAKP
CARLOS James 3753 (Ireland)
CARMICHAEL John Morrison 159 (Scotland)
CARR John 5364A (England)
CARRINGTON James Edward 412 (VIC)
CARROLL Cornelius 6737 (Ireland)
CARROLL Thomas George 1015 (WA)
CARTER Norman Leslie 5363 (WA)
CASTLES Edward Harley 3290 (VIC)
CATLIN Robert Henry 1113 (NSW
CAVINE John 6500 aka URBAN George (QLD)
CHALMERS James Hynd 1519 (Scotland)
CHAMBERLAIN John 420 (England)
CHAMBERS Charles Todd Crompton 156 (England)
CHANDLER Charles Frederick 1521 (England)
CHAPMAN Albert Leslie William 3754 (SA)
CHAPMAN Harold Thomas Arthur 646 (England)

CHAPMAN Joseph 1727 (Scotland)
CHAPMAN William McNab 285 (Scotland)
CHART Arthur Thomas 1522 (England)
CHATFIELD Lawrence Clifford George 3027 (VIC) HAKP
CHERIGHAN Santo 4478 (WA)
CHINNERY Thomas Henry 6492 (WA)
CHIVERS Charles Frederick 3297 (VIC)
CHOULES Norman William 4470 (SA)
CHRISTIE Frank Henderson 2116 (VIC)
CLARK Percy 416 (NSW) HAKP
CLARKE Alfred Edward 3029 (England)
CLARKE Arthur William 6253 (England)
CLARKE John 406 (England)
CLARKE Reginald Charles 766 (NSW) HAKP
CLARKE William 880 aka PRING Harold James (England)
CLARKE William Frederick Arthur 2800 (VIC)
CLASSEN Alfred Ernest 152 (VIC)
CLAYDEN Norman Albert 881 (WA)
CLEMENTS William John 872 (England)
CLEVERLY Thomas 122A (England)
CLUCAS John Richard 6486 (Isle of Man)
CLUES Charles Edwin Joseph 1677 (VIC)
COCKING Daniel 980 (VIC)
COGDELL Arthur George 2120 (WA) HAKP
COGHILL Sinclair 1320 (Scotland)
COLE Norman 3686 (WA)
COLEMAN Edward 647 (VIC)
COLES Robert Henry 5075 (England)
COLLIE John Alexander 1328 (WA)
COLLINS Fred 4171 (England)
COLLINS John Bernard 3757 (WA)
CONDON John Michael Hennessy 5368 (SA)
CONNETT Herman Oswald 1740 (England)
CONNOR William Henry 6020 (VIC) HAKP
COOKE Albert Benjamin 2839 (SA)
COOKE Joseph Henry 883 (India)
COOKE Leonard Charles MC 882 (WA) HAKP
COOKESLEY Clifford 17 (VIC)
COOKSLEY George 1738 (England)
COOMBS Robert George 1728 (England)
CORLEY Anthony Purden Hagarty (Unknown)
COTTRELL William 288 (England))
COURTNEY Frederick 21 (West Indies)
COX Albert Ernest 7702 (England)
COX Herbert John 3303 (England)
COXHEAD Herbert William 5079 (England)
COXON William Charles 2804 (VIC)
CRACKNELL Frederick William 3305 (VIC)
CRADDOM Joseph 1734 (WA) HAKP
CRAKE Samuel Edward 6485 (WA)
CRELLIN William Moore 5080 (VIC)
CRERAR David Knox 873 (England)
CRISP David Harold 641 (VIC)
CROPPER John William 1924 (NSW)
CROSS Walter James 5084 (WA)
CROSSLEY Norcliffe 1741 (England)
CRUTCHETT William James 5681 (England)

CULLEN Peter 4471 (VIC)
CULVER John Osborne 7232 (VIC)
CUNNINGHAM Phillip Roderick 2354 (VIC)
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Richard 2586 (VIC)
CURRIE William James 1326 (Scotland)
CURTIS John James 527 (England)
CUST Thomas Hugh 5674 (VIC) HAKP
CUSWORTH Harold George 3236 (England) HAKP
DAEBRITZ Walter 1528 (SA) HAKP
DALY Bernard Joseph (VIC) 1118
DALZIEL James 5039 (Scotland)
DANBERG Rudolph 1529 (Russia)
DANES Harold Edward 299 (NSW)
DANIEL Vivian Belton (Unknown) HAKP
DARNELL Aubrey Hugh DSO MID (Twice) (Ireland)
DAVIDSON Ernest Wilfred 3770 (SA)
DAVIDSON George Frederick 6505 (WA)
DAVIE Jack 6749 aka CONDON Joseph James (NSW)
DAVIES Henry 529 (England)
DAVIES John 6746 (England)
DAVIS Emanuel Percival 774 (VIC)
DAVIS George Harold 5089 (NSW)
DAVIS John Edward 3771 (VIC) HAKP
DAVIS Septimus Augustus 6038 (WA)
DAVIS Walter Herbert 5682 (WA)
DAWBARN William Henry 3307 (VIC)
DAWSON John Mitchell 1065 (England)
DAY Fred 3011 (NSW)
DELAPORTE Ernest William 6040 (WA)
DELBRIDGE Lancelot Martin 531 (NZ)
DELRIJ Ernest Alfred Arthur 3311 (VIC)
DENHAM James 23 (Scotland)
DENNEY James Arthur 1743 (England) HAKP
DENT-YOUNG William (England)
DEVENISH Arthur Lancelot 423 (WA) HAKP
DEVENISH Sidney Milton 7579 (WA)
DEVERELL Louis Horatio Albert 6032 (England) HAKP
DEVEREUX Alfred Thomas 4488 (WA)
DEVITT John Edward 2862 (VIC)
DINES Thomas Edward 1115 (England)
DOBSON George Edward 1533 (NSW)
DOHERTY Thomas 5379 (VIC)
DONALDSON David 6741 (Scotland) HAKP
DONALDSON Robert Coventry 1661 (Scotland)
DONOVAN James Paul 7239 (VIC)
DOUGLAS Albert Henry 1747 (WA) HAKP
DOW John 532 (Scotland)
DOWELL Frank William 3775 (WA)
DOWNS Charles Edwin 5381 (Scotland)
DRABBLE Ross 4497 (WA)
DREGHORN James 7221 (WA)
DRING Arthur 6259 (England)
DRIVER Thomas George 1750 (England) HAKP
DRUMMOND George Lauder Hutchison 3676 (England) HAKP
DRUMMOND Joseph 5383 (England)
DRYDEN Robert Thomas 1930 (England)
DUCKWORTH John Curry 385 (England)
DUDLEY Frederick James 3776 (VIC)
DUFF Charles 41A (Scotland)
DUFFETT Richard Thomas 771 (England)
DUFFY William 6260 (VIC)

DUGAN Lewis 1875 (WA)
DUNCAN Jack Johnson 1931 (Scotland)
DUNHAM Herbert William 3779 (WA)
DUNLOP Walter Henry 770 (VIC)
DUPEN Cuthbert John Ernest 1535 (England)
DURNIN Ernest Victor 5687 (WA)
DWYER Francis Edward 981 (NSW) HAKP
DWYER Thomas Kelly 7243 (VIC)
DYSON Francis 5690 (NSW)
EADE Frederick 4187 (England) 58TH Btn
EAKINS William James 6042 (WA)
EAST Herbert Harold 1662 (VIC)
EASTHER Edwin 7245 (VIC)
EATON Arthur Ernest Wilson 1335 (England)
EATON Ernest 3047 (England)
EBBESEN George Edward 4501 (QLD)
EBERHARDT Rudolph 3781(Switzerland)
EDGAR Wolverton 535 (England)
EDMONDSON James Whittaker 1752 (England)
EDWARD Thomas Stenhouse 4321 (Scotland)
EDWARDS George 890 aka EDWARDS Robert (Scotland)
EDWARDS Joseph 425 (England)
EDWARDS Joseph Thomas 1934 (NSW) 1934
EKINS Thomas Frederick 1935 (England)
ELBOURN Edwin 2596 (England)
ELKINGTON Albert Edward 6755 (QLD)
ELLICE Barrett Edward 5836 (WA)
ELLIOTT Dudley Marwood (VIC)
ELLIS Arthur 3783 (England)
ELLIS Cecil Douglas 1121 (South Africa)
ELLIS Reginald James 5094 (England)
ELVIS Henry George 1122 (VIC)
ENGLEY Walter Alfred 891 (England)
ERWOOD Charles Oakley 2131 (VIC) HAKP
EVANS Arthur Cecil 1054 (England)
EXTON Harry 1753 (England)
FACEY Roy Barker 1756 (VIC)
FALLON James Patrick 4646 (WA) HAKP
FARMERY Arthur 5095 (England)
FARNHAM Walter Raymond 4436 (WA)
FAULKNER William 2369 (WA)
FAWCETT Basil 1939 (England)
FEATONBY George James 2368 (VIC)
FELLOWES Thomas 4789 (QLD)
FERGUSON Austin 2367 (VIC)
FERGUSON John Addie 3048 (NZ)
FERGUSON John James 169 (VIC) HAKP
FETTES John Corrigall 1941 (Scotland)
FEUTRILL Theophilus William 2376 (TAS) HAKP
FINCH Herbert Lionel Ingle 428 (NSW) HAKP
FISHER George Dunn 4506 (VIC)
FITZGERALD Francis William Gerald 3049 (WA)
FITZGERALD Robert Francis 6217 (WA)
FITZGERALD William 3789 (Ireland)
FLANAGAN Frederick 1761 (VIC)
FLAVIN Thomas 2269 (Ireland)
FLETCHER William Edward 1540 (England)
FLOWER Herbert George 3051 (England) HAKP
FOLEY Thomas Francis 170 (NSW)
FORBES Sydney Trovorrow 205 (VIC) HAKP
FORDHAM Eric Surrey Wynter (VIC)

FORREST Christopher Frank 431 (SA) HAKP
FORSTER Andrew Forrester 174 (England)
FOSS Ernest Cecil 5969 (WA) HAKP
FOSTER Ernest Harold 1124 (England)
FOSTER Frederick Sebastian 894 (England)
FOTHERINGHAM Peter 2135 (Scotland)
FOWLER George Charles Cecil Compton 961 (WA)
FOWLER Thomas William 3790 (WA) HAKP
FOX Charles Edward 2371 (WA)
FOX Marshall Tregellis 1462 (WA)
FRANCISCO George Hillman MID 1343 (WA)
FRANKLYN John William (Unknown) HAKP
FREEMAN-SMITH Derek Charles 7720 (England)
FRENCH William Loder 35 (England)
FRENZEN Harry Pierce 1451 (VIC)
FULFORD Percy John 1061 (England)
FULLAGAR Edwin 621 (England)
FURNIVAL James Richey 896 (England)
FYFE Herbert Randell 6758 (SA)
GALLAHER Douglas Wallace 654 (NZ)
GANE George William 540 (VIC)
GANNAWAY Benjamin Joseph 903 (VIC)
GARBUTT Robert 50 (England)
GARDEN John 303 (Scotland)
GARLAND William John 184 (England)
GARNER Alexander Francis 1085 (NSW)
GARRETT Daniel 2381 (England)
GATTI Pasco 6953 (WA) HAKP
GAY Samuel Thomas 7984 (WA)
GEE Edward 661 (England)
GELLATLY William 1770 (Scotland)
GEMMELL Gordon Stewart (VIC) HAKP
GENERY Walter John 176 (NSW)
GENNOE Robert Roy MM 1063 (SA)
GEORGE William Charles 1944 (VIC)
GIBLETT Selby Thomas 4509 (WA)
GILLARD William John 5239 (WA)
GLENNON Thomas 243A (VIC)
CLUCK Leopold Joel 42 (England) HAKP
GODBER Charles Edwin 5100 (VIC)
GODFREY Edward Percy 3343 (England)
GOGAN Laurance 5398 (WA) HAKP
GORMAN John Christopher 177 (WA) HAKP
GOULD John 2864 (England)
GOWENLOCK George Alfred 6266 (England)
GRANT Alexander 541 (VIC)
GRANT Claude Ewen 5399 (WA)
GRANT Donald Robinson 1769 (VIC)
GRANT John Wesley 1948 (South Africa) HAKP
GRANT Leslie William 656 (NSW)
GRAY Andrew 2784 (Scotland) HAKP
GRAYSON Alfred 5709 (England)
GREEN Benjamin David 4210 (NSW)
GREEN Lionel John (NZ)
GREEN William 1672 (NSW)
GREENE Frank Archibald 6501 (England)
GRIERSON Harold King 3803 (VIC)

GRIMES John 1012 (TAS)
GROESSLER William Jacob Henry 783 (NSW) HAKP
GRUNDSTROM Victor 1350 (Sweden)
GUILMARTIN Thomas Edwin 5401 (England)
HACKETT Basil Frederick 3806 (WA) HAKP
HALDEN William Charles 4516 (England)
HALL Algernon William John 7004 (SA)
HALL Sydney Gordon Leslie (Unknown)
HAMMER Harold James 4519 (VIC)
HAMMING William Henry 6269 (VIC)
HANCOCK William 3811 (WA)
HANDFORD Robert 1774 (VIC)
HANLON Edward James 1356 aka TUITE Herbert Eugene (NSW)
HANSEN Hans 7735 (Denmark)
HANSSEN Lorens Hilmar 5107 (VIC)
HANSSEN William Niels 5106 (VIC)
HARDING Ted 2812 (England)
HARDY Edward William 794 (England)
HARKEN Theodore Martin 442 (VIC))
HARPER Frederick Guy 311 (England)
HARRISON Bernard Gregory 193 (England) HAKP
HARRISON George Leon 3373 (England)
HART Albert Owen 440 (NSW)
HASTINGS William George (At Sea) HAKP
HAWTHORNE Edward 1780 (Ireland)
HAYES Ernest Edwin 7731 (NSW)
HEARLE Ernest Alfred 444 (SA)
HEMINGWAY Hebert 1954 (WA)
HENDERSON George Robert 308 (VIC)
HENNESSY Charles Stideford 6271 (England)
HEUSTON Henry St Vincent 7995 (Portugal)
HEWBY William John 3678 (WA) HAKP
(HEWETT) HEWITT Richard 6270 (NZ)
HEWSON William Charles 7729 (England)
HEYES Herbert 1953 (QLD)
HIBBOTSON Thomas Alfred 1130 (SA)
HICKINBOTHAM Thomas Leonard 3819 (England)
HICKS Arthur James 7483 (SA)
HIGGINS Malcolm Leslie 52 (England)
HILL Edward Ernest 6774 (England)
HILL Frederick 4822 (NSW)
HILL Leslie Roland 3821 (NSW)
HILL Rowland 3822 (England)
HILL Wilfred Carl 669 (NSW)
HILL William Henry 1955 (SA)
HILLIAR Henry 552 (VIC)
HILLIER Ernest Albert 5407 (NSW)
HIND Walter 6765 (England)
HINDLE Lawrence William 4524 (England)
HIRD Charles Percy 8973 (SA)
HITCHCOCK Cecil Edward 3359 (WA) HAKP
HOBBINS William 3824 (WA)
HOBBS William 312 (England)
HOBLEY Christopher 666 (England)
HOCKING John Percival 979 (VIC)

HODGES Alfred 6517 (England) HAKP
HODGES Arthur John 1025 (NSW)
HOEY Edward Francis 3371 (SA)
HOLCOMBE Cuthbert Oliver 965 (England)
HOLDEN Charles Edwin 3061 (SA) HAKP
HOLDEN William James 3360 (England)
HOLLANDS Arthur Sydney 3828 (VIC) HAKP
HOLM Alexander MM 3362 (VIC)
HOLMES George William 1776 (England)
HOLMES Robert Harold 309 (WA)
HOLYWELL William Thomas 125 (VIC)
HORNER Walter Ernest 4218 (England)
HORROCKS Joseph 555 (VIC)
HOSKING Leslie Gordon 192 (SA)
HOUNSHAM David James 6850 (England)
HOWARD Frederick James 4220 (WA)
HOWIE James 2504 (VIC)
HOWIESON David 1136 (Scotland)
HUDSON William 3369 (England)
HUGHES Charles 2142 (WA)
HUNDY John Cyril 4221 (WA)
HUNGERFORD William 1782 (VIC)
HUNT Victor Frederick 788 (SA)
HUNTER Hugh 5717 (VIC)
HURLSTON George Henry 1135 (WA) HAKP
HURRELL William Henry 1961 (England)
HURRY Robert aka URRY Robert 2505 (WA) HAKP
HUSTLER George Charles 5718 (WA)
HYDE Benjamin Watt 3832 (England)
INGLE William 4226 (England)
INMAN John William 1202 (VIC) HAKP
IRVING Herbert John 3375 (England) HAKP
IRVING William (NSW)
IVES Alexander Richard 7586 (WA) HAKP
JACKSON Joseph 3390 (England)
JACKSON William George 6065 (SA)
JAMES Thomas Robert 3837 (England)
JAMES William Thomas 7010 (WA) HAKP
JARVIS Alfred Henry 1568 (England)
JEFFERY Harold 1569 (NSW)
JENKINS Joseph 1877 (NSW)
JENKINS Stanley Llewellyn 3687 (England)
JIBSON Charles William 4529 (England)
JOB Leslie 674 (VIC)
JOHNS Benjamin Davis MID 2153 (Wales)
JOHNS John Benjamin 1570 (VIC)
JOHNSON Archibald 3380 (England)
JOHNSON Cecil Oliver 6781 (England)
JOHNSON Henry Edwin 4235 (VIC) HAKP
JOHNSTON Claude Barclay 199 (WA)
JOHNSTON Frederick William 920 (England)
JOHNSTONE Alexander 6066 (WA) HAKP
JOHNSTONE Robert John 2630 (NSW)
JONES Frederick Blondon 201 (England)
JONES Gilbert Evan Wyndham 4530 (Wales)
JONES Harry 1138 (England)
JONES John Clement 5419 (NZ)
JONES Lionel Walter 4532 (WA) HAKP
JONES William Frederick 2154 (WA)
JONES William Rees 198 (VIC)
JOY Ivo Brian 919 (VIC)

JOYCE Joshua James 197 (VIC)
JUGGINS Roger Tom 6219 (England)
KAY Wilfred Percival 4539 (WA)
KEADY Morris Henry 3846 (WA)
KEALLEY Samuel Stanton 7824 (SA)
KEANE John 3391 (Ireland)
KEATING Thomas 6068 (668) (WA)
KEDDIE Henry Wilkie 4046 (NSW)
KEENAN James 4538 (England)
KELLY Donald 4537 (SA)
KELLY Thomas Bernard 7742 (VIC)
KENDRICK Alfred 680 (England)
KENDRICK Edward Francis 798 (QLD)
KENNEDY Andrew Riddell 1081 (NSW)
KENNEDY William Murray Stewart 314 (VIC)
KENNELLY William 6069 (NSW)
KENNING William 449 (England)
KENT Harry Charles 3847 (England)
KENT William Henry 3688 (SA) HAKP
KENYON Thomas William Hoyles 1574 (SA)
KEOGH Bernard 5126 (VIC)
KER Walter Ulysses 6530 (VIC)
KERR Daniel 970 (Scotland)
KERR Joseph 2155 (Scotland)
KETT William Patrick 797 (WA) HAKP
KETTLEY Arthur George 2158 (England)
KEVANE Lawrence 3394 (Ireland)
KEYS Charles 2156 (England)
KIDD Arthur 1141 (England)
KIELY P F (KIELEY Patrick 1371 (Ireland))
KIMBER Henry Robert 2399 (SA)
KING Arthur Leonard 3077 (WA)
KING Frederick William Vernon 5127 (WA)
KING Herbert John 315 (England)
KING John William 3078 (WA) HAKP
KIRBY Thomas 563 (England)
KIRTON Alexander Mann 450 (WA) HAKP
KITE James Francis 1079 (England)
KNOWLES Robert Blakey 66 (England)
KNOX Norman Frederick 4136 (WA)
KNUCKEY Frederick Charles 2482 (SA)
LACEY Wilfred Eric 4247 (England)
LAFFERTY James David 316 (Scotland) HAKP
LAIDLER William Matthew 4543 (VIC)
LAIRD John 5739 (Scotland)
LAKE John Ephraim 1972 (NSW)
LALLY Malcolm Almore 564 (WA)
LAMERTON George Arthur MC (WA)
LANAUZE (LA NAUZE) Charles Andrew (Unknown)
LANDQUIST Thorsten Eric 684 (England) HAKP
LANE Frederick Arthur 4238 (England)
LANGDON Leslie John 1144 (VIC)
LANGFORD John 3854 (England)
LARTER George 801 (England) HAKP
LATHBY Horace Samuel 3859 (VIC)
LATTO John Alexander 3399 (VIC) HAKP
LATWOOD Charles 5424 (WA)
LAVERACK Tom 4047 (England)
LAW Baron Victor 1143 (England)

LAWES Henry James 5130 (England)
LAWLESS Richard Leonard 6788 (VIC)
LAWN James Harold 6787 (England) HAKP
LAWS Frank Albert 1153 (England)
LAWSON William Ezra 3861 (England)
LAYCOCK Harold 1148 (England)
LAYTHER William John 1007 (NZ)
LEA John 128 (England) HAKP
LEACH William Henry 1146 (NZ)
LEAHY William Joseph 1051 (Ireland) HAKP
LEAR Richard Blackford 6077 (QLD)
LEEDER Ernest Albert 5133 (England)
LEEHY Patrick 4241 (Ireland)
LEES David 318 (NSW)
LEIGHTON Arthur Henry 5134 (VIC)
LEMMON Frank Herbert 7348 (England) HAKP
LENANE Thomas Patrick 5426 (WA)
(LENAY) LE NAY Louis Leon MID (Twice) (NSW)
LEVY George Newman 7000 (England)
LEVY Harry 7365 (England)
LEWIS James 3080 (England) HAKP
LEY Cyril Edwin Halse 6851 (WA)
LICKFOLD Edward 2160 (England)
LIGHT Dan 2634 aka CROOK Ernest Frederick (England)
LINDLEY Max Bidencope 7275 (TAS)
LINDSAY Norman Wilfred John 5137 (VIC)
LINKLATER Robert William 7609 (Scotland)
LITTON Harry 3247 (WA) HAKP
LOFTHOUSE William Henry 3403 (England)
LOGUE Harry Havelock 6790 (WA)
LOMBARDI Jack 3866 (Italy)
LONG Stanley Archibald 2402 (NSW)
LONG Sydney Victor 1580 5715 (VIC) 8TH Btn
LONGMORE Herbert Milne 1373 (NSW) HAKP
LOUDEN David Alan 4344 (QLD)
LOWE James 926 (VIC)
LOWE Sydney 3073 (England)
LUMSDEN William Deas 924 (Scotland)
LUTTRELL William Patrick 685 (VIC)
LYNCH Herman Albert 195 (NSW)
LYNCH Norman Roy 3405 (NSW)
LYON Angus Frank 1372 (WA) HAKP
LYON Francis Andrew 7570 (Scotland)
LYONS John 2636 (VIC)
LYONS Neil Francis 3406 (VIC)
McBRIDE Francis 3414 (Ireland)
McBURNEY James 82 (Ireland)
McCALLUM William 930 (England)
McCONNELL James 984 (NSW)
McDONALD Andrew George 463 (VIC)
MACDONALD David Henderson (Unknown) HAKP
McDONALD James Duncan 5483 (VIC)
McDONALD William 6304 (QLD)
McEWAN William 1383 (Scotland)
MACFARLANE Archibald Henry MID (VIC)
McGAHAN Thomas Bernard 3140 (NZ)
McGARRY Robert 1453 (Ireland)
McGLINN Ernest William 2263 (WA) HAKP
McGRAW John 81 (Scotland)

McGREGOR James 4066 (Scotland)
McGUIRE Bernard 1584 (Ireland)
McGUIRE Martin Augustus (England) HAKP
McHARDY Norman Ernest 3421 (Scotland)
McINERNEY James Patrick 7023 (NSW)
McINNES James McKerras 805 (NSW)
McINTYRE John 1201 aka CAMERON Alfred Ernest (NZ)
McJANNET Francis Ronald Reid MID 698 (Scotland)
MACKIE Robert Stirling 1155 (Scotland)
McKELVIE Henry 1585 (Scotland)
(McKENSIE W D) McKENZIE William Davidson 326 (VIC)
McKINLAY Peter 2648 (VIC)
McLACHLAN Thomas Henry 3878 (VIC)
MACLAGAN Archibald George Remington 5759 (VIC)
MACLAREN James George 3085 (QLD) HAKP
MACLEAN Archibald 4566 (Scotland)
McLEOD James 5147 (SA)
McNAIR David 5442 (VIC)
McPHAIL Alec 1157 (Scotland) HAKP
McROSTIE William Bertram 5973 (VIC)
McTAVISH John Alexander 79 (VIC)
MADDEN Stephen 2515 (QLD)
MADIN William Thomas 6307 (VIC)
MAHONY David 692 (VIC)
MAHONY Florance 6541 (England)
MANNING Norman Everard 74 (VIC)
MANSFIELD Herbert Alfred (Unknown)
MARETT John William 5395 (England)
MARSHALL Clarence George 3087 (NSW)
MARTIN James Henry 208 (WA)
MARTIN William 6292 (VIC)
MARWICK Walter Thomas Gibson 1975 (VIC)
MASTERS Leslie Ronald 7199 (WA) HAKP
MATHESON Donald 570 (VIC)
MATTHEWS Benjamin Miles 6457 (NSW)
MATTHEWS Francis 71 (NSW)
MAXWELL George 37513 (England)
MAXWELL William Anderson 1038 (VIC)
MAY Stephen John Barry MM 2639 (NSW) HAKP
MAYNE George Hebert 688 (VIC)
MAYNE William Henry 455 (NSW)
MEAD William Ernest 5151 (WA)
MEDHURST Reginald John 3424 (England)
MEDLEY John James 986 (VIC)
MEEHAN Harry James 7763 (United States)
MEHARRY Charles Hawthorn Scott 1159 (VIC)
MEREDITH Luton William 1979 (WA) HAKP
MERRITT Percival Charles 568 (SA)
MIDDLETON Alexander Sanderson 5152 (Scotland)
MIDDLETON John 6797 (England) HAKP
MILLER Albert 1600 (England)
MILLER Charles Stanger 3088 (Scotland)
MILLER Robert Glencairin 1602 (VIC)
MILLS Albert 7282 (VIC)
MILLS Arthur Williams 6990 (SA)
MILNE Robert 5434 (Scotland)
MILNER Joseph Thomas (Unknown)
MILTON George Badham 5154 (VIC)
MITCHELL Henry Howard 3429 (WA)
MITCHELL Richard Paul 7500 aka JONES Arthur Harold (QLD)
MIZEN Arthur Stanley 1982 (England)

MOIR James 1794 (Scotland)
MOLONEY Michael John 6120 (VIC)
MONGER Adrian Calero 1986 (WA) HAKP
MOORE Frederick William Wallace 2715 (NZ)
MORAN Felix 2409 (NSW) HAKP
MORAN Patrick Francis 810 (SA)
MORGAN Charles Henry 4435 (WA)
MORGAN Robert 696 (England)
MORGAN William Wilson 7751 (Wales)
MORIARTY Francis Michael 6983 (WA) HAKP
MORLEY Walter 689 (VIC)
MORRIS Arthur 5159 (England)
MORRIS James Robert 3892 (VIC)
MORRIS Moses 3904 (Wales)
MORRISON Charles 3893 (WA)
MORRISON John Max MID 2172 (VIC)
MOSS John (NZ)
MOUNTJOY John Adam 1599 (WA) HAKP
MOYLE Henry Thomas 321 (England)
MUDIE William Glen 437A (SA)
MULDOON Sydney Roy 3896 (WA)
MUNDAY Charles Forest Hill 7506 (WA) HAKP
MUNRO Donald 73 (Scotland)
MURLEY Reuben Alexander 5161 (VIC)
MURPHY John 3522 (Ireland)
MURPHY James Twomey 3436 (Ireland)
MURPHY Phillip Edmund 3085 (WA) HAKP
MURPHY William James 4257 (WA)
MURRAY Aeneas 3898 (WA) HAKP
MURRAY Daniel Penman 1988 (Scotland)
MURRAY Keith 7584 (NSW)
MURRAY Patrick 6300 (VIC) HAKP
MURRAY Richard John 6081 (SA)
NAIRN Charles Joseph Byro 6551 (WA)
NAYLOR Harry Innott (VIC)
NEWMANN Wilhelm 4267 (Denmark)
NICHOLLS James 2422 (England)
NICHOLLS John Robert 1996 (Wales)
NICHOLLS Thomas Mark MM 6088 (NSW)
NICHOLSON Alexander 5166 (VIC)
NICHOLSON Hugh Milne 1388 (VIC)
NICHOLSON Walter George 210 (England) HAKP
NICOL John Gordon (VIC) HAKP
NIND Philip Robert Pitt 2828 (VIC) 51ST Btn
NISSEN Charles Bertholdt 2176 (Heligoland)
NOAKES Thomas George 578 (England)
NOBLE William 1390 (Scotland)
NOLAN Ernest Patrick 7032 (VIC)
NORRIE Robert Nicol 1998 (Scotland)
NORTHCOTT Jack 1997 (Wales)
NOTTAGE Edgar Elliott 7364 (VIC) HAKP
OATES Clarence Hubert 5169 (VIC)
OATS Norman Samuel 6802 (WA) HAKP
O’BRIEN Thomas Francis 3439 (NSW)
O’CONNELL Horace William 814 (WA) HAKP
O’CONNOR Dominick Patrick 3910 (SA)
O’CONNOR Thomas Patrick 7195 (NSW)
O’DONNELL Hughie 1393 (WA)
O’DONOHUE Maurice 817 (VIC)
O’GRADY Mark Richard 7768 (VIC)
OLSEN Thomas 5175 (England)

O’NEIL Albert 470 (England) HAKP
O’NEILL Herbert Frank 932 (NZ)
O’NEILL H F (duplicate of above believed in error)
ORCHARD Gilbert Audinwood 813 (SA)
O’REILLY Michael 5448 (Ireland)
ORGAN William 4272 (England)
O’ROURKE William 4273 (WA)
ORTT George Ernest 84 (England)
OSBOURNE N W (OSBURNE Noel William 6801 (VIC))
O’TOOLE Arthur 6091 (Unknown)
OXLADE Edward 815 (Scotland)
PAGE Walter William 1609 (SA)
PAIN George Harvey 339 (England)
PAINE Henry Arthur 1203 (WA)
PALMER David William 1167 (England)
PALMER Reginald Alfred Johnson 3913 (SA)
PARKHOUSE Victor Roy 7361 (VIC)
PARKINSON Charles Frederick 3914 (SA)
PARKINSON Frank Henry 2874 (WA)
PARMENTER William Henry John MM 5177 (WA)
PARRY Harold Leslie (WA)
PAUL Philip Reynolds 4131 (England)
PAVY Alfred Henry 5178 (SA)
PEACOCK Ralph Wilson 1813 (WA)
PEARCE Frederick 7085 (England)
PEARCE Samuel Albert 1399 (England)
PEDLEY Ernest Victor Starkey 1816 (England)
PELL Claudius Claremont 5452 (WA)
PENGELLY Charles Arthur Stanley 5180 (WA)
PENTLOW Stanley William 6314 (England)
PERRY Harold Allen 6562 (VIC) HAKP
PERRY Malcolm George 2433 (VIC)
PESCOD Ernest Owen 2488 (England)
PESCOD George Marshall 3922 (England)
PETTIGROVE Charles Hudd 5453 (WA) HAKP
PHEYSEY William Eric 1394 (England)
PHILBEY Cecil Sydney 584 (VIC)
PHILIPPSON William Felix 1616 (NSW) HAKP
PICKERING George 7044 (England)
PICKUP William Edmond MM 5454 (NSW)
PIESSE Charles Oxley (WA) HAKP
PIPER Stanley Morgan 5344 (England) HAKP
PIRANI Ernest John 3924 (VIC) HAKP
PITTARD Charles Horace 6557 (SA)
PLUMMER Leslie Edward 3103 (VIC)
PLUNKETT James 4277 (VIC)
PLUNKETT William 586 CdeG DCM (England)
POAD Charles Robert 2006 (England)
POCOCK Harold James 7043 (VIC)
POLAIN Hector Louis 3148 (VIC)
POLL Walter Henry 6567 (England)
POLLARD Albert Edward 5182 (VIC) HAKP
POLLARD Charles Ernest 5456 (WA)
POND Arthur Charles 6558 (England)
POND Clarence 7571 (NSW) HAKP
POOLE Wilfred Lawson 3206 (England)
POPE Charles VC (England) HAKP
POPPLEWELL Cecil 1445 (NZ)
PORT James Alfred 4576 (England)

PORTER Abel 898 (Ireland) HAKP
PORTER Jasper William 3446 (SA)
PORTER William 820 (Ireland)
PORTER William Alexander 6316 (NZ)
POTTER Frank Ward 4278 (England)
POTTER Thomas Henry 2005 (England)
POWELL Eddie 3925 (WA)
POWER Charles William 821 (VIC)
POYNER William 341 (England)
PRATER William John 5392 (VIC)
PRICE Leslie Cecil 219 (WA)
PRICE William George 704 (NSW)
PRIESTLEY Henry James Vivian 335 (TAS) HAKP
PRISK Herbert George 2192 (NSW)
PRITCHARD Allen Johnson 902 (England)
PRITCHARD Jesse 2428 (England)
PROCKTER Charlton Hogarth MID (VIC)
PUCKLE Charles Edward Murray (VIC)
PUNCH James Francis 2188 (VIC)
PURSER Stanley Newton 6318 (WA)
PYBURN George Lee 5183 (Ireland)
QUARRIE Walter Hugh 90 (England)
QUEGAN John 2009 (Ireland)
RAEBURN Thomas Walter Henry 938 (NZ)
RAMSDEN Albert Edward 6366 (NSW)
RANCE Albert 6807 (WA) HAKP
RANDALL Don 95 aka RANDALL William Charles (England)
RAPLEY Alfred William Henry 124 (England)
RAY Reuben Napier Heath 6575 (NZ)
RAY Walter 1621 (England)
READER Sidney Stewart 5186 (England)
REBBECHI Patrick Louis James 5187 (WA)
REED Stanley Charles 6572 (NSW)
REEVE Edward Austin 2830 (WA)
REEVES Walter 711 (England)
REID Mordaunt Leslie (Unknown)
RETALLACK Stanley James 4432 (SA)
REYNOLDS Edward Adolphus 3455 (NSW) HAKP
REYNOLDS Herbert Ernest 4649 (England) HAKP
RICHARDS Reuben 4282 (VIC)
RICHARDS William John 6098 (SA) HAKP
RICHMOND Robert Andrew 6573 (WA)
RIEKIE Henry John 1170 (VIC) HAKP
RILEY Frank William 2014 (WA)
ROACH Wallie Passmore 348 (SA)
ROBERTS Richard Sydney 1172 (WA) HAKP
ROBERTSON Alexander John (Unknown)
ROBERTSON Frederick 2717 (WA)
ROBERTSON Lewis Alexander 3151 (WA)
ROBERTSON Samuel 6811 (VIC)
ROBERTSON Sydney 3449 (England)
ROBINS Walter DCM 2201 (England) HAKP
ROBINSON Herbert Henry Walton 2552 (England)
ROBINSON Jack 2203 (Scotland)
ROBINSON Maurice Clarence 5188 (WA) HAKP
ROBINSON Phillip 6576 (England)
ROBSON Stephen Henry 2831 (WA)
ROCKLIFF Robert Edward 2015 (NSW) HAKP

ROGERS Albert Thomas 1627 (Wales)
ROGERS John 2491 (Scotland)
ROJO Harry Clarence 3111 (SA) HAKP
ROSE William Clifton 941 (WA)
ROSEWARNE Percival Osborne 5774 (SA)
ROSS Herbert Clive (NSW)
ROSS Stanley Eric 7781 (VIC)
ROWE John 6324 (England)
ROWE Reginald George 5462 (SA) HAKP
ROWE William Edgar 3452 (England)
ROY Stanley Harold 3943 (WA)
RUDD Thomas Adamthwaite 592 (NSW)
RUNDLE John 710 (SA)
RUSSELL William Henry 6101 (England)
RUTLAND Roy 7597 (NSW)
RYAN John 3144 (VIC)
RYAN James Richard 1629 (VIC)
RYAN Phillip Francis 3454 (SA)
RYDER William 2200 (England)
RYLE William Henry 5466 (SA) HAKP
SADLER Thomas Henry 3947 (QLD)
SAGGERS Aubrey William 6813 (TAS)
SALTER William Edward George 2256 (WA) HAKP
SANSON Leopold John 479 (VIC)
SAVAGE Alfred Fordham 481 (WA)
SAWLEY Harry 101(England)
SAYER David Alexander 7057 (WA)
SCHOFIELD Frank 1406 (England)
SCHULTZ William 3458 (VIC)
SCOTT Basil Archdeacon 229 (VIC)
SCOTT Douglas Proctor 4598 (WA)
SCOTT George Edward 3950 (WA)
SCOTT Inglis 6326 (Scotland)
SCOTT Neil 1413 (VIC)
SCOTT Percy James 4599 (WA)
SCRIVENER George 4070 (VIC)
SEAR Sackville 2509 (England)
SECCOMBE Frank William 497 (SA) HAKP
SEDERY Charles 2222 (VIC)
SEELS Thomas William 4138 (England) HAKP
SEMPLE William 2225 (Ireland)
SEPHTON James Charles 3953 (VIC)
SEWELL Ernest Edmund 5197 (WA)
SEYMOUR Miles 601 (SA)
SHARP Duncan (Scotland) HAKP
SHARP George 3955 (NSW)
SHARPE Guy Allen 231 (England)
SHARPE William Ernest 1640 (England)
SHAW Alfred (Thomas) 2023 (England)
SHAW James 6579 (Scotland)
SHAW Septimus Laughlin 353 (VIC)
SHEPHERD Norman Thomas 1067 (VIC)
SHIELDS Hugh Alexander 7528 (VIC)
SHIER Joseph 99 (WA)
SHILLINGLAW John Rowe 1457 (VIC)
SIMCOCK David John 951 (SA) HAKP
SIMPSON Malcolm 3118 (Scotland)
SIMS Charles Victor 2837 (England)
SINCLAIR Augustus William 2442 (WA) HAKP
SLADE Frank Thomas 1830 (England)

SLAVIN John Leonard 5200 MM (VIC) HAKP
SMEETH Leslie Robert 1634 (VIC)
SMITH Alexander 5201 (VIC)
SMITH Alfred Henry 357 (SA)
SMITH Charles Sydney 3123 (WA)
SMITH George Holt Henderson (SA)
SMITH John 1456 aka GROOM George (NSW)
SMITH John George 3465 aka SMITH George Ernest (NSW)
SMITH Norman 358 (England)
SMITH Reginald Oliver 3464 (England)
SMITH Sydney Clyde 7368 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Thomas Charles 3467 (England)
SMYTH Norbert Leo 6815 (WA)
SNELL Leonard Walter 234 (VIC)
SORENSEN Adrian Kirsgaard Viggo 1637 (Denmark)
SPARGO William Henry 3968 (VIC) HAKP
SPARROW Rupert James 103 (VIC)
SPARSHOTT Frank 948 (England)
SPENCE Alexander 1420 (Scotland)
SPENCER John William Thomas 3143 (VIC)
SPICE Theodore Morley 3969 (WA)
SPRATLEY John Charles 133 (England)
SPRING Archibald Edward 4650 (VIC)
STABLES Edward Pennell 830 (WA) HAKP
STACE Harry 3116 (England)
STACEY Clarence Cameron 4588 (SA)
STACEY Eldred 5471 (QLD)
STAHL Oscar Ferdinand 2671 (NSW)
STAINTON Tom 4601 (England)
STANLEY Norman Francis 435 (NSW)
STANNARD Joseph Ernest 834 (VIC) HAKP
STATHAM Edward Harvey 104 (Brazil)
STATHAM John Lee 6952 (England)
STENT George 2220 (VIC)
STEPHENS Meyrick 2448 (England) HAKP
STEVENS Sydney Horace 1043 (England)
STEVENSON David Charles 6339 (VIC)
STEWART Arnold St Clair 3227 (WA)
STEWART Gilbert 304A (England)
STEWART William John 2451 (Scotland)
STICPWICH Edmund Victor 483 (NSW)
STOKES Thomas William 946 (WA)
STONE Harry Silvester 4429 (VIC)
STRACHAN John 1837 (VIC)
STRAUSS Percy (Percival Lionel) 2431 (NSW) HAKP
STRONGMAN Harold Egbert 7790 (SA) HAKP
STUART Charles Edward Gordon 7794 (Ireland)
STUART David 829 (Scotland)
STURMAN John 6103 (England)
SUDLOW Francis Paget 202 (England)
SUDLOW Thomas Paget 252 (England)
SUGARS Joseph Ernest 4602 (SA)
SUMMERTON Herbert Clarke 6818 (WA)
SURRIDGE Harry Albert 1638 (VIC)
SUTHERLAND Eric George 8035 (NSW)
SUTHERLAND Sinclair 1412 (Scotland) HAKP

SWEENEY Frederick Cook 3471 (Unknown)
SYMONDS Arthur William 3473 (SA)
SYMONDS William Pascoe 3474 (England)
TAGUER Arthur Clarence 7321 (WA)
TAYLOR Charles Clark 727 (VIC)
TAYLOR George Henry 7799 (England)
TAYLOR John William 6342 (England)
TAYLOR Robert Attwood 3976 (Scotland)
TELFORD William Alfred 1648 (WA)
THOMAS George Frederick 7353 (VIC)
THOMPSON Charles 952 (England)
THOMPSON Cormack 4304 (Scotland)
THOMPSON George Henry 3129 (VIC)
THOMPSON Horace William Blair Leo 719 (VIC)
THOMPSON James 2233 (NSW)
THOMPSON John 1185 (WA)
THOMPSON Joseph 3125 (England)
THOMPSON Joseph Patrick 5212 (WA)
THOMPSON Patrick Joseph 7543 (WA)
THOMSON Percy William 725 (VIC)
THOMSON Ronald 726 (NSW)
THORPE Charles Forder 6591 (NSW)
THURGAR Charles 236 (England)
TILLEY Clarence James 3981 (SA)
TILLS George 2458 (England)
TIPPER Charles Thomas 4307 (VIC)
TODD Levi 4349 (WA)
TORNQUIST Gustaf Enrick 2682 (SA)
TOSDEVIN Robert 110 (England)
TOWNSEND Cornelius John 1646 (WA)
TREGURTHA Speedwell 1424 (VIC)
TRINGHAM Arthur Robert 2230 (Ceylon)
TRUMAN Leslie Huon 1649 (VIC)
TURNER Benjamin 365 (SA)
TURNER John 108 (England)
TURNER John 838 (England)
TURNER William George 2519 (England)
TURNOCK James Goodison 1673 (NSW)
TUTTON Reginald 4308 (England) HAKP
ULRICH Frank 2237 (WA)
VASEY Francis John 3226 (England)
VERLEY Cyril Hastings 7450 (Jamaica)
VINCENT James Ambrose 1425 (England)
VOWELS Philip Edward (Unknown)
WAKELY Alex Charles 7554 (England)
WALDEN Herbert Noel 1431 (Channel Islands)
WALKER Ernest Percy 247 (VIC)
WALKER John Eardley 7333 (WA)
WALKER John Martin 4620 (NSW)
WALKER John Stuart Dight (England)
WALKER Thomas Phillip 6602 (VIC)
WALLER George 1650 (England)
WALSH Charles Thomas 1651 (QLD)
WALSH Thomas Henry 7809 (SA)
WALTERS George Robert Stewart (VIC)
WALTERS Robert Simpson 6603 (VIC)
WALTERS William Joseph 2254 (VIC)
WALTON Arthur 1189

WALTON George 3491 (VIC)
WANN Daniel Malcolm 7548 (NSW)
WARD Thomas Leonard 1859 (England)
WARDLE Thomas John 3992 (NSW)
WARWICKER Henry 3993 (WA)
WATERS James Harold 1849 (WA) HAKP
WATERS Sydney Rushmere 7815 (England)
WATHERSTON Frank Patten 1427 (SA)
WATKINS Elliot Robert 4619 (SA)
WATSON George Herbert 1652 (SA)
WATSON Robert Henry 2244 (NSW)
WATTS Horton 1850 (NSW)
WEAVER Leslie Pooler 119 (VIC)
WEBB Arthur Claude 1851 (VIC)
WEBB Arthur James 846 aka WEBB Albert (Wales)
WEEKS Samuel James 735 (VIC)
WELLS Alexander James 4000 (WA)
WELLS James Daniel 4312 (England)
WELSMAN Ernest Walter 731 (SA)
WEST Frederick William 5795 (NSW)
WEST James William 7330 (England)
WEST Samuel Martin 1428 aka CHEESMER Samuel Martin (Unknown)
WESTBROOK Alfred Baxter 493 (VIC)
WESTON Frank 7069 (England)
WHEATLEY John Edward 7329 (England)
WHEELAN William 6116 (WA)
WHEELER Harry 371 (VIC)
WHITE Alexander George 6842 (SA)
WHITE Ernest John 3526 2645 (WA)
WHITE Thomas 5237 (England)
WHITELEY Herbert Jabez 734 (VIC)
WHITESIDE William Graham 3241 (WA)
WHITTLE Arthur Gilbert 847 (WA)
WHYTE Robert 1062 (VIC)
WIGHAM Robert Jardine 5036 (VIC)
WILCOX Herbert Wattam 1436 (England)
WILCOX William John 245 (England)
WILDS Wilfred Henry Charles 6600 (England)
WILKINS Alfred 730 (England)
WILKINS Arthur William 2691 (WA) HAKP
WILKINS William 2694 (WA)
WILKINSON Leslie Arthur 609 (WA)
WILKINSON Philip 3527 (India)
WILKS Clarence Melville 4313 (WA) HAKP
WILLIAMS Arthur James 496 (VIC) HAKP
WILLIAMS Aubrey Thomas 3441 (WA)
WILLIAMS Edgar 7810 (WA)
WILLIAMS Franklin George 7547 (WA)
WILLIAMS John James 3499 (SA)
WILLIAMS Percy 738 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Richard John 4315 (SA)
WILLIAMS Thomas Edward Joseph 6353 (WA)
WILLIAMS Thomas Percy 485 (VIC)
WILLIS Percy 3147 (WA) HAKP
WILLMOTT James 5226 (Wales)
WILLOWS Ernest Wicham 56425 (VIC)
WILLOX William Joseph 6844 (NSW)
WILSON Alexander 6117 (WA)
WILSON Andrew 3509 (NSW)
WILSON Alexander George 4008 (VIC)
WILSON Frederick Gladstone 7812 (WA) HAKP

WILSON Horace Claude 6838 (WA)
WILSON Harold Gordon 2849 (VIC)
WILSON Hugh Reid 2697 (Scotland)
WILSON Stanley 2247 (VIC)
WILTON Albert Joseph 2239 (WA)
WINFIELD Ernest Walter 120 (England) HAKP
WINN Albert John 5228 MM & Bar (England)
WINNING James 1671 (Scotland)
WINTER Charles William 4316 (WA)
WINTHROP Robert 3513 (VIC)
WIRE Bertram John 2047 (England)
WISE George Weller 612 (VIC)
WITCOMB Sydney Trafford 1660 (SA)
WITHERS George Edward 6847 (WA)
WITHNELL Algy John 8074 (WA)
WITTER James 742 (Ireland)
WOOD Alfred 6834 (England) HAKP
WOOD Ian John 4011 (Scotland)
WOOD John Henry 4317 (SA)
WOOD Leofric 2049 (England)
WOOD Simon MacGregor (Scotland)
WOODELTON Basil 4012 (England)
WOODS Colin Cameron Stanley 5231 (WA)
WOLLCOTT Ernest 4016 (WA)
WOOLLETT Thomas 441A (England)
WOOLLEY Arthur 4319 (England)
WOOLNOUGH Sydney 2240 (England)
WORMALD Arthur James 7831 (England)
WORRALL Thomas Ernest 5233 (NSW)
WRAGG Albert 2246 (WA)
WRIGHT John Lewis 3529 (England)
WRIGHTSON Roy James 2853 (WA) HAKP
YORE Peter 6843 (WA) HAKP
YOU Charles 4632 (VIC) HAKP
YOUNG Frederick William 3517 (WA)
ANDERSON Joseph Henry (VIC) 7938
CLEAR Herbert George 1525 (England)
HIGGS Arthur Geraldton 2778 (VIC)
JAMIESON William Thomas 63 (VIC)
LAMERTON William John 1188 (WA)
SWANSTON Norman 7314 (NSW)
CLIFF Selwyn Franklin 2360A (VIC)
SPEED Victor Charles Joker 7536 (SA)
HADDON Jack Beresford 439 (South Africa)
PETTIT James Paul 220 (VIC)
CROLY Arthur England Johnson MID (Unknown)

ALLAN Morton McLeod (WA) HAKP
ARBUCKLE Beresford 773 (VIC) HAKP
ASHLEIGH William Ernest 3799 (QLD)
BAGGS Arthur James 777 (England)
BANCROFT William 775 (England)
BARNETT Alexander 884 (WA)
BATH Henry Gresham 1751 (NSW)
BENNETT Henry Francis 2787B (WA)
BLACKSTOCK Wilfred Lawson 1753 (England)
BLYTHE Benjamin John 2159 (WA)
BOND Albert Henry 889 (England)
BOOTH John Lionel Calvert (Unknown)
BOVELL Vernon Llewellyn (WA)
BRIGGS Francis 778 (South Africa) HAKP
BRITTAIN Thomas Richard 783 (WA)
BROOKS Ernest George 1456 (England)
BROSNAN John 2385 (VIC)
BROWN Michael 776 (Ireland)
BURLEY Frank Armstrong 774 (NSW) HAKP
BURNS John Victor 787 (VIC) HAKP
BYRNE William 1015 (Ireland)
CAIRNCROSS George 2524B (Scotland) HAKP
CAMPBELL John Alexander (SA)
CAMPBELL Robert 2793 (VIC)
CHALLENGER Arthur William 890 (VIC) HAKP
CHAMPION Stanley Joseph Callow 2161 (VIC)
CLARK Daniel 900 (Scotland)
CLEMENTS Frederick 2612 (England)
CONNOLLY William Michael 891 (Ireland)
COOKE Cecil Charles 2840 (SA)
COOPER Robert William 895 (VIC)
CURLEWIS Arthur Grenville 1004 (VIC) HAKP
CURTIS Richard 797 (TAS)
DALY John 1405 (VIC)
DAVIDSON Edward 904 (England)
DOWNES Kevin 2842 (WA)
DUNN Thomas 805 (VIC) HAKP
EDWARDS Harry 806 (Scotland)
EWERT Ewen Charles 1160 (VIC)
FALKNER Reginald 1959 (SA)
FLOOD John Hope 2844 (NSW)
FORBES Duncan MID 1003 (Scotland)
FORBES Finlay 998 (Scotland)
FORREST Richard 2845 (VIC)
FOWLER Edward 4218A (England)
GARDINER Douglas Allen 2571 (WA)
GARE John 3377 (VIC)
GENT Percy Lionel 1162 (South Africa)
GILLINGS George 811 (England)
GREATBATCH Norman 7277 (TAS)
GRIFFIN Edward 814 (England)
HADLEY Samuel William 924 (England)
HALE Walter Horace Elgar (WA) HAKP
HAMILTON William John MM 931 (Ireland)
HART George Hope Campbell (Scotland)
HARVEY Percy Robert 1163 (England)
HARVEY Thomas Carson 2620 (WA)
HAWTHORN William Walter 1164 (England)
HETT George 927 (NZ)

HOARE William Cunningham 932 (Scotland)
HOGG Robert 4222 (England)
HUGHES Arthur Walker Joseph 823 (VIC)
JOHNSON Oscar Edward 936 (SA)
JONES Richard Henry Phillip 1411 (SA) HAKP
JOPLING Joseph 3077 (England)
KELLOW Stephen 2596 (SA)
KIDSON Edric Doyle 828 (WA) HAKP
KITSON William James 829A (VIC)
LACEY John Stanislaus 2176 (TAS)
LAING Elmer Winfrid Drake MC (NSW)
LAKEMAN Herbert Henry 2853 (WA)
LALOR Joseph Peter (Unknown)
LAVELLE Anthony 1165 (QLD) HAKP
LEMON Jack Noel 2405 (NSW) HAKP
LIVESEY Norman 943 (England)
LUCAS Harold Edgar 2359 (WA)
McGILLIS George Patrick Joseph 2634 (SA)
McKENZIE Donald 846 (VIC)
MACKIE Alexander 1769 (Scotland)
McLEAN Alex 848 (Scotland)
McLEOD Donald MC MID (Scotland)
MADSEN Sigurd Carl Svierkjar 2406 (Denmark)
MAJOR Arthur 947 (England)
MARSHALL John Manuel 948 (Scotland)
MARTINS Arthur Joshua 835 (England)
MERCER Robert Cousin 1965 (Scotland)
MICHIE William 837 (Scotland)
MINORGAN James 1212 (WA)
MORGAN George William 949 (WA)
MORLEY William Ralph 3401 (WA)
MORRISON Peter Campbell 1489 (Scotland) HAKP
MOSS Robert Hugh 1010 (England)
MULGRAVE Harold 2603 (VIC)
NEVETT William Percy 851 (England)
NICHOLL William Hamilton 954 (NSW)
NOBLETT Frederick 2409 (England)
O’SHAUGHNESSY Patrick Joseph 4235 (Ireland)
PASSMORE Norman Charles 4236 (WA)
PENNEFATHER Thomas 3088 (WA)
PIERCE Iveson John 1777 (England)
POLINELLI Norman Eustace 959 (WA) HAKP
POUT George 958 (England)
REMICK Isaac Broad 2615 (England)
RENSHAW Samuel 4207 (England)
RIDLEY George 2186 (WA)
ROBERTS Clarence Herbert Robinson 861 (WA)
ROBINSON Clarence John 1473 (VIC)
ROBINSON Thomas 1172 (England)
ROWE Ernest 1474 (SA)
RYAN Mitchell 1427 aka RYAN Michael Joseph (Ireland)
SEAGER Leonard 973 (England)
SENIOR Alfred 979 (England)
SHILLITO Donald Robert 1175 (VIC)
SMITH Charles Everard William 4243 (WA) HAKP
SMITH James Edward 1377 (VIC)
STANISTREET Andrew 1022 (England)
STONE Vincent Thomas MM 4246 (SA) HAKP
STONE Wilfred 3089 (England)

SUMMERSBEE Austin Philip 968 (England)
TEMPLE James 3866 (Scotland)
TENNANT Eustace 2417 (England)
THOMPSON Arthur 1479 (England)
THOMPSON Archibald 1976 aka BUCHANAN Archibald (SA)
TILBEE Charles 1977 (England)
TILBEE Walter Joseph 983 (England)
TOOHEY John Morris 3795 (WA)
WADE John Oswald 1782 (England)
WALSH John James 1482 (WA)
WATHERSTON James 4250 (SA)
WHALEY Arthur 875 (England) HAKP
WHELAN Patrick Conrad 1430 (NZ)
WHITE Arnold Harris 876 (WA)
WIEDEMANN Harold William 2904 (SA)
WILLIAMSON Peter Arthur 881 (Scotland)
WILSON Joseph Benjamin 994 (England)
WILSON Kenneth Eastland 1980 (TAS)
WING William Harry 4254 (England)
SWAIN John Edgar 975 (England)

AARONS John Fullarton 2868 (NSW)
AARONS Maurice Lewis 2281 (VIC)
ABRAHAMS Louis 237 (VIC)
ACRES Reginald 6228 (TAS)
ADAMS William Henry 4746 (WA)
ADKINS Arthur 5658 (England)
AINGER Percy John 5659 (VIC)
AINSWORTH Jack 1451 aka AINSWORTH Elias Edwin William (VIC) HAKP
ALDRED Herbert Wright 238 (England)
ALLEN Owen Moore 4744 (WA)
AMOS Clarence Cawtan 759 (England)
ANDERSON Kieran Leopold (VIC)
ANDREW Henry Robert 5978 (WA)
ANDREWS John William 6959 (England)
ANNEAR Robert Loton MID 2065 (SA) HAKP
ANTHONY George Henry 5662 (WA)
APPLEQVIST Frank 720 aka APPELQUIST Frank (Sweden)
ARCHER David 3397 (Scotland)
ARCHER Edward 760 (England) HAKP
ARCHIBALD Matthew 2636 (Ireland)
ARDAGH Walter Keith 7940 (WA) HAKP
ARMSTRONG Eustace 6775 (England)
ASHBY David 442 (England)
ASHTON William 6958 (NSW)
ATTWOOD Charles Neville 1778 (England)
BACKMAN Evert Isidor 6721 (Finland)
BACON Arthur 2287 (WA)
BACON Lester Sidney 1453 (England)
BAGIEAU Alexander 96 (VIC)
BAILEY Alexander Gregory 3423 (NSW)
BAILEY Robert Prior 6722 (NSW)
BAILIFF James 1980 (England)
BAIN Archibald 3410 (VIC)
BAKER Alexander John 370 (NSW) HAKP
BAKER Bob Heard 2445 (England) HAKP
BALDWIN Arthur Wilfred 2288 (VIC)
BALDWIN William 1981 (England)
BALE Henry James 7701 (England)
BALL Frank 812 (WA)
BALL George MM 650 (SA) HAKP
BANKS William Henry 3084 (VIC) HAKP
BARDEN George Henry 5984 (England)
BARR Gilbert Robert 5995 (SA)
BARR Robert Wright 811 (Scotland) HAKP
BARRASS John James 7213 (VIC)
BARRETT Leslie Roy 2440 (WA) HAKP
BARRY William Francis 3851 (WA)
BARTLETT John 4569 (England)
BARTON Horace Albert 570 (NSW) HAKP
BATCHELOR John 1675 (England)
BATEMAN William Thomas 748 (England)
BATES Wilfred Froud 51 (VIC) HAKP
BATTY William Kingsley 731 (VIC)
BEAVER Joseph George 8070 (WA)
BECK Waldemar 6969 (Malta)
BEHR Willen Brodus Peterns 1583 (Netherlands)
BELL Edward James 385 (Wales)

BELL Edgar Watson 9 (WA)
BELL Frederick Arthur 3419 (VIC)
BELL Willoughby George 334 (SA)
BENNETT Clarence Gilbert 1586 (VIC)
BENTLEY Edward Loftus 6478 (WA)
BERESFORD Wallace William 3411 (VIC)
BERRY Charles Edwin 3417 (England)
BERRY Wilfred Henry 1452 (WA)
BEVERLEY Thomas Caine 1983 (England)
BICKLEY Thomas George 6852 (WA)
BIGGLESTON Tom 7111 (England)
BINGHAM Austin Henry 5339 (WA) HAKP
BISHOP Jesse Gerald 3406 (WA)
BISHOP Samuel Richard 768 814 (VIC)
BLACK Percy DSO MID (Thrice) DCM CdeG 170 (VIC)
BLANCHARD Alfonse James 5991 (VIC)
BLEAKLEY John Thomas 6234 (WA)
BLINMAN Harold Goldie 1457 (SA)
BLINMAN Herbert Tom 6008 6008A (SA)
BLOOM Louis Robert 201 (VIC)
BOGGS John 1782 (Ireland)
BOLLARD Hugh Worthington 4570 (NSW)
BOLTON Henry 590 (England)
BOLTON Percy Roy 1577 (WA) HAKP
BOND Alexander Beckett 6456 (England)
BOUNDY Albert Henry 557 (VIC)
BOUNSELL William 1982 (NSW) HAKP
BOWERS Harry 5674 (SA) HAKP
BOYD William 2289 (WA)
BRADDOCK Charles Thomas 2283 (England)
BRADFORD Arthur Jesse George 766 (England)
BRADLEY John Ramsden 6862 (England)
BRADSHAW Alfred Edward 2 (NSW) HAKP
BRADY James Alphonse 5340 (Ireland)
BRAITHWAITE Francis Leslie 642 (England)
BRANLEY Arthur Joseph Lavery 402 (VIC)
BRANSON William 1590 (WA)
BRASHAW Joseph Arthur (Unknown)
BREALEY James Newman 5998 (WA)
BRENNEN Ernest George 684 (SA)
BREWER Frederick William 2550 (Straits Settlements)
BRIGGS John Albert 4037 (VIC)
BROCKMAN Frederick Locke 143 (WA)
BROOKE Alfred 1786 (NZ)
BROWN Alexander 1547 (Scotland)
BROWN Alfred 6961 (VIC)
BROWN Charles Dane (VIC)
BROWN Herbert Oscar 6482 (England)
BROWN Robert Melbourne 142 (VIC)
BROWNE George Vernon MID 1787 (VIC)
BROWNING William 364 (England) HAKP
BRUNTON Andrew 6483 (Scotland)
BRYSON John Lindsay 5343 (Scotland)
BUCKINGHAM George Henry 6237 (VIC) HAKP
BUCKINGHAM William Samuel Ezekiel 6238 (VIC)
BUCKLEY Sylvester 1598 (VIC)
BUGDEN Stanley 739 (England)
BULL James 7033 (England)
BULL William Gibson 2628A (WA)

BUNTER John Joseph 5681 (WA)
BUNWORTH Joseph Francis 1594 (VIC)
BURGESS William Henry 179 (VIC)
BURNETT George Edward 1459 (WA)
BURNS Charles 6863 (WA)
BURTON Henry 645 (VIC)
BYRAM James 813 (VIC)
BYRNE Thomas Edward 1551 (VIC)
CAMPBELL Henry Alexander 367 (England)
CAMPBELL William Fleming 6492 (Scotland)
CANNELL Reginald Ramsey 1 (South Africa)
CANNY Denis Atkinson 7689 (Ireland) HAKP
CAPELL Charles 6973 (England)
CAPPS Arthur 144 (England)
CARR Thomas John MID 513 (VIC)
CARROLL Joseph John 1792 (WA)
CARROLL John Sylvester 7038 (VIC)
CARROLL Sydney Charles 5686 (WA)
CARSE Arthur Edward MID (Unknown) HAKP
CARTER Charles Edward 7044A (England)
CARTER Ernest 6496 (VIC) HAKP
CARTER Francis Bird (Unknown)
CARTER Geoffrey Grant 2641 (England)
CARTER Harold Reginald 1549 (VIC) HAKP
CARTER Reginald John 1791 (Ireland)
CASEY Harold Wilfred 238A (NSW)
CASEY Thomas 6939 (Ireland)
CASSIDY Robert James 3426 (VIC) HAKP
CATHCART William Rea 7716 (Ireland)
CATLIN William Charles 1793 (VIC)
CATTON Percy 6914 (England)
CHALMERS William Fraser MM 3427 (WA)
CHAPPLE Charles James Stacey 3428 (NSW) HAKP
CHASE Richard Henry 691 (West Indies) HAKP
CHIPPER Michael 6243 (WA)
CHISHOLM John 2193 (NZ)
CHIVERS Charles 3867 (WA)
CHRISTIE Andrew 1461 (Scotland)
CLARK Alexander 6494 (Scotland)
CLARK Charles Albert 1603 (England)
CLARK Donald Goldie 6493 (England)
CLARK John Carlton 99 (VIC)
CLARK William Alexander 244 (WA)
CLARK William John 247 (WA)
CLARKE William 2194 (VIC)
CLIFTON Roy Kimberley 2195 (WA) HAKP
CLIPSTONE Stanley Carlyle 6738 (VIC)
CLOSE Fredrick Laurance 1601 (South Africa)
CLUES Hubert Clement 652 (VIC)
CLYDE Frederick 54 (NSW)
COBBE George 5345 (England) HAKP
COFFEY Aloysius Francis 3431 (VIC)
COFFEY Leslie 5690 (VIC) HAKP
COHEN Alexander 6739 (NSW) HAKP
COLE Harry Trevor 5794 (WA)
COLLINS Frank Harcourt 622 (VIC)
CONNAUGHTON Thomas 1797 (Ireland)

COOK Hubert Constant 7934 (WA) HAKP
COOK John Thomas 523 (VIC)
COOKE Wesley John 7097 (WA) HAKP
COOMBS Edward James 180 (South Africa)
COOPER Bertie Frederick 3435 (WA)
COOPER Thomas Edward 6010 (NSW)
CORLETT Walter Bell 6229 (Isle of Man) HAKP
COURT William John 538 aka HUME William Henry (QLD)
COVERLEY James Walter 5346 (WA) HAKP
COWARD Thomas Roy 572 (VIC)
COWLEY Henry Thomas 5799 (WA)
COX Ernest Sydney 449 (England)
COX Rupert Henry 6491 (NSW)
CRADDOCK Percival 2461 (England)
CREAM Everard Harley 6802 (WA)
CRELLIN Walter Henry 5702 (VIC) HAKP
CRICHTON Joseph Michael Smith 2199 (England)
CRIDDLE Herbert Melbourne 5650 (WA) HAKP
CRONENBURG James Francis 7116 (Ceylon)
CROSS James Howard 5353 (England)
CROWDER Robert John 6743 (England)
CULLING John William 313 (England)
CURLEWIS Gordon Levason (Unknown) HAKP
CURRINGTON Albert Henry 6004 (England)
CURVEN James George 3436 (VIC)
DAVIES Frank 45 (England)
DAVIS Alfred 3882 (Ireland)
DAWSON Martin Russell McDonald 511 (Scotland)
DAY Charles Thomas 3440 (WA)
DELANEY Michael 2469 (VIC)
DELAPORTE Arnold 1992 (WA)
DEMASSON Hubert Peter 6501 (WA) HAKP
DEMEL George Blake MID 704 (VIC)
DENHOLM John Hughes 690 (QLD)
DENTEITH Thomas 6251 (England) HAKP
DENYER Henry Dennis 3444 (England)
DESMOND Frank 3884 (WA)
DICK John Struan Robertson 6984 (VIC)
DILLISTONE William Jacob 1990 (England)
DIVALL Burban Frederick 5706 (NSW)
DIXEY Arthur Daniel 5707 (England)
DIXON Alexander 252 (Ireland) HAKP
DIXON Edward John 7725 (VIC)
DIXON George William 2468 (England)
DIXON Harry Frederick Arthur 1604 (SA) HAKP
DOLLA Carl 489 (Singapore)
DONALD David 6110 (Scotland)
DONALD John 181 (Scotland)
DONALD Thomas Alan 6952 (WA) HAKP
DONALDSON David 2552 (Scotland)
DONALDSON Robert Henry 43 (England)
DORAN Victor Frederick 2470 (VIC) HAKP
DOUGLAS Stanley Alison 3454 (England)
DOWN Cecil Vernon 805 (England) HAKP
DOWSON Michael 518 (VIC)
DOYLE Henry Wright 3450 (WA)
DREW Frederick MM 3446 (VIC)

DUCE Eric 3451 (England)
DUNSTAN William Joseph 36 (England)
DYER Edward Joseph 6255 (WA)
DYSON Matthew 7968 (WA) HAKP
EASTBURN Arthur Robinson MM 3892 (VIC)
EASTHAM William 257 (England)
ECCLESTONE William Basil 3456 (WA)
EDWARDS Alfred Outtrim 384 (WA)
ELDRIDGE Thomas Albert John 4599 (England)
ELEY Charles Henry 7225 (England)
ELLINGWORTH Charles Henry 7730 (England)
ELLIOTT William Frederick 6258 (WA)
ELLIS Charles 773 (England)
ELSEGOOD Roy Reginald 6988 (WA)
EMERY Frederick Washington 3459 (VIC)
EMERY John James 1466 (England)
EMMETT Verner Allen 90 (Unknown)
EMSLEY Harry 6812 (SA)
ENBOM Oscar Andreas 4968 (Sweden)
EVANS Arthur Clarence 4269 (England)
EVANS Ernest 6508 (WA)
EVANS John David 546 (Wales)
EVANS Sydney Charles Harwood 758 (England)
EYDEN Leslie William 2208 (SA)
FAIRBEARD Charles Henry 55 (India) HAKP
FANNING James St Witten 3896 (Ireland)
FARMER Augustus Pegg MM 4808 (WA)
FARRELL Charles Edward 3897 (VIC) HAKP
FARRELL Ernest Martin 1470 (England) HAKP
FARRELL Thomas Ince 608 (WA)
FAULKNER Lionel Herbert 5090 (England)
FAY John 1467 (England)
FEAST Arthur Thomas 5715 (WA)
FEREDAY Daniel 58 (England)
FEREDAY John 1805 (England)
FERGUSSON Hurtle Henry 6760 (WA)
FIDDLER Robert 2212 (England)
FINK Gordon 674 (VIC) HAKP
FISHER Edward Theophilus 2213 (VIC)
FLANAGAN John Richard 6762 (VIC)
FLOATE Alfred 6263 (England)
FOGGIN George 4812 (England)
FOORD Bertram 5360 (England)
FORD Arthur 663 (SA)
FORDHAM Charles Edmund 6124 (WA) HAKP
FORREST Darcy Wersley 6017 (VIC)
FOSTER Frederick Bernard 17 (England)
FOSTER William Robert 1806 (NSW) HAKP
FOWLER Herbert Leopold Arthur 2069 (England)
FOWLER Robert Alvin Draper 6021 (WA)
FRAMPTON Walter John 648 (SA)
FRANCIS John Richard 2215 (England) HAKP
FREEMAN Douglas (England)
FUHRMANN Herbert 4805 (VIC)
GARE Joseph Marshall 6269 (SA)
GATHERCOLE John 7000 (England)
GENT Lionel Robert 6022 (WA)

GEORGE Harold 705 (WA) HAKP
GEYER Charles Henry 6767 (VIC)
GIBBONS Clarence Gordon 623 (NSW)
GIBSON Horace William 6822 (TAS) HAKP
GILBRIDE Alfred 5721 (WA)
GILSENAN Walter Patrick 6025 (WA)
GLASSON Thomas 5722 (SA)
GLEESON John Bernard 64 (VIC)
GLOVER Arthur Milton 7199 (SA)
GLOWREY Lindsay Gordon (VIC) HAKP
GOODCHILD Paul Franklin Joseph 6516 (England)
GOODHAND Fred 6270 (England)
GOSS Gerald Harry 266 (VIC) HAKP
GOVER Arthur Alfred 6936 (England)
GOVER Ernest Edward 6937 (England)
GRAHAM Samuel 1475 (Scotland)
GRAINGER Frank Rupert 4214 (SA) HAKP
GRAY Mervyn William 264 (WA) HAKP
GREEN John 7237 (WA)
GREENWAY Herbert Charles 3912 (England) HAKP
GREGORY Charles 6515 (England)
GRIEVE James 6771 (Scotland)
GRIFFITHS William 522 (Wales)
GROVER Percy Robert 6517 (WA) HAKP
GURRY Richard 2000 (SA) HAKP
HABBLETT Harold 396 (England)
HAGER James 7022 (VIC)
HALE Arthur 7748 (VIC)
HALL Edward 4055 (WA) HAKP
HALL George 7247 (VIC) HAKP
HALL Phillip 269 (England)
HALL Thomas James 151 (VIC)
HALLIDAY Robert Michael 2478 (WA)
HAMMOND John 2481 2482 (SA)
HANCOCK Maurice George 5330 (VIC) HAKP
HANNABRY Edmund Ryan 5726 (VIC)
HANNIGAN John 67 (Ireland)
HARRINGTON Reginald Humphrey 7020 (Wales)
HARRINGTON William Joseph 6525 (England)
HARRISON Herbert 1483 (VIC)
HARRISON Henery 6527 (VIC)
HARRISON Philip Harry 100 (VIC)
HART Albert 7013 (WA)
HARTNUP Bertie 6272 (WA)
HARVEY Ernest 271 (England)
HAWKES Frederick Henry 5728 (England)
HAYDEN Alfred 7351 (WA)
HAYES Edward Sidney 5028 (England)
HAYMAN Spencer John 4286 (WA)
HAYTON Stanley Clyde 6775 (TAS)
HAYWARD Arthur 3916 (England)
HEALEY Henry Percival 1382 (NSW)
HELM Charles Ernest 3482 (VIC)
HEMMINGS Benjamin 101 (England)
HENLEY Henry 70 (Unknown)
HENNERTY Joseph Leonard 5332 (Unknown) HAKP
HENRY David 3475 (Scotland)

HENRY William Thomas 74 aka HENDRY William Thomas (VIC)
HESTON John 1482 (QLD)
HEWITT Ernest Henry 7484 (NSW)
HICKEY Bernard 4615 (VIC) HAKP
HIDE Cecil 3476 (England) HAKP
HILL Ashworth 1817 (England)
HILL Thomas Henry 7753 (England)
HILLS Charles 6035 (England)
HINDS Charles Cyril 2485 (England)
HODDER James Albert 5365 (VIC) HAKP
HODGES Frank 7021 (Canada)
HOGAN John Patrick 187 (VIC)
HOGAN Leo David 7010 (WA)
HOJEM Lauritz 268 aka HOJEIN Lauritz (Norway)
HOLDER Harry 7251 (England)
HOLDSWORTH Ernest Brook 625 (England)
HOLLAND Claude Harold 3478 (SA)
HOLLAND Edwin Rickard DCM 2226 (SA)
HOLLAND William 7755 (WA) HAKP
HOLZBERGER Harold Joseph 4626 (SA) HAKP
HOPKINS James Francis 3922 (SA)
HORSEY Alfred Edwin 1882 (England)
HOUGH George (England)
HOWARD Cecil John 719 (England)
HOWARD Frank Rodney MID 436 (VIC)
HOWCROFT Robert 107 (England)
HUGHES Alfred Thomas 1541 (England)
HUGHES Thomas 7248 (Wales)
HUME James 69 (VIC)
HUMMERSTON Horace Stanley MC 677 (SA)
HUNDLEY Walter 152 (WA)
HURLEY Robert 488 (NSW) HAKP
HUTTON John (Scotland)
ILES Albert Henry 2311 (WA)
INGHAM William John Robertson 6039 (WA)
INGLIS Andrew 712 (Scotland)
IVISON James 710 (QLD)
IVISON John 667 (England)
JACKMAN Louis Ronald 1622 (NSW)
JACKMAN Thomas William 6532 (WA)
JACKSON George Albert 548 (England)
JACKSON Harold Melmoth 4634 (SA)
JACKSON James 549 (England)
JACKSON Joseph 7029 (WA) HAKP
JACKSON Joseph Walter 782 (England)
JACOB Llewellyn Frank 2491 (WA)
JACOBS Victor Newman 6046 (VIC)
JACOBSON Fritz Johanna 6042 (Russia)
JAMES Ernest John 692 (WA)
JAMES Gomer Lewis 3498 (WA)
JAMES John Vincent 5479 (England)
JAMES Philip Charles 7103 (WA) HAKP
JAMES Trevor 2490 (England) HAKP
JEFFERY Harold Anchor 2545 (England)
JENKINS Harry Togomah 2488 (WA)
JENNINGS John Edward 5123 (England)
JENSEN Karl Alfred 274 (Denmark)
JEWELL Charles Alfred 686 (Ireland)
JOHANNESEN Peter Emanuel 6279 (WA)

JOHANNESSEN Severin Emil 7076 (Norway)
JOHANSEN Martin 7077 (Norway)
JOHNSTON Sydney Tasman 1487 (VIC)
JOLLY Arthur 2184 (WA)
JONAS Charles 26 (VIC) HAKP
JONES Arthur Stanley 4837 (VIC)
JONES Frederick 2669 (NZ)
JONES Francis John 7116 (VIC)
JONES George Edwin 5368 (VIC)
JONES Laidley Edward Elbert 1552 (WA) HAKP
JONES Samuel James 2723 (England)
JONES William 2902 (England)
JONES Walter James 6841 (WA)
JOSE William Graham 1624 (WA)
JOYCE Edward William 516 (WA)
JOYCE Matthew 7258 (VIC)
JUPP Percy 7257 (England)
KAMMAN George 3128 (England)
KEENAN Claude 6048 (NSW)
KEIREL Claude Thomas 5736 (SA)
KELLY Cyril Harvey 3501 (WA)
KELLY Thomas James 2233 (NSW) HAKP
KELMAN William 5370 (Scotland)
KEMBLE Walter Royston 6281 (SA)
KENNEY Alexander Bruce 4286 (NSW)
KENT Arthur 639 aka GOODCHILD Rakat Arthur Kent (QLD)
KERR Ernest Alfred 2403 (NSW)
KILMINSTER Erol Rutter 1489 (NSW)
KING Charles Leslie 1830 (VIC)
KING George Chapman 7498 (WA)
KIPPING Ralph Ezekiah 2494 (England)
KIPPIST Percy Harold 3503 (SA)
KITCHENER Frederick George 550 (England)
KNIGHT Charles Henry 7259 (England) HAKP
KNIGHT Peter 372 (WA) HAKP
KRETCHMAR Edmund Herman (Unknown) HAKP
LAFFERTY John 4054 (Scotland) HAKP
LAILEY John Charles 756 (England)
LAMB Joseph 190 (England)
LANSDOWN Hubert 6286 (England)
LARSEN Cecil George 3940 (WA) HAKP
LARWOOD Alfred 6622 (WA)
LAUGHER James Edgar 786 (TAS)
(LAURENCE H) LAWRENCE Henry 539 (England)
LAURENSON William 5374 (England)
LE BOYDRE Philip Louis 7993 (Channel Islands) HAKP
LEDSHAM Lester Innes Forbes 6786 (NZ) HAKP
LEEDEN William Henry 1493 (VIC)
LENNEBERG Frank Benjamin 7264 (QLD)
LEONARD Frederick 5375 (England)
LEWIS Alexander 160 (VIC) HAKP
LEWIS Archie Gordon 566 (SA)
LIEDLE Vincent 7263 (Unknown)
LINDELL Ernest 437 (Sweden)
LITTLEJOHN John 3509 (Scotland)
LITTON Frederick 83 aka SANDBERG Frederick (WA) HAKP
LLOYD James Stewart 3942 (WA) HAKP
LOANE George 1674 (WA)
LOARING Harold Archie 6704 (SA)
LOCKHART Ernest Edward 2676 (VIC) HAKP
LOGAN William Edwin 3943 (Ireland)

LONGMAN Henry Robert 7771 (England)
LOWTHER Harry 2501 aka BULTZ Henry George Samuel (England)
LUCAS Leonard 6053 (SA)
LUKE Edward John 192 (WA)
LUKEIS William 7037 (United States)
LUKIES John Edgar Duncan 2677 (VIC)
LUMBUS John 1494 (VIC)
LYNCH Thomas 6052 (Ireland)
LYONS Richard 1630 (VIC) HAKP
McALPINE James Henry 6068 (VIC)
McCALLUM George 3529 (Scotland)
McCANN James 5756 (QLD) HAKP
McCARTHY Henry Edward 5379 (WA)
McCARTHY John William 5386 (SA) HAKP
McDOUGALL James McQueen 6548 (Scotland)
McDOWALL Stewart Arthur 6956 (NZ)
McDOWELL William Henry 6540 (VIC)
MACE George MM 207 (England)
McGILL Thomas 6544 (Scotland) HAKP
McGRATH Peter 5760 (WA)
MACK William 77 aka McCORQUINDALE William Mack (NZ)
McKAY Alexander Patrick 4058 (NZ)
McKENZIE Alexander Grant 5761 (NSW)
McKERNAN Edward Walter 6059 (WA)
McKINNON Alexander John MM & Bar 317 (WA)
McLACHLAN Adam 804 (Scotland)
MACLEAN Peter 6304 (Scotland)
McLEOD Albert (WA)
McLEOD Peter 5651 (NSW) HAKP
McLOSKEY Clarence Lewis 662 (VIC)
McMAHON Joseph John 6557 (SA)
McMANUS Michael Henry 5148 (WA)
McMANUS William Richard 5145 (WA)
McNAMEE James 6616 (WA)
McPHEE Archie 2026 (QLD)
MACPHERSON David Campbell 718 (Scotland)
McQUADE Charles Samuel MM 743 (VIC)
McWHINNEY George 405 (NZ)
McWHINNEY Stanley 6305 (VIC)
McWHIRTER Robert Birkett 4678 (SA)
MAHLIT Rudolph 1645 (Russia)
MAHONY Lawrence 109 (England)
MAIN David Alexander 5383 (NSW)

MAIN William Elliott 6057 (Scotland)
MAKINS Gerald Ernest 195 (England)
MANDERS Richard Clive 7107 aka VILLIERS-STUART Desmond Reginald de la Poer (England)
MANNERS Thomas James 5392 (United States)
MANUELL Alexander Victor 789 (VIC)
MARCHANT William Clarence 1637 (WA)
MARKS William Ernest 104 (VIC) HAKP
MARQUIS Clarence George 6294 (SA)
MARSHALL Harold 2019 (VIC)
MARSHALL Reginald Herbert 2554 (VIC)
MARSHALL Victor Henry DCM 90 (NSW)
MARTIN Daniel 5149 (WA)
MARTIN Henry Leslie 6067 (VIC)
MARTIN Lionel Charles 5742 (WA)
MARTIN Thomas William 3946 aka KUSER Thomas William George (VIC)
MASSEY Francis Ernest 395 (England)
MATHEWSON Robert 1501 (VIC)
MATHEWY Charles 3527 (Russia)
MATTINSON James Webb 2239 (VIC)
MAUNDER Frank 281 (England)
MAVOR James 4957 (WA)
MAY Richard Oswald 6793 (NSW)
MEACOCK Frederick Fisher 614 (England)
MEEHAN Michael 350 (Ireland)
MEGAW James 599 (NSW)
MEGINESS Michael 5745 (WA)
MEGINESS William Simmons 5746 (WA)
MEHEW Reuben 1679 (England)
MELICAN Thomas Pembroke 485 (VIC)
MELLER Arthur 7273 (WA)
MENZIES David 27 (England)
MENZIES Walter Leslie MM 6061 (NSW) HAKP
MERCHANT Joseph 3530 (WA)
MICHAEL William 92 (Scotland)
MIDGLEY Charles Herbert 3524 (NSW) HAKP
MIDOLO Clifton 3951 (WA)
MILBURN William Henry 6295 (SA)
MILLER Duncan MacAdam 6887 (SA)
MILLER James (Unknown) HAKP
MILLER Joseph 6297 (Ireland)
MILLER James Edgar 282 (England)
MILLER John Moffat 788 (Scotland)
MILLS John 6299 (SA) HAKP

MINCHAM Walter Winton 1841 (NSW)
MITCHISON Matthews 210 (England)
MOODY Robert Alexander 2025 (SA)
MOOR Edward 1502 (England) HAKP
MOORE Albert James 5753
MOORE Felix 3955 (WA)
MOORE Frederick Marshall 3956 (WA)
MOORE George Douglas 211 (NSW) HAKP
MOORE Thomas Vincent 3147 (VIC) HAKP
MOORHOUSE Ernest William 93 (TAS)
MORE Arthur 2242 (VIC)
MORRELL Harold Joseph Frederick 1497 (WA) HAKP
MORRIS Edward George 194 (VIC)
MORRIS Morgan 1504 (Wales)
MORRISON Arthur 6300 (VIC)
MOSE William Henry 6359 (VIC)
MOSELEY Edwin Otis 8007 (WA) HAKP
MOULTON Richard Ralph 454 (VIC)
MOUNTAIN Arthur Henry Torres (Unknown)
MOUTON Walter Beaumont 280 (NSW)
MOXHAM John 2685 (SA)
MUIR Robert Alexander 6056 (England)
MUIR Rollo Moncrieff 283 (SA)
MUIR Wilfred James 6339 (SA)
MULLANE William Edward 659 (WA)
MUMBY Thomas 660 (England)
MUNN Allan Shepherd 401 aka MUNN Alban Shepherd (England) HAKP
MUNRO Frederick 1643 (Scotland)
MURPHY Henry Blaney 28 (VIC)
MURPHY Richard William 365 (WA)
MURRAY Hugh 636 (Scotland)
MURRAY John Henry 671 (England)
MURRAY William Charles 7049 (VIC)
NAWELL Charles Henry 231 (NSW)
NELSON Alfred Ernest 7054 (WA)
NELSON Robert Bruce 7276 (VIC)
NELSON William August DCM 6707 (VIC) HAKP
NESBITT Richard William Thomas 2916 (WA)
NEWBY George Arthur 6800 (England)
NEWELL Bernard Edward 213 (England)
NISBETT Edward James 3966 (England)
NOCK Bertrand Thomas 3908 (WA)
NOLAN Vivian Michael 7053 (Canada)
NOON Henry Dodson 586 (England)
NORDSTROM Albert 3967 (NSW)
NORMAN Charles Henry 2301 (WA)
NORRIS Walter Herbert 563 (VIC)
NORTH Reginald Henry 5397 (England)
NORTON William Healy 4881 (VIC)
NOYCE Ernest Clifford 5398 (NSW) HAKP
NUGENT Richard 2511 (SA)
OAKLANDS Ernest Thomas George 7022 (SA)
O’BRIEN Joseph David 6069 (VIC)
O’DELL Martin 116 (Ireland)
O’DONNELL Martin 7056 (NSW)
O’GRADY John 598 (Ireland)
O’HARE Michael 734 (Ireland)
O’KEEFFE Maurice 7280 (VIC) HAKP
OLIVER Leslie MM 6248 aka OLIVER Norman Leslie (VIC)
OLSEN Henry 8012 (Norway)
O’NEILL George 1505 (QLD)

ORCHARD Geoffrey Duncan (SA)
O’REILLY John 2513 (Ireland)
O’ROURKE Samuel 2512 (WA)
OTTAWAY Herbert George 6708 (England)
OXFORD Bernard Fred 196 (England)
OZANNE Eugene Charles Arthur 1507 (VIC)
PAGE Nelson Victor 6565 (England)
PAGE William Frederick 7794 (TAS)
PARK James 1384 (Scotland)
PARKER Charles 6077 (England)
PARKER Harry 2031 (England)
PARKER John 8014 (VIC)
PARKIN Alfred 1889 aka PARKIN James Frederick Alfred (England)
PARKINSON Alfred Henry 7109 (SA)
PARROTT Lionel Eric 288 (VIC)
PARSONS John David 6073 (South Africa)
PARSONS Percy James 1647 (England)
PARSONS William 484 (VIC)
PARTRIDGE Thomas Douglas 1648 (NZ)
PATIENCE Frank Nicholas 7795 (WA) HAKP
PATRICK Walter James Wardrop 517 (Canada)
PATTERSON Charles James 7061 (VIC)
PATTERSON Samuel James 3153 (VIC)
PAULL Joseph Edward 6387 (VIC)
PAVITT George 729 (England)
PAWLSON Leslie Henry 7797 (SA)
PAYNE Mervyn Daniel 5770 (WA) HAKP
PEACHEY Alfred 7089 (England) HAKP
PEACOCK Bertie Henry 7798 (VIC)
PEARCE John Frederick 5404 (WA)
PEAT Leonard Hugh 661 (NSW)
PEDLEY William 7799 (England) HAKP
PEDRETTI Peter 5405 (Switzerland)
PEMBLE William Henry Claude 4242 (WA)
PENNELLS Charles Percy 83 (England)
PENTILLA Christopher Sidney 2540 (WA)
PETER Robert 727 (Scotland)
PETERSON Walter Nathaniel 7122 aka PETTERSSON Valdemar Natanael (United States)
PETTIT Stanley Edward 6078 (WA)
PETTIT Walter Samuel 1347 (WA)
PHEASE Reginald Arthur 88 (VIC)
PHILLIPS Reginald Thomas 2250 (WA) HAKP
PHILP David 703 (Scotland)
PIMM Frederick 343 (England)
PINK Thomas George 1509 (England)
PLATT James William 753 (VIC)
PLUMMER Edward 290 (TAS)
PLUMMER Harold Alexander 6866 (VIC)
PLUNKETT George Edward 386 (VIC)
POAD John Henry 6219 (England)
POLLARD Fred 1851 (WA)
POLLARD Vivian 1852 (WA)
POOLE Horace George 3977 (WA)
POPE Edmund Hall 6317 (England)
PORTER C H (PORTER Charles Leary 6814 (VIC))
PORTER Robert 3978 (Scotland)
POTTS James Carter 6250 (SA)
POWER Henry Horace 3980 (Ireland)
PRATER William 1888 (England)

PRESS William 6817 (SA)
PRETTY Fred Victor 111 (VIC)
PRIOR Richard John 427 (VIC)
PRITCHARD Charles Henry 6075 (England)
RADFORD Walter Francis 2693 (England)
RADOSEVICH George 119 (Croatia)
RADWAY Joshua 2078 (Unknown)
RANKIN John Neil 7291 (NSW)
RANKIN William Harper 7292 (VIC) HAKP
RAPER Victor Angus 5180 (VIC)
RATCLIFF Arthur 3207 (England) HAKP
RAY William Edward 7293 (England)
READ Leonard Maurice 5177 (England)
READER Frank 2304 (England)
REED William Edward 120 aka REID William Edward (WA)
REES Edward Humphrey 5416 (Wales)
RENNIE Richard Henry 4891
RENNISON Alfred Joseph 7130 (QLD)
REYCRAFT Cecil Layton 7295 (VIC)
REYNOLDS Edward Joseph 5182 (NSW)
RIBE Albert Garrett 7132 (VIC)
RICHARDSON Henry Howard MM 7811 (SA)
RICHARDSON James Edward 6784 (WA) HAKP
RICKARD Thomas James 5421 (SA)
RISELEY Alfred Ernest 6573 (SA) HAKP
ROBERTS Benjamin 2696 MM (NSW)
ROBERTS William Henry 7118 (SA)
ROBERTSON Alexander 1651 (Scotland)
ROBERTSON George 128 (VIC)
ROBERTSON Percy William 764 (SA)
ROBERTSON Thomas 5183 (Scotland) HAKP
ROEBUCK Benjamin 5178 (England)
ROGERS John Edmund 2698 (England)
ROGERS William George Owen 7119 (WA)
ROGERS William Richard MM & Bar DCM (VIC)
ROSE Herbert 7063 (England)
ROSE William Stanley 4972 (VIC)
ROSSER Sidney Crichton 5418 (WA)
ROUSE Alfred Arthur 5415 (WA)
ROWE George Thornton 695 (NZ)
ROWE Stephen 2305 (NSW)
ROWLEY William Ronald Leslie 637 (WA)
RUMBLE Harry 7816 (VIC) HAKP
RUSHBY George Edward MM 2521 (WA) HAKP
RUTHVEN Sydney William 6568 (South Africa)
SABBERTON Ernest Edward 1521 (England)
SAMPSON William 714 (NSW)
SAMSON David 3548 (Wales)
SAMUEL George 5423 (England)
SANDERS Thomas 597 (England)
SANDSTROM Sven Addvin 464 (NSW)
SANSOM William Arthur 1654 (NSW)
SCHIFF William Andrew MM 4904 (SA)
SCHOFIELD Thomas Edward 87 (NSW)
SCOTT Andrew Paterson 7191 (VIC) HAKP
SCOTT David 613 (VIC)
SCOTT Joseph 15161 (WA)
SCOTT James Alfred 2701 (VIC)

SCOTT John Patrick 5426 (VIC)
SCOTT John Sydney 154 (NSW)
SCULL Harvey 6327 (England)
SEABORN Harold 2037 (VIC) HAKP
SEINOR Reason Hugh 2530 (NSW)
SELLS James Prideaux 6579 (SA) HAKP
SERGEANT Edward George 6825 (England) HAKP
SERMON John Claude 6202 (WA)
SHACKLETON Ernest 2076 (NSW)
SHANAHAN Patrick John 5425 (SA)
SHANHUN Alfred 3555 (VIC)
SHARP George MM 139 (Scotland) HAKP
SHARPE Samuel 6832 (WA)
SHAW William Robert 138 (VIC)
SHELDON Norman Edwin 8022 (England)
SHERIDAN Patrick Daniel 299 (VIC) HAKP
SHIPP Peter Wilfred 1658 (England)
SHORT John Tregerthen 5790 (SA) HAKP
SHORTEN Alfred 6096 (England)
SHORTLAND Herbert Leslie 1524 (NSW)
SIBLEY Clarence 2068 (NSW) HAKP
SIMS Alfred Christopher Daniel 5430 (VIC) HAKP
SINCLAIR Frederick William 7297 (SA)
SKINNER Charles 1659 (England)
SLADE Harold George 638 (SA)
SLATER Harry Osborne 7681 (NSW) HAKP
SLEE Francis Charles Henry 6330 (SA)
SLEIGHT Edward Aaron 5787 (England)
SLIGHT John Walter 6581 (VIC)
SLOSS Thomas William 3953 6582 aka SLOSS Robert Clifford (VIC)
SLY Arthur 298 (England)
SMALLS Michael 325 (Ireland)
SMART Henry 631 (England)
SMITH Arthur Bernard 6098 (NSW)
SMITH Arthur Chaloner 2707 (Ireland) HAKP
SMITH Herbert Clarence Sinclair 2708 (VIC)
SMITH James 596 (England)
SMITH Richard 30 (England)
SMITH Samuel 525 (VIC)
SMITH Stanley Brown 300 (VIC)
SMITH Thomas 8026 (QLD)
SOUTH Harry James 6094 (SA)
SOUTHERN Arthur Richard 1523 (TAS) HAKP
SOUTHERN Harold Alfred (Unknown) HAKP
SPARKS Robert 1861 (SA)
SPARROW Frederick William 29 (VIC)
SPERBER William 360 (SA)
SPRATLEY William Nelson MM 5473 (England)
SPRUCE Harold Francis 5424 (NSW)
SQUIRE Albert 6879 (England)
STANLEY Thomas 6831 (England)
STEPHEN Harry Charles 6090 (VIC)
STEPHENSON Leonard Armstrong (England) HAKP
STEWART Victor Jonathon Keer 5974 (Scotland)
STOREY Colin Charles 7140 (WA)
STRACHAN William Tough 2040 (NSW)
STRAHAN William Henry 199 (WA) HAKP
STRAND Walter 6575 (England)
STRAUGHAIR Robert Thomas 4895 (WA)
STROTHER Joseph James 7303 (NSW) HAKP

SULLIVAN Arthur Gilbert 359 (VIC)
SULLIVAN Daniel 3554 (Ireland)
SULLIVAN Jack 6834 (NSW)
SULLIVAN Thomas 148 (England) HAKP
SUTHERS William 5191 (QLD)
SUTTON Arthur Brookman 5428 (QLD)
TALBOT Walter Henry 7829 (England)
TANSLEY Arthur Wilfred 221 (England)
TATE Ernest James 795 (WA)
TAYLOR Andrew 6837 (Scotland)
TAYLOR Arthur Ernest 6589 (VIC)
TAYLOR Ernest 4919 (WA)
TAYLOR Herbert Stewart 2261 (England)
TAYLOR John 444 (England)
TAYLOR John Joseph 6890 (WA)
TAYLOR William 4904 (Scotland)
THACKER Sidney 3163 (England)
THOMAS Bert Joseph 1529 (VIC)
THOMAS Ernest Charles 6341 (WA) HAKP
THOMAS George 5204 (VIC)
THOMPSON Arthur 6457 (England)
THOMPSON Henry Thomas 7080 (WA) HAKP
THOMPSON James 6342 (England)
THOMPSON John Alfred 673 (NZ) HAKP
THOMPSON Richard 4923 aka TOES Richard (England)
THOMPSON Thomas 302 (England)
THOMSON James 2262 (WA)
THOMSON James Lusk Gibson 5443 (Scotland)
THORP Robert James 3564 (WA)
THORPE Harold 7317 (England)
THORPE John 473 (Scotland)
THUMWOOD Arthur Henry 2265 (England)
THYER Walter Hervey (VIC)
TIPPETT William Henry 4925 (NSW)
TOUZEL Clifford Norman 1790 (WA)
TOUZEL John Charles 1680 (NSW)
TOWNSEND Arthur George 3217 (England)
TOWNSEND Fred James 1683 (WA)
TOWNSHEND Ernest Richard 86 (England)
TOWNSHEND Samuel Edward (Unknown)
(TREACY W) TREACEY William 5447 (Unknown)
TRESTRAIL Alfred Bertram 6099 (SA)
TRIGWELL Leonard Frank 3562 (WA)
TROYLE Konrat Jank 6588 (Finland)
TUCK John William 6809 (England)
TUFNELL William Trollope 4721 (WA)
TURNER Arthur 7550 (VIC)
TURNER Herbert Winton 5331 (England)
TWYFORD John MM 2049 (QLD)
TYRRELL Fred 304 (England)
UPTON William 5450 (England)
VAGG Harold 6839 (WA)
VELPMAN George 1734 aka VELTMAN George 1734 (WA)
WADDELL David Dickson 4019 (Scotland)
WADESON Samuel Jackson 2714 (VIC)
WAINEY John 1535 (QLD)
WALKER George 183 (England)
WALKER John 7329 (Scotland)
WALKER John 2537 (SA)

WALLACE Alexander 4932 (Scotland)
WALLACE Charles 746 (Scotland)
(WALLACE J M M) WALLACE John Mitchell William 6107 (Scotland)
WALLER Arthur 7327 (England)
WALLIS Leslie William 417 (WA)
WALLIS William Thomas 1531 (England)
WALSH Frederick William 4936 (VIC)
WALTER George 2057 (WA)
WARD Alfred Willoughby 6351 (England)
WARD Francis Goodwin 4927 (WA)
WARD Henry Holdford 1669 (England)
WARD Richard Henry 5457 (WA)
WARD William Francis 6842 (WA) HAKP
WARD William Richard 2054 (NSW)
WARNECKE Albert Hugh 1670 (VIC) HAKP
WARREN John Campbell Dale 783 (SA)
WASHER Harry 5216 (NSW) HAKP
WATSON Frank Wentworth 305 (VIC)
WATSON Herbert Charles 7321 (WA)
WATSON John Leonard 8037 (England)
WATSON William Henry 6121 (WA) HAKP
WATTS Harold 176 (VIC)
WAUGH Charles Williams 6903 (England) HAKP
WAUGH William Edward 307 (VIC)
WEBB Edwin 535 (Unknown)
WEBB Francis Russell 308 (SA)
WEBB James 306 (VIC)
WEBSTER Alexander 4432 (Scotland)
WEIGHT Francis Victor 6905 (NSW)
WEIR John Bryce 4937 (Scotland)
WELLER Albert Edward 7324 (England)
WEST Robert Pierce 5458 (VIC)
WHEATLEY Thomas Harold 6845 (England)
WHEELER Harold 2059 (SA)
WHEELER Herbert John 2060 (VIC)
WHETTEM Alan Read 5223 (England) HAKP
WHITE Gordon Wellesley 5455 (SA)
WHITE Joseph 4942 (Ireland)
WHITE John Wesley 414 (NSW)
WHITE Lawrence Hamill MM 348 350 (WA)
WHITE Laurence John MM 5469 (WA)
WHITE Thomas Wood 159 (VIC)
WHITEHEAD Frederick 2273 (England)
WHITELAW William Broomfield 4943 (England)
WHITFORD Richard 2942 (VIC)
WHITTINGHAM Harry 2085 (England)
WHITTLE Keith Haynes 8038 (NSW)
WIFFEN William Francis 7133 (WA) HAKP
WILDE John 7151 (England) HAKP
WILKIE William 2466 (QLD)
WILKINSON Clarence William Anstruther 41 (England)
WILLIAMS Alfred Robert 7089 (VIC)
WILLIAMS David Victor John 761 (SA)
WILLIAMS Edward 2944 (NSW)
WILLIAMS Frederick Edgar 4961 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Henry Wallis 798 (VIC)
WILLIAMS John Francis 2051 (VIC)
WILLIAMS James Thomas 6859 (WA)
WILLIAMS Philip Harding MM 534 (England)

WILLIAMS Percy James 1534 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Walter Wynne 3573 (England)
WILSON Horace Patrick MM 157 (NSW) HAKP
WILSON William 468 aka KNUDSEN Olsen Ole (Canada)
WILTSHIRE Edgar Albert 233 (England) HAKP
WIMMER Ernest 4944 (VIC)
WISE Charles Knightley 1874 (Scotland)
WISHER Stewart Frederick 6847 (VIC)
WITHERS Ernest David 6848 (VIC)
WOODINGS John Harrison 3712 (WA) HAKP
WOODS John Albert 456 (WA) HAKP
WOOTTON Thomas 416 (England)
WORTHINGTON Charles Bolden MM 6849 (England)
WRIGHT Thomas 353 (England)
WULFF Harry William 7328 (NSW)
WYLDE Herbert William 166 (WA) HAKP
WYNN Reginald Charles 7087 (England)
YOUNG William 1231 (England)
DORNAN James Francis 5708 (WA)
McGREGOR Roy Edward 5140 (WA)
MATTHEWS Eric Lancelot Mauger 102 (NSW)
DONNELLY John Henry 6274 (VIC)
TILNEY Leslie Edward DSO MID (Unknown)
WHITE George Thomas 6118 (WA)
BURNS John 6480 (NSW)

ABRAM Richard 207 (England)
ADKINS Charles 5791 (WA)
AHNALL Karl DCM (Sweden)
AINSWORTH Herbert James 1 (VIC) HAKP
ALEXANDER Donald 206 (WA)
ALEXANDER George 194 (Scotland)
ALEXANDER Robert Campbell 6440 (Scotland)
(ALLAN W C) ALLAN William 5307 (NSW)
ALLANSON Charles 1888 (SA)
ALLEN Pentland 4 (SA)
ALLEN Robert 5794 (WA)
ALLISON Norman John 5795 (VIC)
ANDERSEN Hans Peter 5797 (NSW)
ANDERSON George 4663 (England)
ANDERSON Gordon 4369 (WA)
ANDERSON John Thomas 3006 (VIC) HAKP
ANDERSON Maxwell Harcourt 6038 (WA)
ANDREWS George 1106 (England)
ANGOVE John Dick 5799 (NSW)
ANGOVE Oswald Claude 6285 (WA) HAKP
ANGUS John Collingwood 591 (England)
ANGUS Roy Harlow 6283A (VIC)
ANGWIN Benjamin MC (England)
ARCHIBALD George Alfred 558 (VIC)
ARCUS George Augustus 2115 (NZ)
(ARMES G A E) ARMES George Arthur 569A (England)
ARMSTRONG Edward 4665 (VIC)
ARMSTRONG Robert 2340 (England)
ARNOLD Frederick Isidore 2341 (India)
ARNOLD Reuben MM 5310 (VIC) HAKP
ARNOLD Thomas Raymond 7017 (VIC)
ARTHUR Thomas Elsbury 5547 (VIC)
ARUNDEL Ernest Richard 4651 (England)
ATKIN Francis Edward 5552 (England) HAKP
ATKINS Edwin Robert 1668 (WA)
ATKINSON John Patrick 4668 (VIC)
AYLING Henry Edward 1508 (England)
BACKMAN Onnie 3035 (Finland)
BAESJOU Royce Constantine 560 (WA)
BAIRD Patrick Thomas George 4068 (WA)
BAKER Alfred John Hallett 6279 (WA) HAKP
BALINSWELLA Gilbert 4079 (VIC)
BALL David Harris 7256 (Ireland)
BALL Frederick Worlledge 562 (England)
BAMFORD Charles Edwin 5558 (NSW) HAKP
BANKS Roberts 594 (England) HAKP
BARBARY Lionel 10 (NSW)
BARBER Hugh James Frederick MM 4656 (NZ)
BARBER Ralph Evan (NZ)
BARGE William 228 (England)
BARNABY George 1513 (NSW)
BARNETT Charles 600 (WA)
BARNSLEY William 1016 (SA) HAKP
BARRETT Walter Thomas 5316 (VIC)
BARRIE Alexander 1117 (Scotland)
BARTLETT John Edwin 4673 (VIC)
BASSETT Frederick William 6532 (WA)
BATEMAN Herbert Pearson (WA)
BATEMAN William Horace 565 (WA)

BATES Edward Russell 6548 (NZ) HAKP
BATH Leslie Joseph 1907A (NSW)
(BATELEY A) BATLEY Arthur 394 (WA)
BAYLISS John 2117 (England)
BEAVIS George Edward 75A (WA)
BEDFORD Harold 1883 (England) HAKP
BELL Bert Adams 784 (WA)
BELL Patrick Thomas Clark (Ireland)
BELL William 2348 (Scotland) HAKP
BELSTEAD Harold Mowatt 222 (VIC) HAKP
BENNET Ralph William 1622 (VIC)
BENNETT George Hamilton 1204 (NSW) HAKP
BENNETT Herbert George 568 (VIC)
BENNETT Herman Max 4379 (NSW)
BENNETT Walter Henry 4056 (SA)
BETHUNE Alexander McDonald 4069 (WA)
BETT Keith Graeme 6433 (Scotland)
BILLINGS James Valentyne 1896 (WA)
BINGHAM Alfred 14 (England)
BIRT James Coombe MC (NSW)
BISCHOFF Norman Robert Charles 4986 (SA)
BLAIR Arthur David 3013 (VIC)
BLAKE George 3043 (VIC)
BLAKE William Henry 6290 (WA)
BLEAKLEY Harold 4678 (England) HAKP
BLEAKELY William Norman 4679 (England) HAKP
BLECHYNDEN Alick George Robas 571 (WA) HAKP
BLIGHT Benjamin 3044 (VIC)
BLOCKEY Leopold 5567 (England)
BOASE William Edward 6047 (VIC)
BOCK Theodore 4682 (WA)
BONSEY William Hollington 4076 (England)
BOOKER William 3045 (SA)
BOOTH Bertie 5298 (England)
BOOTHBY Albert 2350 (VIC) HAKP
BOWDEN Matthew William 6541 (NSW)
BOYD Alexander Samuel 6531 (VIC)
BRADLEY Patrick William 5565 (VIC)
BRADY Ernest Wood 2105 (SA) HAKP
BRADY Thomas 5810 (WA)
BRAZIER Oscar 399 (SA)
BREAKELL Stanley 2352 (England) HAKP
BRENNAN Edward John 1020 (WA)
BRETT William 3049 aka BETTS Willie Watts (NSW)
BREWER Harry 5817 (England)
BREWER Herbert James 5563 (England)
BRIGATTI George 934 (England) HAKP
BRIGHT John 4975 (England)
BRISCO George Herbert aka BRISCO Herbert George 1200 (England)
BRITT Norman Walter MID 1905 (England)
BRITTEN Lachlan 2125 (VIC)
BRITTEN Robert John 211 (England)
BROMILOW Joseph Leslie 2332 (VIC)
BROMLEY David Edward 4987 (WA) HAKP
BROOK James Edward Blythe 3019 (England)
BROOKS Horace 19 (England)
BROOKS Thomas 6031 (WA)
BROWN Arthur John 1677 (England)

BROWN George 4303 (WA)
BROWN George Joseph Richard MM 1145 (United States)
BROWN Henry Herbert Peter 6297 (SA)
BROWN James Henry 6545 (QLD)
BROWN Thomas Arthur 1903 (England)
BROWNING Bernard Manning 7392 (England) HAKP
BRUCE Ernest John 4073 (WA)
BRUCE Roy Andrew 1723A (NSW) HAKP
BUCK Harry Valentine 812 (England)
BUCKLAND Henry William 6550 (WA)
BUCKLER Alfred Edward 6534 (SA)
BUDD Harry 6294A (England)
BURGE William 397 (England)
BURGESS Frederick William 5814 (WA)
BURKE Jack Lea 810 (WA)
BURLEY Robert Allan 230 (SA) HAKP
BURNETT Aubrey 6408A (WA)
BURNETT James Albert 6553 (WA)
BURNS John Dempster 3055 (Scotland)
BURNS William Thomas Martin 4690 (NSW)
BURTON Owen Charles Henry 216 (WA) HAKP
BURVILL Herbert Henry 950 (VIC)
BUSH James Willie 5815 (England)
(BUTCHER G H D) BUTCHER George Henry Gunn 935 (NSW)
BUTCHER Leonard 3056 (WA)
BUTLER Benjamin 4985 (WA)
BUTT Ernest 599 (England)
BUTTFIELD Spencer Norman 3481 (SA) HAKP
CAILES Horace Newton 817 (SA)
CAIN Henry 4395 (VIC)
CALDWELL John 6795 (WA)
CAMPBELL Percival Colin 6303 (WA) HAKP
CARLSEN Thoralf Eugen 1681 (Norway)
CARMICHAEL Alexander 6302 (VIC)
CARSON William 1683 (Ireland)
CARTER Claude Edward 5330 (WA) HAKP
CARTER Henry 1907 (England)
CARTER Percy Henry 341A (England)
CARTER Thomas Augustine 2111 (SA)
CASTLE Albert Victor 2128 (England)
CHALMERS William Ross 1609 (Scotland)
CHAMBERS James Todd 5822 (VIC)
CHANDLER Ernest Arthur 2359 (England)
CHAPMAN Frank Burley 236 (SA)
CHARLES Henry Richard 4393 (VIC)
CHEESEMAN John 1686 (NZ)
CHIPP Albert Henry 4090 (England)
CHITTY George Edward 4993 (WA)
CHOWN George Francis 5571 (WA)
CHRISTIE John Robert 402 (WA) HAKP
CHURCHARD Arthur 820 (England)
CLARK George Arthur 5825 (VIC) HAKP
CLARK Percival Harry 6562 (England)
CLARK Victor Albert 6056 (SA)
CLARKE Henry 3082A (WA)
CLARKSON Donald Drummond 7257 (WA) HAKP
CLARKSON William 4087 (Scotland)
CLAXTON George Harold 3132A (VIC)
CLAYTON Thomas George 1689 (WA) HAKP

CLAYTON Wallace 33 (WA)
COBHAM Francis Foster 6557 (VIC)
COE Leonard Austin 818 (England)
COHEN George 6300A (VIC)
COLE Leslie 1634A (WA)
COLGATE Oscar 238 (England)
COLL Edward Aloysius 1523 (Ireland)
COLL James 35 (Scotland)
COLLINS Adam Syme 36 (Scotland)
COLSON Alfred Eric 4086 (SA)
CONNOLLY Michael 2132 (NZ)
CONNOR Edmund 403 (Canada)
CONWAY Edward 249 (WA)
COOK Oscar 2361 (England)
COOK William 7425 (England)
COOK William Ernest (VIC) HAKP
COOLAHAN Arthur 606 (NSW)
COONAN Joseph Thomas 5830 (WA) HAKP
COOPER Alan Stuart 38 (Ceylon)
COPLEY Norman 264 (VIC)
COPPARD Stephen 262 (England)
CORNELIUS Marc Stanley 3071 (SA)
CORNELL Ernest 4404 (England)
COTTAGE Leonard 2131 (England) HAKP
COUCHMAN Robert 40 (England)
COULTER Leslie Trenear 821 (SA)
COUSENS Reuben Leeuwin 4996 (WA) HAKP
COWELL Arthur Wellesley 251 (England)
COX Frederick Leonard 823 (VIC)
CRABB George 1118 (NSW)
CRAIG Andrew Layland 2476 (VIC)
CRAIG William Reginald Ernest 4704 (NSW)
CRAMB Fredrick Blachree 2362 (England)
CRELLIN Harold Simpson 5573 (VIC) HAKP
CROCKETT Frank Edward 4709 (England)
CRORKAN Patrick 45 (WA) HAKP
CROSS Arthur Edward 46 (England)
CROUCHER Joseph Edward 4711 (England)
CRUICKSHANK Thomas William 5570 (VIC)
CULLEN Charles Edward 2364 (England)
CUMMING Harry Allan 49 (England)
CUNNINGHAM David William 826 (VIC)
CUNNINGHAM John 3964 (Scotland)
CURTIS George Ness 919 (England)
CURTIS John 4401 (WA)
CURWEN Frederick Edward 254 (VIC)
CUTHBERT Robert Gordon 5569 (England)
DALE George Frederick 1100 (England)
DANIELS Charles Arthur 2137 (QLD)
DARBY Rupert Clarence 7427 (VIC)
DARCEY Henry 5837 (WA)
DAVIES Arthur 52 (Wales)
DAVIES Isaac Davis 2366 (VIC)
DAVIES Leopold Alfred 3505 (VIC)
DAVIES Robert William 6402 (VIC) HAKP

DAVIS Frederick Charles 6314 (WA)
DAVIS William Patrick 1919 (VIC)
DAVY John Cheeseman 5840 (England)
DEAN Charles Entwistle 4097 (England)
DEAN James Arthur 63A (England)
DEANS Frederick Robert 5539 (VIC)
DEARDEN Angus 5841 (VIC)
DEARDEN William 4722 (England)
DEDMAN Francis Charles 4719 (VIC) HAKP
DEDMAN Herman Thomas 1920 (VIC) HAKP
DEERING Ralph John 4724 (WA)
DELAPORTE Richard 272 (WA)
DE LURY William 830 (England)
DEMASSON Cyril Augustus 4721 (WA)
DEMPSEY Joseph 3082 (NSW)
DENCH George Hereward 2367 (SA)
DENNISON Robert 1119 (NSW)
DENT Edward Arthur 1526 (WA)
DEVINE Arthur Fremont 835 (England)
DEWAR Charles McPhee 4099 (VIC)
DICK Charles Hamilton 6309 (WA) HAKP
DICKERSON Samuel Charles 3083 (WA)
DICKINSON George 5843 (WA)
DIGHTON Charles 4102 (SA)
DINEEN Leo Charles 6276 (NSW) HAKP
DIX Thomas Joseph 5844 (WA)
DIXON Alfred Alma 2021 (WA)
DIXON Versary William 3001 (NSW)
DOHERTY Bernard Laurence 2142 (England)
DONALDSON Norman Francis 412 (SA)
DOUGLAS Albert Edward 3087 (WA)
DOUGLAS Thomas Leslie 1527 (WA) HAKP
DOVELL Herbert John 1699 (England)
DOWNEY Eustace 5344 (WA)
DOWNEY William John 1924 (NSW)
DOWNIE Ebenezer 6566 (Scotland)
DOYLE James 2203 (QLD)
DRABBLE Wilfred Ernest 4415 (WA)
DRAPER James William 4406 (WA) HAKP
DREW Archibald Frzaer 5548 (VIC)
DREW Victor Charles 1053 (QLD)
DRIZZIE Peter MM 5346 (VIC)
DROCK Cecil Alfred 57 (NSW)
DUCKWORTH George Edward 6571 (England)
DUDLEY Frank 2143 (NSW)
DUFF John 59 (NSW)
DUFF Robert 1193 (Scotland)
DUNKLEY George 6069 (England)
DUNN James Richard 3369A (NSW)
DUNNE William Edwin 6524 (WA)
DUNPHY George Patrick 60 (NZ)
DUNSTAN Stanley Albert 270 (NSW) HAKP
DURRANT George Thomas 4728 (SA) HAKP
DYBING John Bernt 7288 (Norway) HAKP
EARL Albert 989 (England)
EASTWOOD Athol Gladstone 2145 (VIC)
EATOUGH John 418 (England)
EDDINS William 4112 (England)

EDINGTON Thomas 5848 (England)
EDMENDS Albert Charles 6575 (NSW)
EDMONDS Edward 1607 (NSW) HAKP
EDMONDS Thomas William 5849 (WA) HAKP
EDMONDS William Richard 5850 (WA)
EDWARDS Bevil Bernard James 5350 (WA) HAKP
EDWARDS Edward Cyril 2371 (England)
EDWARDS Evan Morgan 1532 (SA)
EGAN Frederick Young 5837A (WA) HAKP
ELLIOTT Joseph Henry 6311 (VIC)
ELLIOTT John Nicholas 5852 (England)
ELLIS Frederick Walter (VIC)
ETTRIDGE John Edward 4418 (SA)
EVANS Arthur William 1928 (England)
FALLON John Arthur 4423 (WA)
FARMER Lawrence 621 (WA)
FARRIS Ernest Trafalgar 63 (England)
FERRIS David 64 (Ireland) HAKP
FIDLER Thomas 1645 (England)
FILMER Gilbert Stevens 6271 (SA)
FINGLAND George 845 (VIC)
FIRKIN Joseph Benjamin 3002 (England)
FISHER Clarence Victor 2147 (VIC)
FITCH William Orr 22 4733 (Scotland)
FITZPATRICK John James 846 (WA)
FOGARTY Daniel 2651 (WA)
FOGARTY Thomas Joseph 3104 (TAS)
FOLLEY Edwin Powell (SA) HAKP
FORDHAM Charles Thomas 1535 (England)
FOREMAN Cecil Wallington 6072 (WA) HAKP
FORREST Robert 4426 (Ireland)
FORTH Arthur 2381 (SA) HAKP
FOSS Cecil Maitland DSO MC (Unknown) HAKP
FOSS Henry Clinton MID (WA)
FOSTER George 1935 (VIC)
FOSTER Leonard Norman 2152 (WA) HAKP
FOSTER William George 1707 (VIC)
FOULKES Thomas Gordon 5783 (England)
FOX Francis Henry 977 (WA)
FOXWELL Harry William Oscar 4425 (England)
FRANCIS Percival Henry 6313 (England)
FRANCO Herbert Albert MM 1098 (SA)
FREEMAN Victor Charles 1649A (SA)
FRENCH Reginald 5004 (England)
FROBISHER Joseph Henry 3103 (England)
FROST Victor Charles 5005 (England)
GABY Alfred Edward VC (TAS)
GARDEN Charles Walker 6330 (WA)
GARDINER Silas William 4437 (WA)
GARDINER Thomas James Forrester 5015 (VIC)
GARDNER Arthur 6584 (VIC)
GARLAND Edgar Hugh 5012 (WA)
GARRITY Howard William 859 (WA)
GARTH Thomas James 782 (India)
GASTON David James Lacey 1709 (SA) HAKP
GATENBY George Hudson 2157 (VIC)
GAVIN John Dill 6315 (VIC)
(GEDDING C V) GEDLING Charles Victor 3107 (VIC)

GEE Everit Charles 3108 (WA)
GEORGE Frederick Ralph 5860 (WA) HAKP
GETTY Andrew (Scotland) HAKP
GIBBARD Joseph Hudson 4745 (England)
GIBBINGS Cecil Theodore (Unknown)
GIBBONS Alfred Richard 71 (SA)
GIBBS Basil Narroway 3109 (WA)
GIBBS Herbert 4433 (WA)
GIBSON James 4737 (NSW) HAKP
GILBERT Albert Henry 3024 (VIC) HAKP
GILBERT Edwin Middleton 4979 (England)
GILES Edward Chichele 4125 (WA) HAKP
GILL Reginald Henry MC (England) HAKP
GIRVAN John 849 (Wales)
GITTINS Stephen 6585 (WA)
GLEESON James 5596 aka FIELDING Fred (VIC)
GLEESON Michael William 854 (WA)
GLEESON Samuel James 1711 (WA)
GLEW George Andrew 1540 (VIC)
GLOSSOP Richard 5592 (England)
GLOVER Leonard Charles (England) HAKP
GOGAN John Nathaniel 4122 (WA) HAKP
GOLDING George Bentley 1939 (SA)
GOODFIELD William 285 (England)
GOODMAN Herbert 3111 (England)
GORDON Bertie Lorrimore 6404 (NSW)
GORMAN Cecil Claude 6323 (WA)
GORMAN Patrick 5594 (Ireland)
GOULD Albert John 2388 (WA)
GRAHAM Malcolm 2390 (NSW)
GRAHAM Robert Tedcastle 1164 (NSW) HAKP
GRANGER William George Reginald 287 (SA)
GRANT Lionel Alexander 4744 (WA) HAKP
GRAY Frederick 5364 (SA)
GRAY John Joseph 3113 (VIC) (also listed in Corps of Engineers)
GREAY Herbert 438 (WA)
GREAY Samson 961 (WA)
GREEN Alfred Llewellyn 5861 (WA)
GREEN James Thomas Woolaston 75 (England)
GREIG Alfred Percival 6321 (SA)
GRESHAM John Douglas 985 (England)
(GRIEHIN A W) GRIFFIN Arthur William 386A (VIC) HAKP
GRIST Walter Charles 3381 (VIC)
GROAT Daniel 1941 (Netherlands)
GROS Peter 6331 (England)
GROVER Clarence William 6084 (WA) HAKP
GROVES Alfred 6322 (England)
GUIDERA Edmund 628 (NSW)
GUNN Cornelius 6324 (Ireland)
HADDEN Alexander 1715 (England)
HADDEN William 448 (VIC) HAKP
HALE Frank Leslie 1716 (VIC) HAKP
HALE Henry George 964 (VIC) HAKP
HALEY Daniel 1168 (England)
HALL John 6589 (NSW) HAKP
HALL William 5023 (England)
HALLAM Edmund John 1545 (England)
HAMMOND Allan Portsmouth 1877 (WA)

HAMMOND Meysey George MC & Bar MM aka HAMMOND George Meysey (England)
HANCOCK Jack Noel Letchford 4355 (WA) HAKP
HANN Eugene Frank 2162 (QLD)
HANSEN Alfred Henry 4144 (VIC)
HARDEY Joseph 81 (WA)
HARDING David 6436 (Wales)
HARDINGHAM Thomas Ledger 5866 (VIC)
HARGRAVE Alfred 3126 (SA) HAKP
HARMS Charles 5019 (VIC)
HARPER Fred 5867 (England)
HARPER Reginald Harry 3127 (England)
HARRINGTON Frederick Lewis 1944 (VIC)
HARRINGTON James William 4128 (SA) HAKP
HARRIS Arthur James 5725 (VIC)
HARRISON James Lumsden 439 (England)
HARRISON Thomas Johnson 5869 (England)
HARRISON William Arthur 5852 (NSW)
HART Matthew 1722 (VIC)
HARTLEY John 5600 (England)
HARVEY Harold Keith de Warrenne 84 (Wales)
HARVEY Thomas James 1724 (VIC)
HASELL George Luke 3133 (WA) HAKP
HASELL Percy William Henry 5871 (WA)
HASSETT Matthew 6588 (VIC)
HASTINGS Frederick Alfred Warren 7010 (SA) HAKP
HASVOLD Aksel 5372 (Norway)
HAWLEY Clayton Kendrick 1153 (WA)
HAYDEN James Edward 6093 (WA)
HAYES William Thomas 5726 (WA)
HAZELL William James 6590 (WA)
HEDGLEY Alfred Edward 87 (England)
HEDLEY James 1656A (WA)
HEIGHT Horace Letcher 954 (VIC)
HELM William 1951 (WA) HAKP
HEMMINGS Walter John 6096 (England)
HENDERSON Edward Thomas 534 (NSW) HAKP
HENDERSON Francis George 4440 (WA) HAKP
HENDERSON Frederick George 1726 (SA)
HENDRY Charles 447 (Ireland)
HENSON Michael 302 (Ireland)
HENTHORN Frank Stephen 4133 (VIC)
HERDSMAN Arthur James 1727 (England)
HERRINGTON Albert 4749 (VIC)
HERRON Richard 1548 (VIC)
HICKS Edgar 442 (VIC)
HICKS Vincent Clarence 865 (VIC)
HICKS William Humphrey 1728 (WA) HAKP
HIGGINS James Edward 3142 (WA)
HIGGINS John Frederick 6325 (WA) HAKP
HILL Alfred John 1729 (VIC)
HILLIER Henry 5375 (England)
HIND Joseph 3143 (England)
HINES Augustus 2167 (NSW)
HISLOP Donald Roy 4446 (WA)
HISLOP James 5456 (VIC) HAKP
HISLOP Percy Mervyn 4445 (WA)
HOBBS John 451 (England)
HODDER George 861 (VIC)

HODGSON Maurice Robert 4449 (England)
HOELSCHER Henry 2102 (VIC)
HOLDEN Thomas George 1948 (WA)
HOLGATE William Robert 1733 (WA)
HOLMES Harrie Hanley 633 (WA) HAKP
HOOD Alexander 95 (Scotland) HAKP
HOPKINS Frederick William 444 (NZ)
HORROCKS Edwin James 298 (VIC)
HORROCKS Stephen Henry 292 (England)
HORTIN John Charles 1060 (WA)
HOUSLEY Edwin Leonard 5713A (England)
HOWARD Athol Wilfred 3673 (England)
HOWARD Thomas Fleet 3845 (WA)
HOWE William John 3148 (WA)
HOWELL William George 3119 (England)
HUGHES Evan Goodwin 1959 (VIC)
HUGHES William Henry 5715A (WA)
HULL Robert 98 (Ireland) HAKP
HUMPHREYS Levi Arthur 6592 (Wales)
HUMPHRIES William 4755 (England)
HUNT Ernest Robert 305 (WA) HAKP
HUTCHINSON Herbert Victor 634 (SA)
HUXTABLE Cecil John Brisbane 6274 (NSW)
HYDE Walter 299 (England)
HYNES Nicholas 306 (WA)
ILLING William George 311 (England)
ING Arthur Harry 6335 (England) HAKP
INGRAM Norman Campbell 4146 (England)
INTOGNOLI Jack Peter 6342 aka ANTOGNOLI Jack Peter 6342A (WA)
JACK James Finlay 4757 (Scotland) HAKP
JACKSON Edgar Amphibal 3159 (England)
JACKSON Joseph William 880 (VIC)
JACKSON Walter Bentley (SA) HAKP
JACKSON William John 1952 (WA)
JACOB Alfred William 4756 (WA)
JACOBSON Albert 5882 (VIC)
JAMES Cecil Alford Clifton 1202 (NSW)
JARVIS Ephraim 4759 (VIC) HAKP
JAY Martin 6599 (VIC) HAKP
JEFFERY William Thomas 1052 (England)
JENKINS David 4269 (Scotland)
JENSEN Francis Ernest 315 (NZ)
JERRY Arthur MM (England)
JOHANSON Gordon Western 5382 (NSW) HAKP
JOHN Joseph 645 (Wales)
JOHNSON Alan 4273 (WA)
JOHNSON Peter 5614 aka POTTER Peter (NZ)
JOHNSON Robert 4763 (England)
JOHNSON Robert Alexander 882 (VIC) HAKP
JOHNSON Walter Benjamin 1957 (SA)
JOHNSTON John George 4270 (England)
JOHNSTON Robert 313 (VIC)
JONES Arthur Charles 1958 (WA)
JONES Charles 4581 (England)
JONES Ernest Henry 1961 (SA)
JONES Frederick 2175 (VIC)
JONES Herbert John 5615 (VIC) HAKP
JONES Joseph Reginald 5616 (VIC)
JONES Victor Stanley 6100 (WA) HAKP
JONES William Patrick 104 (WA)

JONES William Thomas 5033 (QLD)
JOSE Rupert Thomas 4453 (SA)
JOYCE Gordon 886 1740 (SA) HAKP
KEALS Frank Leslie 2177 (England)
KEARNEY Patrick 6439 (WA)
KEILLOR Thomas Balfour MC & Bar (Scotland)
KELL Bertram Thomas (QLD) HAKP
KELLEY Basil 988 (England) HAKP
KELLY Alexander 647 (NSW)
KELLY Denis Joseph 5387 (Ireland)
KELLY Frank 6339 (WA)
KELLY Francis Michael 3164 (VIC) HAKP
KEMP Charles Alfred 3165 (VIC)
KENNEDY George Faber 1010 (WA)
KENNON Alexander 887 (England)
KENT George Albert 323 (VIC)
KEOGH James 3122 (SA)
KING Ernest Hogan 4462 (WA)
KING Horace Chamberlain MC (WA)
KING Osborne 5617 (England)
KINGSLEY Edward 4150 aka LYNCH Edward (NSW)
KINGSWELL George Henry 3168 (England)
KIRBY Trevor Hart 5035 (England)
KIRK Walter Henry 4460 (SA)
KIRWAN Edward John 4768 (VIC)
KNAPP John Lacy 107 (England)
KNAPP Malcolm Sidney 108 (England)
KNAPP Thomas Drysdale 6337 (WA)
KNIGHT Albert 7087 (England)
KNOX Henry Thomas 6344 (England) HAKP
LAMB Alfred 5628 (England)
LANG John Robert 1001 (NSW)
LANGE Leo Julius Edward 6602 (SA)
LANGLEY Donald Calvert 7321 (SA) HAKP
LANGRIDGE John Henry 110 (England)
LANYON Robert Jordan (QLD)
LARKIN George William (NSW)
LAWFORD George William 5395 aka HOAD George William (QLD)
LAWRENCE John William 5626 (NSW)
LAWSON Burnett Hubert 4472 (VIC)
LAWSON Richard Leslie Eric 5888 (WA)
LEANE Allan William (Unknown) HAKP
LEE George Claude 1208 (Ireland)
LEE Herbert William 7253 (England)
LEE Robert 1554 (Scotland)
LEIGH Cyril Thomas 3174 (England)
LEIPOLD John James 3176 (VIC) HAKP
LENNON Hugh 4059 (VIC)
LENNON Henry Joseph 5396 (NSW)
LENNON Thomas Patrick 4160 (VIC)
LEVETUS Arthur (Canada) HAKP
LEWINGDON Ernest George 4164 (England)
LEWIS Arthur 5039 (WA) HAKP
LEWIS Charles Stephen 115 (England)
LEWIS Henry John 6349 (England)
LEWIS John Richard 3177 (VIC) HAKP
LEWIS Reginald Peter 5038 (WA) HAKP
LINDAHN Joseph 1624 (Canada)
LINDEN George 332 (Scotland)
LINDLEY Frederick Thornton 3180 (NSW)

LIVINGSTONE George Philip 4775 (Unknown)
LOCKYER Eugene Valentine 5036 (WA)
LONG John Thomas 2232 (VIC)
LONG Roy 893 (VIC)
LONGMORE Thomas 1207 (Scotland)
LOVE James Thomas 6601 (NSW)
LOVEDAY Arthur Collins (WA)
LOVELACE William Henry 4776 (WA)
LOVRIAEN John 6350 (Russia)
LUCAS Frederick William 5629 (SA)
LUCAS Sydney Roy 2410 (NSW)
LUKIN Henry Wedderburn 1745 (WA)
LUKIN Lionel Roy 774 (WA)
LYDEN Walter 116 (Tonga)
LYNALL George Sylvester 6854 (England)
LYON Elias 6917 (England)
McALPINE John Forbes 4491 (VIC)
McANNALLEY James Storey 4284 (NZ)
McCAIG Charles 739 (QLD)
McCALLUM Morris 1968 (VIC)
McCARTHY John 3208 (WA)
McCARTHY John 4310 (WA)
McCARTHY Michael 131 (Ireland)
McCASKILL Malcolm 3207 (Scotland)
McCOLL Archibald 1062 (NSW)
McCONNELL James Edward 2735 (VIC)
McCORMACK John Joseph 5896 (SA)
McCORRY James 489 (Scotland)
MACDONALD Frank Ernest Rushton 6107 (SA)
MACDONALD John Andrew 6609 (NSW)
McDONALD James Alexander 133 (Scotland)
McDOWALL John 339 (NSW)
McDOWALL William Hudson 5050 (England)
McEACHERN William 3136 (SA)
McENCROE Francis 1027 (WA)
McENCROE Pierce Thomas 2185 (WA)
McEVOY Arthur 742 (NSW)
McGEACHIE David 134 (NSW)
McGILL William Peter 1122 (Scotland)
McGINNISS Frank Wynne 2417 (TAS) HAKP
McGLEW William Henry Atlee 6348 (WA)
McGRATH Arthur Phillip 6111 (WA)
McGREGOR Ernest 5407 (WA)
McGREGOR Frank Alan 1029 (WA)
MACHIN Alfred 430 (England) HAKP
McHUGH John 1752 (VIC)
McINERNEY Francis Robert 4780 (VIC)
McINNES Irven 2418 (NSW) HAKP
McINTOSH William 1178 (Scotland)
McINTYRE Duncan Horatio 968 (VIC)
MACKAY Duncan McKenzie 660 (Scotland)
McKEE Samuel 4261 (Ireland)
MACKELLAR Robin Arthur 3906 (QLD)
McKENZIE Alexander 744 (SA)
McKINNON David Stanley 1971 (England)
MACLACHLAN John Joseph 1558 (QLD)
McLEOD Duncan Dan 945 (Scotland)
McNAMARA John 994 (SA)

McNEILL William Wallace 4365 (WA)
MACRAE Norman Farquhar (Unknown)
MACROW James Albert 5890 (England)
McTAGGART George Stewart DCM (VIC)
MADDERN William Thomas MM 2181 (VIC)
MADIGAN William 1747 (VIC)
MAGIN Stephen 5633 (SA)
MAIRE John Arthur 3186 (England)
MANNING Leonard Vincent 4487 (VIC)
MARQUIS Frederick William 5893 (England)
MARQUIS John Joseph 3128 (England)
MARRION James 5398 (England)
MARSHALL George 6605 (NZ) HAKP
MARSLAND John Charles 120 (VIC)
MARTIN Hector James 5409 (VIC)
MARTIN John 3189 (NSW)
MARTIN John Alfred 4489 (England)
MARTIN Samuel John 4185 4182 (Ireland)
MASLIN George Wilfred 4477 (WA)
MASON Francis Vyner 5894 (VIC)
MASON Henry 895 (WA)
MASSEY Edmond Godfrey Hugh 6349 aka THOMAS William George (SA)
MASSON Frederick William 6176 (WA)
MATHERS James Ewart 349 (England)
MATHESON Andrew 6434 (Norway)
MATHESON David 4309 (Scotland)
MATHESON Raymond Reginald 4479 (SA)
MATHESON William 4480 (Scotland)
MATHEWS John William 5895 (SA)
MATTHEWS Alfred James 4478 (England)
MAULL Frank 5631 (England)
MAYGER William James 896 (England)
MEADOWS Harry Charles 5639 (England)
MEAGHER Ernest James George 1102 (WA) HAKP
MELLOR Robert William 6355 (NSW)
MELVILLE Basil Wilfred Grant 1135 (NSW)
MENNER Oscar Otto Harold 4282 (SA)
MENZ Henry Berthold (Unknown)
MERRICK John 124 (WA)
MERRIFIELD Ernest 4484 (WA)
MESSENGER John Thomas 1756 (England)
MEWETT John Scott 4473 (WA)
MEYER William Leslie 1758 (VIC)
MIDDLETON Frank Hastings 5402 (India)
MIERS Norman Bywater 6278 (England)
MILDWATERS Reginald George Henry 3130 (SA) HAKP
MILL William Leslie Stuart 1141 (VIC)
MILLER Benjamin 4173 (VIC)
MILLER Charles Hampden 5892 (NSW)
MILNER Sidney Arthur 4781 (England)
MINETT Stanley James 3205 (NSW)
MINETT William Henry 1091 (NSW)
MITCHELL Rennie Alred Bertram 5635 (VIC)
MOIR James 4476 aka DUNCAN David Short (Scotland)
MOLLER Henry Arthur 1760 (VIC)
MOORE George Septimus 2184 (VIC) HAKP
MOORE Henry 1974 (VIC) HAKP
MOORE William Charles Thomas 3197 (VIC)

MOORE William Reid (Scotland)
MORAN Bartholomew John 3198 (NSW)
MORAN James 4060 (England)
MORGAN James 3400 (NSW)
MORRELL Raymond Martin 3891 (WA) HAKP
MORRIS Herbert 356 (England)
MORRIS Walter Garnet 1725 (NSW)
MORRISON James Duncan Drummond 1762 (Scotland)
MORROW Albert 1557 (England)
MOUCHEMORE Edward Charles 6351 (VIC)
MOULTON Cecil Walter 4482 (WA)
MOXON Frederick Cyril 6124 (NSW)
MOYLE Edwin Thomas 348 (QLD)
MULLINS Victor Herbert 2186 (NSW) HAKP
MUNDAY James 3201 (England)
MUNDY Reginald James 3204 (SA)
MUNRO Norman Alexander 1111 (VIC) HAKP
MUNRO Roy Campbell 1876 (VIC) HAKP
MURPHY Arthur MM 3203 (WA)
MURPHY Patrick John Duggan 2258 (VIC)
MURPHY Thomas Francis 2731 (England)
MURRAY Alexander Angus 6350 (Scotland)
MYERS Noel Norbert Obre 4782 (WA)
NALDER Frank Leslie 4497 (VIC)
NAUGTON Reuben Douglas 1059 (WA)
NELSON Harry 3217 (Scotland)
NEVILLE Stanley 2253 aka NICHOLLS Arthur Simpson (NSW)
NEWBURY Cyril Haslewood Wellington 6371 (VIC)
NEWMAN William Charles Frederick 1567 (VIC)
NICHOLAS William Elliott 6765 (VIC)
NICHOLS David Alexander 6126 (VIC) HAKP
NIELSEN Otto Schack 749 (Denmark)
NIND Ronald Keith Pitt 5647 (VIC) HAKP
NOLAN Henry 3219 (WA)
NORTON Wilfrid 5414 (NZ) HAKP
NYE Harry 6373 (England)
OAKEY Gerald Arthur Vane 2196 (England)
O’BRIEN Hugh 1569 (Scotland)
O’BRIEN Thomas 1189 aka MOREY Thomas (Ireland)
O’BRYAN John Patrick 4786 (NSW)
O’CONNOR Daniel Hugh 1979 (VIC)
O’CONNOR Thomas Patrick 4191 (WA)
OLDHAM William 6377 (WA)
O’LOUGHLIN Leonard 2018 (SA)
OLSEN Ernest Henry 2423 (QLD)
O’NEIL Jack 952 (VIC)
O’NEILL Clarence 140 (WA)
ONN Bertram 6129 (SA)
OPIE Victor James 6627 (NSW)
O’REILLY John Thomas 5296 (NSW) HAKP
OREO Daniel 6379 (WA)
ORR George Wood 4499 (SA)
ORR John 7115 (WA) HAKP
ORR John Ernest 4500 (SA)
OSBORNE Albert Ernest 6380 (SA)
PACKER Arthur Thomas 6133 (England)
PAGE George 4512 (VIC)
PALMER Henry George 6132 (England)
PARKINSON Charles 6383 (England)
PARKYN Albert 2198 (SA)

PARSONS Colin William Gregory 1768 (NSW) HAKP
PARTINGTON James Leslie 936 (TAS)
PASCOE Frederick James 2426 (WA)
PASSMORE Arthur Charles 2199 (WA) HAKP
PAYNE Cyril Thomas 4509 (VIC)
PEAD Seymour William 496 (WA) HAKP
PEARSON Alexander 680 (SA)
PEARSON Robert Arthur 7128 (WA)
PEGGS James Mason 6131 (England)
PELL Robert 3232 (WA)
PHILLIPS John 3236 (Wales)
PHILLIPS Trevor Llewellyn 2429 (England)
PHILLIS William 1058 (England)
PICKARD Harry 1627 (England)
PICKTHORN Albert Ernest 365 (England)
PIPER George Henry William 800 (England)
PITTARD Joseph Alfred 6630 (SA)
PLUMMER John David 4789 (VIC) HAKP
POLGLAZE Ernest Dennis 6384 (WA) HAKP
POWELL Arthur 369 (NSW)
POWELL Frederick James 5066 (WA)
POWER Arthur George 5067 (England)
PRESTON James 6370 (VIC)
PRICE Charles William 2200 (England)
PRICE Harry Albert Enos 148 (SA)
PRITCHARD Frank 4519 (England)
PRITCHARD James 6869 (Wales)
PRITCHARD John Henry 5781 (VIC)
PROPERJOHN Edward Joshua 4513 (VIC)
PROSSER Geoffrey 3681 (WA)
PURSER John Joseph 3414 (WA)
PYKE Victor Gerard 3240 (WA)
QUARRELL Clarence 2204 (VIC)
QUICK John Kitchen 371 (England)
RABY Henry Charles 1988 (England)
RAFFERTY James 4214 (Scotland)
RAINSDEN Alfred 1578 (England)
RAITT Ernest William 1580 (VIC)
RANDALL Thomas Charles John 4530 (WA) HAKP
RANDLE Percy 581 (VIC)
RASMUSSEN Allen Christian 582 (NZ)
RAYBOULD Ernest George 2773 (England)
READ Percy Ernest 583 (SA) HAKP
REDFORD Wesley Ernest 510 (England)
REEN Cecil Felix 584 (WA)
REEVES James 6874 aka BARHAM Stephen (England)
REGAN Edward 6637 (WA) HAKP
REID Edmond George 4207 (VIC)
REID John 6640 (Scotland)
(REISE T C) RIESE Theodore Charles 6140 (WA)
REVETT Sydney Louis 5542 (England)
REYNOLDS Alick Francis 6395 (WA) HAKP
RICHARDS Joseph Henry 5423 (VIC)
RICHARDSON Robert 374 (England)
RICHARDSON William Robert 4529 (WA)
RICKARD William Henry 5787 (VIC)
RIDDELL Joseph Henry 3243 (VIC)

RIDDLE William Cecil 5653 (SA)
RIDGWAY George Layton 4521 (VIC)
RIGBY Walter 6636 (England)
RIMOLDI Luigi Frederick 2520 (Italy)
RITCHIE Attwell Loutit 4526 (SA)
ROACH James 512 (SA)
ROBE Thomas Thompson 151 (England)
ROBERTS Henry Watkin 1989 (VIC)
ROBINSON Frank Ernest 4205 (VIC)
ROBSON William Ernest 3248 (England)
ROLLS Albert Leonard 1991 (England)
ROPER William Thomas 5656 (VIC)
ROURKE Cecil 4791 (NSW)
ROUTLEDGE William 4287 (England)
ROWE Phillip 6667 (VIC)
ROWLAND George 2786 (WA)
ROY John Henry 1576 (WA)
ROYCE Gladstone John Berry 4525 (SA)
RUDDOCK Harold Edwy Colston (England)
RUSHTON Levi 2206 (England)
RUSSELL Robert Alfred Cowley 5916 (England) HAKP
RUST James Dartnell 1097 (VIC)
RYAN Francis 4213 (Ireland)
RYAN James Edward Francis 5652 (VIC)
RYDER Arthur Henry 5072 (NSW)
SADLER William 6145 (England)
SAGE Joseph 1036 (Ireland)
SAINSBURY Noel George 1995 (VIC) HAKP
SALES William 5917 (VIC)
SALTER Alexander 762 (NSW)
SANDERSON Edward Wilson 6385 (England)
SAUNDERS James 1775 (NSW)
SAVILLE Harry 4531 (England)
SAWYER William 6153 (VIC) HAKP
SCATES Arthur Edward 2793 (WA)
SCOTT Frederick William 4535 (WA)
SCOTT Thomas Richard 4536 (WA)
SCULLIN John Joseph 767 (NSW) HAKP
SEAL Edward 691 (England) HAKP
SEE Albert Edward 5086 (England) HAKP
SELF Thomas Arthur 1107 (WA) HAKP
SERMON Harold Henry 5658 (WA)
SEYMOUR Wilfred Joseph 697 (WA)
SHARP Stanley Hugh 695 (VIC)
SHARPE George 5657 (SA)
SHARPE Leslie James 531 (VIC) HAKP
SHAW Robert Garland Coryn 1167 (WA) HAKP
SHAW-WALKER Kenneth Douglas 4233 (WA) HAKP
SHEEHAN Thomas Joseph 5087 (VIC) HAKP
SHENFIELD Ernest Arthur 517 (WA)
SHEPHERD Alfred Edward 4227 (England)
SHORROCK James DSO MID (England)
SHORT John Joseph 3261 (India)
SIBERT Edward Justin 4551 (WA)
SIFORD Luke 3279 (WA)
SIMM George Henry 157 (England)
SIMMERS Frank 1776 (NZ)
SIMPSON James 807 (Scotland)
SINCLAIR Hubert James 4228 (WA)

SINCLAIR Laurence Ringwood Roy 1780 (WA) HAKP
SISSONS John Ellis 158 (England)
SKERRY Robert Clyde 772 (VIC)
SKINNER John 2929 (England) 48TH Btn
SKINNER Percy James 1782 (England)
SLATTERY Daniel Edward 6435 (WA)
SLAWSON George 4231 (VIC)
SMART Robert Brown 5083 (Scotland) HAKP
SMITH Charles Frank 4302 (VIC)
SMITH David Wilson 5923 (Scotland)
SMITH Edward Albert 773 (NSW) HAKP
SMITH Ellis Austin William (WA) HAKP
SMITH Ernest Edward 1587 (WA)
SMITH Ernest John 5081 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Ernest Sidney 3280 (NSW)
SMITH Farquhar Hugh Arpafeelie 5305 (NSW)
SMITH Frederick William 4661 (England)
SMITH George 2218 aka SCHMITT George (England)
SMITH Herbert 5659 (NSW)
SMITH Harry Albert 2023 (VIC) HAKP
SMITH John Albert Till 4794 (VIC)
SMITH John Thomas 3265 (England)
SMITH Philip 5434 (VIC)
SMITH Stanley Herbert 4223 (SA) HAKP
SNADEN Thomas Frederick 4552 (Malta)
SNUDDEN Albert 524 (SA) HAKP
SORENSEN Wilhelm 6400 (Denmark)
SPEEDY Ernest David 5783 (WA)
SPENCER Frank 5785 (SA) HAKP
SPRATT Charles 526 (NSW)
SPRING Frederick Robert 973 (England)
SQUIRES Richard John 3270 (WA)
STAPLETON William Walter 161 (WA)
STEERE Stanley Herbert 4544 (WA) HAKP
STEPHENS Alexander 163 (Scotland)
STEVENS Arthur Henry 3158 (England)
STEWART Charles 1660 (VIC) HAKP
STEWART James 518 (England)
STEWART Robert Dodds 4235 (Scotland)
St GEORGE Michael 377 (England)
STOCKINS Albert Adderley 5780 (England)
STONE Laurence Ralph 6402 (VIC) HAKP
STRONG James 166 (VIC)
STUART Victor Oscar 1999 (WA)
SUMMERS Reginald Sidney 5463 (VIC)
SUTHERLAND Francis 5438 (Scotland) HAKP
TANNER Ernest 7147 (England) HAKP
TANNER Frederick 4311 (Scotland) HAKP
TAPKEN Paul 3940 (Russia)
TAYLOR John Woolhouse 3282 (VIC)
TAYLOR Norman 3283 (VIC)
TAYLOR Percy Williams 1560C (England)
TAYLOR Richard Scott 5927 (England)
TEAHAN Michael 3284 (NSW)
TERRY Arthur 386 (VIC)
TERRY Marmaduke Ros 2002 (VIC) HAKP
THOMAS Charles 1786 aka DAWSON Charles Thomas (England)
THOMAS Frederick 703 (WA)
THOMAS Frederick Walter 3286 (England) HAKP
THOMAS Harold George 173 (SA)

THOMAS James Howard Clarke 5933 aka THOMAS William Robert Stephen (WA)
THOMAS William Dixie 169 (NSW)
THOMPSON John Alexander 5934 (WA)
THOMPSON Robert John 5442 (Ireland) HAKP
THOMPSON Samuel Simpson 701 (NSW) HAKP
THOMPSON William Henry 4556 (WA)
THOMSON John Leadbetter 980 (SA)
THORN Leslie 2236 (NSW)
THORNS Arthur John Vivian 2235 (QLD)
THOROGOOD Thomas George 3288 (England)
THORP Hubert Harris 1788 (WA)
THORPE Daniel 4267 (NZ)
THORPE Walter Clarence 4266 (WA)
THORPE Walter William 383 (WA)
TICE William 5561 (India) HAKP
TIEGS Albert (QLD)
TILBURY George Vernon 1789 (England)
TOPLISS Samuel 6894 (England)
TOUGH Robert Alfred Edgar 6161 (VIC)
TOWNSHEND Edwin Hepburn 3015 (WA)
TRAVERS Leonard Christopher 6406 (WA)
TRELEASE Thomas Chester 5101 (United States)
TRENORDEN Leonard Charles MM 384 (SA)
TREZISE John Gordon 5105 (NSW) HAKP
TULLY Jack 174 (England)
TUNSTILL George Edward 3945 (WA)
TURNBULL Cuthbert Ernest 5667 (SA) HAKP
TURNER Joseph 2459 (VIC)
TURNER James Leslie 3005 (WA)
TURNER James Valant 5931 (WA) HAKP
TUTTON Edwin John 3642 (England) HAKP
TYE Archibald John MC (VIC)
TYRRELL Walter James 294 (England)
TYSON Herbert Henry 1039 (VIC)
UNSTEAD Rupert Cyril 5107 (VIC)
VERCOE George Cyril 4352 (SA)
VERGE Francis Joseph 3017 (QLD) HAKP
VERRALL Arthur John 5668 (England)
VICKRAGE Thomas 2019 (England)
VINCENT William 176 (SA)
WADDINGHAM Wilfred 4574 (WA)
WALKER Arthur 5674 (England)
WALKER Benjamin Charles 5669 (England)
WALKER George Archer 2326 (VIC) HAKP
WALLS Albert Edward 3300 (VIC)
WALSH Charles Gavin (TAS)
WARD Francis William 6416 (SA)
WARD Joseph Harry 542 (England)
WARDLAW Cuthbert Henry 4913 (England)
WATSON James Sandeman 1169 (Scotland)
WATSON Robert Arnold 711 (SA)
WATSON Thomas David 2008 (NSW)
WATT Alexander Scott 3318 (Scotland)
WATT Louis 3662 (VIC)
WATT Reginald Edwin 5446 (VIC) HAKP
WAY William Henry 4239 (TAS)
WEAR Aubrey Clement 3305 (WA) HAKP
WEBB Wilfred Peter 1922 (SA)

(WELSH L B) WELCH Leslie Barnard (VIC) HAKP
WEST Clarence Henry Guy 2009 (England)
WESTON Henry Gordon 4572 (England)
WHELAN James 1109 (SA)
WHELAN Patrick Joseph 5113 (NSW)
WHITE Charles 3663 (NZ)
WHITE Charles 1795 (England)
WHITE Henry Matthew 4566 (WA)
WHITE John 4253 (Ireland)
WHITEAKER William 181 (Wales)
WHITFIELD Ernest Albert 1012 (WA)
WHITT James Arthur 4579 (England)
WICKS Francis Charles 2246 (VIC)
WILKES Percy 4575 (WA)
WILKINS Sylvester 3682 (WA)
WILLIAMS Alfred Ernest George 5672 (SA)
WILLIAMS Alfred James 4240 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Ernest James 3311 (NSW)
WILLIAMS John 6413 (England)
WILLIAMS Roy Hayes 723 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Sidney 1799 (England)
WILLIAMS Walter Shadrack 3649 (VIC)
WILSON Andrew 722 (Ireland)
WILSON Bertie Barrington Robert 546 (WA)
WILSON Ernest 187 (England)
WILSON Leslie George 388 (VIC)
WILSON Norman Stanley 929 (VIC)
WILSON Rupert William 3660 (NSW)
WINDLE Walter 5112 (England)
WINGROVE Archibald 717 aka QUARRELL Archibald Wingrove (WA)
WISE William Norman 5114 (WA)
WOOD Cyril 3650 (VIC)
WOOD Charles Walter 4408A (SA)
WOOD George Preston 4569 (WA) HAKP
WOOD Norman James 5450 (WA)
WOODCOCK Albert 4249 (England)
WOODGATE Decimus Edgar George William 5451 (SA)
WREN Ernest George MSM 4248 (England) HAKP
WRIGHT Claude Algernon 3317 (WA)
WRIGHT Felix 727 (Ireland)
WRIGHT Ivo Robert 1801 (VIC) HAKP
WRIGHTON Alexander Frederick 2015 (England)
WYMAN Frederick Walter 3951 (England)
YOUNG George 5937 (Scotland)
YOUNG Thomas Lowbridge 2248 (England)
(BRIGGS E G) BRIGGS Edward 231 (VIC)
HANNAN Frank Osborne 1719 (WA)
JACQUES Gordon 1129 (WA)
LITSTER Robert Ellwood 4159 (England)
MATSON Roy Preston 668 (SA)
MINDNER Charles Henry 3195 (VIC)
WALLACE Ernest Albert 947 (VIC)
YELDON Ronald Archibald 911 (NSW)
GRIFFIN Arthur William 386 (VIC) (duplicate of GRIEHIN A W) HAKP

ANDERSON Alexander Bertie 1206 (England)
ANDERSON Clarence Charles 4009 (VIC)
ANDERSON Jim 2366 (NZ)
ANDERSON Leslie 4008 (VIC)
ANDERSON Percy Michael 1205 (WA) HAKP
ANDREAS Noel Ernest Reginald 4012 (WA)
(ASHRC N) ASH Cyril Neilson 1209 (VIC)
BAIRD John 1211 (Scotland)
BEDDIE James 3017A (Scotland) (1st ANZAC Corps School ex-32ND Btn)
BENTON George Rowland 4026 (England)
BEST Frederick Albert 4022 (SA)
BISHOP Frederick James 1897 (WA)
BISHOP Gordon 1215 (WA)
BLAIN Francis James 2615 (England) HAKP
BOSVILLE Herbert 1216 (WA)
BOSWELL John Henry 891 (VIC)
BOURKE John Patrick 885 (VIC) HAKP
BOYCE William Edwin 1218 (NSW)
BRIDGER Alfred Ernest 893 (NSW)
BULL William Stanley 4020 (VIC)
BURNETT Aldwin John 2627A (WA)
BURNEY Edward Nason 1226 (VIC)
BURROWS Henry 1609 (WA)
BUTLER Frank 1227 (VIC)
BYRNE James 1229 (VIC)
BYRNE Michael Edward 1228 (NSW)
CAIN Vaughney Edward 1612 (WA)
CALE Harold James 6732 (WA) HAKP
CAMERON Archibald William 1231 (WA)
CAMERON Ian Alistair 917 (Scotland)
CARSON Vivian Harry 6735 aka CARSON Vivian Henry (WA)
CARTWRIGHT Thomas Clift 1235 (NSW)
CAVENDER Charles 4042 (England)
CHALLENGER Frederick Gordon 4038 (VIC) HAKP
CLAXTON Maurice James 1239 (VIC)
COLLESS Frederick Joscelyn 1194 (NSW)
COOTE Norman Isaac 4036 (TAS)
COPE Arnold Samuel 4034 (WA)
COPE Walter Vernon 1241 (WA)
CORMACK Hugh William 1242 (VIC)
COTCHING George Albert 3073 (England)
DEAN Jack 925 (England)
DENNIS Sydney William 1252 (England)
DODD Franklin 4050 (WA)
DONALDSON Alexander Stewart 920 (SA)
DRANE Alfred 4049 (England)
DUNSTAN Percy Phillip 6254 (VIC)
DWYER Patrick Francis 923 (VIC)
EVANS Robert 4053 (England)
FELDT Jens Jensen 929 (Denmark)
FERGUSON Arthur Percival 6509 (VIC)
FRASER Alfred Hugh 931 (VIC)
FURZE Reginald Arthur 1265 (SA)
GADD Thomas William 942 (England)
GIBNEY Guy Somerville Dion 1083 (England)
GILLETT Albert Ernest 937 (WA)
GRANT Peter Donaldson 6770 (Scotland)

GREEN Robert Courtney 1274 (England)
GREENFIELD Bertie 1275 (England)
GREENWOOD Percy John 3115 (England)
GREEY Douglas Bernard 1081 (England)
GRIFFIN John James 3117 (NSW)
GRIFFITHS Gilbert Allen 1276 (NSW)
GULLY Thomas 941 (England)
HART Leslie William 865 (VIC)
HAYES Samuel John 6523 (WA)
HENDERSON Charles Stuart 6530 (VIC) HAKP
HENDRY William George 6776 (SA)
HILL Frank Vernon 1287 (England)
HOBAN Kintore Albany 963 (WA)
HOGAN William Edward 6780 (WA)
HOGARTH Charles 2672 (England)
HOLLINGS William Craven 1402 (England)
HOLLOW James 1290 (England)
HOLMES Arnold 955 (England)
HONEY George 1291 (England)
HOUGH Samuel 2184 (VIC) HAKP
HUGHES Thomas 2668 (England)
HULKS Frederick (Unknown)
HUNTER David 2667 (Scotland)
HUTCHINSON James Wesley 962 (WA) HAKP
INGRAM Victor Robert 3158 (WA)
ION John (Unknown) HAKP
JAMIESON Roy Wilfred 972 (VIC) HAKP
JARMAN Ernest Hewitt 866 (QLD) HAKP
JEFFERY Arthur Henry 4069 (England)
JOHNSTONE Francis David 1299 (NSW)
JONES Ronald Owen 4017 (VIC)
JOYCE Jack 1624 (England)
JUDGE Clarence Frank 971 (England)
KEATING William 974 (WA)
KENNARD Vincent Arthur 6283 (South Africa)
KENNEDY John 4074 (SA)
KENNEDY Richard St John 1302 (VIC) HAKP
KINGSLEY Jabez 976 (England)
KIRBY Nathaniel Albert 6285 (VIC)
KNABLE Adolf Thompson 1603 (VIC) HAKP
LACEY Sydney 977 (England)
LAWRENCE Harold Herbert 980 (WA)
LAWRENCE Harold Thomas 4079 (England) HAKP
LEE James Thomas 982 (WA)
LIDDINGTON Herbert George 3178 (WA)
LIDDLE Richard 3179 (VIC)
LOCKYER Philip 6787 (England)
LYDIATE Fredrick William 985 (WA) HAKP
McCAGH Patrick 4085 (WA)
McCANN Thomas 4860 (England)
McCARTHY Ivanhoe 312 (WA) HAKP
McCROSSIN Alexander James 1010 (NSW)
McCULLOCH Alexander 1011 (Scotland)
McGOLDRICK Patrick 2704 (Ireland)
McKINNON Daniel 1330 (England)
McNESS H (MACKNESS Herbert 1009 (SA))
MADDOCK Percy Ernest Allen 6292 (WA)
MALSCH Henry Arthur 1195 (England)

MASON Edward Isaac 993 (WA) HAKP
MATTHEWS Harry Karn 994 (England)
MILLS Samuel Ernest Goold MC (NSW) HAKP
MITCHELL Albert James 998 (England)
NEVILLE William 1022 (England)
NEWMAN Alfred Charles 6801 (England)
NICHOLSON George Martin 1631 (Scotland)
NILSEN Oskar 2721 (Norway)
OATES Clifford Nicholas 1025 (SA) HAKP
O’CONNELL Michael 1335 (VIC)
ORMEROD James Edward 1336 (England)
OYSTON Francis John 6312 (VIC)
PAGE Alexander Russell Robert 1082 (England) HAKP
PAGE James William 4104 (England) HAKP
PATERSON Alexander (Scotland)
PAUL Harry 3230 (QLD)
PAYNE Charles Albert 1348 (WA) HAKP
PEARSE John 859 (NSW)
PIERCE Henry David 1343 (WA)
PURSER Andrew Hartley 1033 (WA)
RENTON William Alexander 1353 (SA)
RIDLER Samuel Thomas James 1036 (England) HAKP
ROBERTS Alfred William 1356 (SA) HAKP
ROGERS Arthur Thomas MC (Unknown)
ROOTS Frank 1039 (England)
ROSS Mervyn 1040 (WA) HAKP
RUSSELL Percy Everett 6326 (VIC)
RYAN Eugene Joseph 1043 (VIC)
SAMSON Benjamin 4118 (Wales) HAKP
SCOTT Harry 4123 aka PITTERSEN Harold Bendik (VIC)
SCOTT Robert Grieve Moncrieff 1046 (Scotland) HAKP
SEARLE Henry 1639 (SA)
SHAW Harold 1047 (NSW)
SHEPHERD Charles Francis 1363 (England) HAKP
SHIELDS James 1048 (VIC)
SINCLAIR Aubrey Clyde (SA)
SMITH Arthur George 1640 (England)
SMITH William James 1054 (VIC)
SOLOMON Morton 1367 (United States)
STOKES Robert Watson 1374 (WA)
STRANGER Arthur Thomas 165 (WA) HAKP
STUART John Henry 1057 (England)
SUTTON William 4910 (England)
SWEETMAN Francis Henry 1060 (WA)
TERLICH Walter 5023 (WA)
TURNER Hobart 5206 (WA)
VICKERS William 2242 (England)
WALLACE Charles 6840 (Scotland) HAKP
WALLER William Archer 1382 (England)
WALLIS Vincent 2837 (VIC)
WARREN Clarence Hampton 1384 (SA) HAKP
WATTERSON William 1385 (VIC)
WERNDLY Frederick Owen 4090 (VIC) HAKP
WITHERIDGE Alfred Richard 2754 (SA) HAKP
WORTHINGTON Alfred George 1075 (WA)
BLACK Charles Thomas 678 (SA)
McARTHUR Dugald James 1019 (VIC) HAKP
HAYES Walter Robert 1282 (VIC)

ABOLIN Martin 1619 (Russia)
ACKROYD Charles Winstanley 2531 (England)
ADAM James (VIC)
ADAM Robert 3017 (VIC)
A’HEARN Edward 2680 (NSW)
AHERN Edward 3018 (QLD)
AINLEY Arthur Edward 2287 (VIC) HAKP
ANDERSON Andrew Grey 165 (Scotland)
ANDERSON Joseph 323 (Sweden)
ANDREWS Edward John 7451 (VIC)
ANDREWS Ernest William 298 (WA) HAKP
ANDREWS Sylvester Leonard 675 (SA) HAKP
ARMSTRONG George Alexander 3007 (VIC) HAKP
ASHLEY George William 2673 (England)
ASHWORTH William Nathan 2529 (WA)
ATKINS William 2530 (NSW)
AUBREY Joseph William 2781 (WA)
AYRE William Charles 3379 (WA) HAKP
BAINBRIDGE Robert Maurice 1621 (England) HAKP
BAKER Thomas James 623 (WA) HAKP
BAKER William 33 (England)
BALL Philip James MM 470 (England)
BALL William George 2532 (England)
BALME Reginald Bramley 1795 (VIC)
BARKER John George 118 (WA)
BARLOW Thomas Richard 166 (WA) HAKP
BARNARD James Thomas 3568 (WA)
BARR George Fredrick 2067 (WA)
BARR Hugh MM 337 (Ireland)
BARROW Thomas George Alfred 732 (VIC)
BARTLETT Walter 2302 (England)
BEDFORD William Frank 326 (England)
BEESLEY Walter 3027 (England)
BENNETT Beverley Loxton 2671 (VIC)
BENNETT John Scott 2051 (SA)
BENNING Alfred Arthur 2545 (England)
BERTRAND Alexander Frederick 414 (VIC) HAKP
BEVAN Harold Sydney 2053 (SA)
BILLINGS Joe 2546 (WA)
BIRNIE James 2536 (Scotland)
BISHOP Harry William 1624 (England) HAKP
BLAIKIE Thomas 2537 (Scotland)
BLAIN Herbert William 2058 (England) HAKP
BLAKE Reuben Stephen 2298 (SA)
BLICK Percival Swithen 893 (WA) HAKP
BOND Alfred Herbert (NSW) HAKP
BOND William Charles 731 (VIC)
BONE Thomas Henry (NSW) HAKP
BOUNDY Alfred Ernest 2797 (SA)
BOURNES Frederick 2300 (England)
BOUTCHER Henry William (England) HAKP
BOWER Leslie Harold 2918 (VIC)
BOXHALL Robert William 894 (WA)
BRENTNALL James 3610 (England)
BRIDGE William 1791 (QLD)
BROOK Smith 2794 (England) HAKP
BROTHERSTON Thomas 3033 (Scotland)
BROWN Richard Gaffney 521 (WA) HAKP
BROWNE Walter 620 (VIC)
BRYAN William Thomas (WA) HAKP

BRYANT Ernest Edward 302 (England) HAKP
BUCHAN Robert 26 (SA)
(BUCK P A) BUCK Alexander Percy 2143 (WA)
BUCKLAND John 320 (WA)
BUCKMASTER Allan Lester 688 (NSW)
BYERS William Robert 1627 (NSW)
BYSH Leonard Frederick 897 (England)
CAMPBELL Archibald 356 (Scotland)
CARSON Cecil Frank (WA) HAKP
CHANDLER Joseph 169 (England)
CHEVERTON Sidney Gordon 1897 (England)
CHISHOLM Leonard Aubrey 621 (WA)
CLARE Clarence Malcolm 136 (WA)
CLARK Norman Thomas 1896 (NSW)
CLIFFORD Daniel Michael 523 (Ireland)
COLLINS Edward Duncan 741 (NSW)
COMBEN Charles Thomas 402 (VIC)
CONNELLY Frank 472 (VIC)
CONNOLLY Cornelius 3263 (NSW)
CONNOLLY Mark Francis 123 (NSW) HAKP
COOMBS Albert James 1635 (VIC) HAKP
CORNISH Charles Horace 170 (NSW)
COULL James Brewster 956 (Scotland)
COX Frank 3041 (England)
CRANE John Alexander 1809 (WA)
CRAWLEY Aubrey Clarence (VIC)
DATE Joseph Baden Powell 3047 (VIC)
DAVIES Frederick William DCM 1638 (England)
DAVIES Percy 2674 (WA) HAKP
DAVIS Ernest William 174 (WA) HAKP
DAVIS John George Walker 3275 (VIC)
DAY Herbert 2077 (VIC)
DAY Harold George 2809 (WA) HAKP
DEAMER Alfred 2810 (England)
DEWAR Frank Hilton 671 (WA)
DOBSON George James 1640 (VIC)
DOBSON Robert Ambrose (NZ) HAKP
DODD Arthur Albert 124 (NSW)
DOHERTY Edward 2186 (Ireland)
DOIG John Alexander 2564 (Scotland)
DORNAN George Irwin 1641 (Ireland)
DOVE Walter 39 (VIC) HAKP
DOWDEY Peter 2192 (SA)
DROWN Frederick James MM 963 (WA) HAKP
DRUMMOND John (Scotland)
DUCKHAM Horace 3278 (WA) HAKP
DUCKHAM John Henry 2074 (WA) HAKP
DUNN Thomas 2323 (Ireland)
DUTY John William 2322 (VIC)
EDDY Samuel 3280 (SA)
EDWARDS Alfred 175 (NSW)
EDWARDS David Arthur 43 (SA)
EDWARDS Rhys Thomas 335 (Wales)
EGGELING Ernest Christian Theodore 3053 (WA) HAKP
ELLISON Frank Stewart 2324 (SA)
EMERSON Alexander 2815 (VIC)
EMMS Lewis Bernard 768 (England)
EVANS Albert Edward 398 (WA)
EVANS Frederick Milton 399 (WA)

EWERS Donald Ernest 2261 (VIC) HAKP
FAIRHEAD Cecil Rowland 3572 (WA)
FARAGHER Joseph Albert 5697 (England)
FAULKNER William George (England) HAKP
FEALY Frederick Jillett 2817 (VIC)
FELTHAM Frederick Octavius 3423 (WA)
FERGUSON Edward James 2670 (WA)
FERGUSON Theodore William MM 528 (WA) HAKP
FERNYHOUGH Sydney 838 (England)
FERRY Leonard Albany 3653 (WA)
FISHER Herbert 759 (England) HAKP
FITZGERALD Albert 3055 (Wales) HAKP
FLANAGAN John Joseph 708 (NSW)
FLETCHER Henry Arthur 952 (WA)
FLORENCE John William 178 (Greece)
FOLEY James Michael 1819 (VIC)
FOLEY John Michael 3391 (Ireland)
FORSYTH Thomas Charles 376 (VIC)
FOSTER Robert Arthur 2088 (England)
FOY James Francis 809 (VIC)
FRASER Clayton Clarence 5701 (WA)
FRASER Harold James 871 (NSW)
FREARSON Clement Cooke Junction 865 (SA)
FREDERICK Louis Spencer 5703 (VIC) HAKP
FRUISH Cyril Wainwright 2820 (VIC) HAKP
FRY Thomas Leonard 7473 (SA)
FULCHER Charles Henry 125 (England)
FULCHER James 3654 (England)
GARDINER Norman Bradley 1823 (WA)
GARNOM Jack 3576 (Lebanon)
GATLEY Richard Henry 2825 (England)
GAULL Norman James 2170 (WA) HAKP
GAY Robert Olive 1915 (NSW)
GIBSON Edward James 128 (WA)
GILL John James 7477 (VIC)
GILLAM Charles Thomas 1825 (WA) HAKP
GINGER Herbert George Reginald 1652 (England)
GORDON Charles 3659 aka KIRBY Percy Edward (England)
GOULD Frank 179 (England)
GRACE Stephen 2575 (VIC)
GRAHAM James Forsyth 2166 (England)
GRAHAM Malcolm Roderick 419 (VIC)
GRANT Harold Isadore 3592A (WA)
GREEN Abraham 2168 (England)
GREEN George 48 (NZ)
GREEN William Arnold 5711 (England)
GREENE Lambert Robert 699 (England)
GREENHAM George William Thomas 2574 (VIC)
GREGG Rupert 798 (VIC)
GRIFFITH Gerald 2042 (NSW)
GRIFFITHS Evan 581 (Wales)
GRIGSON William Herbert 2336 (WA)
GUDGEON Christopher 3417 (England) HAKP
GUNDISCH Alexander Peter 182 (VIC)
GUNTON Thomas 2095 (England) HAKP
HAIGH John 584 (England)
HAILWOOD John 3067 (VIC)
HALL Norman 3424 (WA)

HAMMOND Frederick William 2107 (WA)
HANRETTY Raymond Harold 131 (WA)
HANTKE Frederick Ronald 1660 (WA) HAKP
HARDMAN John Chadwick 187 (England) HAKP
HARRISON John Henry 3668 (England)
HARVEY Charles Christopher 3072 (England)
HAUGHEY Charles Stephen 1659 (VIC)
HAWKINS Edward Sherard 1658 (VIC) HAKP
HEHIR Alfred 315 (VIC)
HENRY George John 2580 (WA)
HERBERT Robert 2347 (WA)
HESKETH Joseph James 489 (VIC)
HIGGINS Stafford 50 (WA)
HINE Charles 51 (South Africa)
HITCHCOCK Joseph Thomas 986 (England)
HOBSON Roy Napoleon 89 (WA)
HODGKINSON Oliver William 2108 (England)
HODSON Frederick William 583 (England)
HOGAN Patrick James 603 (Ireland)
HOLMAN Victor 2112 aka VASTAMAA Kustaa Viktori (Finland)
HOLST Cecil Louis 3295 (WA)
HORNER Ernest William 532 (WA)
HOWARD Henry Ernest 443 (VIC)
HOWE Ivan James 960 (SA)
HOWITT Norman William 1655 (WA)
HUGHES Clarence Edgar 2346 (VIC)
HUGHES George Henry (VIC) HAKP
HUGHES John Peter 637 (WA)
HUMPHRIES Francis Reuben 2344 (England) HAKP
HUMPHRY Cecil Edward 1657 (WA)
HUNT George William 2101 (England)
HUNTER William 830 (Scotland)
HUNTER William Percy 168 (WA) HAKP
HUTCHINSON Leslie Charles 3376 (WA)
INGATE Harry 5729 (England)
JAVENS Victor William 2195 (England)
JOHNSTON James 2113 (VIC)
JOHNSTONE William 3580 (NSW)
JONES Herbert 283 (England)
JONES John Lloyd 904 (England)
JONES Luther Pryce 588 (Wales)
JOYCE Tom Baxter 2115 (England)
KAIRI Andrew 3085 (Russia)
KAVANAGH Patrick 3086 (WA)
KAVANAGH Phillip 94 (VIC)
KELLY Ernest Roger 7492 (WA) HAKP
KELLY John Joseph 2354 (QLD) HAKP
KEMP Peter 3301 (England)
KEY Henry James 1618 (VIC)
KINGSTON Eric George 3443 (WA)
KIRKHAM Thomas James 2355 (VIC)
KNAPTON Archibald Arthur 1951 (WA)
KNIGHT Sydney Victor Herbert 769 (VIC)
KRUG David 978 (WA)
LAHIFF John 1668 (Ireland)
LAIRD Thomas Paterson 592 (Scotland)
LAMEY Thomas Albert 3307 (England)

LAURIE James Milton 317 (NZ)
LAW William 2600 (Scotland)
LAWSON Arthur Alfred 1671 (VIC)
LAWSON Frederick William 638 (WA)
LAWSON James 2356 (Scotland)
LEE Joseph 2122 (WA)
LEISHMAN Thomas Robertson 2000 (SA) HAKP
LEWIS Frederick Arthur Henry 3308 (WA)
LEYLAND Thomas 639 (England)
LIDINGTON George Frederick 762 (England)
LIMBOURN Samuel 55 (England)
LINGWOOD Alexander 416 (WA)
LONGA Dominic 3091 (Italy)
LONGBOTTOM Aubrey Cornelius 1957 (WA)
LONGMUIR Ronald Davis 5743 (WA) HAKP
LONSDALE James Alexander MM 814 (QLD)
LOVELL Harry Esh 196 (VIC)
LUMGAIR Charles 2846 (Scotland)
LURSSEN Carl John 5740 (WA)
LYNCH Daniel 3678 (Ireland)
LYNCH Joseph Patrick 2359 (SA)
LYNCH Richard 2118 (Ireland)
LYNCH William Richard 305 (SA)
McALLISTER Oliver 217 (Scotland)
McAULIFFE William 245 (WA)
McCANN Francis Douglas 5746 (WA) HAKP
McCARLIE Robert 3433 (VIC)
McCARTHY Francis John 802 (WA)
McCORMACK William 250 (VIC)
McDERMOTT Alfred George (England)
MACDONALD David George 1976 (SA)
MACDONALD Donald Gilmour 1975 (SA)
McDONALD William MM 2134A (VIC)
McGRATH Francis Luke 2610 HAKP
McHUTCHISON Thomas 713 (Scotland)
McKENNA John Clement 2365 (WA) HAKP
MACKENZIE James Wharton 3685 (WA) HAKP
MACKENZIE William Andrew 2218 (Scotland)
McKEOWN Cecil Herbert 3442 (WA)
MACLENNAN Dougal 642 (Scotland)
McMANUS James 2206 (Scotland)
McNAULL Fred 3584 (WA)
McNEECE William Henry Leo 909 (WA)
McNEILL Norman Frederick 101 (NZ)

McOUAT George Henry Leonard 2282 (VIC)
MANSBRIDGE Tom Franklin 3395 (Ireland)
MARRIOTT Thomas William 1866 (NSW)
MARSH Francis Jules 401 (NZ)
MARSHALL Hugh Keith 594 (WA) HAKP
MARTIN James 498 (VIC)
MATHEWS Edwin Harold 2211 (NSW)
MATTHEWS Cecil George 3098 (NSW) HAKP
MATTHEWS Eric Alfred 2124 (WA) HAKP
MAY Sinclair Bennett 3099 (England)
MELLOR George Joseph 3686 (England)
MELLOWSHIP William Benjamin 598 (WA) HAKP
MILES William James 422 (England)
MILNER George Hetherington 735 (WA)
MONAGHAN Edward Charles 2608 (VIC) HAKP
MONKSFIELD Charles Adolphus 343 (WA)
MOORE Cecil James 2129 (WA)
MOORE Julius Victor 2128 (WA)
MOORE Norman Francis 2373 (VIC) HAKP
MORAN John 3426 (VIC)
MORCOM William 355 (WA)
MORESBY John Sharrer Ward 849 (England)
MORGAN Ernest Oliver 1869 (Wales)
MORLEY George William 3412 (WA)
MORRIS Thomas Kilgour 2371 (Scotland)
MORRIS Walter 5761 (England)
MOSES Hamilton Leslie 497 (NZ)
MOYLE John Willie 3394 (England) HAKP
MOYLE Robert 6334 (England) HAKP
MUDIE Arthur Wedderburn MM 5754 (SA)
MULLINS Austin 923 (WA) HAKP
MUNRO William James 672 (Scotland)
MURPHY Thomas Aloysius 540 (WA) HAKP
MURRAY Ernest 2127 (England)
MURRAY James 643 (Scotland)
NEWTON George 104 (England)
NEWTON Herbert 3397 (England) HAKP
NICHOLLS Joshua Thomas 1789 (VIC)
NICHOLS Weston 2863 (WA)
NICHOLS William Mark 34 (England) HAKP
NORTHWAY Alfred James 604 (England)
NUGENT Cyril Banks 57 (NSW) HAKP
O’BRIEN Daniel Michael 325 (QLD) HAKP

OGBORNE Colin Wilson 59 (WA)
O’GORMAN Stephen MM 2435 (VIC)
O’GRADY Michael 62 (Ireland)
O’MARA Joseph 7528 (WA)
O’NEIL John Terence 256 (WA)
ORR John Branson 3110 (QLD) HAKP
OSTERBERG Walter Hamilton 1680 (VIC)
OSWALD John 647 (Scotland)
PALMER Christopher Ryder 1937 (England)
PARKER Alfred 2032 (England)
PARSONS Harold Fuller 2389 (England) HAKP
PATERSON Thomas Wilson 2233 (Scotland)
PATERSON William Hamilton 375 (NSW)
PAUL William 3334 (England) HAKP
PEARSON Horace William 3329 (England) HAKP
PEAT James (VIC)
PEDERSEN Arthur George 2618 (SA)
PHELPS George 2393 (NSW)
PIERCE Frederick Oliver 383 (VIC)
PINNEY Charles Starmer 2138 (England)
PORTENER Victor Randolph 405 (England)
PORTER George Reginald MID (TAS)
PRENDERGAST James Edward 2870 (Wales)
PRESTON Vivian 711 (England)
PRICE Marshall James 3332 (VIC)
PRIEST Lancelot William 2672 (WA)
RADLEY Claude Archibald 2877 (WA) HAKP
RAE David 5776 (VIC) HAKP
RAE Robert 63 (Scotland)
REED Thomas Alfred 989 (VIC)
RENDELL Edward Ronan Gotbed MM 2765 (VIC)
RENTON Alexander Murray MM 668 (NSW)
REYNOLDS Searle 549 (SA)
RICHARDSON Cyril Kelly St John 7354 (VIC)
RICKSON Stanley Ernest 207 (England) HAKP
RIDLEY Hartley Herbert 712 (SA)
RIELLY John 505 (VIC)
(ROBERTS C A) ROBERTO Claudius Aloysius 108 (WA)
ROBERTS Edward Augustus 2770 (WA) HAKP
ROBERTS Frank 3123 (England)
ROBERTS James 5775 (England)
ROBERTS John Thomas 2882 (VIC)
ROBERTSON Daniel 1686 (Scotland)
ROBERTSON Talbert 2239 (Scotland)
ROBINSON Richard 610 (England) HAKP
ROBSON George Chase 653 (England) HAKP
ROGER Alexander (England)
ROGERS George Alexander 3410 (England)
RONAN Herbert Clarence 265 (NSW)
RONAN Maurice James 421 (NSW)
ROOKE Theodore 611 (WA)
ROSE Christopher Samuel 5773 (WA)
ROWE Reginald James 345 (England)
ROWLAND William Joseph 2396 (WA)
RUTHERFORD Charles 698 (VIC)
RYE George 5184 (England)
SAILANI Nain Singh 658 (India) HAKP

SALMON Charles Edward 512 (England)
SALTER Robert Melville 394 (WA)
SAMPSON Bert Bramwell 1993 (NSW)
SANDS Albert Victor 7540 (VIC)
SAUNDERS John Francis 2154 (Ireland)
SAVAGE Lionel Newton 971 (England) HAKP
SCOTT George William Mathew 4660 (VIC)
SCOTT James 2404 (England)
SCOTT John Henry 2517 (VIC)
SCRIBBINGS Leonard 2891 (Wales)
SEERY Frederick 5781(WA)
SERLS Ernest William 2410 (WA)
SHORT William John 913 (England)
SKINNER James Clement 2420 (England) HAKP
SLY John 2288 (VIC)
SMITH Donald John MacPherson 2424 (Scotland)
SMITH Ernest Walter 2250 (VIC)
SMITH Francis John 3713 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Frederick Victor 572 (England)
SMITH Ivon Herbert Jacob 3359 (VIC)
SMITH John 5779 (WA)
SMITH James Greig 864 (SA) HAKP
SMITH Robert Alfred 3130 (England)
SMITH William Roy 891 (VIC)
SMITHSON Charles 659 (WA)
SOMERO Daniel 3132 (Finland)
SPARGO Harold Charles 2889 (VIC)
STANTON Henry William 330 (WA)
STEPHEN David Robert MC (Scotland)
STEPHEN William Walter 914 (Isle of Man) HAKP
STEWART David Walter 1783 (NSW)
STEWART Edward 2422 (VIC)
STEWART William Magnus 2421 (SA)
STOTT James 212 (Scotland)
STREET Alfred Cecil 2150 (NZ)
STREETER William Sendall 3351 (NZ)
TAAFFE John Edward 7547 (India)
TATTERSALL James Henry 2893 (England)
TAYLOR Alfred 157 (England)
TAYLOR Alfred James Robert MSM 1913 (NSW) HAKP
TERRY Thomas 215 (England)
THOMAS David John 561 (Wales)
THOMAS Frederick George 3500 (NSW)
THOMAS Milton Herbert 2265 (VIC)
THOMPSON Edward Henry Richard John 2895 (England)
THOMPSON Robert Thomas 2160 (WA)
THOMPSON William Thomas 513 (England) HAKP
THRUM Harry Shepherdson 918 (SA) HAKP
TROY Ernest William 692 (WA)
TRUNFULL Leonard Alfred 726 (England)
TUKE Stanley 2521 (England) HAKP
TURNER Henry Newton 7494 (NSW)
TUSSUP Harry 2898 (VIC)
TYSON Albert 2429 (WA)
VIANT Fred William 2431 (SA)
VINCENT Hubert Henry James 920 (England)
WADE Hector William 925 (VIC) HAKP
WALL Cyril 2168A (WA) HAKP
WALLACE Leslie 813 (VIC)
WALLACE Ronald Daniel 466 (VIC)

WALLACE Stephen Hubert Christian 2772 (VIC)
WALSH Joseph Frederick 2165 (England) HAKP
WALSH Richard Edward (TAS)
WALTON Rupert 2657 (WA) HAKP
WALTON Robert Hunton 1921 (England)
WAMSLEY George Oscar Harden 2043 (VIC)
WANN Charles Alexander 2901 (NSW)
WARREN Lewis Stanley 2903 (SA) HAKP
WATTERS John Horace 667 (VIC)
WEIR John Hay 999 (NZ) HAKP
WELLS Edward James 3378 (England)
WELSHMAN Alfred Charles 186 (England) HAKP
WEST George 2643 (NSW)
WHITE Charles Montague 2644 (England)
WHITE George Stephen 156 (WA) HAKP
WHITE Harold Edwin 566 (VIC)
WIGHT Norman Richard 2436 (SA) HAKP
WILKINS Edward Burnell 979 (Wales)
WILKINSON Leslie George 1706 (NSW)
WILLIAMS Albert Edward 3150 (VIC)
WILLIAMSON Charlie 771 (WA)
WILSON William James 69 (VIC) HAKP
WISE William Herbert 2169 (VIC)
WITHALL Charles Edward 2647 (SA)
WOOD Robert Garner 3151 (NSW)
WOOD Samuel William 1709 (WA)
WOOD William Frederick 434 (England)
WOOLLEY James 2653 (VIC)
WORLEY George William 2910 (NSW)
WRIGHT Arthur 812 (WA)
YOUNG John (Scotland)
BAWDEN William Gilbert Harvey CdeG MID 318 (WA)
JOHNSTONE Malcolm Albert John 5731 (SA)
TAYLOR James Edward Sydney MID (NSW)
DANIELL John James 65 (England)

AIRD Archibald John 5048 (SA)
ALCORN Charles Henry MM & Bar 2858 (VIC)
ALLAN Stephen Douglas 2872 (TAS)
ALLEN Ernest 3026 (WA)
ANDERSON Henry George 1580 (England)
ANDERSON Herbert James 5043 (Scotland)
ANDERSON Maurice 4742 (Scotland)
ANNANDALE John Williamson 5046 (Scotland)
APPLIN Robert Harry 3114 (England)
ASHMORE Luther 4555 (England)
BACKSHALL Walter James 2880 (SA)
BADNALL Cecil Beaumont 2875 (England)
BAKER Darcy 4445 (NSW) HAKP
BALDRY Frederick Oswald 4950 (SA)
BARR Alfred George 5050 (England)
BARRETT John Edward 2951 (VIC)
BARTER Robert Dimond 2629 (WA) HAKP
BARWELL George 4566 (NZ)
BEATON Ernest MM 4567 (VIC)
BEECHEY Harold Reeve 200 (England)
BELL Clarence Bickford 5065 (SA) HAKP
BENPORATH Frank Holton 1777 (England) HAKP
BENTLEY Edgar MM 3403 (England) HAKP
BINGHAM Ernest 4253 (WA)
BISHOP Hubert Harvey 3122 (NSW) HAKP
BISHOP Walter James 3856 (WA)
BLECHYNDEN Leslie Thomas 2882 (WA) HAKP
BLENCOWE Sydney Fenner 2863 (England)
BLOOMAN Harry 2881 (England)
BOLE Harold 5063 (England)
BOTTEN George 5064A (England)
BOUCHER Albert 2633 (England)
BOURNE Horace Wilfred 4764 (SA)
BOWES John Beatty 2627 (NSW)
BRAMWELL William 4768 (England)
BRAY Harold Oswald 3254 (VIC)
BRENNAN Francis Matthew 4561 (WA)
BREUER James Herman 4384 (WA)
BRITTAIN Walter William 3104B (VIC) HAKP
BROOKS Thomas 4571 (England) HAKP
BROWNE William Thomas 2885 (VIC)
BRUCE Albert Edward 2639 (WA)
BRUCE William Rufus 3044 (WA)
BULL Frederick 4300A (WA)
BURKS Charles Percy 1456 (England)
BURRINGTON Horace Francis 4306 (England)
BUSWELL George Edward 4758 (England)
CALHOUN William 4772 (WA)
CAMERON Thomas 4588 (NZ)
CAMPBELL James 4582 (VIC)
CAPORN Percy 2647 (WA)
CARD Frank James 3132 (VIC)
CARR Albert 1600 (NZ)
CARROLL Albert Edward 5032 (WA) HAKP
CHANTLER Charles George 2643 (England)
CLARK Albert 3266 (England)
CLARK Arthur Banks 4291 (SA)

CLARK Arthur Dudley 2873 (QLD)
CLIFF Thomas 3022 (QLD)
COLGAN Charles 4787 (VIC)
COLK Ernest Hubert 3137 (VIC)
COLLIER George 5078 (England)
COLLINS Lewis Frank 4785 (England)
CONNAUGHTON William James MM 4776 (WA) HAKP
CONNOR Michael 4258 (WA)
CONROY John William 4256 (VIC)
COOPER James Wesley Brittain 3382 (WA) HAKP
CORKERY Patrick 4583 (NSW)
COSSON John George DCM MID (England)
COUSENS Frank Ernest 5076 (VIC) HAKP
COUSINS Vernel Douglas 2896 (WA)
COWAN James 3139 (VIC) HAKP
CRAIG James Burnett 4780 (WA) HAKP
CRAWFORD Stanley Arthur 2647 (VIC)
CRUMP Jack 4774 (England)
CUMMING Derwas Goring Charles MC & Bar (SA)
CUMMING Herbert 4589 (WA) HAKP
CUMMINGS Mark Hugh 5072 (SA)
DALZIELL Ernest Rulle 2650 (WA)
(DANE S) DAUE Stanley 2613 (NZ)
DAVIES Harold George 4794 (WA)
DAVIS James 4595 aka ZIMMER James (England)
DAVIS James Percy MM 4792 (NSW)
DAVIS Richard John 4801 (VIC)
DEDMAN George 4594 (England) HAKP
DENHAM Frank Arthur 4332 (England)
DEVON John 3101 (NSW) HAKP
DEVON Robert 2648 (NSW) HAKP
DICKSON Keith Henry 1532 (VIC) HAKP
DONALDSON Joseph Albert 2763 (VIC)
DONNELLAN Thomas 4326 (Ireland)
DONOVAN Christopher 5085 (WA)
DORAN Albert Philip 3101 (VIC) HAKP
DOYLE William 2649 (WA)
DUNSTAN Edward John 4967 (VIC)
EDBROOKE Frederick Charles 2901 (England)
EDMONDS Neil Flower 2655 (VIC)
EDWARDS Reginald Gordon 3104 (Wales)
ELLEMENT Victor Ernest 4803 (VIC)
ELLIOT Thomas Hampton (SA) HAKP
ELMS Harry 2654 (England)
ELSHAW John William Barker 2882 (England)
EVANS George Freeman (Unknown) HAKP
FAULKNER Alfred William 4806 (England)
FERGUSON Edward Charles 4441 (WA)
FERRIE James 4733 (Scotland)
FINGLAND William Thomas 5094 (VIC)
FINN Fred 2856 (England)
FISHER Osborne 3106 (NSW) HAKP
FISHER Walter Stanley 4272 (NSW) HAKP
FLINT George 2884 (QLD)
FLYNN Joseph Patrick 4814 (VIC) HAKP
FLYNN Thomas Joseph 4810 (QLD)
FORBES Ashley McDonald 2657 (VIC)
FOSTER Alfred Berty MID 16 (England)
FOSTER Robert Samuel 3079 (Ireland) HAKP
FREEMAN Frederick 3108 (England)

FULWOOD William Dawson 4275 (SA)
GAMLEN Albany Stanley 1723 (SA)
GANDY George 4607 (WA)
GANT George 2909 (England)
GARD Thomas James Bastian 5100 (QLD)
GASKILL Quentin Eustace 3831 (SA)
GEDDES John Roy 4819 (NSW)
GIBSON George Wilson 2665 (Scotland)
GILBERT Percy George 1710 (WA) HAKP
GILBERT Robert William 4541 (NSW) HAKP
GODDEN William John 515 (England)
GOODMAN Francis Joseph 4280 (WA)
GORMAN Frank 4370 (Ireland)
GOULD John 2293 (VIC)
GRACE Michael James 4450 (VIC)
GRAHAM Frederick 3029 (England)
GREAGG John Rapson 2666 (England)
GREENHAM Arthur Engle 2891 (VIC)
GRIFFITHS John Paull 4816 (SA)
GRIFFITHS Stanley Gordon 342 (NSW)
GRIMSTER Fred Charles 4437 (England)
GRONO Percival Charles 2893 (NSW)
GROVES George Albert Percy 2084 (VIC)
GUNNER Harold Percy MM (England)
HAMILL Andrew Clarkson 5113 (Scotland)
HANNAN Leonard Vernon 3114 (WA)
HARMER Walter 2674 (England)
HARRIS Carl Francis 6524 (Wales)
HARRIS John Albert 5114 (VIC)
HARRIS Thomas 4826 (Scotland)
HAY James 2294 (VIC) HAKP
HAYDOCK Frederick 3162 (England)
HAZELL Charles Richard 4831 (Ireland)
HEAD John 2896 (QLD)
HEALY John Scally 2673 (WA)
HEBENTON Thomas 4948 (Scotland)
HEGARTY James 2683 aka ANDERSON Albert James (NSW)
HENFRY Ernest Louis Barton 3166 (WA) HAKP
HENRY James William 3165 (NSW)
HICKEY John 5111 (WA)
HILL Bertram Thomas 5034 (SA)
HILL Herbert Clifton 4627 (England)
HINXMAN Henry 2679 (VIC)
HITCHCOCK Henry 2684 (WA)
HOCKING John Herbert 2680 (VIC)
HODGINS Richard 3159 (Ireland)
HOLBROOK Thomas Charles 4342 (England)
HOOPER William Keith 3249 (WA)
HORE Fred Malcolm 2678 (SA)
HOULT Herbert 4284 (England)
HOWLETT Percy 3119 (England)
HOWSON Robert Richard 3117A (WA)
HUFFAM Lawrence 723 (England)
HUNTER Robert Olerhead 3157 (VIC)
HUSSEY Henry 3848 (VIC)
JACKSON Alfred James 4633 (WA) HAKP
JACKSON Percival 4835 (VIC)

JAMES Oscar 4349 (NSW)
JAMES Percival Ernest 3043 (WA)
JAMES Waldo Albert 2900 (QLD)
JECKS Alec Charles 4632 (WA)
JILLEY Oscar MID (England)
JOHNSON Charles Thomas 3017 (SA)
JOHNSTON John Foster 5040 (WA) HAKP
JONES Frederick Arthur 4447 (SA) HAKP
JONES George 4631 (England)
JONES Harry Waters 4296 (England)
JONES William 4834 (Wales)
KAY Charles William 4353 (WA)
KENDALL Donald Gordon 2936 (England)
KENT Edward Samuel 4354 (VIC)
KEYTE Charles Cottrell 2932 (VIC)
KILBY Robert 4846 (England)
KINDRED Percy Henry 5126 (WA)
KING Alfred Albert 4642 (WA) HAKP
KINNANE Thomas 2935 (NSW) HAKP
KIRKPATRICK Robert Leigh DCM 4842 (Scotland)
KNIGHT Percy Hudson 5128 (England) HAKP
LANG Eric 5129 (VIC)
LAWSON James 3032 (Scotland)
LENTON Thomas Samuel 2673 (England)
LILLY Frank 2701 (WA)
LIND Carl 2940 (Sweden)
LLOYD Walter 5130 (England)
LOUDEN Henry George Anderson 2698 (QLD)
LOWE Richard 5133 (England)
LUETCHFORD Donovan Frank MM (England) HAKP
McCABE James 2706 (Scotland)
McCOMBE Maynes Samuel 2857 (VIC) HAKP
McGOWAN Thomas 2702 (VIC)
McGRATH James 4873 (NSW) HAKP
McKAY Arthur Alfred 4677 (SA)
McKENNA Walter William 4665 (WA) HAKP
MACKENZIE Alick Campbell 2858 (NSW)
McKILLOP Donald 2950 (VIC)
McKINNON Alexander 2705 (NZ)
McLEOD Duncan Albert 2630 (VIC)
McNEE William 4861 (Scotland)
MALEY Reginald Herbert 4868 (WA) HAKP
MARCH Douglas George 2720 (England)
MARSHALL William John 2714 (VIC)
MARTIN George Thomas 2716 (VIC) HAKP
MATTHEWS James William 3140 (England) HAKP
MAXIM Frederick 4862 (England)
MAYERSBETH Joseph William (England)
MESNEY Valentine Weller 2712 (England)
MICHIE John 3144 aka COUTTS John Michie (Scotland)
MILLAR Alexander Bilsland 4650 (Scotland)
MILLMAN Percival 5136 (VIC)
MILLS James Greenway 4872 (England)
MINETER Martin 473 (Ireland)
MINTY Edwin James 4652 (England)
MITCHELL Ernest Joseph 2710 (SA)
MOCATTI Victor James 2956 (WA)
MOLONEY Joseph 3180 (England)
MONAGHAN William Leo 4874 (NSW)

MONTAGUE Albert Henry 3136 (England) HAKP
MOOR Frank Cruyet 717 (England) HAKP
MOORE John William Beverhoudt 2911 (VIC) HAKP
MORGAN Leonard Frank Wilkes 4651 (SA)
MORRISSEY Michael Roy 4372 (WA)
MOULDEN William 2711 (VIC)
MOYSE Samuel Ellis 2912 (SA)
MUNDY William Harold 2944 (WA)
MURCHIE David 4875 (Scotland)
MURDOCK W S (MURDOCH William Stewart 5147 (VIC))
MURRAY Edward Aubrey Mutton (NSW) HAKP
NEIL Harold John (England)
NENKE Stanley Berthold 4377 (SA)
NEWPORT Claude Vincent 2961 (WA) HAKP
NIXON Charles Errol 2963 (WA)
NORTHEY Harry Howard 2722 (SA)
O’BRIEN Jack 4443 (WA) HAKP
O’BRIEN Michael Patrick MM 2918 (VIC)
OMA Norman Frank 2967 (NSW) HAKP
O’NEIL Gregory Dowling MM 2859 (VIC)
O’NEILL Edward MM 2724 (VIC)
ONSLOW Ernest 4683 aka ANSLOW Ernest (England)
OSBORN William Albert Joseph 4102 (WA)
OTTAWAY Bertram Hope (England)
OXMAN Alfred William 4684 (WA) HAKP
PADLEY Jack William 4688 (VIC) HAKP
PAINTER Albert William 1510 (VIC)
PATTISON Horace John Dickens 4689 (VIC)
PEACOCK Alfred 3154 (England)
PHILIPPSON Clarence Lancelot (NSW) HAKP
PHILLIPS Samuel Gilbert 2919 (VIC)
PITT Chesney Louis 3195 (England)
POTTER Harry Edward 3197 (England)
PRINCE Arthur 3198 (England)
PURVIS Harold 2728 (WA)
QUAN Walter 4325 (VIC)
RAMSHAW Joseph 3925 (WA)
RANDELL Herbert Samuel 4328 (WA) HAKP
RANDLE John 2695 (VIC)
REVELL William Henry 3383 (England)
RICKEY Edward Ernest 3212 (WA)
RIDLEY Henry Quentin (England)
ROBB James Cooper 2738 (VIC) HAKP
ROBERTSON Archer George 4696 (VIC)
ROBINSON Cecil William 3987 (WA)
ROGERS David Owen 4448 (WA)
ROSE John 4449 aka ROSENFELDT Aaron (WA)
ROSS James Robert 4693 (WA) HAKP
ROWE Francis Thomas 4332 (SA)
ROWLAND Charles Johnson 3989 (WA)
RUSSELL George Amos 3990 (England)
RUSSELL William Alban 4330 (NSW)
SAMPFORD Charles Raymond 2927 (NSW) HAKP
SAMPFORD William Miles 2928 (NSW) HAKP
(SANSON C F) SANSOM Charles Frank 3991 (England)
SANSUM Arthur Harold 5037 (VIC)
SCARESBROOK Frederick Charles 2987 (WA)
SCHRYVER Harold Sydney 2854 (WA)
SELBY Samuel Vaughan 3224 (NSW)
SHADWICK John Alfred (England) HAKP
SHANKS David 3217 (VIC)

SHARP Harry Godfrey 6148 (VIC)
SIMPSON Alexander Scott 3103 (SA)
SIMPSON James 2705 (Scotland)
SIMS Francis Alfred 2984 (England)
SIMS Frederick Gauden 2983 (England)
SINCLAIR Gerald Arthur 3994 (WA)
SKINNER Robert Tierney 4714 (WA) HAKP
SMALL William Clarence MM 2988 (NSW) HAKP
SMETHURST James Henry 3997 (England)
SMITH John 2930 (WA)
SMITH Ronald Blundell 2932 (SA)
SMITH Raymond Victor 4740 (WA)
SNADEN George John 2990 (Ireland)
SOUTER James McGurgan 3221 (VIC)
SPENCER Forrest 4713 (WA)
STANGER Walter Wright 1178 (England)
STEWART Henry 2747 (WA) HAKP
STOKES Clarence John 3218 (WA)
STRANG Robert 4003 (Scotland)
TAYLOR John 3024 (VIC)
TAYLOR Joseph 4010 (England)
TAYLOR James Gaul 4009 (Scotland)
THOMAS James Lewis 2936 (Wales)
THOMPSON Sydney Robert 2756 (WA) HAKP
THOMPSON William Jabez 3000 (England)
TICKLIE Albert Thomas MM 4347 aka TICKLE Albert Thomas (SA)
TILBEE George Stephen 4348 (England)
TOLANO Phil 4922 (QLD)
TOMLINSON John Douglas 2753 (England)
TORRIE William 5207 (Scotland)
TOUGH Alexander 4394 (NSW)
TRELOAR Percival Charles 2751 (SA)
TROTTER John Alexander 2752 (England)
TURNER Percy Thomas 2048 (WA)
UNDERWOOD Hugh Llewellyn 3167 (VIC)
URCH George 4427 (England)
VALLI Baptist 4352 (VIC)
VAUGHAN William George 4351 (VIC)
VAWDREY Thomas Faull 4428 (VIC)
VERNEDE Charles William Ewart 4017 (India)
WACHMAN Robert 4451 (Ireland)
WALKER Alexander 2938 (Ireland) HAKP

WALKER Robert 4362 (Scotland)
WALLACE Walter Charles 3236 (VIC) HAKP
WALTER William Guy Ardagh (WA) HAKP
WANDLESS Thomas Howson 3302 (England)
WATSON Herbert Henry (VIC)
WATT John Alexander 3235 (VIC)
WEATHERALL Norman 3570 (VIC)
WEBB Alfred Louis 1671 (England)
WESTERGAARD Ernest Harold 3007 (SA)
WHARTON William Manuel MM 4435 (SA)
WHITBREAD Hurtle MID 2044 (SA)
WHITEHAND Robert Gilbert 3240 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Henry Hubert 2280 (NSW)
WILLINGTON Spencer William 4959 (SA)
WILLIS Joseph Daniel 4048 (VIC)
WILSON William John 2946 (VIC) HAKP
WIRTA Tobias Oscar Richard 2947 (Finland)
WOODLEY Sidney 3658 (England)
WRIGHT Raymond Hamilton 4028 (WA)
WRIGHTSON Arthur Harry 2860 (WA) HAKP
YOUNG Alexander Greig 4364 (Scotland)
WILLIAMS Albert Edward 3251 (England)
McINTYRE James Brook 2948 (WA)

ADAMS Charles Samuel 1622 (VIC)
ADLAM Joseph Michael 1902 (WA)
AINSWORTH Alfred Edward 7682 (VIC)
ALCOCK Alphonse 2578 (VIC)
ALENIUS Edward Emmanuel 4746 (Finland)
ALLEMAN Johan 2371 (South Africa)
ANDERSON George Alfred 2558A aka MOONEY Patrick (United States)
ANDREW George Bennett 1879 (NSW)
ANGOVE Raymond William Arthur 3771 (VIC)
ARBON James 267 (SA)
ARMSTEAD Reginald 3769 (VIC)
ASHE Jasper Vivian 3469A (NSW)
ASHTON Richard William Jones 2581 (Wales)
ATKINSON Gilbert William 2367 (England)
AVERY James 3115 aka AVERY James Marshall (VIC)
AYLING William 3347 (England)
BACCHUS Archibald Samuel 4943 (VIC)
BAILEY Francis William Samuel (Unknown)
BAILEY John Leslie 2629 (WA) HAKP
BAKER Dick 3997 (England)
BALL John Thomas 2871 (England)
BARNES George Herbert 3118 (VIC)
BARNES Henry William 2790 (VIC)
BARNES John 2872 (VIC)
BARRETT Roy Leslie 3261 aka STRADWICK Roy Leslie (SA) HAKP
BARRON Charles 3490 (Scotland)
BATE Thomas Peter 2780B (WA)
BATES Webster Robert 3120 (VIC) HAKP
BATTERS Alfred 3612 (England)
BAWDEN Frederick 4941 (England)
BEAN John 3263 aka JOHNSTON Irvine (Scotland)
BEARD Alfred Ernest 4460 (WA)
BEARD William Edward 2111 (NSW) HAKP
BEASLEY Robert Guildford 2347 (WA)
BECK Frank Eric 2345 (England)
BECKETT Gilbert Henry 2142 (England) HAKP
BECKETT John 3123 (WA)
BEER Frank 512 (VIC)
BELL Joseph 2592 (England)
BENNETT John Livingstone 4732 (SA)
BENNETT Richard 4327 (VIC)
BENNETTS Edward James 6778 (WA) HAKP
BENTLEY Arthur Wilfred 3480 (England)
BENTLEY Darrell Vernon 2859A (TAS)
BERRY Albert Victor 2286 (WA)
BESSELL Frederick Washington George 1723 (VIC)
BILES Albert Roy 210 (SA)
BOARDMAN Francis John 3998 (WA)
BOLTON Joe 3793 (England)
(BOND G A) BOND George 2793 (England)
BONEHILL George William 2562 (England)
BOOKER Frederick Peter 3126 (VIC) HAKP
BOOTH Edward Collingwood 3349 (VIC)
BORTHWICK James Lough 2375 (Scotland)
BOTTA Diego 3777 (Italy)
BOWLER Charles Herbert 3674 (England)
BOWMAN William Henry 3020 (WA)
BOX Harold Strum 2596 (SA)

BOYDE John James 5352 (Isle of Man)
BRADFORD George Leslie 3798 (NZ)
BRANDT Peter 1891 (NSW) HAKP
BRAUN William 3277 (SA) HAKP
BRIDSON William Samuel 3020 (VIC)
BRIGGS Frederick William 2601A (South Africa) HAKP
BRODERICK Patrick Daniel 4752 (Ireland) HAKP
BRODRIBB Henry Buckler 1625 (England)
BROWN Edward Huxley 3731 (TAS) HAKP
BROWN Ernest William Henry 3980 (WA)
BROWN Frederick John 3783 (VIC)
BROWN John McLeod 22 (VIC)
BROWN William Gordon Condrill 3776 (VIC)
BROWN Walter James 7440 (WA) HAKP
BROWN William Thomas 2168 (NSW)
BUCK Arthur Victor 1630 (England) HAKP
BURKE Frank 2477 (VIC)
BURKE William 1624 (VIC)
BURKETT Charles Wesley 1632 (SA)
BURLING Clarence Allen 27A (NSW)
BURNET William 2607A (Scotland)
BURRELL Eric Lyle 7954 (VIC)
BUTTON Albert James 1870 (VIC) HAKP
BYFIELD William 1305 (VIC)
BYRNES John Sarsfield 3117 (NSW)
CAHILL Clarence 4759 (WA)
CALDER George 1868 (VIC)
CAMPBELL Donald Gordon (VIC)
CAMPBELL James 3493 (WA)
CANT William Joseph 3250 (WA)
CARLIN Eric Brooke 2794 (SA)
CARROLL Charles William Henry 4483 (VIC)
CARTER Charles Henry 1324 (TAS)
CAVANAGH Robert Ashton 2796 (WA) HAKP
CAVIGLIA Jasper 3134 (Italy)
CHAPPELL Alfred Hart 3031 (VIC) HAKP
CHATFIELD Bernard William 2798 (England)
CHEARY Wilfred 3491 (SA)
CHILVERS Oscar MacKenzie (VIC)
CLARK Frank 4773 (England)
CLARK Frederick George 7276 (NSW)
CLARK John 3496A (NSW)
CLARKE Ernest William 2799 (England)
CLARKE Joseph George 3039 (NSW) HAKP
CLAYBYN Thomas Pratt 2573 (England)
CLEARY Thomas Cecil MM 3028 (NSW)
CLIFFORD Albert George MC (VIC)
CLUNE Thomas Joseph 2611 (SA)
CLYDE David Hamilton 3499 (NSW)
COCKMAN William Edgar 2616A (WA) HAKP
COGDON Alfred 2879 (VIC) HAKP
COLE Frederick William David 281 (WA) HAKP
COLLINGWOOD Sydney Cuthbert 3639 (England)
CONVINE George William 3359 (WA)
COOK Edwin Eustace 3853 (VIC)
COOK Percy Hamilton 1461 (SA)
COOK Victor George 4172 (VIC)
COOKE Clive Ernest Alexander (VIC)
COOMBE Oscar Augusta 2613A (SA)

COOPER Alexander 3139B (VIC)
CORBOY Thomas Francis 2618 (Ireland)
COTTAGE Cyril George 1731 (England) HAKP
COUCHE Clair Patrick 7971 (Ireland)
COUCHMAN Arthur John 2881 (England)
COUSINS George Oriel 3031 (WA)
COWARD Edward Carey Brenton 7709 (England) HAKP
COWIE Andrew Gray 2619A (NZ)
COX Ronald Addison Hunter 1314 (Scotland)
CRAIG Archibald Reginald 3140 (NSW)
CRAWFORD William James 2388 (QLD)
CROSS James Jeffery 3804 (VIC)
CROSSLEY Joseph 2394 (England)
CRUTTENDEN Herbert Charles 4766 (England)
CUCEL George Leslie 3503 (VIC)
CULLEN John Patrick 4726 (NSW)
CURRIE John Edward 2639 (England)
CURTIN James 4175 (VIC)
CURTIS Aubrey Edward 2357 (WA)
CURTIS George Edward 3805 (WA)
CURTIS Harold Victor Ronald 7968 (SA)
CUTHBERT Charles Cecil 3363 (England)
CUTTEN Frank Herbert 2390 (VIC) HAKP
DACEY Michael Walter 4945 (NSW)
DALY George 3819 (VIC)
DALZIELL Walter Edward 2806 (WA)
DAVIDSON Samuel John 3970 (SA)
DAVIES Thomas Montague 2896 (VIC)
DAVIES William 1087 (WA) HAKP
DAVIES William Ernest Enoch 3110A (WA)
DAVIS George Patrick 3043 (WA)
DAWKINS Charles Stanley (Unknown) HAKP
DAWSON Herbert Bracewell 3309 (England)
DAWSON Robert 1119 (England)
DAWSON Stanley Graydon 3816 (WA)
DAY Frank Harold 2531 (VIC) HAKP
DE GRACIE Patrick 3375 (NSW)
DELANEY Ralph Taylor 4787 (VIC) HAKP
DE VOOGD Henry John 1643 (VIC)
DHU Alfred James 3509 (WA)
DILLON Edward 2631A (Ireland)
DILLON Jeremiah 2632 (Ireland)
DILLON John 3822 (VIC)
DONEGAN Herbert James 1646 (WA)
DOOHAN Michael MM 2590 (Ireland)
DOUGLAS Harold Lancelot 2633 (NSW) HAKP
DOUGLAS Wilfred Ernest 2591 (WA) HAKP
DOWDELL John Daniel 4485 (WA)
DOWDELL William Thomas 615 (SA)
DOWDING Frederick Thomas 736 (NSW) HAKP
DOWELL Thomas William 4781 (WA)
DOWNEY Hugh 3040 (England)
DREW Frank 2593A (England)
DRIVER William Hurtle 2125 (SA)
DUE Christian 3757 (Norway)
(DUNCAN R H F) DUNCAN Reginald Frank Horace 3858 (VIC) HAKP
DUNKLEY Andrew Robert (TAS)

DUNN Albert John 2595 (NSW)
DUNN Clarence Patrick 2138 (WA)
DUNN Ernest Septimus 2570 (WA)
DUNN William John 4186 (WA)
DUPEROUZEL James Ross 4783 (WA) HAKP
DURLING Maurice Alban 3511 (England)
DYSON Charles Alexander 2636 (WA) HAKP
EAST Huntleigh Albyn 3393A (SA)
EASTHER Arnold Charles Mortimer 2637 (WA)
EATON Henry John 65 (WA)
EDWARDS Eric Stanley 5087 (WA)
EGERTON William Thomas 3825 (England)
EITZEN Charles Edward 33 (SA)
ELLIS Frank 7390 (England)
ELVIN Mobley Toyton 3513 (WA)
ENRIGHT Thomas 4946 (VIC)
ESSEX Leslie Francis 2404 (WA)
EVANS Charles Wilson 3784 (TAS)
EVANS Francis 2399 (VIC) HAKP
EVANS George Frederick 7931 (Ireland)
EVERY Arthur George 3823 (NSW)
FAIRS James Elvey 2648 (England) HAKP
FALLS James 4792 (Ireland)
FETTES William 3827 (NSW)
FEW Charles 4790 (England)
FIELD Edward Richard 2713 (England)
FIENNES-CLINTON Edward Henry 2649 (England) HAKP
FINN Albert 7158 (WA)
FINN John 3525 (Ireland)
FIRTH Victor Joseph 4194 (India)
FITZPATRICK Michael Joseph 3160 (SA)
FLEMING James 3520 (Scotland)
FLETCHER John William 2904 (WA)
FLOYD Austin Herbert 26155 (England)
FORWARD George 2907 (SA)
FRAMPTON Samuel 2405 (England)
FRANKS Robert George 26156 (WA)
FRASER John 2650A (SA)
FURGUSON Herbert Keith 1534 (SA)
FURNISS James Stewart 2407 (SA) HAKP
GAFFNEY Alfred James 3530 (NSW)
GALLAGHER Patrick 3056 (Ireland)
GALLAHER Henry Fletcher 3867 (NZ)
GARDNER Philip 2419 (England)
GAST Charles Chandler CdeG 2909 (VIC)
GAZEY Charles 682 (England)
GEDDES Andrew Dugald 2379 (VIC)
GEMMELL James Oliver 1542 (VIC)
GENT Reginald James 2655 (South Africa)
GEORGE John 7983 (England)
GEORGE Leo 2601 (France)
GIBBS Julius Thomas 3384 (WA)
GIBSON Ernest 4508 (WA)
GILBEY Frederick James 3766 (England) HAKP
GILHAM Richard 2657 (VIC)
GLEDHILL Arthur 2915 (England)
GLEDHILL Horace 3834 (England)

GLENROY Clyde MM 2925 (WA)
GLOVER Charles Maul 659 (WA)
GOGAN Roy William 4795 (WA) HAKP
GOOD John Frederick 3838 (TAS)
GORDON Alexander DCM 2662 (QLD)
GORKOON William Danieloff 4799 (Russia)
GRABHAM John Francis MM 3800 (NSW)
GRAHAM John Charles 2411 (England)
GREATOREX Geoffrey William Edward 7986 (England)
GRIFFITHS Francis Austin 2912 (SA)
GRIFFITHS William George 3835 (SA)
GRIME Edward Milner 3346 (England)
GROSER Noel 4431 (WA) HAKP
GUNDILL Frederick 4801 (VIC)
GUNN William 2567 (England)
GUNNING John George 2604 (WA)
HAGAN Patrick William 3540 (WA)
HALES William Barrington 1763 (England)
HALEY Frederick Lewis 3853 (NSW) HAKP
HALL Arthur Havercroft 2606 (England)
HALL Harold Ashley 2147 (SA)
HALL Sidney Alfred 1926 (SA)
HALLAHAN William Alfred 542 (NZ)
HALLIDAY George James 2607 (SA) HAKP
HALLIDAY Roderick McFarlane 2622 (VIC)
HAMILTON George Sharpe 1664 (WA) HAKP
HAMMOND Frederick William 1773 (WA)
HAMPTON Robert Collett 4806 (NSW)
HAMPTON Thomas 2426 (VIC)
HANCOCK Herbert Paul 4628A (VIC)
HANCOCK Laurence 4820 (England)
HAND George Charles 3123 (England)
HARFORD David Bernard 3844 (WA)
HARRIS Edward Alfred 1652 (VIC)
HARRIS Herbert 2423A (NSW)
HARRISON Albert Edward 1458 (VIC)
HARRISON Charles 3876 (VIC)
HART Joseph 1931 (England)
HARTE Harry Henderson 2865 (VIC)
HARTFIELD William Ernest 2661 (England) HAKP
HARVEY Joseph Henry 1662 (WA)
HARWOOD Victor Albert (WA) HAKP
HARWOOD William 4810 (England) HAKP
HAWKINS Frederick George 1920 (England)
HAY Arthur 4804 (Scotland)
HAY Ernest 4803 (Scotland)
HAYES Graham Frederick 3535 (England)
HAYES Henry 2866 (SA)
HAYES William Thomas 620 (TAS)
HAYNES Henry Edward MM 4811 (WA)
HAYNES William George 2433 (WA)
HECTOR Alexander 3549 (Scotland)
HEDLEY Stanley MM 4812 (WA)
HELLMRICH John Matheson 4528 (WA)
HENDRY Douglas Anderson 2664 (SA) HAKP
HESTER Lancelot Hallett Sweeting 1881 (WA) HAKP

HEWETT Ephraim Roland 3820 (VIC)
HICKLING Reginald MID (England)
HICKMAN William Henry 2919 (WA)
HIGGINS Edward 2616 (WA) HAKP
HIGGINS John Murray 2503 (WA) HAKP
HIGHAM Ernest Augustus (WA)
HIGHAM Malcolm Phipps 3870 (WA)
HILL Rowland Joseph 3537 (VIC)
HILLEN David 2769 (England)
HITCHCOCK Hubert Keane 2421 (WA) HAKP
HODGSON Ernest 2397 (England) HAKP
HODGSON Harry 7991 (England) HAKP
HOLDEN William John 2674 (WA)
HOLDER John Leggo 2431 (England)
HOLLAND George 3852 (NSW)
HOLLAND John Maitland 2927A (WA) HAKP
HORSLEY Albert 4526 (England)
HORTON John Robert 5411 (WA)
HOTSTON Sydney John 2863 (NSW)
HOUSE Reuben William 3774 (WA)
HOUSTON Kenneth Spalding 1928 (SA)
HOWELL Edward James 3847 (SA)
HOWSON Ivon James 2425 (WA) HAKP
HUGHES Ferdinand Moore 3546 (England)
HUGHES Sydney Reginald 2926 (WA)
HUGHES Thomas Edward 4823 (England) HAKP
HUMPHRY Edgar William Thomas 3389A (England)
HUNT Robert Vere 4817 (VIC)
HUNTER Ernest Melrose 3022 (VIC) HAKP
HUNTER William Gordon 4818 (Scotland)
HUNTLEY John 3854 (England)
HUTCHINS Victor Charles 1935 (SA)
HUTTON Ernest Wilfred 3387A (WA) HAKP
(HUXTABLE E P) HUXTABLE Francis Pring 4819 (England)
HYDE Charles Ernest 2178 (VIC) HAKP
HYDEN George Walter 1137 (VIC) HAKP
ICK Thomas Clifton 2867 (VIC) HAKP
IDESON Maurice 3858 (England)
INNES William Claude 1940 (SA)
IRVING John Frederick 4828 (VIC)
JACK John 7313 (NSW)
JACKSON William Henry 3884 (VIC)
JACOBSEN Charles 953 (Russia)
JAMES Horace Isaac 3070 (VIC)
JAMES Joseph 3881 (NSW)
JAMES Robert Francis (England)
JAMES William Edward 15021 (England)
JENKINS Robert James 3553 (WA)
JENNER Arthur William George 3860 (SA)
JOHNSON Alan Norval 2685 (VIC)
JOHNSON Hilmar 3859 (Norway)
JOHNSON Karl Johannes 2815 (Russia)
JOHNSTON William Francis 3396 (WA)
JOHNSTONE Frank 2687 (VIC)
JONES Charles Edward John 3554 (VIC)
JONES Charles Herbert 2816 (VIC)
JONES Frederick George Sweeney 3557 (VIC)

JONES George David Charles 2935 (VIC) HAKP
JONES Gilbert Edward 4031 (WA) HAKP
JONES John 1671 (NSW)
JONES Paul 718 (WA)
JONES Samuel John 2436 (VIC)
JONES Terence Paton 2817 (NSW)
JONES Walter Henry 3886 (VIC)
JORDON J (JORDAN John 1365 (England))
JORDAN William Ernest 1943 (VIC)
KEARNS William Charles Cooper 2574 (QLD)
KELLY James Henry 2692 (WA) HAKP
KELLY Patrick 3872 (Ireland)
KEMP Ernest William 3404 (England) HAKP
KENNEDY Francis 2694 (VIC)
KERRY Thomas William 3559 (England)
KING George Andrew 1950 (WA)
KING John Douglas 8008 (WA)
KINGDON William Matthew 2939 (VIC)
KINROSS James 3169 (SA)
KIRKHAM Richard Thomas 3561 (England)
KNAPP Frederick 3396 (VIC)
KUHLMANN Lawrence Christian 679 (England)

LAMMONBY George Edwin 4025 (WA)
LAMOND William Henry 3602 (VIC) HAKP
LANGLEY Albert John 3682 (England)
LAUFFER Louis Charles 2819 (WA)
LAW John Allen 2777 (WA) HAKP
LAWRANCE Edwin Clement MM 1683 (VIC)
LEADBITTER George 2667 (England)
LEE Harry 2702 (WA)
LEE Henry Iliff 3755 (VIC)
LEE Walter 1790 (England)
LE MESURIER Alan 7747 (Italy)
LENBERG Oliver George 3484 (VIC)
LESLIE Robert Miller 7591 (VIC)
LESTER Sydney 26242 (England)
LEVITT Roger 2705 (England)
LEWIS Herbert George 3862 (WA) HAKP
LEYSHON Leyshon James 1955 (Wales)
LILLIE Sidney 4838 (NSW)
LINDSAY Alfred Gordon 2409 (VIC) HAKP
LITTLE Aynsley 2537 (England)
LITTLE Leslie Andrew 4939 (WA)
LITTMANN Solomon MM 2403 (England)
LIVERTON Herbert Howard 1958 (SA)
LOCKHART Charles Leonard 2947 (VIC) HAKP
LOCKHART Thomas Thomson 3873 (Scotland)
LODGE Francis Miller 2668 (WA) HAKP
LOVE Herbert 4840 (England) HAKP
LOXTON John Angus 3181 (VIC)
LUTLEY John Alfred 94 (England) HAKP
LYNAM Walter Solomon 3570 (WA)
LYONS Arthur Hugh 8014 (Ireland)
McARDELL Phillip Harris Oldfield 4856 (NZ)
McARDLE Terence 1696 (NSW)
(MACBETH W J) McBETH William John 2954 (Scotland)
McCABE James 4362 (Scotland)

McCULLAGH John 1592 (VIC)
McCULLAGH William Hugh 2416 (WA) HAKP
McCULLOCH Henry 263 (VIC)
McDERMOTT Thomas 3181 (NZ)
McDONALD Isaac James 3587 (WA)
McDONALD William Joseph MM (NSW) HAKP
McEWAN Andrew John 3899 (WA)
McGLINN Christopher James 2208A (WA)
McGUINNESS Patrick 7932 (VIC)
McINERNEY James Alexander 3095 (NSW)
MACKAY Robert 2826 (Scotland)
MACKAY Walter 2950 (Scotland)
McKAY William John 3893A (VIC)
MACKENZIE Charles Gordon 1448 (VIC)
McKENZIE William John 1384 (Scotland)
McLEOD Evan 2680 (Scotland)
McMAHEN Herbert Joseph 3592 (VIC)
McMILES Alfred George 3888 (NSW)
McNERNEY Harry 5753 (NSW)
MACPHERSON John McAskill 2710 (Scotland)
MACQUEEN Walter 2462A (VIC)
McSKIMMING James 2743 (VIC)
MAGEE Leonard 2712 (Canada)
MALLEN Robert Henry 3897 (England)
MALLION Thomas 2450 (England) HAKP
MANSFIELD Edgar 2953 (England)
MANSON Alexander 4851 aka CURRIE Alexander Manson (Scotland)
MARCHANT David 2456 (WA)
MARRIOTT Robert 4843 (VIC)
MARSH Thomas John 2715 (England)
MARSHALL Frank 4852 (England)
MARTIN Samuel Sidney 2687 (WA)
MARTIN William Joseph Sampson 3572 (VIC)
MASLIN Thomas James 1082 (WA)
MATTHEWS George Thomas 707 (England)
MATTHEWS Leonard Roy 2716 (SA)
MAY Arthur 1749 (England)
MAYES Walter James 1750 (England)
MEAD Ernest James 2696 (WA) HAKP
MEAD Henry Alexander Charles 2554 (WA) HAKP
MENZIES Robert 2719 (NZ)
METCALF Frederick 738 (England) HAKP
MEYER Albert Leslie 7371 (SA)
MEYER Edward Martin 2823 (SA)
MIDDLETON William Dixon 2212 (VIC)
MIDGLEY Raymond William 2720 (NSW) HAKP
MILLER Albert Leslie (VIC)
MILLER Ernest William Albert 1601 (WA)
MILLER Fredrick Edward 4729 (England)
MILLER Frederick Sumner 2697 (England) HAKP
MILLS Andrew Hepburn Forrest 2825 (WA)
MINCHIN Joseph Henry (WA) HAKP
MOFFLIN Edward Walter 464 (SA) HAKP
MOGENSEN Ingvard 4846 (Denmark)

MOIR Thomas 3091 (Scotland)
MONAGHAN Arthur George 4847 (WA)
MONAGHAN Thomas 2414 (SA)
MONGER Frank Eustace 1136 (WA)
MONSON John Christian 2723 (NZ)
MONTEATH Charles Dunbar 3579 (Scotland)
MOONEY Ernest Alfred John 1984 (SA)
MOORE Walter Elliott 2643 (SA)
MORGAN Henry William 4554 (WA)
MORPHETT Herbert Hurtle 1972 (SA)
MORRIS John Wallace 1866 (Scotland) HAKP
MOSEY Joseph Albert 3578 (NSW)
MOULSON Alfred 7028 (England)
MOYLE Walter James 3433 (QLD)
MUIR Lawrence Stewart 2646 (VIC)
MULLINS Thomas 4850 (WA) HAKP
MURPHY Charles Francis 2694 (NSW)
MURPHY James 1799 (Ireland)
MYLES George 2483 (Scotland)
NASH George William 3598 (England)
NASH William Henry 2464 (WA)
NEWMAN Jack Carter 2283 (WA) HAKP
NEWMAN John Drage 3907 (England)
NEWTON Matthew 2745 (SA)
NICHOL John Ashley 3419 (NSW)
NICHOLSON Gordon 3751 (WA)
NOEL Claude Hamilton 3601 (SA) HAKP
NORTH George 1386 (England)
NUGENT Harold Roy 3206 (WA)
O’DONNELL Alfred Jack 4567 (WA)
O’DONNELL Frank 2682 (WA)
O’DONOGHUE John Aubrey 701 (VIC)
O’DONOGHUE Phillip Vincent 2179 (SA)
OGIER Arthur Edgar 1983 (VIC)
O’GORMAN Roger 1620 (India)
O’KEEFE Michael MM 3391 (Ireland)
OLDMEADOW Arthur 2701 (VIC)
OLIVER Ronald Holmes 2223 (England)
OLIVER William James 2222 (England)
OLSEN Arthur 3425 (NSW)
ORR Joseph Alexander 3423 (VIC)
O’SULLIVAN James Albert 2611 (At Sea)
O’SULLIVAN John Leonard (SA)
PALETHORPE Ralph Lishman 7772 (England)
PARKER James Devereux 3530 (NSW)
PARKER Samuel 2756 (QLD)
PARKER Thomas 6808 (Scotland)
PARKER Walter Edward Alfred 3612 (SA)
PARKINSON Richard 3611 (England)
PARRY Ernest 6910 (NSW)
PARSONS George Archibald 3428 (NSW)
PARSONS Leslie Alfred 1168 (SA)
PARSONS Wilfred Clarence 2757 (Channel Islands)
PASCOE Francis William 2758 (WA)
PASS William 2000 (Unknown)
PASVALSKY Louis 4872 (Russia) HAKP
PAUL Albert Augustine 4876 aka RAINFORTH Alfred Martin Henry (WA)
PEACOCK Charles Ernest 6194 (NSW)
PEACOCK David Harold 2759 (NSW)

PEGLER Claude William Bruce 2470 (NSW) HAKP
PENNA Clarence Allen 2231 (NSW)
PERKINS Eric Kinnock 3469 (VIC)
PERRIS Albert Stanley 3623 (VIC)
PESTELL Eric Arthur 2428 (England)
PETERSON Mat Hendrick 3622 (Finland)
PETHYBRIDGE Joseph Stanley 2703 (VIC) HAKP
PETTIT William Albert 3617 (WA)
PHILLIPS Frank Albert 2705 (England)
PIGGOTT Albert Stephen 2763 (WA)
PINNELL Edward Richard (Unknown)
PITTS James 3543 (England)
PLUCK Arthur Edward 2227 (England)
PODGER Keith George Harman 3445 (VIC)
PODGER Samuel Thomas 3910 (VIC)
POLLITT Arthur 3917 (England)
POPE John 3163 (England)
POPE Sidney Bidgood 3914 (WA)
PORTER Herbert Bishop 2765 (NZ)
POULTON Bertram Frederick 5335 (England) HAKP
POWELL Edwin Kingham 3191 (England) HAKP
POYNTON Edward Erskine 2767 (VIC)
PRATT Arthur 1701 (England)
PRICE John Alfred 585 (England)
PRIDDEY Percy Thomas 3616 (England)
PRIDEAUX Albert Victor 2228 (VIC)
PRYCE David George 5793 (WA) HAKP
PRYDE Irvine 1620 (Scotland)
PUNCHER Sydney Robert 2768 (England)
PURCELL Albert Edward Hounslow 2706 (SA)
QUINN John Michael 4578 (WA)
RABBISH Rupert Gordon 4729 (SA)
RAEMERS Louis 2790 (England)
RAFTER John Henry 2770 (VIC)
RAINBIRD John William 3435 (WA)
RASMUSSEN Ramus Peter 4893 (Denmark)
RATCLIFFE Henry Hopetown 2778 (VIC)
RATCLIFFE Michael 2777 (VIC)
RAWES Edward 2712 (England) HAKP
RAY Stanley Victor 2781 (WA)
RAYNOR Charles Joseph Gerald 2780A (VIC)
READ Allan 1989 (SA)
REDFERN Leslie 2237 (VIC)
REED Arthur Ernest 1761 (NSW)
REEVES Stanley 4581 (VIC)
REID George Henry 2011 (SA)
REIDY John Patrick Charles 4583 (VIC)
REYNOLDS Harry 2209 (England)
REYNOLDS Michael Denis 3109 (WA)
RHODES John Samuel 2437 (WA)
RICHARDSON Arthur Robert 2713 (England)
RICHMOND Claude 677 (Isle of Man)
RICKARD Charles Ernest 4879 (VIC)
RINTEL John 8059 aka RINTEL Samuel Eric (VIC)
RISING Robert William 7783 (SA)
ROACH Francis Thomas 2479 (SA)
ROBERTS Edward 1403 (VIC)
ROBERTSON Donald 4880 (NSW)

ROBERTSON Murdock Neil Leslie 2559 (SA) HAKP
ROBINSON Harold George 4884 (England)
ROBINSON Lawrence Edgar 2202 (VIC)
RODAN Charles Anthony 2974 (Ireland) HAKP
ROGERS William Ernest 2787A (VIC)
RONAN Ernest Francis 1991 (WA)
ROSS Edward Lloyd Vernon 2558 (NSW) HAKP
ROSS Henry Hassal 2865 (NZ)
ROSS James 3196 (Scotland)
ROSS John 2476 (VIC)
ROSSE Frank 7423 (WA)
ROWE Frank 2660 (England)
ROWE Percy 3627 (NZ)
ROWLAND Silas John 2710B (WA)
RUSSELL Cornelius Clive 3911 (SA)
RYAN Arthur Kenworthy 2716 (VIC) HAKP
RYAN Stephen 2978 (NSW)
SAINSBURY Felix Edmund 2729 (England)
SALEEBA Joseph 3920 (Lebanon) HAKP
SANDEMAN James Albert 2500 (QLD)
SANDERCOCK Herbert 2833 (SA)
SAVAGE William 2991 (England)
SCARLETT Leslie Edward Stanley 2243 (WA)
SCARLETT Percy Charles Alfred 2792 (WA)
SCHOFIELD James Edward 2835 (QLD)
SCHOFIELD James Henry 2002 (NSW) HAKP
SCOTHRON John 2733 (England)
SCOTT Dick Enmore 3931 (NSW)
SCOTT Vernon Alexander 3631 (WA) HAKP
SCOTT William 2795 (Scotland)
(SCRUBATOVICH V) SCUBATOVICH Vjenceslav 7611 (Serbia)
SCULLIN Daniel 1996 (NSW) HAKP
SCULLIN Patrick 4958 (NSW) HAKP
SEALE Edward Irving 2256 (VIC) HAKP
SEEARY James 3913 (VIC)
SELLARS Ernest Richard 2723 (England)
SEMKEN Frederick Joseph 2735 (VIC) HAKP
SEMMENS Clarence 4889 (NSW)
SEXTON Frank Leslie 3754 (WA)
SHADDICK William Stanton 2445 (WA)
SHARPE William John 1175 aka SHARMAN William John (VIC)
SHEPHERD Joe 1828 (England)
SHIELDS Robert 2993 (NSW)
SHINGLER Frederick Charles 26182 (VIC)
SHORT Stanley Chloride 3962 (NSW)
SIMPSON Archibald 3121 (Scotland)
SIMS Francis Colston 2799A (England)
SKIPPER Thomas James 1995 (SA)
SMALES Richard Francis 2802 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Albert Cecil 2804 (WA)
SMITH Albert Ernest 3446 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Arthur Henry 2452 (NSW)
SMITH Albert John 1364 (NSW)
SMITH Alfred Thomas 7352 (England) HAKP
SMITH Charles Harold (NSW) HAKP
SMITH Charles Lewis 2445 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Charles Robert 3281 (VIC)
SMITH George William 3929 (VIC) HAKP

SMITH Herbert Charles 2532 (QLD) HAKP
SMITH James 3213 (VIC)
SMITH John 4902 (NSW)
SMITH John Harry 3630 (England)
SMITH John Thomas 3969 (WA)
SMITH John Uwins 2668 (VIC)
SMITH Mark 2246 (VIC)
SMITH Mervyn Whittenbury 2669 (England)
SMITH Peter 4893 (Scotland)
SMITH Robert Edmund 2244 (WA)
SMITH Sidney Herbert 5203 (England)
SMITH Stewart Irwin 594 (NSW)
SMITH Theodore 2451 (England)
SMITH Walter Leslie 4383 (SA)
SMITH William Oliver 3207 (VIC)
SMYTHE Ernest George (NSW) HAKP
SNELL Richard 3935 (VIC)
SNUDDEN Herbert 2811 (VIC)
SPENCER Ernest Arthur 2736 (WA)
SPENCER Lemuel Luke 3921 (SA) HAKP
STEMP Albert William 2728 (England)
STEVENS William Waterson 2259 (Scotland) HAKP
STEWART Ernest 3924 (WA) HAKP
STIRK Harry 3634 (England)
STOKES Charles David 3211 (WA)
STONE Laurence John 4934 (WA)
STOREY George Richard 2488 (England) HAKP
STRAUGHAIR George Angove 2453 (WA)
STREETER Frank Bignell 2492 (England)
STRICKLAND James Alexander 7357 (VIC) HAKP
STUBBS Bartholomew James (VIC) HAKP
SUDDES Frederick 2226 (England)
SUITER George William 3209 (Scotland)
SULLIVAN John 2490 (Ireland)
SULLIVAN Thomas Bernard DCM 1867 (WA) HAKP
SUMNER Cyril William 3114 (WA)
SUTHERLAND Henry Warwick 1411 (QLD)
SUTTON Charles 2724 (England)
SWAN Douglas John 2855 (England) HAKP
SWANWICK Eustace Hinton 1836 (England)
SWEENEY Lawrence Alfred 2621 (SA)
TAGGART John Lancaster 3938 (Scotland)
TATHAM Alfred 3639 (WA)
TATHAM William James 1845 (WA)
TAYLOR Ernest 3476 (WA)
TAYLOR Frederick Thomas 1527 (VIC) HAKP
TAYLOR Frederick Walter 2833A (VIC) HAKP
TAYLOR George 3223 (SA)
TAYLOR John Robert 1844 (VIC) HAKP
TAYLOR Walter William 1641 (England)
TELFER William 2819 (Scotland)
TEMPLE David George McClure 2541 (Ireland)
TERRY Isaac John 2820 (VIC)
TERRY Oliver Frank 2263 (England)
THOMAS Albert 4908 (England)
THOMAS Arthur Grover 1843 (England)
THOMAS George Edward 3939 (WA)
THOMAS Thomas 1643 (Wales)
THOMAS William Arnold Spencer 2284 (SA) HAKP

THOMAS William Edward 2827 (WA)
THOMAS William Lionel Gordon 3220 (SA)
THOMPSON Arthur Henry 1081 (SA)
THOMPSON Horace 3641 (England)
THOMPSON Henry Edmund 2458 (NSW) HAKP
THOMPSON Robert William 7803 (WA)
THOMPSON Victor Albert 1644 (WA)
THOMPSON William 4305 (England)
THOMSON John Charles 3222 (VIC)
THOMSON John Gamble 2679 (England)
THOMSON Robert Hume 3992 (England) HAKP
HORNET Lyle Arthur Carl 2860 (VIC)
THORNS Alfred Henry Stanley MM MID 723 (QLD)
TODD Benjamin William 4644 (SA)
TODD James 4906 (England)
TODMAN Ernest Arthur 1717 (England)
TOWN Charles James (England)
TOWNING William Herbert 2830 (England)
TOZER Fred 3948 (VIC)
TOZER Harold John 2419 (VIC)
TRANTER Percy 3217 (England)
TREASURE Wyndham 4350 (NZ)
TREGURTHA Eric Fitzroy 3670 (QLD) HAKP
TUBBY Robert Alfred 1842 (England)
TUFNELL Harry Bertram 2010 (England)
TURNER Archibald Campbell 2227 (SA)
TURNER Sidney Harold 2998 (NSW)
VAGG Thomas 4910 (WA) HAKP
VELTMAN Thomas MM 1882 (WA)
VERRIER Samuel James 2744 (SA)
VIVIAN Alfred Ernest 2506 (SA)
WADE Thomas William 3462 aka CLANCY Thomas William (NSW)
WADMAN Percy John 2756 (England)
WADSWORTH James Willie 2684 (England)
WALLIS Alfred 715A (WA)
WALSH George 2513 (VIC)
WALSH John Alphonso 3135 (VIC)
WALSH William Thomas (VIC) HAKP
WALTER Frederick Edward 955 (England)
WALTON Arthur Hanesworth 2745 (England)
WALTON William Paul Layton 2027 (England)
WARD William Binney 2839 (SA)
WATKINS Cecil Charles 3857 (England)
WATSON Alexander 1613 (WA)
WATSON James MM 4929 (NSW)
WATSON William Edward 3230 (VIC) HAKP
WATTERS Richard Charles 3136 (VIC)
WEARING William Hurtle 3137 (NSW)
WEAVER Ralph 1191 (England)
WEBB Charles 2755 (VIC)
WECKMAN Walter Alick 3942 (Russia)
WEDD Charles Gordon 2330 (VIC) HAKP
WEEDON Harry 3253 (WA)
WEEDON Walter 4914 (WA)
WEEKS Leonard John 2020 (WA) HAKP
(WESCOTT J W) WESTCOTT Joseph William 2465 (VIC)
WESTERN Edward Hubert 3778 (WA)
WESTON Bert Bruce 3494 (SA)

WHEATLEY Peter George 4023 (WA) HAKP
WHEELDON Cuthbert Murray 3969 (WA)
WHEELER Edwin Thomas 2620 (England)
WHEELER Henry Edward 1193 (England)
WHITE Ashton Codrington 2557 (WA) HAKP
WHITE Frederick Arthur 1745 (England)
WHITE Frederick Thomas 3140 (England)
WHITE James 1746 (England)
WHITE Morris 545 (England) HAKP
WHITE Roy Clifford Francis 4934 (VIC)
WHITE Sydney Fox 2267 (SA)
WHYTE Alexander 2752 (Scotland) HAKP
WIKSTROM Karl 4624 (Finland)
WILCOCK Edward Ward 3002 (England)
WILCOCK Laurence Edgar 3007 (England)
WILKERSON Sidney Farmer 2758 (WA) HAKP
WILKES Herbert MM 3229 (NSW) HAKP
WILKINSON George William 2022 (England)
WILLIAMS Albert 4916 (SA) HAKP
WILLIAMS Arthur Stanley 3957 (NSW)
WILIAMS David Thomas 7556 (Wales)
WILLIAMS Edward Willis 3227 (NZ)
WILLIAMS Frederick Thomas 4917 (SA)
WILLIAMS George 4918 (SA)
WILLIAMS Herbert Arnold 747 (WA)
WILLIAMS Howard De Nyst (VIC)
WILLIAMS John Richard 2494 (WA)
WILLIAMS John Robert 5215 (VIC)
WILLIAMS Richard 2029 (SA)
WILLIAMS Thomas 4006 (SA) HAKP
WILLIAMS William 4931 (Wales)
WILLIAMS William John 3498 (Wales)
WILLIAMSON Frank 3954 (WA)
WILLOUGHBY John 2696 (England)
(WILSDON K C H W) WILSDON Kenneth Cecil William 3003 (SA)
WILSON Alexander Gilbert 2271 (SA)
WILSON Harry 2030 (England) HAKP
WILSON John 1437 (Ireland)
WILSON John 2517 (England)
WILSON Merle 2759 (VIC)
WILSON Peter John 2277 (WA) HAKP
WILSON William 7432 (Scotland)
WINFIELD Edward Frank 3512 (VIC)
WOOD Hubert Ernest 2851 (England)
WOOD John Robert Henry 3952 (QLD)
WOOD Richard Henry 2472 (WA) HAKP
WOODHEAD Joseph 3312 (England) HAKP
WOODHOUSE William 4617 (England)
WOODRUFF Percy William Brookfield 4627 (England)
WOOLHOUSE John Vernon 1741 (WA)
WOOLLAMS Frederick William 3960 (WA)
WORLAND James 4626 (VIC)
WRAY Arthur 2273 (VIC)
WRIGHT Albert William 1732 (NSW)
WRIGHT Robert 616 (VIC)
WROBLEWSKI Leo Emile 6771 (NSW)
WYATT Wyatt James 3009 (VIC)

YELVERTON Hilton Charles 2051 (WA) HAKP
YOUNG Alexander Hall 159 (WA)
YOUNG Charles Bogie MM 3011 (Scotland)
YOUNG Francis Henry 4631 (WA)
YOUNG John Hume 2760 (Scotland)
YOUNG Thomas 2496 (Scotland)
YULE John Henry 3239 (NSW)
ZIESLER Charles 3961 (NZ)
YOUNG Albert Charles 617 (VIC)

APPLEBY Alexander 38631 (VIC) 3rd FAB
ARMSTRONG Herbert 8556 (VIC) 2nd FAB
BAILEY Stephen Louis 289 (Scotland) 36th FAB
BAILEY Thomas Francis 1842 (India) 2nd FAB
BALDWIN Herbert 21967 (WA) 7th FAB
BANFIELD George William 3088 (England) 12th FAB
BANNON Luke 3330 (VIC) ex-3rd FAB
BARBER Charles Victor 3045 (VIC) Amm Column Fld Arty HAKP
BARBLETT Charles Cyril 24398 (VIC) 7th FAB HAKP
BARRETT-LENNARD Douglas 1879 (WA) 3rd FAB
BAYLIFF John George 35270 (England) 10th FAB
BEAR Charles Henry 4046 (NZ) ex-12th Fld Amb
BEARD Herbert Alexander 21968 (WA) 8th FAB
BECKER William 22292 (England) 5th Div Amm Column
BEESLEY Robert Arthur 1765 (WA) 3rd FAB
BELCHER Harry Charles 1780 (NSW) 8th FAB
BELTON Harry 5361 aka HAWORTH Percy Corcoran (VIC) 3rd FAB
BENSON Alfred Ernest 3046 (WA) 8th FAB HAKP
BERRIMAN Vincent MM DCM 24381 (VIC) ex 3rd Div Amm Column
BIRCH Charles Vernon 29472 (WA) 5th FAB HAKP
BLADEN James 2000 (VIC) 4th Div Trench Mortars
BLYTH John James 943 (VIC) 4th Div Trench Mortars HAKP
BLYTH Oswald Dunniker 3047 (SA) 4th Div Trench Mortars
BONE Kingsley Vincent Stanhope 14679 (VIC) 4th FAB
BOOTH Frederick Herbert 31662 (NSW) 36th HAG
BOURNE Charles Whitbread 1776 (QLD) 12th FAB
BRADY Mark D’Esterre 26985 (WA) 1st FAB
BRENNAN Joseph Vincent 6501 (WA) ex-3rd Fld Amb
BROADLEY George Stanley 3343 (WA) 112th Howitzer Bty HAKP
BROCKWELL Charles Thomas 894 (VIC) 14th FAB
BROSNAN Patrick Joseph MID 22353 (Ireland) 7th FAB
BROWN Thomas Hugh 14491 (NSW) 2nd Div Amm Column
BROWN Warren Harward 32539 (WA) 8th FAB
BRUTON Thomas Joseph 13682 (VIC) 1st Div Amm Column
BUCHANAN Frank Cuthbert 1769 (England) 3rd FAB
BUCHANAH Herbert Francis 24569 (VIC) 3rd Div Amm Column
BUGDEN John Cyril 2007 (England) 4th Div Amm Column
BURROWS John 7672 (VIC) ex-3rd FAB
BURTON Alban John 2008 (England) 4th Div Amm Column
BURTON Harry Pether 22018 (WA) 8th FAB
BUSHBY James 898 (England) 14th FAB
BUSSELL Alfred Joseph MC (WA) 10th FAB HAKP
CAMPBELL Leslie Gordon 29504 (WA) 13th FAB HAKP
CAMPBELL William 20076 (Scotland) 13th FAB HAKP
CANN Charles William 8552 (WA) ex-5th FAB
CANNON Sidney James 1794 (England) 3rd FAB
CAPORN Walter Edward 1232 (WA) 14th FAB
CARSON Ernest 2142 (VIC) 103rd Howitzer Bty
CARTER Stanley 1793 (NZ) 8th FAB
CAVENDER Charles 1551 (SA) ex-12th FAB
CHAPMAN Edwin Claude 15039 (SA) 12th FAB
CHURCHILL Lionel 1789 (England) 3rd FAB HAKP
CLAYTON John 22116 (QLD) 30th FAB
CLINCH Harold Arthur Watts 21975 (WA) 30th FAB
COCHRANE Robert Bede 8028 (QLD) 6th FAB HAKP
COLLINS Martin 7985 (VIC) 6th FAB HAKP
COLLINS Michael 11995 (SA) 10th FAB
COMPSTON William 263 (VIC) ex-10th FAB
COOKE Edward 12274 (WA) 12th FAB
COOPER Astley Charles 1786 (WA) 6th FAB
COOPER Charles William 3873 (England) 38th FA Bty

CRABBE Leonard George 19904 (WA) 8th FAB HAKP
CUNNINGHAM Matthew 200 (WA) ex-6th Fld Amb
CUTLER Joseph Percy 258 (England) 10th FAB
DALGLEISH Hugh Ross 212 (VIC) 36th HAG
DARBY Edward Harry 1798 (VIC) 3rd FAB
DAVIS Reginald 29512 (WA) 11th FAB
DEACON Albert Stanhope 3053 (England) ex-1st Div Amm Column
DENNEY William Ewart 3512 (England) 4th Div TM
DEVEREUX John 3885 (WA) ex-6th FAB
DINGLE Charles 5364 (WA) 3rd FAB
DOBSON Thomas 12280 (VIC) 1st Div Amm Column
DOMSALLA Eric Howard Albert 15103 (England) 12th FAB
DOWNEY William Karlin 29453 (VIC) 7th FAB
DRENNAN George Lucas 22007 (SA) 27th FA Bty
DREW John 22507 (WA) 10th FAB
DRISCOLL William 922 (England) ex-14th FAB
DUCKHAM William John 3455 (WA) ex-12th FAB
DUNSTAN Richard James 1088 (England) 38th FA Bty
DUPLEX Martin Edward 4937 (WA) 8th FA Bty
ELLIOTT William Henry 1806 (England) 3rd FAB
ELPHICK Harold 21988 (VIC) 8th FAB
ERNST John James 15121 (England) 10th FAB
FAIRCHILD Albert George 19676 (WA) 8th FAB
FELAN William Francis 3055 (NSW) 3rd FAB
FLOWER Eric Morley 25398 (NZ) 7th FAB
FOSS Vaughan Edgar 30756 (WA) 2nd Div Amm Column
FOSTER Edward Arthur 1016 (WA) ex-5th FAB
FRANK Thomas 1957 (VIC) 10th FAB
GALLAGHER James 1188 (Ireland) 22nd FAB
GALLAGHER James Patrick 2654 (VIC) 12th FAB
GALLAGHER Patrick John MM 5699 (SA) 3rd FAB
GARDINER Henry Charles 1575 (WA) 4th Div Amm Column HAKP
GARLICK William 935 (VIC) 5th LTMB HAKP
GARTH Frank 2298 (England) 24th FAB
GARTH John 216 (England) ex-36th HAG
GIBSON Wilfred Allen 28645 (WA) 10th FAB HAKP
GILLIES William Clifford 8598 (VIC) 6th FAB
GODDARD Arthur Coombs 1816 (SA) 3rd FAB
GOLDEN James Neville 22513 (England) 11th FAB
GORDON James Alexander 3369 (NSW) 11th FAB
GRANT Donald Maxwell 25349 (WA) 3rd Div Amm Column
GREEN George Henry 3767 (England) 1st FA Bty
GREEN George Robert 102 (WA) 3rd FAB
GRIFFITHS John Edward 19790 (England) 8th FAB
GROSE George Gibson 22514 (VIC) 10th FAB
GWYNNE Andrew Flinders 37187 (SA) 11th FAB
HADE John 8884 (Ireland) 2nd Div Amm Column
HALE Arthur Harry Vernon 15101 (WA) ex-8th FAB
HANMER John Percy 1832 (NZ) 8th FAB HAKP
HANSON Jack 28408 (WA) 11th FAB
HARKINS John Molloy 10866 (Ireland) 12th FAB
HARMON William 36168 (Ireland) 12th FAB HAKP
HARRIS Robert Clarence 16029 (VIC) 11th FAB
HAWTIN Eric Harold 1243 (WA) 24th FAB HAKP
HAYES Clarence Patrick 15153 (WA) 4th Div Amm Column
HEALD Frank 5831 (VIC) 1st Div Amm Column
HENDERSON Allan 10862 (VIC) 3rd FAB
HENDRY Albert Edward 10864 (VIC) 12th FAB
HEPPINGSTONE Claude Athol 3062 (WA) 6th TM Bty

HOLMAN Maurice 22227 (VIC) 6th FAB
HOWARD George William 4080 (England) 3rd FAB
HOWELL William Joseph 47 (England) Arty Reinforcements
HUGHES Frederick Wilson 1563 (England) 8th LTMB HAKP
HUNTER Gordon 4625 (WA) 4th MTMB
JOHN Hugh Davies 3123 (Wales) 7th FAB
JOHNSON Edwin 310 (QLD) 36th HAG
JOHNSON John Henry 1942 (England) 29th FA Bty
JONES David 2308 (England) 12th FAB
JONES George Arthur 29604 (England) 7th FAB
JONES George Kendall 3063 (England) 3rd FAB
JONES Henry Fletcher 3081 (VIC) 3rd FAB
KEARSLEY Thomas Atterbury Neil 5366 (VIC) 3rd FAB
KENT Robert Ernest 15049 (VIC) ex-15th FAB
KEYTE Thomas Nichols 889 (VIC) 2nd Div TM
KIRKBRIDE Sidney Harold 1303 (WA) 14th FAB HAKP
LACEY Frederick 2544 (Scotland) 8th MTMB
LAMB Joseph 1611 (VIC) 4th Div TM
LAW James Percy 3563 (England) 112th Howitzer Bty
LEE Francis George 2041 MM (VIC) 11th FAB
LINTON James 12302 (NSW) 1st FAB
LINTOTT Arthur Newton (NSW) 10th FAB
LOVELOCK George Henry 1825 (England) 8th FA Bty
McARTHUR Colin 19926 (WA) 8th FAB
McCANN Charles Aloysius 1326 (SA) 14th FAB
McCARTHY John 868 (WA) 36th HAG
McCORMACK James 842 (England) 12 FAB
McDONALD John Alexander 31712 (SA) 15th FAB HAKP
McDONALD Norman Frederick 16042 (NSW) 14th FAB
McDONOUGH Thomas James 10875 (SA) 1st Div Amm Column HAKP
McKAY John 3292 (WA) ex- 46th Btn (Bty entered in error)
MACLEAN Thomas Munsey 24363 (United States) 3rd Div Amm Column
McLOUGHLIN John Joseph 323 (Ireland) 36th HAG HAKP
MANN James Pugh 16040 (QLD) 25th FA Bty
MANUEL William George 1821 (NSW) 3rd FAB
MARTIN Robert Llewellyn 992 (VIC) 14th FAB HAKP
MASSA Charles MM 19635 (Argentina) ex-8th FAB
MATHESON Henry Thomas 3142 (VIC) 5th FAB
MATTHEWS John James 2154 (NZ) 24th FAB
METTAM Harold William 26948 (WA) 11th FAB
MICHELL Sidney James 2719 (VIC) 4th Div HTM
MILLER Charles 8573 (SA) 5th FAB
MILLS John Brier (Unknown) 2nd FAB
MOORE Harold 2050 (VIC) 4th Div HTM
MORTIMER Lenard Howard 16110 (Unknown) 14th FAB
MOSS William 22359 (England) 7th FAB
MUNRO Donald Alan 3323 (NSW) 3rd FAB
MUNRO Eric James Garfield 12305 (VIC) 2nd FAB HAKP
MURPHY Michael 5704 (Ireland) 2nd FAB
MURRAY Robert George 20004 (Scotland) 8th FAB
NEILSON George 319 (VIC) 10th FAB
NETHERCOTT Henry George 24382 (SA) 26th FA Bty
NOAKE Herbert Cecil 869 (WA) 36th HAG
NORLEY Leslie Gordon 20030 (England) 8th FAB
NORTHAGE William Ingles 1354 (VIC) ex-12th FAB
OLDRINI Joseph Easter 12310 (NSW) 14th FAB
OLIVE George Henry 2091 (VIC) 4th MTMB
OLIVER Loftus 20140 (VIC) 8th FAB

O’SHAUGHNESSY Patrick 3301 (Ireland) 5th Div TM
PARKER Ernest Frederick 34381 (WA) 102nd Howitzer Bty HAKP
PARKER Francis Maitland Wyborn DSO MID (WA) 3rd FAB HAKP
PARSONS Albert Edward Seymour 1643 (WA) 4th Div HMTMB
PASCALL Albert 3442 (England) 4th Div HMTMB
PENNINGTON Robert 2155 (SA) 3rd FAB
PIMM William Rule 3391 (VIC) 4th Div MTMB HAKP
POLAK George Edward MM 6108 (WA) 3rd FAB
POOLE Edward 2067 (Wales) 10th FAB
PRATT Alexander 8174 (Ireland) 6th FAB
PRICE Reginald James 8063 (England) 6th FAB HAKP
PRIESTLEY James 12312 (England) 2nd FAB
PRUNSTER Charles Joseph 35280 (WA) 3rd FAB
PURCELL Charles 2636 (WA) 12th FAB
RAMSDEN Wilfred Harold MM MID 6504 (VIC) 13th FAB
RAPER Stephen 22533 (VIC) 3rd Div Amm Column
READ Ernest 22535 (England) 10th FAB
REED Wilfred Kiaora 8574 (VIC) 5th FAB HAKP
REID Charles Plante 10485 (NSW) 2nd Div Amm Column
REYNOLDS William George 1354 (VIC) 14th FAB
RICHARDSON James 7169 (England) ex-8th Fld Coy, Eng
ROBINSON Henry 155 (VIC) 36th HAG
ROWATT William Bryant 29569 (NSW) 5th FAB
RUFFLEY Ernest 24519 (England) 3rd Div Amm Column
RUSSELL Ronald Harcourt 31663 (NSW) 36th HAG HAKP
RUSSELL Thomas 24604 (England) ex-106th Howitzer Bty
RYAN Dermot Morrison 3072 (VIC) 2nd FAB HAKP
SAUNDERS Alfred John 10539 (QLD) 6th TM Bty
SENIOR Frank Harold 22539 (VIC) 8th FAB HAKP
(SHEPHERD W G) SHEPHARD Walter George 15054 (SA) 13th FAB
SHERARD Norman Castel 3080 (VIC) 103rd Howitzer Bty
SINCLAIR Stanley Stuart 3778 (VIC) 3rd FAB
SMITH Archibald James 686 (VIC) 11th FAB (Enlisted SA)
SMITH David 863 (England) 3rd Div MTMB
SMITH Ernest William 12319 (NZ) ex-2nd FAB
SMITH Howard William Bowyer 2709 (WA) 4th Div HMTMB HAKP
SOUNNESS Frank 8067 (WA) 6th FAB
SPENCER Ellis 26246 (England) 5th Div TM Bty
STAFFORD Lewis Harrington 2077 (NSW) 4th MTMB
STENNING Ambrose Nelson 389 (England) 36th HAG
STEVENSON Henry Charles 19866 (VIC) ex-3rd Div Amm Column
STONEY James 29608 (England) 6th FAB
STORRIE Roy James King 12318 (SA) 3rd FAB
TALBOT Arthur Edmund 22543 (WA) 7th FAB
TAYLOR Eric James 2162 (TAS) 3rd FAB HAKP
THOMAS Abraham Owen Glendwr 2511 (Wales) 1st LTMB
THOMAS Harold Llewellyn 29607 (NSW) 110th Howitzer Bty HAKP
THOMPSON Gordon Kingsley (Unknown) 24th FAB
THOMSON Alexander Clifford 56270 (WA) ex-2nd FAB
THORNE George Dennis 20033 (England) ex-8th FAB
THURNHILL Samuel Raymond MC (England) 2nd FAB
TIMMINGS Lewis Roy 1931 (WA) ex-11th FAB
TOWN William 15164 (WA) 10th FAB
TURNBULL George Washington 28719 (VIC) 5th FAB
TURNER Walter 29587 (England) 3rd FAB
UREN Francis Frederick 24522 (VIC) 3rd Div Amm Column
WALKER John 4505 (England) ex-3rd FAB
WARD Arthur 20154 (VIC) 8th FAB
WARD William 1405 (NSW) 5th Div TM Bde
WARREN Harry Collier 1899 (SA) 3rd FAB

WARREN John 4289 (England) 3rd FAB
WAY Alexander Holden 10889 (VIC) 2nd FAB
WILKIE Charles 25413 aka WOHLCKE Charles Bruno (Ireland) 18th MTMB HAKP
WILLCOCKS Harold Randell 2906 (NSW) ex-12th Fld Amb
WILLIAMS Alex 969 (NZ) ex-12th FAB
WILLIAMS David 1762A (WA) 10th FAB
WILLIAMSON Robert 1893 MSM (Scotland) 3rd FAB
WILLMOT John William 4079 (TAS) 1st FAB
WILLS Ernst John 2943 (VIC) 4th Div HTMB
WILMER Basil Thomas 1920 (TAS) 1st FAB
WITHERS Ernest Leslie 10890 (VIC) 2nd FAB
WOOD Henry Arthur Welbourne 14507 (WA) 5th FAB
WRANKMORE Charles Clyde 1073 (WA) ex-14th FAB
YOUNG John 10892 (Scotland) 21st FAB
GARTRELL Charles Ernest 26982 (WA) 3rd FAB
FERGUSON Robert 2022 (Ireland) ex-4th Div Amm Column
SNAITH James Jess 1888 (England) ex-3rd FAB

ADAMS Robert John 3410 (QLD)
ANDERSON James 778 (NSW)
(ANDERSON F W) ANDERSON William Fleming 101 (VIC)
ANDREWS Stanley Gordon 234 (SA)
ANGELSEY William 1992 (NSW)
ARMSTRONG Percival William 233 (VIC)
BAIN Duncan Farquhar Grant 364 (Scotland) HAKP
BARRY Maurice Joseph 1998 (QLD) HAKP
BARTLETT Alfred Septimus 1157 (England)
BEARD Robert Leslie 853 (VIC) HAKP
BELL Herbert Alexander 932 (Ireland)
BIGGS Arthur John Thomas 240 (SA)
BIRD Leslie Thomas 3172 (England)
BLAKE William 372 (VIC)
BONNEY John Noel 784 (WA)
BOWER Horace 934 (England)
BRADY Edgar Vernon 709 (SA) HAKP
BRENMER Alfred Blake MM 1116 (WA) HAKP
BRENNAN Thomas Henry 710 (NZ)
BROCKMAN Hubert Howden 69 (WA)
BUNCE Frederick John 379 (SA)
BURGES Thomas Francis 165 (WA)
BURN Arthur Sowerby 714 (England)
BUTLER Albert James 712 (VIC)
BYRON William 2167 (VIC)
CAMERON Percival James 937 (SA)
CAPORN Harold de Causey 1007 (WA)
CARROLL Hilary John 2640 (WA)
CHARLESTON Allan John 1119 (NSW)
CHIDGZEY Douglas Roy 3111 (WA)
CHIPPER Henry Thomas 860 (WA) HAKP
CHIPPER Lindsay Lewis Sterling 97 (WA)
CHIPPER Ross Richard Vivian 68 (WA)
CHRISTIE Henry 383 (VIC)
CLAYTON John Henry 195 (WA)
COBB Albert George 142 (VIC)
COCHRANE Louden Park 2990 (Ireland) HAKP
COLK George Edwin 637 786 (VIC)
COLLINS Herbert Alfred 787 (NSW) HAKP
CONWAY Neil John (WA)
COOKE Allan James 46 (VIC) HAKP
COONAN William Michael 673 (WA) HAKP
CORKER Harry 252 (England)
CORSE Ernest David 862 (England)
COWAN Raymond Talbot 3618 (WA)
COX Alfred Bruce 1081 (WA)
CRONON Arthur Joseph Dennis 386 (VIC)
CROWE Archibald 387 (VIC) HAKP
CRUITE John James 105 (Ireland)
CUMMING Richard Edwin 139 (VIC)
CUMMINGS Allan 790 (SA)
DACK Frank 613 (England)
DALLING George 390 (England)
DAVIS Richard Dudley 718 (NZ)

DEBNAM George Parkman 261 (VIC) HAKP
De MOLE George Ernest 791 (SA) HAKP
DICKSON Murray John 943 (VIC)
DISHER Ralph Ernest 1318 (SA) HAKP
DOBBIN Frank Marshall 29 (VIC)
DODSON Geoffrey Hardwick 793 (England)
DORAN David 722 (VIC)
DOUST Amos Leonard 166 (WA) HAKP
DUNCKLEY Charles Gilmour (Unknown)
DURACK Neal Joseph (NT)
DUVAL Denis 394 (England)
DWYER Michael 794 (Ireland)
DYER Norman Charles 84 (SA)
EDGAR Ronald Swan 108 (VIC)
EDWARDS Thomas William 2187 (NSW)
ELLIS Albert Henry 868 (England)
ELPHICK Clarence Theodore 19325 (SA) HAKP
EUSTACE William Williamson 1804 (England)
EYRE John Charles 153 (WA)
FACEY Joseph Thomas 396 (VIC)
FELSTEAD Walter 725 (VIC)
FENWICK Basil Middleton 109 (England)
FERGUSON James Maxwell 272 (WA)
FERRIER Sutton Henry 176 (VIC)
FERRY John Frederick 64274 (SA)
FIRNS Hobart Douglas 110 (WA) HAKP
FLUX Jack 521 (England)
FORBES Alan Robert 870 (SA)
FORBES Richard Andrew 403 (NSW) HAKP
FRASER Frederick Leopold 22 (NSW) HAKP
FROST James Malcolm 405 (SA)
FRY Henry Phillip (Unknown)
FUHRMANN Charles Franklyn 1573 (VIC)
FUNNELL Richard Frank 2875 (England)
GANNAWAY Alexander 526 (VIC)
GEORGE Owen 2933 (England)
GILBERT William 35 (England)
GILLAM Hubert Evelyn 655 (WA) HAKP
GILLAM Stanley Davenport 618 (WA) HAKP
GODRICH Harry Walter 3295 (SA)
GOLLAN John Alexander MID 409 (SA)
GOYDER Alan George 3180 (NSW)
GRAY Gerald Francis 148 (SA) HAKP
GREAY Lewis John 544 (WA)
GREEDY William Ernest 276 (NSW) HAKP
GUTHRIE Alexander Richard 949 (VIC) HAKP
HAHN William 728 (SA)
HALL Charles Arthur Jocely 527 (England)
HALL George Frederick 2301 (WA) HAKP
HALLETT Herbert 524 (England) HAKP
HALLETT John 416 (NSW)
HAMLIN Herbert Bowen (Unknown)
HANCOCK Arthur 828 (England)
HARPER Gresley 113 (WA) HAKP
HARPER Wilfred Lukin 114 (WA) HAKP
HARRISON John James Irwin 1172 (VIC)
HARRISON Robert Edward 418 (VIC)
HART Thomas Charles 206 (WA)
HASSELL Oscar Donald Humfray 112 (WA)
HELLER Thomas James (Unknown)

HILL Alexander McPherson 290 (VIC)
HILL Henry 292 (England)
HILL Henry George 283 (England)
HOCKIN Stuart Roy Luxmoore 622 (England)
HOLLAND Thomas Edwin 211 (SA) HAKP
HOLLINGS Willie 1245 (England)
HOPKINS Douglas Walter 159 (England)
HORSFALL Geoffrey Garnett 217 (England)
HOWELL Francis George 3182 3198 (WA) HAKP
HOWELL Geoffrey Castell 96 (England)
HOWELL Raymond 803 (WA) HAKP
HUGGINS William 151 (England)
HUGHES Frederick Daniel 3942 (WA)
HUTTON Clarence Edward 279 (WA) HAKP
HYDE Ernest 1595 (NSW)
JACKSON David Alexander (Unknown) HAKP
JONES Charles David Frederick 1330 (WA) HAKP
JUDGE Thomas Clement 1331 (WA)
KENNEDY Edward 876 (Ireland) HAKP
KIRSCH Frederick William 141 (VIC) HAKP
KLOPPER Louis Alfred 150 (SA) HAKP
KNOWLES Walter Douglas 1407 (England)
LADYMAN Henry Claude 2882 (SA)
LAILEY William Henry 33 (England)
LAKELAND Thomas Victor 430 (VIC)
LANE Roland Oscar 807 (England)
LEAKE George Arthur 118 (WA) HAKP
LEGGE Reginald 7 aka LIGGI Reginald (England)
LEVERMAN Urban Rowland 1766 (WA)
LEWIS Edwin Thomas 878 (QLD)
LEWIS John Percival 120 (SA)
LOCKYER Alfred Malcolm Brooks 2794 (WA)
LUKIN Dudley 116 (WA)
McALIECE Ernest 170 (VIC)
MACBEAN Colin Hendrie (VIC)
McCALL William John 453 (VIC)
McCLUSKY Alfred John 450 (Scotland)
McCORMICK Claude Rutherford 1721 (England) HAKP
McJANNET John Blacklock 123 (Scotland)
MACKENZIE William Cuthbert 813 (Scotland)
MACLAREN Duncan Mark 1182 (SA)
McLEAN Donald 535 (NZ)
McLEAN Donald Shapley 962 (NSW) HAKP
MACLEOD John Abington 318 (Scotland)
McMAHON Francis 89 (VIC) HAKP
McMAHON Thomas Joseph 2231 (VIC)
McMASTERS Robert Thompson (Unknown)
McNAMARA Richard Andrew 1634 (SA)
McNEILL Henry George 735 (Ireland)
MACNISH Keith Percy 879 (WA)
McPHEE Alexander 182 (VIC) HAKP
McRAE Gordon 125 (WA) HAKP
McWHIRTER Clifford John MM (SA)
McWHIRTER Samuel George 451 (NZ)
MASON William Henry 307 (VIC)
MATHIESON John 443 DCM (Scotland)
MAYWOOD Reginald Edward 1255 (England)
MINITER Joseph Thomas 958 (WA)
MOFFLIN Percy Sutherland 227 (NZ) HAKP

MOORE Reginald Johnstone 138 (WA) HAKP
MOULTON Charles Abraham John 1185 (WA)
MUMBY Cecil 1626 (VIC)
NELSON John Johnson 454 (England)
NORRISH Frederick Elworthy 149 (WA)
NORRISH Raymond Richard John 3307 (WA)
NORTHEY William Reginald Eustace 80 (SA)
PASSERINI David Louis 3430 (VIC)
PAYNE Leonard Parker 741 (NSW)
PEARSON Arthur Albert 325 (England)
PENNY Ernest 966 (England)
PENTZIN Ernest 459 (VIC)
PFORDTEN Charles Herbert 460 (Java)
PIESSE Vernon Frederick (Unknown) HAKP
PITTS Arthur Thomas 327 703 (VIC)
POPE Herbert 631 (Ireland)
POUNTNEY Benjamin 1268 (England)
PRATT William Herbert 3067 (WA)
PRIDE James Allan 632 (Wales)
RAE Alexander 331 (VIC)
RAWLINGS Frank Albert 231 (VIC) HAKP
REGAN John 463 (WA)
REID Reginald Malcolm 186 (England)
RICHARDSON George Wallace 82 aka RICHARDSON George Laurence (WA)
ROBINSON Charles Archibald 333 (VIC)
ROLLO Jack 2890 (England)
ROSE George Thomas 889 (England)
ROSKAMS Leopold James Cecil (England) HAKP
ROSS William Allardyce 130 (VIC)
ROWAN Andrew Percival (VIC)
RUSH Harold 152 (England)
RUSK Walter Jordan 635 (SA)
RUWOLDT Heinrich Carl Ludwig 337 (SA) HAKP
RYAN Edward 470 (NSW)
RYAN Thomas John 2241 (SA)
SANDERSON George Edward (Scotland)
SANDY George Frederick Ernest 891 (England)
SCOTT Ernest Charles Gordon (TAS)
SCOTT John Andrew 226 (VIC) HAKP
SCOTT John Burns (Unknown)
SCRIVENS Frank William 79 (England)
SEAMAN Percy 636 (SA)
SHADBOLT William Alfred 2954 (VIC)
SHEPHERD Clarence 157 (SA)
SINCLAIR Cecil Hillary 829 (WA) HAKP
SMITH Cyril Gordon 479 (WA) HAKP
SMYTHE Archibald 340 (Ireland)
SNUDDEN William John 147 (VIC)
SPENCER Robert Ernest 480 (WA)
SPRINGALL John 212 (England)
STOW Henry John 3073 (England)
SULLAVIN Patrick Francis 1772 (VIC)
SUTTON Clarence Edward 898 (WA)
SWEETING Archibald Lee 1046 (VIC)
TAYLOR Victor Sewell 1348 (WA) HAKP
THOMPSON Thomas 821 (QLD)
THORNETT John James 639 (VIC)

TIMMS Owen Stanley 902 (VIC)
TODD Thomas John CMG DSO & Bar MID (NZ) Commanding Officer HAKP
TONKIN Cyril Augustus 2254 (WA)
TREEBY Fredrick William 3077 (SA)
TURNBULL Alexander Phipps (WA) HAKP
TURNER Leonard Woodward 177 (England)
VAN DER KAADEN Marines Cornelius 52921 (Netherlands)
VILLIS Leyshon 748 (NSW) HAKP
VIVEASH Donovan Henry Roy 1350 (WA)
WALLIS Albert Victor 3250 (VIC)
WALTON Ernest Joseph 976 (VIC)
WARBURTON Peter Egerton 903 (WA)
WATT Douglas Kendall 2828 (NSW) HAKP
WATT Keith Everard 824 (VIC)
WEABER William Victor 3272 (SA)
WEST Walter Charles 504 (England)
WESTON Frederick Harold 357 (SA)
WHITE Edwin James 143 (WA)
WHITFIELD Irwin Munro 1065 (WA) HAKP
WILKERSON James Thomas 71 (WA) HAKP
CADDEN John James 2354 (NSW)
DEMPSTER Reginald Garry 539 (WA)
KYRWOOD Roy Garfield 2364 (SA)
EARLE William Francis 1863 (WA)
CADDEN Reginald Naylor (NSW)
(ROWLANDS R) ROWLAND Richard 1430 (WA)
LEE Herbert Walker 2881 (England)
ANDREWS Walter 1904 (Wales)
SIMMONS Horace Richard 478 (SA) (Also listed Other Corps: 50TH Btn)

ABBERTON Edmund 10831 (England) 3rd Div Sigs Coy
ABBOTT Charles Henry 4261 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
ALEXANDER Hubert De Vere 1502 (NSW) 4th Fld Coy Eng
ALLEN Joseph 4224 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
APPEL Herbert Johansen 3419 (VIC) 6th Fld Coy, Eng HAKP
APPELBY Frederick William 914 (SA) 5th Broad Gauge Rail Coy
ASHTON Charles Gerald 5974 (NSW) 3rd Light Rail Coy
ATKINSON James 21682 (NSW) ex-1st Fld Coy Eng
AYLIFFE Maurice 2160A (England) 2nd Fld Coy Eng
AYLWARD William Stephen 4998 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
BARGH Robert Munro 7992 (Scotland) 2nd Tun Coy
BARLOW Albert Edward Bruce 938 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
BARNES Thomas 4269 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BARNES William Hall 921 (VIC) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
BARNETT William 4268 (NSW) ex-6th Tun Coy
BARRETT Charles 8271 (SA) 1st Tun Coy
BENSON Frederick 4236 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
BERRY James Webster MM 4207 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BERRY Wilfred 5280 (England) 2nd Tun Coy
BIDMEAD Stanley Mollet 15106 (SA) 4th Div Sigs Coy HAKP
BIRRELL Nicholas Henry 923 (VIC) ex-3rd Coy, Mining Corps
BLADES Frank Haggar 1000 (England) 59th Rail Coy
BOOTH Robert 928 (VIC) 3rd Coy, Mining Corps
BORG Charles Leonard 2576 (Finland) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
BOWERS Albert Edward 1001 (SA) 1st Light Rail Coy
BOWRA Frederick Douglas Atlee (WA) 4th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
BRENNAN Felix 5669 (Ireland) 11th Btn
BROCKLEY John Robert 2371 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BROWN Edward John MID 711 (WA) 2nd Fld Sqn Eng HAKP
BROWN Philip 6292 (VIC) ex-27th Btn
BUCK Frederick Thomas 4286 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BUCK John Nicholas 4285 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BURLEY Charles Ernest 940 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BUTLER Edward 4292 (SA) ex-6th Tun Coy
CAMPBELL James Wilson 950 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
CAMPBELL Neil (SA) 3rd Tun Coy 3rd Tun Coy
CAMPBELL William Argyle 1007 (VIC) 5th Broad Rail Coy
CARDEN Joseph 5001 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
CARLTON Francis William 4294 (Ireland) ex-6th Tun Coy
CARROLL Henry Joseph 2722 (VIC) 5th Broad Rail Coy
CASSIN Walter Frazor MM 1300 (NSW) 3rd Tun Coy
CHALKLEY John 4573 (VIC) 8th Fld Coy Eng
CHAMBERS William Henry 410 (NZ) ex-1st Tun Coy
CHEETHAM Norman 1234A (VIC) 4th Div Sigs Coy
CHEGWIDDEN Claude Harmon 7149 (QLD) 1st Fld Coy Eng
CHRISTIANSEN Peter Marinus 1313 (Denmark) 3rd Tun Coy
CLARKE Gordon McLeod 953 (NSW) 3rd Tun Comp
CLARKE Reginald Frank 18316 (England) 2nd Sigs Sqn HAKP
CLINGIN George 4300 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
CLIVE Baron 7095 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
COCKBURN George 265 (England) 3rd Fld Coy Eng HAKP
COCKS Frederick James 918 (VIC) 3rd Light Rail Coy HAKP
COCKTON Harold 970 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
COHEN Douglas Gerald 427 (VIC) 3rd Fld Coy Eng HAKP
COLLYN Edward Ernest 19742 (WA) 13th Fld Coy Eng
CONNOLLY Mark 198 (Ireland) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
COOK Charles James 1840 (VIC) 2nd Light Rail Coy
COOPER Frank 7145 (NSW) 2nd Tun Coy
(COLTON D) COULTON David 4304 (WA) 3rd Tun Coy

COX John Branch 5299 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy
COX William James 47 (VIC) 2nd Fld Sqn Eng HAKP
CRAWFORD George Edward 8802 (VIC) 4th Fld Coy Eng
CRAWFORD Samuel James 4213 (WA) 4th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
CROSS Albert 2623 (WA) 13th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
CUNNINGHAM Michael 412 (SA) 1st Tun Coy HAKP
CURPHEY William Kermode 7655 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
CURRAN Bartholomew Joseph 5003 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy
CURTIS Sydney George 7100 (NSW) ex-2nd Tun Coy
DABB William Henry 5315 (VIC) ex-2nd Tun Coy
DAVIS Ernest 1528 (Wales) 7th Fld Coy Eng
DAVIS John 981 (SA) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
DAWSON Frank Willis 19174 (WA) 4th Div Sigs Coy
DENNEY John 142 (England) 1st Div Sigs Coy HAKP
DENTON Arthur Jacob 3365 (TAS) 4th Div Sigs Coy HAKP
DONNELLY John 4313 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy
DONOHUE John Thomas 6457 (VIC) 4th Fld Coy Eng
EDDISON John James 991 (England) ex-3rd Tun Coy HAKP
EDMUNDS Ernest Arthur 144 (SA) 1st Div Sigs Coy
EDWARDS Harold Leonard 4107 (WA) 2nd Div Sigs Coy
ELIASSEN Anton Marinius 993 (Norway) 3rd Tun Coy
ELIASSON Carl Alfred 16402 (VIC) 4 Div Sigs Coy HAKP
ELLIS William 14227 (England) 4Div Sigs Coy
FARE Albert Edward 1865 (England) 13th Fld Coy Eng
FENNELL Samuel 8803 (VIC) 4th Fld Copy Eng
FINCH Thomas 996 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
FLANAGAN James 24579 (VIC) ex-3rd Div Amm Column
FOX George William 2656 (VIC) ex-35th Broad Gauge Rail Coy
FRECKLETON John 7108 (Scotland) 3rd Tun Coy
GATTI Angelo 4333 (SA) 6th Tun Coy HAKP
GEDDES Alfred Charles 2581 (Scotland) 3rd Fld Coy Eng HAKP
GIBSON Edward Temply 627 (WA) 7th Fld Coy Eng
GILES William James 8009 (VIC) Tun Coy Details
GILLETT Arthur Stanley Frank 2827 (SA) ex-3rd Pnr Btn
GODFREY Albert John 417 (VIC) 1st Tun Coy
GODLEY Thomas Henry 217 2nd Fld Coy Eng
GRANT Charles William 4342 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
GRANT William Alexander 4031 (SA) 4th Div Sigs Coy
GRAY John Joseph 3113 (VIC) 28th Btn (also listed in 28th Battalion)
GREEN Frederick Lawrence 1942 (VIC) 7th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
GRIFFITHS William 7669 (NSW) 3rd Tun Coy
HALEY Abraham 1023 (WA) 3rd Mining & Boring Coy
HALEY Frederick 4994 (VIC) ex-6th Tun Coy
HALL Sydney Oscar 1952 (VIC) ex-2nd Rail Coy
HANBURY Albert 4349 (WA) ex-6th Tun Coy
HARVEY John 5340 (VIC) 2nd Tun Coy
HAWKINS Stanley Henry 896 (NSW) ex-3rd Fld Coy Eng
HAWTIN Frank 1026 (England) Mining & Boring Coy
HEAP Walter 901 (England) 2nd Div Sigs Coy
HEWKLEY Francis Paget MM 146 (England) 4th Div Sigs Coy
HOOD James John MM 4356 (QLD) Mining & Boring Coy
HOPKINS Hugh 7382 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
HORAN Austin Alvis 4232 (TAS) ex-6th Tun Coy
HORROCKS Benjamin 4358 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
HORTON William Francis 1030 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
HUTCHINSON Frederick John 1026 (VIC) Broad Rail Coy
JARRY Albert Edward 891 (England) Broad Rail Coy
JOHN Charles Woodland Gordon 17479 (WA) ex-4th Div Sigs Coy
JOHNSON Arthur Robert Dudley 7680 (VIC) 1st Tun Coy
JOHNSON John 183 (England) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
JOHNSTON John William 2629 (WA) 2nd Fld Coy Eng

JONES John Pearce 6467 (Wales) 4th Fld Coy Eng
JOSE Alfred Henry 1305 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
KELLY Eugene 1057 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy
KELLY Michael Herbert 1056 (WA) 3rd Tun Coy
KELLY Percival James 2813 (TAS) Rail Depot
KELLY Robert 1188 (England) ex-28th Btn
KEMP William Cowrie 1059 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
KENNEDY Archie 427 (VIC) Mining & Boring Coy
KENNY William 6821 (Ireland) 1st Tun Coy
KERSLAKE George Knight (England) 1st Fld Coy Eng
KNIGHT Frederick Nelson 8279 (England) 1st Tun Coy
LARKIN Herbert Vincent 4383 (WA) 6th Tun Coy
LAVARS William John 1065 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
LAVERY James Ernest Augustus 5563 (VIC) 1st Tun Coy
LAW-DAVIS Frederick George 4163 (NSW) 2nd Div Sigs Coy
LAWRANCE Peter 1231 (VIC) Eng
LEAVERS Reuben 6472 (England) 13th Fld Coy Eng
LEEHANE Howard 14574 (VIC) 7th Fld Coy Eng
LEIPOLD John Thomas 7165 aka LEOPOLD John Thomas (QLD) ex-4th Fld Coy Eng
LEWIS John Francis 7164 (WA) ex-Tun Coy Reinforcements
LUGG Arthur Raymond 1080 (VIC) 5th Broad Rail Coy
LUND William 5042 (NZ) 3rd Light Rail Coy
LYNN John 6147 (England) 14th Fld Coy Eng
LYTH John Godfrey MM 3433 (England) 1st Fld Coy Eng
McANDREW George Neil 6475 (WA) 13th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
McCOMISH Arnold George 2582 (WA) 3rd Fld Coy Eng HAKP
McCURRIE Francis Horace 2352 (VIC) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
McINERNEY John 5384 (SA) ex-3rd Tun Coy
McINTOSH George 5152 (VIC) 13th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
McKAY David 392 (VIC) 11th Fld Coy Eng
McKAY John 7152 (Scotland) ex-1st Tun Coy
McKAY John 4415 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
McKAY William Alexander DCM 1102 (VIC) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
McLARTY George 5386 (VIC) 1st Tun Coy
McLEAN Hector 4421 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
McMAHON Joseph Isaac 7124 (NSW) 2nd Tun Coy
McPEAK William Joseph 7427 (England) Tun Coy Reinforcements
(MAHONEY W) MAHONY William 1075 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
MASON Rupert 1078 (WA) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
MATHIESON William Douglas 1366 (NZ) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
MAYNE William Constantine 4213 (NZ) 3rd Tun Coy
MENZIES Walter Robert 1079 (TAS) 3rd Tun Coy
MEYER August Carl 1757 (SA) 2nd Div Sigs Coy
MOORE William James 4402 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
MORRIS Albert 4403 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
MORRIS Oliver 4404 (NSW) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
MUNDY Frank Tippet 16405 (SA) 3rd Div Sigs Coy
MUNRO Alexander George Roderick 3902 (NSW) 1st ANZAC Wireless Section
MUNSTER John Thomas 1085 (NZ) 3rd Tun Coy
MYTTON Edward 4410 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
NEWTON Henry Ross 1083 (TAS) ex-5th Broad Gauge Rail Coy
NIELSEN Louis Hemdrick Victor Marimus 8804 (Denmark) 4th Fld Coy Eng
NIGHTINGALE William 4431 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
NOBLE Robert MM 3436 (VIC) 6th Fld Coy Eng
NOONAN William David 5161 (WA) 13th Fld Coy Eng
OATES William Henry 7693 (VIC) ex-Tun Coy Reinforcements
OLSEN Soren Frank 20960 (Norway) Eng
O’SULLIVAN Vincent 4438 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy
PASCO Merlin Owen 1511 (NZ) 4th Div Sigs Coy

PEIRCE Arthur William 27009 (VIC) ex-5th Broad Gauge Rail Coy
PEMBER James 1122 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
PERRY William 1123 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
PHILLIPS Frank 7191 (England) 4th Fld Coy Eng
PHILLIPS Francis Herbert 20094 (England) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
PIDGEON Ivan Farquhar William (WA) 5th Fld Coy Eng
PLAYNE John Morton (England) 2nd Fld Coy Eng
PLUNKETT John 1127 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
POOLE Louis Wilton 19748 (SA) 1st Fld Coy Eng HAKP
POWELL William 4449 (VIC) ex-6th Tun Coy
PRAED William James 4451 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
PROSSER Thomas Evan 5014 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
PUDSEY Watson 7128 (England) 2nd Tun Coy
QUINE William John 3438 (VIC) 6th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
QUINN Cornelius 2400 (Ireland) ex 3rd Tun Coy
READ Frank 6155 (England) 4th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
REID John 4456 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy
REID Norman Alexander 3440 (NSW) 6th Fld Coy Eng
RICHARDS John 1139 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy
RICHES Henry James 3150 (England) Eng
RICKEY Frederick Joseph 2827 (WA) Rail Depot
ROBERTSON James 7131 (VIC) ex-Tun Coy Reinforcements
ROBERTSON Laurence Westland 4463 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
ROBERTSON Thomas Robert 4245 (VIC) ex-6th Tun Coy
RODEN Joseph Henry 1142 (Wales) 3rd Tun Coy
ROGERS William John 1143 (England) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
ROSS Harold 14576 aka NEILSON Harold (VIC) 10th Fld Coy Eng
RUSSEL Hugh MC (England) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
RUSSELL Oswald John Shaw 4468 (QLD) 3rd Tun Coy
SACKS Charles 4341 (England) 13th Fld Coy Eng
SAMPFORD Ernest Miles 5162 (VIC) ex-3rd Fld Coy Eng
SAUNDERS Thomas Alfred (NSW) Tun Coy Reinforcements
SAYERS Albert Henry 3215 (WA) Rail Unit
SCOTT Walter 3059 (England) 14th Fld Coy Eng HAKP
SENIOR Joseph 985 7711 (England) ex-3rd Tun Coy
SHEEHAN Patrick 1154 (Ireland) 3rd Tun Coy
SHERIFF Charles Mackern 1167 (England) Mining & Boring Coy
SHIELDS Michael Joseph 857 (NSW) 2nd Tun Coy
SKINNER William John West 7707 (VIC) Tun Coy Reinforcements
SMITH Charles Robert 2714 (QLD) ex-16th Light Rail Coy
SMITHERAM John Thomas 1237 (VIC) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
SNELL Walter Albert MM 487 (SA) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
SNOWDEN James Louis 1157 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
STEDMAN Thomas 1997 (England) 13th Fld Coy Eng
STEPHENS John Rosser 1998 (VIC) ex-3rd Fld Coy Eng
STEPHENS Richard 658 (VIC) 1st Light Rail Coy
STEWART John Ewen 1160 (NSW) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
STRANGER Thomas James 872 (VIC) 5th Broad Gauge Rail Coy
SUTHERLAND James Forbes 7172 (Scotland) 4th Fld Coy Eng
SYMERS David Carnegie 970 (WA) 3rd Div Sigs Coy
TAYLOR Frederick Lewis 5632 (NSW) 2nd Tun Coy
THOMPSON Charles Robert 19375 (VIC) 1st Sigs Sqn
THOMPSON Leslie 4489 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
THOMPSON Sidney 787 (WA) ex-3rd Div SC
THOMSON Andrew Turner 6484 (Scotland) 4th Fld Coy Eng
THORPE Frederick Edward 19 (England) ex-1st Div Sigs Coy
TOMLINSON Thomas Carl 2460 (WA) ex-4th Div Sigs Coy
TREGANOWAN William John 2410 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
TRESIDDER Henry Gundry 4495 (VIC) ex-6th Tun Coy

TRUMAN Horace Percival 4496 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy
TUCKER Arthur 4497 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
TUCKETT Francis John MC (VIC) 3rd Div Sigs Coy
TURNBULL James 2834 (WA) Rail Depot
UREN Alfred Nicholas MSM 1193 (SA) 3rd Tun Coy HAKP
VALLAURI Sebastiano 5116 (Italy) 1st Tun Coy
VAN DOK William 14991 (Netherlands) ex-Eng Reinforcements
VECCHIA Dominic Charles 1194 (Italy) ex-3rd Coy Mining Corps
VERRAN William Richard 6488 (SA) 14th Fld Coy Eng
WALKER William Richardson 262 (England) 3rd Fld Coy Eng
WATERSTON Charles Alfred 25427 (VIC) 3rd Div Sigs Coy
WATKINS Clifton Alwyn 17903 (WA) ex-4th Div Sigs Coy
WATSON William Harrington Edward 1198 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
WELCH Alexander 7715 (Scotland) 3rd Tun Coy
WIGZELL Arthur Thomas James 4509 (SA) Mining & Boring Corps
WILLIAMS George Edward Charles 4510 (NSW) 3rd Tun Coy
WILLIAMS Henry 4511 (Wales) 3rd Tun Coy
WILLIAMSON Francis Cornwall 441 (England) 1st Div Sigs Coy
WILLOUGHBY Robert Edgar 4513 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
WILSON John 7731 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
WILSON John 4516 (VIC) ex-6th Tun Coy
WISE Edward 5022 (VIC) ex-3rd Tun Coy
WOOLCOCK Albert John 7721 (VIC) 2nd Tun Coy HAKP
WOTHERSPOON John Arthur Ferguson 1210 (England) 3rd Tun Coy
WRAY Robert Allan 14992 (Ireland) 4th Fld Coy Eng
YEWS Arthur Wylde 14852 (VIC) ex-5th Broad Rail Coy HAKP
WILLIAMS Arthur Stuart (VIC) 3rd Fld Coy Eng

ADAMS Breally 2827 (SA) 5th Pnr Btn
BASCHBAUER Edward Ernest 3063 (Russia) 5th Pnr Btn
BATEMAN Charles Edmund 1672 (England) 2nd Pnr Btn
BOX John Daniel 4382 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
BROADBENT Albert George 2838A (SA) 5th Pnr Btn
CALLANDER Alexander Lewis 5819 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn
CAMPBELL John Thomas 4165 (VIC) 1st Pnr Btn HAKP
CHAMPION Henry Goninon 2849 (TAS) ex-5th Pnr Btn
CHILDS Harry 1737 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
CHRISTIAN William Albert 3716 (NSW) 2nd Pnr Btn
CLARK Alexander James 2985 (SA) ex-5th Pnr Btn
CLAY Edward James 3087A (VIC) ex-5th Pnr Btn
COATES Horace Conway 3355 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
COLLINS Douglas 3354 (England) 5th Pnr Btn
COMERY Owen Ruben 3070 (WA) 2nd Pnr Btn
COMPTON George 1921 (WA) 4th Pnr Btn
COOPER Charles 3100 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
CORKERY Patrick 3429 (Ireland) 4th Pnr Btn
CORLETT Thomas Sayle 1110 (Isle of Man) 3rd Pnr Btn
CRAINE Evan Edmond 4174 (WA) 1st Pnr Btn
CROSBY William 3076 (VIC) 4th Pnr Btn
CUMMING Wallace Roy 1953B (WA) 4th Pnr Btn
CURNOW Daniel 2212 (SA) 5th Pnr Btn
DAVEY Joshua Norman Russell 3220 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
DAVIS Thomas James 2365 (VIC) ex-2nd Pnr Btn
DHU Henry 2858 (WA) 5th Pnr Btn
DUNCAN William 1132 (WA) 3rd Pnr Btn
FAWCETT Matthew Harry 4330 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
FOULIS Alexander Evan 3228 (SA) 5th Pnr Btn
FRENCH Albert Henry Victor 3032 (SA) 3rd Pnr Btn
FRISBY Charles Stening 3101A (England) 5th Pnr Btn
GANNAWAY William 3034 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn HAKP
GILDERSLEEVES Horace 1148 (WA) 3rd Pnr Btn
GRAHAM Thomas Donald (Unknown) 4th Pnr Btn
GREEN Percy 3107 (WA) 5th Pnr Btn
GRIFFITHS Charles 2868 (SA) 5th Pnr Btn
GUEST Frederick Victor 306 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
HAINSWORTH Harold 3382 (England) 5th Pnr Btn
HAIR Leslie James 3047 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn
HAMMOND William 1160 (England) 3rd Pnr Btn
HARMAN John Joseph 4065 (NSW) 1st Pnr Btn
HARRIS Robert William Matthews 3130 (England) 2nd Pnr Btn
HART William Henry 3132 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
HILL George 1101 (England) 1st Pnr Btn
HINDS Reginald Tom 2873 (England) 5th Pnr Btn
HIPPER William Roy 4335 (SA) 1st Pnr Btn HAKP
HOINVILLE William Frederick 3821 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
HOOD John Ulrich 1087 (SA) 3rd Pnr Btn
HOWES Arthur Henry William 1203 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
HULLS Alfred Henry 860 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
HUNTER Herbert Alfred 3109A (SA) 5th Pnr Btn HAKP
JACOBSEN Thorvald 1181 (Denmark) 3rd Pnr Btn
JAHN Conrad Albert Alford 3928 (SA) 4th Pnr Btn
JAMES Albert Victor Gordon 2885 (NSW) 5th Pnr Btn
JAMIESON David 3121 (Scotland) 1st Pnr Btn
JENKIN William Hurford 3495 (NSW) 4th Pnr Btn
JENKINS Bertram Hewitt 3161 (Wales) 2nd Pnr Btn
KENNEDY Even Thomas 3062 (NSW) 3rd Pnr Btn
KING Thomas 3390 (VIC) ex-5th Pnr Btn

KING Walter 3167 (VIC) 2nd Pnr Btn
KNEALE Bertram Hugh 3381 (WA) n4th Pnr Btn
KOSKY Joseph John 4465 (VIC) ex-4th Pnr Btn
LAY James 2897 (NSW) 5th Pnr Btn
LEAVERS George Edward 2893 (England) ex-5th Pnr Btn
LEWIS Robert William 3684 (England) 1st Pnr Btn
LLOYD George Thompson Alfred 1195 (NSW) 3rd Pnr Btn HAKP
LUNDIE James 4246 (Scotland) 1st Pnr Btn
McCREERY George 2296 (WA) 4th Pnr Btn
McGARRIGAL Edward Victor 3638 (QLD) ex-2nd Pnr Btn
McKINLEY William John 3588 (Ireland) ex-4th Pnr Btn
McPHERSON Alexander 2504 (Scotland) ex-4th Pnr Btn
MATTHISON Charles Leslie 807 (VIC) 4th Pnr Btn
MINN Robert Charles 3952 (WA) 4th Pnr Btn
(MORTIMER J A) MORTIMORE James Alfred 4256 (England) 1st Pnr Btn
MUNRO James 2912 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
NALDER Joseph 2914 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
OATEN John Samuel 2974 (WA) ex-5th Pnr Btn
O’KEEFE Owen 2753 (Ireland) 4th Pnr Btn
PEADY Herbert James 3415 (VIC) ex-5th Pnr Btn
PENNINGTON Edward 3098 (England) 3rd Pnr Btn
PICKERING Harry Milverton 2921 (NSW) 5th Pnr Btn
PINKER Albert 3100 (England) 3rd Pnr Btn
PLATT Ernest 2470 (England) 3rd Pnr Btn
RACE Wilfred 1236 (England) 3rd Pnr Btn
REGAN Michael James 3153 (WA) 5th Pnr Btn
RETELL Paul 3191 (Netherlands) 5th Pnr Btn
RHYS Ivor Bevan 3310 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn HAKP
ROBERTS James Albert 1243 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn
ROSE Forrest 3108 (WA) ex-3rd Pnr Btn
ROWLAND John 4240 (WA) ex-1st Pnr Btn
SCOTT Vivian 4538 (WA) 2nd Pnr Btn
SHARP George 2858 (Scotland) 4th Pnr Btn
SIMPSON Robert 2667 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
SIZER William 2945 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
SMITH William Bowyer 3766 (England) 2nd Pnr Btn
SPILLER Sydney 1055 (England) 5th Pnr Btn
(STRICKLAND T H) STICKLAND Thomas Henry 2814 (VIC) 5th Pnr Btn
STROUD Charles Edgar 5193 (SA) ex-2nd Pnr Btn
SWINTON Alexander 4390 (Scotland) 2nd Pnr Btn
THOMAS Frank 3852 (England) 4th Pnr Btn
THOMPSON Evan 604 (QLD) 1st Pnr Btn
TIDEY Sidney Charles 2952 (England) ex-5th Pnr Btn
TOMS Samuel 3145 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn
TOWNSING Herbert 3853 (VIC) 4th Pnr Btn
TREVOR-ROPER Hubert 4398 (England) 2nd Pnr Btn
TURNBULL John Dougall 3436 (Scotland) ex-5th Pnr Btn
VIPOND Joseph 2960 (England) ex-5th Pnr Btn
WADGE Herbert (England) 4th Pnr Btn
WALKER Percival George 4366 (West Indies) 2nd Pnr Btn
WELCH James Thomas 1280 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn
WELLS Joseph Leonard 3137 (Channel Islands) 3rd Pnr Btn
WESTERGAARD William James 4296 (SA) ex-2nd Pnr Btn
WILLIAMS Gwilym James 2245 (Wales) 2nd Pnr Btn
WILSON Maurice (England) 5th Pnr Btn
WINGRAVE John William 3130 (VIC) 3rd Pnr Btn HAKP
WYTKIN Leo Thomas 3174 (SA) 5th Pnr Btn

ANDERSON Frederick James 7203 (WA) 2nd MG Btn HAKP
ARCHER Frederick MID (England) ex-12 Btn MG Sect
BAKER David 2635 (NSW) 3rd MG Sqn
BALL Albert John 6537 (England) 2nd MG Btn
BARRY Percy James 3341 (WA) 5th MG Btn HAKP
BATH Edward John Sanders 4670 (QLD) ex-2nd MG Btn
BELL Allison 3792 (England) 7th MG Coy
BERNARD Alfred 1894 aka DUBOIS Alfred Bernard Gordon Coming (Canada) 2nd MG Btn
BILLING Sidney 2792 (England) 13th MG Coy
BOYES Charles Victor 323 (WA) 4th MG Coy
BRADBURY Henry Ernest MM 855 (QLD) ex-4th MG Btn
BRADLEY Benjamin 3015 (WA) 25th MG Coy
BROMHAM Louis Frederick 7202 (WA) 5th MG Btn
BROOKS Sydney 3648 (England) 3rd MG Sqn
BRYANT Frederick George William 264 (VIC) 11th MG Coy
BUCHANAN Leopold Lewis James 7223A (NSW) 21st MG Coy
BURT Francis Sinclair (WA) 4th MG Btn HAKP
BUTLER Clive Hobart 236 (VIC) 4th MG Coy
BUTLER Norman Thomas 5333 (SA) 4th MG Corps HAKP
CARDER Francis Samuel 1021 (South Africa) 4th MG Btn
CLARKE Sydney Charles 2499 (WA) 3rd MG Coy
COPE Fred 1327 (England) 3rd MG Coy
COPLEY Allan Wallace 913 (VIC) 8th MG Coy HAKP
COTTINGHAM Devereux MM 1086 (SA) 7th MG Coy HAKP
COULTER Wilfred Lawson 2464 (SA) 4th MG Coy
COULTHARD Robert Walker 766 (England) 4th MG Coy
CROUCHLEY Richard 1756 (England) 1st MG Btn
DANIELS Edwin Frederick 3818 (England) 7th MG Coy HAKP
DODD Albert Edward 3145 (England) 1st MG Btn
DOVEY Reginald Walter (WA) 4th MG Btn
DOWNING William 7348 (England) 25th MG Coy
DUNN William Wallace Robert 996 (VIC) 2nd MG Btn HAKP
EMERY Cyril 2657 (England) 12th MG Coy
FAIRHEAD Lionel Claude 625 (WA) 7th MG Coy
FANCOTE Charles 6512 (WA) ex-3rd MG Coy
FISHWICK Edward Dudley 2166 (WA) ex-4th MG Btn
FRASER Robert 4274 (Scotland) 12th MG Coy
FYFE Alexander Howard Parker (VIC) 8th MG Coy HAKP
GARDNER John Gladstone 2846 (WA) 13th MG Coy
GARLICK Clive Lancelot 7240 (NSW) 1st MG Btn HAKP
GELDARD Lancelot Ingle 3473 (NSW) 4th MG Coy
GRAHAM Charles George 912 (VIC) 7th MG Coy
GREEN Edward Owen 3535 (SA) Light Horse MG Sqn
GREENWOOD Herbert William 76 (England) 7th MG Coy
HAINES Arthur Norman MM 3459 (SA) ex-4th MG Coy
HARDING Frank 923 (England) 1st MG Btn
HARRIS Ernest William (NSW) 3rd MG Sqn HAKP
HARRIS Harold Michael 870 (NSW) 4th MG Btn
HAYES Augustine Bartholomew 1950 (NSW) 3rd MG Coy
HEAD James 242 (NSW) 4th MG Coy
HEARLE Herbert Frederick 816 (SA) 3rd MG Coy
HEASMAN Frederick 291 (England) 13th MG Coy
HEINRICH Richard 752 (SA) 3rd MG Sqn
HICKS Frederick Edward 2647 (WA) 3rd MG Sqn
HOLROYD Arthur Comport 244 (England) 4th MG Coy HAKP
HOSKING Leslie Francis 3008 (VIC) 5th MG Btn
HUNT Herbert John MC (England) 4th MG Btn HAKP
HUNTLEY John Addison 7253 (VIC) 1st MG Btn
JONES Alfred Charles MM 1824 (TAS) 4th MG Btn
JONES Wilfred Dray 4297 (England) 12th MG Coy
KIDGELL William Gawthorne 2556 (QLD) 12th MG Coy

KNIGHTS Edward 330 (QLD) 4th MG Coy
LANGTON Stephen Bennett MM 3088 (England) 2nd MG Btn HAKP
LEHMANN Benno Carl (SA) 3rd MG Coy HAKP
LENTON Charles Joseph 1545 (England) 4th MG Coy
LINDNER Robert 389 (WA) 11th MG Coy
LONGMORE William 1974 (NSW) 1st MG Btn HAKP
McCURDY George 1723 (Ireland) 3rd MG Sqn
McENTEE Charles Walter 2505 (SA) 4th MG Coy
McINERNEY John Francis Leo 371 (NSW) 12th MG Coy
MARSH Sidney 3409 (England) 3rd MG Coy
MARTIIN George 163 (England) 13th MG Coy
MARTIN Stanley Lewis 3097 (WA) 23rd MG Coy
MASCHMEDT Lawrence Phillip MC (WA) 12th MG Coy
MATHESON Robert Hilton 3456 (NSW) 2nd MG Btn HAKP
MOORE Ernest George Robert 1597 (VIC) 3rd MG Coy
MORGAN Herbert Henry DCM 928 (England) 3rd MG Coy
MULLANE John James Christopher 1678 (WA) 4th MG Btn
MURPHY James Patrick 2984 (SA) 5th MG Btn
MYATT Frank Newman 4132 (England) 3rd MG Coy
O’CONNELL James Adolphus 7277 (VIC) 8th MG Btn
OLIVER Lewis Edward 6127 (WA) 23rd MG Coy
PALMER John Gregory 7287 (VIC) 3rd MG Coy
PEARCE Frederick Alfred 2972 (SA) 1st MG Btn HAKP
PERKS William Thomas 339 (WA) 4th MG Coy HAKP
PICKLES Norman Stanley 2004 (England) 13th MG Coy
PRICE Henry Albert Franklin 2888 (England) 3rd MG Sqn
PULLAN William 1346 (WA) 5th MG Btn
RAWLINGS Charles 2922 (England) 4th MG Coy
RICHARDSON George Ernest 3920 (England) 4th MG Coy
RODGERS John Minitor 396 (WA) 4th MG Btn HAKP
ROGERS George 1897 (WA) 9th MG Coy
ROGERS William Jules 955 (NSW) 13th MG Coy
ROSE Frank 762 (England) 12th MG Coy
ROSE Henry Hawthorn 6392 (WA) 11th MG Coy
SCOULER Matthew Allison (WA) 8th MG Coy
SHELLEY Roland Parker (VIC) 2nd MG Btn
SIBBRITT Edward William 296 (VIC) 2nd MG Btn
SIEFKEN Otto John 354 (VIC) 3rd MG Btn
SKINNER Ernest Lee MM 5190 (England) 3rd MG Btn
SMITH Alfred John 293 (WA) 4th MG Comp
SULLIVAN Daniel Joseph 1538 (VIC) 4th MG Coy
TACHON John 57198 (Channel Islands) 4th MG Sqn
TIMMS Frank 1932 (WA) 3rd MG Sqn
TOWNSON Frank 2045 (England) 12th MG Coy
TUTTLEBEE Ernest Henry 3091 (WA) 13th MG Coy
WADDINGHAM Francis Henry (WA) 7th MG Coy
WALLWORK Frederick Henry 3008A (WA) 4th MG Btn HAKP
WALTHER Bernhardt Hermann (VIC) 3rd MG Coy
WEBB Charles 4731 (England) 4th MG Coy
WELLMAN William Arthur 5221 (England) 13th MG Coy
WHITE Richard Leslie 2042 (VIC) 3rd MG Coy
WIGELSWORTH Roy Parkin 3673 (England) 3rd MG Sqn
YDE Ernest Allen John 7332 (VIC) 4th MG Btn
PLUMMER Robert George (VIC) 5th MG Coy HAKP

BALDOCK William 886 (England) 4th Coy
BLENKINSOP Michael Arthur MM 6379 (England) 16th Coy
BONE Gordon Walter 3012 (England) 4th MT Coy
BOYLE Duncan Grant 1366 (England) 4th MT Coy
BROAD Eric Ashley (England) MT Sect
CLOUTING Frederick Herbert DCM 6307 (England) 16th Coy
CURLEY Thomas 4713 (England) ex-AASC Details
DAWSON Edward Donald 6392 (NSW) 16th Coy
EDMONDS John 2617 (VIC) 4th MT Coy
EGOROFF Andrew 2808 (Russia) 4th Fld Bakery
FARAGHER Edward 9727 (Isle of Man) 10th Coy
FORREST Donald 6315 (WA) 16th Coy
GOSLIN Eustace Arthur MM 6376 (NSW) 16th Coy
HIGGINS William John 13477 (VIC) ex-2nd Div Supply Column
HODGSON Harold 5732 (England) AASC Details HAKP
LEWIS Lewis James 9972 (VIC) 4th Amm Sub Park
McCARTHY John Martin 13456 (VIC) 5th Amm Sub Park
McCRAE Alexander 3900 (VIC) ex-AASC Details
McDUFF Alexander Ronald Smart 901 (Scotland) Rail Corps Reinforcements
MILES Albert Charles 1125 3358 (Wales) ex-AASC
MORAN Gerald Joseph 1761 8933 aka MORAN Joseph Gerald (WA) ex-20th Coy
NORTH John Daniel 2766 (WA) ex-4th MT Coy
O’MARA Mathias 6344 (VIC) 16th Coy
OVERINGTON Edwin Austin 12309 (SA) 5th Amm Sub Park
PADMAN Lester Osborne 3309 (SA) 35th Coy
PELL Frederick Edgar 6387 (England) 16th Coy
PRICE Edward 4201 (England) 3rd Div MT Coy
SILVERWOOD Frederick 6357 (England) 16th Coy
SIMPSON Thomas Gladstone 831 (England) 867th Coy
THOMAS William Gill 492 (VIC) 38th Coy
WHITE Michael Charles 6367 (WA) 16th Coy
DESMOND Matthew Brian 8698 (VIC) ex-21st Coy

ABBOTT Henry Edgar 14654 (SA) 10th Fld Amb HAKP
BOYD William 8443 (Ireland) 7th Fld Amb
BOYLAND George 929 7643 (VIC) 3rd Tun Coy
BROCKWELL Claude Butler MM 3018 (England) 13th Fld Amb
CADOUX Donald Neville 201 (England) 3rd Fld Amb HAKP
CHANDLER Harold Stanley 14656 (England) 13th Fld Amb
CHAPPELL John 7987 (VIC) 3rd Fld Amb
CHEGWIDDEN Victor Leopold (VIC) Hospital Transport
CHISNALL William 9993 (England) 13th Fld Amb
CLARKE John 8972 (England) 3rd AGH
COLEMAN John 4089 (VIC) 10th Fld Amb
COX John Philip 16263 (SA) 9th Fld Amb HAKP
CRAWFORD Harry 18523 (WA) ex-7th Fld Amb
DALE William Richard 2971 4843 (Unknown) ex-10th Fld Amb
DAMON Frank 15971 (England) ex-3rd AGH
DANKER Eric Leslie Salisbury 16826 (QLD) 2nd Fld Amb
DINSDALE John Charles 183 (VIC) 3rd Fld Amb
FOSTER Thomas Charles 2201 (England) 1st AGH Hospital Transport
GILL Frank Morley 188 (England) 3rd Fld Amb
HADLOW Edmund Arthur 1347 (WA) 4th Fld Amb
HALEY Henry George 1346 (VIC) 4th Fld Amb
HEALY Seymour Ariss 9838 (England) 7th Fld Amb
HEWLETT James Phillip 18258 aka HOYLE James (England) AMC Details
HOARE Robert 2423 (WA) 12th Fld Amb
HULL Joseph 1286 (England) 4th Fld Amb
HUMPHREYS William 2680 (WA) 12th Fld Amb
JOHNSTON Andrew David 9446 (England) 1st Auxiliary Hospital
JONES Richard William 9447 (England) 13th Fld Amb HAKP
KILMARTIN Thomas Gerald 2437 (VIC) 12th Fld Amb
LEVI Keith Maurice MID (Unknown) 1st General Hospital
LOCKYER James Edward Alfred 6348 (England) 3rd Auxiliary Hospital
LUPSON George Laban 4856 (England) 2nd Fld Amb
MACKEY Michael 1244 (Ireland) No. 2 Stationary Hospital
MEADOWS Mervyn Charles 2603 (VIC) 14th Fld Amb
MUNDIE Douglas Adam 9841 (Scotland) 6th Fld Amb
MURPHY Cornelius Joseph 1377 (VIC) 4th Fld Amb
O’HOULIHAN Patrick 1256 (Ireland) 1st Fld Amb
PALMER Percy 18951 (England) ex-AMC Details
PARSONS Sydney Frederick 5343 (England) 2nd Fld Amb HAKP
PEARMAN Frederick 15975 (England) AMC Reinforcements
PENSON Henry Roy 17729 (NSW) ex-12th Fld Amb
PITT George Henry 20685 (NSW) ex-AMC Reinforcements
PORTER George John 9842 (England) 2nd Fld Amb
ROBINSON Richard Herbert 17441 (VIC) 10th Fld Amb HAKP
ROSE Thomas Herbert Charles 18527 (WA) AMC Reinforcements
RUTHERFORD Alexander Thomas 4527 (Scotland) 1st General Hospital
SANDERSON Reginald Frederick 5369 (India) 3rd Fld Amb
SAUNDERS William Edward 2421 (SA) 3rd Casualty Clearing Station
SHEEDY James 13186 (NSW) 12th Fld Amb
SILVERMAN Joseph 14994 (England) 14th Fld Amb HAKP
SIMPSON John MID 202 aka KIRKPATRICK John Simpson (England) 3rd Fld Amb (Man with a Donkey) HAKP
SMITH William Patrick 1307 (England) 4th Fld Amb
SPURGEON Frederick Charles 179 (England) 3rd Fld Amb
STEWART Malcolm George 1265 (WA) 12th Fld Amb
SYDNEY Arthur James 4776 (WA) ex-3rd General Hospital
TATTE Sebastian 872 aka TATTI Sebastian (VIC) 13th Fld Amb
TEAGUE Harold Oscar MID (Unknown) 11th Btn Medical Officer HAKP
THOMAS Arthur Stanley 1354 (England) 4th Fld Amb
THOMSON John 1273 (Scotland) 15th Fld Amb
TYTHERLEIGH Charles Large MM 2191 (England) ex-13th Fld Amb
WARRENER George Valentine 1303 (England) 4th Fld Amb

WATERMAN Frederick Thomas Samuel 8595 (England) 2nd Fld Amb
TIMMINGS Ernest Daniel 17444 (WA) ex-3rd Fld Amb
WEIR Sydney 10258 (Wales) 12th Fld Amb
WILLIAMS Charles 5453 (Ireland) AMC Details
WILLIAMS William Cox 9439 (VIC) 14th Fld Amb HAKP
WILSON William Joseph 14990 (India) 14th Fld Amb HAKP
WINZER Luther Alfred 4082 (SA) No. 2 Stationary Hospital
WOODVILLE Roland Travers 17445 (VIC) AMC Details

Nursing Sisters

GIBSON Jessie (VIC) ex-Nursing Service
LIGHTBODY Minnie Jane (NSW) ex-1st General Hospital
REID Charles Stuart 8976 (VIC) Dental Corps

HALSE Robert John 15693 (NSW) ex-14th Fld Amb


AASC Australian Army Service Corps
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AGH Australian General Hospital
Amb Ambulance
AMC Army Medical Corps
Amm Ammunition
ANMEF Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Arty Artillery
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
Bde Brigade
Btn Battalion
Bty Battery
Coy Company
Div Division
DSO Distinguished Service Order
Eng Engineers
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
Fld Field

HAG Heavy Artillery Group
HTM Heavy Trench Mortars
HMTMB Heavy and Medium Trench Mortar Battery
LH Light Horse
Inf Infantry
LHR Light Horse Regiment
LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
MG Machine Gun
MT Mechanical Transport
MTMB Medium Trench Mortar Battery
Pnr Pioneer
Rail Railway
Regt Regiment
SC Salvage Corps/Company
Sigs Signals
Sqn Squadron
TM Trench Mortar(s)
Tun Tunnelling
RAF Royal Air Force
RFC Royal Flying Corps
Sect Section


CdeG Croix de Guerre (French)
CMG Order of St Michael and St George
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
MID Mentioned in Despatches
MC Military Cross
MM Military Medal
MSM Meritorious Service Medal
VC Victoria Cross

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