PEARSON Alfred Charles VRD

RAN Born Perth WA 20 February 1911 Died Applecross WA 19 January 2001

Service No: Commissioned Officer.  Highgate Sub-Branch Foundation Member and Vice President 1982. RANVR (RN) Atlantic, Indian & Pacific Oceans, Mediterranean & North Seas, Tokyo Bay. 2nd Sep45. HMS Ajax & Malaya: HMAS Hobart & Shropshire Landings D-Day Normandy (Overload), North Africa (Torch). Brunei & Balikpapan. Malta Convoys. RSL Mt Lawley 1946, Highgate 1947. Member USI. Past President of Naval Officers Assn. Naval Military and Air Force Club. Perth Probus. Member D-Day and Normandy Fellowship. Former WA Divisional Senior Officer Australian Sea Cadets Corps. Past President and Secretary of the Commercial Travellers Association. State War Memorial Sub-Warden.

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