The Highgate Hall of Honour recognises the service and civilian histories of current and past members of the RSL Highgate Sub-Branch.  Participation in the Hall is voluntary and not all past or current Highgate members are listed.  The Hall was the initiative of the late Phil Loffman, a former President and long-serving Committee Member of the Sub-Branch in addition to long-serving as a Warden of the State War Memorial.

The initial version of the Hall was published in the 50th Anniversary History of the Sub-Branch in 1997.  It has been progressively updated since being added to the Highgate Website in the mid-2000s.  Today there are more than 900 past and current members recorded.  Details can be amended or new entries added at any time by contacting Highgate’s Secretary or Membership Officer with contact details shown on the Committee Page or by completing the Application Form on line.

The Hall can be searched either by entering the first letter of the Family or Surname in the Filter Box shown below or, by entering name, service number or any other possible identifying words in the Search Box shown at the top or top right of this page.  This latter method searches the entire Website and may return multiple results.  

 Denotes Member deceased.