From our President send by email to all Highgate Members on 22 March 2020:

Dear Highgate Members,

I am writing to you following the Prime Minister’s media conference on Sunday night. As you are no doubt aware, additional restrictions have been imposed which include the closure of pubs and clubs, cinemas and restaurants, and other places of social gathering.

The Highgate committee had already cancelled the traditional Gunfire Breakfast on April 25, but this newest announcement shuts down both the Karrakatta Club and the Weld Club as from Monday. Effectively this means that we will not be able to hold our usual monthly lunch meetings for some time.

The Prime Minister and the Chief Medical Officer confirmed that this was not a short-term measure and was likely to stay in place for at least six months unless there is a significant reduction in the spread of COVID-19. The management of this pandemic is a new experience for our elected representatives and they are unlikely to make changes to the introduced restrictions until they are very confident to do so.

The majority of us are in that percentage of the population most likely to suffer the effects of COVID=19, but I urge you not to panic as the mortality rate is extremely low and more and more people are recovering after a mild dose.

If there is anything that I or Members of the Committee can do to assist you please do not hesitate to contact us

With best wishes,

Bill Munro
Highgate Sub-branch
Returned and Services League WA

0411 750 775

Standing Invitation

Highgate Luncheons are open to non-Highgate Members and non-RSL Members.  Please make your booking using the link above and ensure that your remittance is received before the close-off date.  Please also be aware that Highgate’s host venue, the Karrakatta Club, observes a dress code.  For Highgate Members, assistance with transport is available under Highgate’s Taxi Policy.  For further information, please contact Highgate’s Secretary.  The Luncheons also serve as Highgate Sub-Branch Meetings and Highgate Members may also use the booking sheet to forward their apology.