The Public Service and Press Sub-Branch was amalgamated with the Highgate Sub-Branch in early 1976 under the Highgate name.  The West Perth Sub-Branch was chartered on 1 July 1921 and changed its name to the Public Service Sub-Branch on 16 November 1943.  The Public Service Branch was amalgamated with the Press Sub-Branch on 21 March 1973 under the name Public Service and Press Sub-Branch.  In December 1935, the West Perth Sub-Branch had 249 members and was the second largest in the State after the City of Perth, in December 1936 – 211, in December 1937 – 225 (fourth largest), in June 1938 -156, in June 1941 – 127 and in June 1942 – 135.

At a meeting of returned soldier State civil servants convened in the Stirling Institute adjoining Government Gardens in 1922 it was decided to apply to the WA Branch of the League for permission to form a community of interest Sub-Branch.  At the inaugural meeting Dr J A S Bentley of the Medical Department was elected President and Mr A H Morrell of the Lands Department undertook the work of Secretary.

Following the approach to the State Executive for recognition, the League welcomed the idea of a community of interest Sub-Branch but suggested that as all Sub-Branches were recognised under district names, it would be advisable to adopt a locality title and as there was not at that time any organisation at West Perth, that name be adopted with the Public Service as a Section of the Sub-Branch.  A short time after the establishment of the West Perth Sub-Branch an approach was made to returned soldiers in the Commonwealth Service to join this organisation and as a result the membership grew to over 500.

Following WWI considerable dissatisfaction existed owing to the failure of Governments and the people generally to realise the special requirements of the re-establishment  of returned men.  Governments repeatedly stated “preference to returned men” as a matter of policy, but repeatedly appointed non-returned men to Government positions, particularly senior ones.  The west Perth Sub-Branch was continually engaged in a campaign to ensure the appointments of returned men and attained a fair measure of success, notwithstanding that many non-returned men were appointed on the grounds of superior efficiency, which was gained during the absence overseas of the returned soldiers.

The position was greatly improved when the Public Service Commissioner Mr G W Simpson agreed to discuss with West Perth Sub-Branch representatives at regular intervals, all pending appointments.  Unfortunately this arrangement was discontinued before the outbreak of WWII.  Following the retirement of Mr A H Morrell as Secretary, Mr Peter Ross undertook the duties and carried on in that capacity until his death in 1939.  The later Peter Ross was one of the stalwarts of the Sub-Branch and in recognition of his service, a Memorial Plaque was placed on the first tree in Lovekin Honour Avenue.  In 1939 Mr Bill Boyd undertook the duties of Secretary – Treasurer and after carrying out the combined job until 1946, relinquished the Secretarial work to Mr A M Brice but still retained the office of Treasurer.  At the time of writing this report (c1956), Bill, Boyd has served the Sub-Branch as Treasurer for a period of 25 years – an excellent effort.

In the years before WWII, membership decreased due mainly to men transferring to their district Sub-Branches, until the membership was in the vicinity of only 150.  The 1939-45 War saw some members back in the armed forces and others joined units of the Home Defence organisation.  Following the cessation of hostilities, the membership received a boost but the increase was not as great as had been anticipated.  At first there was a reluctance on the part of the younger men to undertake executive positions but gradually the import duties have been taken over by the younger generation – a very desirable state of affairs.

Change of Name.  In 1943 owing to a proposal for the organisation of a Sub-Branch in the West Perth area, the executive of the League indicated the desirability of the then West Perth Sub-Branch altering its name as there was no district connection between that locality and the Sub-Branch.  Consequently the West Perth Sub-Branch became the Public Service Sub-Branch.

Honour Avenues.  Probably the most important aspect of Sub-Branch activities has been the care of Honour Avenues in Kings Park.  As early as 1922 or 1923, the then West Perth Sub-Branch accepted the responsibility for assisting the Kings Park Board in the preservation of the avenues and particularly for the maintenance of the plaques commemorating the war dead.  The original ceremony of dedication of trees to honour those men who sacrificed their lives in WWI was held at the highest point in Kings Park on 3 August 1919.  At this ceremony trees raised from acorns from Windsor Great Park were planted in May Drive and at the foot of each tree, a plaque was placed giving full details regarding the deceased serviceman to whose memory it was dedicated.

Subsequently the avenue was extended from the Saw Avenue junction to the Crawley end of May Drive until May Drive Honour Avenue had 680 trees.  At a subsequent date, 100 Sugar Gum trees at the eastern end of Lovekin Drive were seta side to the memory of men who fell in the 1914-8 War thus completing the third phase of the Honour Avenue.  Unfortunately due to a number of factors the Oak and Plane trees in May Drive did not thrive and consequently after consultation with the Public Services Sub-Branch, the Kings Park Board decided to remove the trees and re-plant with Eucalyptus Botryoides trees.  this was done in 1941-2 and most of the trees grew vigorously and now form a fine avenue.

The fourth phase in the history of Honour Avenues commenced after the 1939-45 war.  As a result of enquires for memorial trees, the Kings Park Board agreed to make available 300 Sugar Gum trees lining Lovekin Drive.  As the custodians of Honour Avenue, the Public Service Sub-Branch was delegated by the Executive of the League to allocate the trees and arrange a suitable dedication ceremony.  On 5 December 1948 in a central position in Lovekin Avenue before a large gathering, His Grace the Archbishop of Perth DR R W H Moline MC DD dedicated the avenue to the memory of the fallen of the 1939-45 War.  The Honour Avenues Committee responsible for the carrying out of the ceremony comprised Mr L J Parkes (Chair), Mr A M Brice (Secretary), Mr W Boyd (Treasurer), Mr A H Hayles, Mr M Offer and Mr J E Watson (Kings Park Board).

Two subsequent smaller ceremonies have been held when plaques were placed at trees which had not been allocated previously.  Prior to the 1948 dedication, all plaques were placed in the ground at the base of the trees.  Due to the thoughtless actions of motorists and also for other reasons, it was decided to affix all plaques to the trunks of the trees and this work has been carried out.

State War Memorial Sub-Wardens.  At the invitation of the State Executive, the Public Service Sub-Branch took over the duties of Sub-Wardens of the State War Memorial on Remembrance Day 11 November 1951 under the Wardenship of Sir Ross McDonald.  In view of the excellent manner the members carried out their duties, the Sub-Branch was invited to carry on for a further year under the Wardenship of Mr Alex Reid.

In view of the visit of Her Majesty the Queen to Western Australia in March-April 1954, it was siting that the Sub-Branch should have the honour of acting as Sub-Wardens for the wreath-laying at the memorial by Her Majesty.  In consequence the Sub-Branch retained the duties of Sub-wardens for 1953-4 under the wardenship of Mr Frank Boan and all those members on duty at the historic wreath-laying ceremony by her majesty could not but feel honoured at the opportunity to be present at this impressive ceremony.

The duties of the Sub-Wardens were handed over to Highgate on Remembrance Day 1954.

Luncheons.  Monthly Luncheons were first inaugurated 1948 at which guest speakers have been invited.  For some time these Luncheons were well attended, but during 1954 owing to a falling-off in numbers, they were discontinued.  However, the advantages of member meeting in the Luncheon hour who could not attend night meetings was realised and the Luncheons again became a regular feature in 1955.

Annual Christmas Luncheons.  In 1948, it was decided to hold the pre-Christmas Luncheon on a bigger scale than the monthly Luncheons.  The experiment proved an outstanding success, the attendance being 188 including the Premier, Sir Ross McLarty, the Commonwealth Public Service Inspector, the Public Service Commissioner, the RSL State President and others.  In view of the success of the initial venture, the pre-Christmas Luncheon has become a regular feature.

Presidents. Owing to the absence of complete records, it is difficult at this date to set out a complete list of members who have occupied the position of President.  However, as far as can be ascertained the listing is as follows.  (1922) Dr J A S Bentley, Mr M Moss, Hon Hubert Parker, Mr N McAdam, MR R E Tyler, Mr G H PHILP, Mr N B Brice, Mr A H Hayles, Mr N Beckley, (1944-5) Mr A C Stephens, (1945-6) Mr L A Robertson, (1946-9) Mr L J Parks, (1949-50) Mr A H Day, (1950-1) Mr J C Morrison, (1951-4) Mr E C Townshend and (1954-5) Dr K Harris.

Honorary Secretaries.  The information regarding the occupants of the Secretarial position in the early stages of the Sub-Branch’s existence is also somewhat obscure and consequently the list hereunder may now be entirely correct. (1922) Mr A H Morrell, Mr Peter Ross, Mr W Boyd, (1947-52) Mr A M Brice, Mr R C Yeldon, Mr P Kelly, Mr S Harvey, (1955-6) Mr R Smith and (1956-) Mr C R Davies.

Source: WA State Library 8627A/93.10, 8627A/93.2 Written c1956 Author Not Recorded

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Up to 30 April 1974, 101 members had renewed their subscriptions to the Public Service and Press Sub-Branch.   At the May 1974 meeting it was resolved that if less than 15 members were present at three subsequent meetings, steps should be taken to amalgamate with Highgate Sub-Branch. At the August, September and October 1974 meetings, 19, 21 and 16 members respectively were present and at Christmas Luncheon, 25 members attended.

The membership number at end of 1973 was 110 and at the end of 1974 was 112.  At the end of May 1975, 86 members were financial with about 80 yet to pay.   Capitation fees were the sole source of revenue.

At meetings of April, May and June 1975, numbers attending meetings were 12, 13 and 12 respectively.  Members were reminded of the motion concerning amalgamation should numbers at three consecutive meetings fall below 15.

At a meeting in September 1975, 9 members were present.  They were reported to be “dissatisfied and upset” by poor attendance and it was decided that the President should take immediate steps to effect an amalgamation, the sooner the better. Sub-Branch President Bish Kwiecinski was invited to a meeting of HIghgate Sub-Branch on 13 October 1975, arranged especially to consider the matter of amalgamation.

At meeting of Public Service and Press Sub Branch on 15 October 1975, the motion of amalgamation with Highgate Sub-Branch was put and carried 20 – nil.  After some discussion it was agreed that the name of the new Sub-Branch should remain as “Highgate”, due mainly to the unwieldy title if “Public Service and Press”  were included.  Two Highgate members were present at the meeting.

The last Newsletter of the Public Service and Press Sub-Branch was issued in December 1975.

Highgate Member Helen Birch conducted the research for this section mainly from articles in The Listening Post.

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The list of West Perth and Public Service Sub-Committee Members was compiled from articles in The Listening Post during the course of researching the Honours Avenue Group (HAG).  As West Perth and then Public Service Sub-Branch Committee Members, it is likely that many of those listed here had involvement in the work of the Honour Avenues Group (formerly Committee).  Highgate would appreciate assistance in better identifying those listed below.  Dates of committee membership and executive positions are shown.

BAGNALL Howard Henry (1937-47, Secretary 1940, Vice-President 1941-2, President 1943)
BARRINGTON Arthur Victor Royal 4727 (WWI) (1932-47, Vice-President 1940)
BECKLEY Norman 10833 (WWI) (1936-47, Assistant Secretary 1935-8, 1941-47, President 1940)
BENTLEY J A S (1921, Inaugural President Public Service Section)
BLACKLOCK Rowland William 8867 (WWI) (1931)
BOOTH Frederick Herbert 31662 (WWI) (1936)
BOYD William Leighton 7028 (WWI) W67116 (WWII) (1931-47, Treasurer 1931-47, Secretary 1939-47)
BRICE Allen Maxwell * F2781/16 RAN (WWII) (1943-7, Secretary 1947)
BRICE Norman Barton * 2538 (WWI) (1940-7, President 1941)

CADDEN John James Commissioned (WWI) (1939)
CARNE Clifton Jenkyn OBE 3004 (WWI) (1921, Inaugural Treasurer Public Service Section)
CARTER Linnell William Athol * 3752 (WWI)  (1941-2, Vice-President 1941, President 1942)
CARVILL George William 8022 (WWI) (1931, Assistant Secretary 1931)
CASSON John Edgar 6304 (WWI) (1928-31)
CLARKE Horace Percy 5332 (WWI) (1928-40, Treasurer, Vice-President 1936)

DAVIDSON William John 2808 (WWI) (1933)
DRY Albert James (1940)
DYMOND Percy Edward (1933)

EARNSHAW William John 16753 (WWI) (1931-47, President 1935-6)
EICHLER Charles William Frederick 7344 (WWI) (1932)
ELLICE Arthur James 6753 (WWI) (1928)
EVERETT James Seabrook 229 (WWI) W69493 (WWII) (1931-2, Vice-President 1932)

FALCK Sydney Thomas 4374 (WWI) (1938-42)
FARRELL John Vincent 1310 (WWI British Army) (1932-47, Vice-President 1947)
FINGLAND William Norman 2653 (WWI) (1928, 1933)
FRIEL Charles Albert 6761 (WWI) (1925, Treasurer 1925)

GRANT T (1933)
GREENWOOD W (1940-7, Vice-President 1940)
GRIFFITHS W (1938-9)

HAYLES Alfred Henry * (1931-45, Vice-President 1928, 1938-9, President 1932) HAYWARD Edward Victor (1937-8)
HALTON Edward John 37166 (WWI) (1936-40)
HUMPHREY Harold Spicer 2516 (WWI) (1923-5, President 1923-5)

JARMAN Herbert George 10845 (WWI) (1931)
JOHNSON James Edward 2583 (WWI) (1943-7)

KINSELLA Edward Charles Moore 6051 (WWI) (1928)
KNIGHT Edward Nathan 296 (WWI) (1932-6, Vice President 1933)
KNIGHT Sidney Walter 8769 (WWI) (1931)

LALOR James Arthur 13101 (WWI) (1936)
LUMMIS George Henry 6790 (WWI) (1937-9)

McADAM Francis Joseph Milburn (1925-32, Vice-President)
McCLEERY Benjamin 29549 (WWI) (1936-47, Vice-President 1936, President 1937)
McLEOD (1928)
MEYER Thomas Edmund 35277 (WWI) W69486 (WWII) (1932)
MILLER Percival George (1928-36, Vice-President 1931-2, President 1933-4)
MORGAN L (1937)
MORRELL Arthur Herbert (Depot WWI) (1921, Inaugural Secretary Public Service Section, 1923, State Congress Delegate)
MORRIS E T (1925)
MORRISON Leslie Alfred 2644 (WWI) (1925)
MOSEL Norman Frederick 1005 (WWI) (1928)
MOSS Morrie Melville Commissioned (WWI)  (1923)
MOWDAY Henry Seymour 6764 (WWI) (1923, State Congress Delegate)

NICHOLS Thomas John 760 (WWI) (1939-47, Vice-President 1943)
NURSE Joseph Noel 5789 (WWI) (1937-42)

OFFER Myrven John * 144 (WWI) (1931-47, Vice-President 1933, 1938-9, President 1934-5)

PARKER Hubert Stanley Wyborn RAN F/P10 (WWI) (1928-30, President 1928)
PARKS Lionel John * Commissioned (WWI) (1925-47, President 1947)
PATTON John Frederick (WWI British Forces) W31360 (WWII) (1937, Vice-President 1937)
PHILP Garnet Hawkins 7930 (WWI) (1928-37, Vice President 1928, President 1931)
POWNALL Arthur Regan 5345 (WWI) (1936)
PULLEN H M (1931)
PRENDERGAST George Luke 5181 (WWI) (1923)
PRICE Richard William MBE (Commissioned WWI) (1936, Vice-President, President 1936)

RENFRY Cuthbert Henry Depot (WWI) (1943-7)
ROBERTSON Leslie Alexander 49 (WWI) W66808 (WWII)  (1925-47, President 1946)
ROBINSON Daniel Bosworth 936 (WWI) (1931)
ROSS Peter Lowe 1515 (WWI) (1928-39, Secretary)

SCOTT J W (1925, Publicity Officer)
SMITH A E (1928-36)
STEPHENS Carlisle Algernon * 10381 (WWI) (1941-7, Vice-President 1942-5)
STEWART A (1925-38, Publicity Officer)

TEAGUE George 3332 (WWI) (1938)
THRUSH Albert Durham 238 (WWI) (1923-5, Vice-President)
TOWNSEND Patrick 7146 (WWI) (1928)
TOWNSHEND Edward Charles MBE 118379314 (Post WWI)(President)
TURNER Herbert Frank Charles 2036 (WWI) (1921, Inaugural Secretary Public Service Section)
TYLER Robert Emeric Commissioned (WWI) W18821 (WWII) (1923-47, Vice-President 1937, President 1930-1, 1938)

WALTON John Joseph 3531 (WWI) (1941-2)
WILLIAMSON B T G (1925, Secretary)
WINCH Edward Benjamin (WWI British Forces) W34360 (WWII) (1938-9)

YELDON Richard Charles 1550 (WWI) W242835 (WWII) (Secretary)

* Identified with Kings Park Honour Avenues

Highgate Member Helen Birch conducted the research and compiled this list of names and the West Perth membership numbers.

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Highgate would appreciate further information to help better identify many of those listed.

ABEY Cyril 921 (WWI) Rural and Industries Bank
ABRAHAM Herbert Basil 2567 497042 321480 (WWI British Army) Nedlands
ALEXANDER Lewis Melville Ernest 3110 (WWI) W31902 (WWII) Lands Department
ALLEN Joseph William Commissioned (WWI) Technical College Perth
ALLEN William James 2045 (WWI) Public Works Department
AUSTIN Malcolm Leo 7263 (WWI) Rural Bank of WA

BAGLEY Stephen Leonard 6600 (WWI) Taxation Department
BAILEY Percy Herbert 3463 (WWI) Perth
BAINES William 3002 (WWI) Public Works Department
BARRINGTON Arthur Victor Royal 4721 (WWI) Public Works Department
BECKLEY Norman 10833 *(WWI) Customs Office
BEARD Frank Canning 2872 (WWI) Engineers’ Branch, Post Master General’s Department
BENNINGTON John Linton 2771 (WWI) Taxation Department
BIGGS William Leonard 3855 (WWI)  Taxation Department
BISHOP Lance 4676 (WWI) Treasury Department
BOOTH John Frederick 185 (WWI) Post Master General’s Department
BOOTY Jack Grattan 6521 (WWI) Land Titles Office
BOWER Donald McPherson 415501 RAAF (WWII) Government Tourist Bureau
BOYD William Leighton 7028 (WWI) W67116 (WWII) Rural Bank of WA
BRADWELL Ernest Victor 14831 (WWI) Taxation Department
BRICE Allen Maxwell F2781/16 RAN (WWII) Canning Bridge
BRICE Norman Barton 2538 (WWI) Registrar General’s Office
BROWN Aubrey Ralph Thomas 670 (WWI) Bassendean
BROWN E Statistician’s Office
BUCHANAN Robert Charles 3354 (WWI) Lands Titles Office
BUTTON Alfred Keith 23 (WWI) Subiaco
BYFIELD Herbert William 2153 (WWI) Treasury Department

CADDEN William Thomas 4832 (WWI) Main Roads Department
CARLESS George William 487 (WWI) Subiaco
CARLSON Leslie Alfred 2845A (WWI)  Rural Bank of WA
CARTER Linnell William Athol 3752 (WWI) Lands Department
CAUDWELL Leonard Vere WX1686 (WWII) Public Works Department
CLARE Albert Ernest 3498 (WWI)  Public Works Department
CLARK Henry Edmund 14832 (WWI) W78279 (WWII) Money Order Office, Post Master General’s Department
CLARKE Frederick Edward 5579 (WWI) North Perth
CLAYDEN Ernest Wilfred 6488 (WWI ) W40207 (WWII) West Perth
CLEMENT Claude Hamilton 6735 (WWI) Hollywood
COOK Walter Robert 4299 (WWI) North Perth
COOPER George Herbert 8545 (WWI) Workers’ Homes Board
CORR Oswald Reford 786 (WWI) WX34808 (WWII)  West Perth
COVINGTON Harry Francis 21 (WWI) Taxation Department
COX Louis Frederick 5700 (WWI) W67896 (WWII) Carlisle
CRANWELL Frederick James 30782 (WWI) Rural Bank of WA
CROOKS Albert William Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Department

DAVIES Cyril Raymond 406195 RAAF (WWII) Mount Lawley
DAVIES W Public Works Department
DAVIS R M West Perth
DAVIS Thomas John Alston 31 (WWI) Rural Bank of WA
DOWNEY Francis Charles 5355 (WWI) Chief Civil Engineer’s Office, Railways
DRY Albert James Lands Department
DUKE R A Public Works Department
DUMAS Russell John Commissioned (WWI) Public Works Department
DUNCAN K West Perth
DUNN R Victoria Park

EARNSHAW William John 16753 (WWI) Taxation Department
EDGAR Leslie 62799 (WWI)  Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Department
EGGLESTON William John Commissioned (WWI) Lower Chittering
EVANS John 7827 (WWI) Subiaco

FALCK Sydney Thomas 4374 (WWI) Treasury Department
FARRELL John Vincent 1310 (WWI) Taxation Department
FINLAY James William Commissioned (WWI) Taxation Department
FISHER H Commonwealth Workshops
FRANCIS Harry Simpson 1820 (WWI) Lands Department
FRIEL Charles Albert 6761 (WWI) Taxation Department
FYFE Wallace Vernon 51998 (WWI) Lands Department

GARTH Thomas 2149 (WWI) W48493 (WWII) Taxation Department
GIBSON S Money Order Office, Post Master General’s Department
GIBSON V Maylands
GRAHAM J F John Frederick 3370 or 7258 (WWI) Workers’ Homes Board
GREAVES Allan Walker W243138 (WWII) Taxation Department
GREEN J Forests Department
GREENWOOD W Taxation Department
GUILFOYLE William Thomas 2335 (WWI) Sub-Treasury

HALES Norman Edmund 2810 (WWI) Forests Department
HALTON Edward John 37166 (WWI) Inspection Branch, Post Master General’s Department
HARCUS William Roland 9600 (WWI) W48440 (WWII)  Subiaco
HAWKES Ernest William 1199 (WWI) Cowaramup
HAYLES Harold Benjamin 1031 (WWI) Crown Law Department
HENDERSON J Main Road Board, Perth
HILL D Taxation Department
HOBSON William Crookston 3025 (WWI) Lands Department
HOPE Ross Leonard Hood 4180 (WWI) State Housing Commission
HUNTER Robert Commissioned (WWI) Taxation Department
HYAM Leslie Frederick 415796 RAAF (WWII) State Housing Commission

IRVINE J Taxation Department

JOB Percy Frederick 316 (WWI) Wireless Branch, Post Master General’s Department
JOHNSON James Edward 2583 (WWI) Subiaco
JONES J H Forests Department
JOWETT Frederick William 22035 (WWI) Commonwealth Workshops

KELLY Jervoise William 7262 (WWI) Mechanics’ Branch, Post Master General’s Department
KENNEDY L C Titles Office
KIRKWOOD Archibald Glen Public Works Department
KLEM Carl Throssell WX33733 (WWII)  Mount Lawley
KNIGHT Sidney Walter 8769 (WWI) Taxation Department

LEE Frederick Henry 6755 (WWI) W47939 (WWII)  Lands Department
LITTLETON Hubert Canford 14837 (WWI) Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Office
LUMMIS George Henry 6790 (WWI) Hollywood

MANTLE John Neville Perth
MARSHALL Alexander Fraser 567 (WWI) Lands Department
MASKIELL James Charles Alexander 69, 4361 (WWI) State Engineering Works
MAUNSELL John Florence Stewart WX3555 (WWII) West Perth
McCLEERY Benjamin 29549 (WWI) Civil Service Club
McDONALD H Inspection Branch, Post Master General’s Department
McGHIE John Alexander White WX12179 (WWII) South Perth
McKIE John 4245 (WWI) Water Supply Department
McMATH John Geological Survey
McMINN Harry Tudor 5762 (WWI) Child Welfare Department
McMULLEN George D 222 (WWI) Public Works Department
MERRICK Robert Charles 75 (WWI) Perth
MEUGENS Theodore Henry 35268 (WWI) Public Works Department
MILLS E Mount Lawley
MORGAN L Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Department
MORRISON J C Chief Secretary’s Department
MORTON Robert 32144968 US Army (156th Reg 32nd Div) War Service Land Settlement

NANKIVELL John Edgar WX1934 (WWII) Mount Hawthorn
NEWICK William Thomas W243210 (WWII) Subiaco
NEWMAN F Wembley
NICHOLS Thomas John 760 (WWI) Taxation Department
NIMMO John 6519 (WWI) Commonwealth Department of Health
NORTH Thomas Samuel Henry 1698 (WWI) Taxation Department
NURSE Joseph Noel 5789 (WWI) Perth

O’BRIEN Stanley Percival 30737 (WWI) Taxation Department
OFFER Myrven John 144 (WWI) Taxation Department
ORR William Richard 3467 (WWI) State Electricity Commission
O’SHEA William Joseph 1023 (WWI)  Customs House
OTTAWAY James Frank 5342 (WWI) Taxation Department

PAINE Harry Lewis 5606 (WWI) Lands and Surveys Department
PARKS Lionel John Commissioned (WWI) Tourist Bureau
PATTON John Frederick W31360 (WWII) Cottesloe
PEERLESS Gilbert 15962 (WWI)  Taxation Department
PEGLER Charles Thomas 2468A (WWI) Taxation Department
PENDLEBURY Robert 7341 (WWI) Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Department
PHILLIPS Herbert Daniel 3105 (WWI) Taxation Department
PRIES Edward Heinrich 52586 (WWI) Kelmscott

RAMAGE Roland Philip 3982 (WWI) W29311 (WWII) Taxation Department
RATTRAY William 2481 (WWI) North Beach
RAVENSCROFT Joseph William 2779 (WWI) War Service Land Settlement
RICHARDSON Edward David 6570 (WWI) Workers’ Homes Board
ROBERTSON Leslie Alexander 49 (WWI) W66808 (WWII) Victoria Park
ROWLEDGE Henry Phippard 2764 (WWI) Government Analyst’s Department

SANDIFORD Francis John 2662 (WWI) Post Master General’s Department
SANDERS Percy Stuart 4983 (WWI) Rural Bank of WA
SCOTT J W Lands Title Office
SEDDON James William 15979 (WWI) Accounts Branch, Post Master General’s Department
SEE Francis James 7676 (WWI) Taxation Department
SELLEY Ernest Walter 2484 (WWI) State Housing Commission
SHAW Thomas Harold 81 (WWI)  Taxation Department
SHELDON William Victor 2719 (WWI) Taxation Department
STARK James Balfour 20013 (WWI) Rottnest Board of Control
STEPHENS Carlisle Algernon 10381 (WWI) Swanbourne
STEWART A Lands Department

THOMAS Henry Harold 380 (WWI) Accounts Department, Post Master General’s Department
THOMSON Reginald Corston 593 (WWI) Post Master General’s Department
TOWNSING Kenneth Joseph WX1685 (WWII)  Mount Hawthorn

VAGUE John WX29786 (WWII)  Forests Department

WALLACE Claude Wilfred 3001 (WWI) Mechanics Branch, Post Master General’s Department
WILLIS Edward Talbot W62287 (WWII) Mount Hawthorn
WOOD Joseph Lands Department (Died 5Feb48)

YORATH Leonard William WX8574 (WWII) Leederville