RSL Mission Statement

To ensure that programs are in place for the well-being, care, compensation and commemoration of serving and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependants; and promote Government and community awareness of the need for a secure, stable and progressive Australia.

The Role and Objectives of Highgate RSL

The role of Highgate is to serve the interests of its members, veterans, the ex-service community and members of the Australian Defence Force. Highgate assists the RSL execute its role by effectively implementing objectives which are in accord with the League’s Mission Statement.

Highgate RSL - who are we?

Highgate RSL Sub- Branch was “founded” in 1947 by a group of men who had served their country in time of war and who wanted in time of peace to experience the joy of comradeship and an opportunity to be of help to their former mates and dependants. (More details of Highgate’s history are available by clicking on: The History of Highgate). Not only did those young men want to provide support for each other, they also wanted to support the community.

Today Highgate comprises veterans, ex-service men and women, serving men and women and affiliate members who carry on that same tradition through the following activities and which are managed and administered through the Highgate committee.

The Highgate committee ensures our goals are achieved and that the community support does not falter. To achieve those goals, each member of the committee leads a portfolio of activities. Details of the committee are published on this website (click here to view).

When and where we meet AND what we do?

A Luncheon is held at ANZAC House, Perth on the third Monday of most months with fellowship commencing at 12:00 for 12:30 hours.  Members and guests are provided an excellent opportunity to meet service comrades, develop new friendships and enjoy a convivial lunch at a low cost. Guest speakers present a variety of interesting and informative subjects at luncheons. Details of the guest speaker are published on the website. (click here to view)

Highgate also publishes a newsletter to keep members abreast of Sub-branch activities. (click here to view)

Highgate RSL Memorial Day - 7 November 2010

Wardens to the State War Memorial:

Highgate provides Sub Wardens to the State War Memorial who form an Honour Guard at the State War Memorial and other Memorials as arranged – a calendar of events for the Memorial is regularly updated and published on this website. (click here to view)

The Honour Avenues Group:

Highgate members maintain the Honour Avenues within Kings Park in conjunction with the Kings Park Board. The group also encourages the interaction of other community groups to assist with these tasks. (click here to view)

Pensions and Welfare:

Members from Highgate provide pensions advocacy and welfare advice to members of Highgate and other serving/ex serving members who seek that advice. Some Highgate members are trained advocates and assist members with their claims lodged with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs at no cost.

Hospital Visits:

The members of Highgate, who are unfortunately admitted to hospital, receive support from the Highgate Executive in the form of visits from our Hospital Visiting Officer and other members of the sub-branch.

Right – Australian 3rd Field Ambulance,
Blackboy Hill, WA – 1914
Photo – courtesy Australian War Memorial

RSL Annual Conference:

Highgate RSL sub-branch provides delegates to the state RSL Annual Conference. The members are also represented at State Executive RSL level. Members are also well represented on defence committees and lobby government to ensure the continual improvement in pay, conditions of service and compensation for ADF members.

Other Activities:

Poppy day; the attendance of Highgate members and others organised by Highgate, to rattle the tin on poppy day results in an annual collection – and in 2010 about $18,000 was collected. (click here)

ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast:

This event precedes the march through Perth each year and is well attended by Perth dignitaries and members. (click here)

Fellowship and Partners

Fellowship plays an important role in Highgate’s activities. We also place a high emphasis on ensuring our partners participate as appropriate in that fellowship.

Our gallery collection illustrates some of the ways that Highgate members enjoy and part-take in fellowship.

Left – Highgate Memorial Luncheon 7 Nov 2010

Are you interested in joining or transferring to Highgate?

We encourage potential members to peruse the information on these pages and if you are interested in joining Highgate RSL, invite you to complete a membership application and forward to the Membership Officer.