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22Jan18 – John Adeney RFD (Highgate Member): The Boer War and Western Australia Hill
20Feb18 - Hon. Peter Charles Tinley AM MLA BA MDefStud, Minister for Housing, Veterans Issues and Youth: SAS Planning in Iraq and Afghanistan
19Mar18 – Brian Burke (WA Premier 1983-88): A Tumultuous Life
25Apr18 – Brigadier David Thomson AM, Warden of the State War Memorial
19May18 – Bill Hassell AM LLB MA, (former State Minister and Leader of the Opposition): The Australia Day Speech I Would Like the Prime Minister to Give
18Jun18 – Commodore Brett Dowsing RANR (Defence Attaché to the Republic of Korea and Mongolia 2012-14): Korean Peninsula Issues
16Jul18 – Adrian Strang, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Austal Limited: Austal’s Service Offerings to the Marine Industry including the ADF
20Aug18 – AGM and OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Barry Campbell, John Farrell, Susan Glasfurd, Phillip Skelton and Rod Willox; OBNs Les Coy, John Hollingshead, John Klein and Ray Mawson; and Centenarians Shalom Coleman, John Pope and Abe Sher
17Sep18 – Ray Galliott (Highgate Member) History’s Last Great Cavalry Charge: Beersheba
15Oct18 – Ms Rachael Cook (US Consul General) US-Australia Relations
11Nov18 – Centenary of Armistice Luncheon (State Convention Centre) His Excellency Kim Beasley AC (WA Governor): Reflections on WWI


20Feb17 – Emeritus Professor Alex Kerr AM (ex-RAAF WWII Pilot and PoW) (Highgate Member): Trade and Military Importance of the South China Sea
20Mar17 – Dr Robyn Yeo RAAF: ADF Experience in Rwanda 1994
25Apr17 – Wing Commander Christine Pittman, Warden of the WA State War Memorial
15May17 – John McCourt JP, CEO RSL WA Branch: RSL Events, Activities and the New ANZAC House
19Jun17 – Geoffrey Stooke OAM CitWA: A Journey in Sport
17Jul17 – Hon Kim Beasley AC (Former Defence Minister and Ambassador to the USA): Australia-USA Defence Relationship
21Aug17 – AGM and OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBE Bob Campbell and OBN Tim Harrison
18Sep17 – Dr Mike Johnstone, Associate Professor at the School of Science, Edith Cowan University: Cyber Security and How It Affects Us
16Oct17 - Major General Barry Nunn AO RFD ED (Rtd): WWII Australia-Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Catalina Air Service
11Nov17 – Group Captain Ian Petkoff AM (Highgate Member) (Rtd): Names on the WA State War Memorials


15Feb16 – Major General Michael Jeffrey AC AO CVO MC (Rtd): Recollections
21Mar16 – Associate Professor James Speers: Forensic Science
25Apr16 – (Two Speakers) Peter King, Deputy Commissioner DVA: DVA Initiatives and His Excellency Xanana Gusmao (Timor-Leste President 2002-7, Prime Minister 2007-15): Enduring Memories; Brief Address by Hon Alannah MacTiernan, MHR for Perth
16May16 – Major General John Hartley (Rtd): Australia’s Economic and Military Relationship with China
20Jun16 – Right Hon the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi: City of Perth
18Jul16- OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Ron Adams, Kevan Barrett, Don Blair, Mick Coyle, Brian Gibson, Colin Hebbard, Ron Jager, Max Kay, Brian King, Noel Sivewright, Robin Slater, Ted Stevenson; and OBNs Bill Bailey, Talbot Bashall, Eric Thomas, William Ritchie and Kevin Whiting.
15Aug16 – Bishop Kate Wilmot: Reflections of Army Chaplaincy
17Oct16 – David Stokes, Thomas Paparo, Students John XXIII College (Scholarship Winners, ANZAC Tour to Borneo): Spirit of ANZAC Theme Assignments


16Feb15 – Ray Ward (Highgate Member): Legacy
16Mar15 – Peter Kennedy (ABC Journalist and Political Commentator): Journalism
18May15 – Peter Farrell (Highgate Member): Seeing Europe from its Canals
22Jun15 – John Schnaars: Indigenous Veterans
20Jul15 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Geoff Cox, Peter Harries, John Morris, Stanley Stewart, Jack Thornton, Alf Till and Basil Twine; and OBNs Bob Elliot, Bill Kynaston, Ronney Leigh, Keith Morris, Noel Monks and Ted White
17Aug15 – Peter Fitzpatrick AO (ex Army): Leadership
19Oct15 – Dr Jenny Downs PhD, Telethon Kids Institute: Rett Syndrome
16Nov15 – Roger Underwood (former GM CALM): Bushfires
21Dec15 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Dr Peter Harries (Highgate Member)


17feb14 – Clinical Professor Jack Goldblatt AM MB ChB MD FCP FRACP, Director Familial Cancer Program of WA: Biotechnology and the Military
17Mar14 – Sharon Harford and John Arthur (RSL WA): RSL WA and the Planned Centenary Commemorations
25Apr14 – Jan Stewart, CEO LotteriesWest, Warden of the WA State War Memorial: Lotteries Commission and its Support of the RSL
19May14 – Kevin Graham (Highgate Member): Service Recollections
16Jun14 – Rabia Siddique, Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer
21Jul14 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Ken Bladin, John Evert, Donald King, Jim Monteath and Otto Pelczar; and OBNs Ken Birks, Lindsay Caddy, Bill Jamieson, Harry Lodge and Eleanore Wells
18Aug14 – Bob Mummery (Highgate Member): Floating Docks
15Sep14 – Dennis Hartley, Stroke Foundation
20Oct14 – Mike Sargent (ex Merchant Navy): Horatio Nelson - The Hero
17Nov14 – Ken Bladen AM (Highgate Member): 7RAR in 1967-8
15Dec14 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Dr Peter Harries (Highgate Member)

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18Feb13 – Bruce Willis (ex-CO SASR): Security in Afghanistan – Now and into the Future
18Mar13 – Brother Ollie Pickett AM: Wheelchairs for Kids
25Apr13 – Commodore Steve Davies BSc MA RAN, Commodore of the Submarine Force
20May13 – Peter Kennedy (Highgate Member): Long Range Desert Patrols During WWII
17Jun13 – (Two Speakers) Bob Kucera, Ex-Senior Police Officer and State Cabinet Minister: The Only Western Style Democracy in the Middle East and Sigi Cohen: Wills WA
15Jul13 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Richard Albury, Trevor Arbuckle, Lou Halvorson, Patricia Kaliiis, Neil Oliver and John Spatcher; and OBNs Ernst Baints, Peter Hummerston, Fred Johnson, Ronald Rigg, and Ron Seares
19Aug13 – Duncan Warren (Highgate Member): Vietnam – Then and Now
16Sep13 – Kenneth Kessell (Journalist): Media, Politics and Business
21Oct13 – Ian King (Senior Executive, ex-Army): Geraldton – Boom or Bust
10Nov13 – (Remembrance Day Luncheon) Hon Alannah MacTiernan, MHR for Perth
18Nov13 – Adam Smith (Financial Planner): The Art of Proper Estate Planning
16Dec13 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Don King (Highgate Member)


20Feb12 – Max Boronovskis MBA MSc BAgBus: Solar Around the World
19Mar12 – Richard Usher, President DFWA in WA, Defence Health, Defence Credit Union: Services Available
25Apr12- Dr Ruth Shean (Highgate Member), Warden WA State War Memorial: My Father Max Shean
21May12 – Geoff Simpson OAM (Highgate Member), Commissioning Director Desalination Plant project: Drought-Proofing Perth – Is Desalination the Answer?
18Jun12 – Ken Walker, Marketing Manager, Army Museum (Fremantle): The Charter of the Army Museum WA
16Jul12 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Richard Bird, John Bush, Ray Doust, Norm Manners and Malcolm Weatherhead; and OBNs Doug Collins, John Harper-Nelson, John Hately, Jack McLaren, Mick Michael, John Newton, Alan Potter, Alan Raphael, Alan Saville, Brian Walley and Phil Zeid.
20Aug12 – Dr Peter Mack BDS MDS FDS RCS, Ex-RAF: The Concorde Tragedy
15Oct12 – John Burrows, Ex-Army: The DVA Today
19Nov12 – His Excellency Kevin Parker AC RFD QC (Ex-International War Crimes Court Judge): Yugoslavia Today – Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo
17Dec12 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: David Grace (Highgate Member)


21Feb11 – Kevin Davidson MVO OAM, CEO RSL and RSL Care WA: Government House Canberra
21Mar11 – Mark Skeels, CEO Intelligent Border Enforcement: Border Protection
25Apr11 – Neal Vermillion, Acting US Consul General: US Foreign Policy
16May11 – Wing Commander Russell Page, CO CSU Pearce: The RAAF Today
20Jun11 – Dr Anne Aly, Curtin University: Terrorism and Middle East Politics
18Jul11 – OBE Luncheon
15Aug11 – Geoff Hourn (Highgate Member): Experiences as a Project Advisor for the UN in Middle East
19Sep11 – AGM and Debate on Names to be added to the WA State War Memorial
21 Nov11 – Emeritus Professor Alex Kerr AM (ex-RAAF WWII Pilot and PoW) (Highgate Member): Bomber Command
19Dec11 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Dr Peter Harries (Highgate Member)

15Feb10 – Dr Phillipa Rogers: The Wartime Role of the Railways in Western Australia 1939-1945 - Trains, Troops and Trades
15Mar10 – Captain Brett Dowsing RAN, Commanding Officer HMAS Stirling:An Experience - USA 9/11
25Apr10 – Mac Hanlin, Scotch College student: Gallipoli
17May10 – Professor Murray Lampard APM MAICD: Preparedness versus Paranoia
21Jun10 – Major Steve Milton, Middle East Veteran: Operations in Afghanistan
19Jul10 – OBE Luncheon
20Sep10 – Commodore Bob Trotter OAM RAN (Rtd): Search and Discovery of HMAS Sydney II
15Nov10 – Colonel Michael Page, Assistant Commander 13th Bde: Thirteenth Brigade Asking More – Doing More.
20Dec10 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Dr Peter Harries (Highgate Member)
21Dec09 – Max Kay AM (Highgate member):


16Feb09 – (Two Presenters) Ric Forlano BCom CPA, ED Arthritis Foundation of WA and Dr J Quintner (Rheumatologist): Arthritis WA and Arthritis the Condition
16Mar09 – Bret Christian, Proprietor, Editor and Publisher, Post Newspapers: Newspapers and Justice
25Apr09 – John Tick (Highgate Member):The RSL and ANZAC Day
18May09 – Ray Galliott (Highgate Member): Victorian Bushfires – Army Involvement
15Jun09 – His Excellency Dr Kenneth Michael AC, Governor of WA: Leadership, Citizenship and the Community
21Jul09 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs John Allen, Peter Anderson, Bob Arnold, Norm marks, Don Newman, Don Rae, Theo Ricketts, Jack Suriano and Cecil Wakely; OBNs Bob Airey and Bob Jones; and Centenarian Harold Birch
17Aug09 – Steve Pratt, Chair WA Branch Dieticians Association: Cancer of the Bowel
21Sep09 – Ross Hutchinson MID (Vietnam): The History of Australian Army Aviation
19Oct09 – Hon Kim Beazley AC, Ambassador Designate to the USA: Australia’s Defence Services and Alliance with the USA
16Nov09 – The Very Rev’d Dr John Shepherd, Dean of Perth: The Challenge of Chaplaincy in the Great War
21Dec09 – Max Kay AM CitWA (Highgate member): A Migrant’s Tale

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18Feb08 –  Dr Leo Laden: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Clinic
17Mar08 – John Harper-Nelson (Highgate Member): The Decline of the British Umpire
25Apr08 – Frank Tyler, Ex-Army: Historical Battle Locations of Importance to Australians
19May08 – Commander Simon Ottaviano RAN, CO HMAS Stirling:  A Naval Officer in Bagdad
23Jun08 – Mr M McGuire: The Western Australian Symphony Orchestra
21Jun08 – OBE Luncheon
18Aug08 – Allen Gale, Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) Media Liaison Officer: Teamwork and Leadership in Community- based Emergency Services
15Sep08 – Captain Eric Atkinson, Harbour Master, Fremantle Ports: Fremantle Harbour – The Past, Present and Towards the Future
20Oct08 – The Rev’d Barry May OAM JP: Padre Plod – the Chaplain and the Author
17Nov08 – Dean Alston, Editorial Cartoonist, West Australian Newspapers: The Art of Cartooning
15Dec08 – Hon Julie Bishop MHR, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Treasurer: Causes, Consequences and Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis


19Feb07 – Brendon Fowler, Bluestone Equity Release: Reverse Mortgages
19Mar07 – Hon Justice Len Roberts-Smith RFD Judge Advocate-General:Current Developments in Military Discipline and Law
25Apr07 – Highgate Members: What ANZAC Day Means to Me
21May07 – John O’Mahony, Victims of Crime: Child Witness Program
18Jun07 – Brigadier Richard (Dick) Lawler AM (Rtd): Corps of Commissionaires
16Jul07 – OBE Luncheon
20Aug07 – Ron Manners, Chair, Mainwest Group: Early Days in Mining
17Sep17 – Dr Karl O’Callaghan APM, Police Commissioner
19Nov07- Jo Harrison-Ward, CEO Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA)
17Dec07 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Don King (Highgate Member)


20Feb06 – Graeme Sherriff: RSL Care WA
20Mar06 – Ms Robin McClellan, US Consul General
25Apr06 – Neil James, Australia Defence Association: ADF ANZAC Spirit
15May06 – Commodore Bob Trotter RAN (Rtd): The Search for HMAS Sydney
19Jun06 – Jumae Atkinson, DVA: Fall Prevention
17Jul06 – OBE Luncheon
21Aug06 – Wojciech Gorski (Highgate Member): The Polish Revolution
18Sep06 – Midge Carter, Military History Society of WA: West Australian Involvement in the Boer War
16Oct06 – David Parker, Director Chamber of Minerals and Energy:A Day in the Life of the WA Resources Industry
20Nov06 – Doug Love, Men of the Trees: Spreading the Arboreal Doctrine
18Dec06 – Christmas Lunch, Guest Entertainer: Adam Murby - The World of Illusion


21Feb05 – Brigadier Andrew Freemantle: Meeting the Challenges as a Soldier and a Civilian
21Mar05 – David Grace (Highgate Member): Light Hearted Wartime Memories
25Apr05 – Peter Winstanley: ANZAC Spirit and WWII PoW Medics
16May05 – Russell Leith DFC Ex-RAAF: 60th Anniversary VE Day
20Jun05 – His Excellency Lieutenant General John Sanderson AC, Governor of WA (Highgate Member): Reflections on Five Years as Governor
18Jul05 – OBE Luncheon recognising Highgate Member OBEs Alex Dick, Bob Eliot, Peter Glover, Brian Johnston, Bill Kynaston, Ronnie Leigh, John McKenzie, Noel Monks, Jim Robertson, Alan Terry, Alan Tyson and Ted White; OBN Ted Beness
22Aug05 – Amanda Bryce, Clinical Pharmacist: Taking Your Medicine
19Sep05 – Grant Dorrington, WA Football Commission: ANZAC Field Concept at Subiaco Oval
17Oct05 – Ernie Polis: PoW Camps at Marrinup
21Nov05 – Ian Williams: Mining and Aboriginal Questions


16Mar04 – Emeritus Professor Alex Kerr AM (ex-RAAF WWII Pilot and PoW) (Highgate Member): Commemorative Commission
21Jun04 – David Hawkes: Radio Memories
19Jul04 – Sir Charles Court: Over Bloody Eighty (OBE) Presentations
16Aug04 – His Excellency Lieutenant General John Sanderson AC, Governor of WA (Highgate Member): Recent Visit to China
20Sep04 – Ken Bladen AM (Highgate Member): Dunkirk, Sea Lion and D Day
18Oct04 – Nick Maher, DVA: Veterans’ Health
15Nov04 – Justine Fumic and Mark Webb: Kings Park – Policies and Operations
20Dec04 – Christmas Lunch, Highgate Members: War Time Service Memories

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