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Photo ADAMS Richard
Born 1945
Entered army life in Aug 1965 in order to fulfil his 2 year National Service obligation.
Trained with 3RAR and volunteered for duty in Vietnam with 7RAR at Nui Dat base. Richard is a member of Viet Veterans Assoc; sub-warden of the State War Memorial; treasurer of Highgate RSL and CEO of First International Debt Collection.

Photo ADAMS Ron

Born 1936
1949 54 Air Training Corps. 1955 Royal Australian Air Force national Service 1957 64 RAAF Reserve Pearce ATC. 1965 92 Citizens Military Forces Royal Australian Infantry 11th & 28th Battalions 5 Training Group. West Australian University Regt Officer Training Unit. Retired Major. Served in Army Cadets & Infantry Groups 40 years with ANZ Bank. Sec Highgate 2004
Born 1944
1966 Enlisted 6 Royal Victorian Regiment Melbourne posted to 3 OCTU Commissioned 1968. Served with 1 RVR 22RVR 3 Royal NSW Regiment 2 TRG GP. Promoted Captain 1984 posted 1/19 RNSWR then 50 OCTU. SO3 Military Secretary Office 5 Military District. Retired 1992. Naval Military &Air Forces Club. Experiment Scientist CSIRO
Photo AIREY Fred

World War I. British Army, Wold war II Australian Imperial Force, Prisoner of War Singapore. Escaped from a Japanese Firing Squad, took a boat to Sumatra, recaptured in Java. Worked on the Burma Railway in Thailand. Soldiered on after the was as Battalion Sergeant Major. Active Member of POW Association. Author of The Time Of A Soldier.
Born 1933
1952-4 National service. 1959-83 Citizens Military Forces. Promoted Lieut 1961. 1964 Comd/Staff Trg unit. Captain 1965 OIC W/COMD1 NCR. 1967 OC 3rd Fd Regt Lad. 1970-2 EME 2TF HQ. 1973 Major OIC 113/FD WKSP/5EME. 1979 Instructor 5 Trg Gp. Dec 1983 Discharged aged 50. Member Defence Reserve, RAEME Officers, 3 FD REGT RAA Assns; Honour Avenue Committee

Born 1920
Royal Navy 1941. Commissioned (RNVR) 1943 East Indies Fleet Sri-Lanka. HMS Shah. 851 Squadron RN Air Service. Action on Andaman and Car Nicobar Islands. Burma and Malaysia. Rail projects Nigeria. Western Australian Government Railways. Pilbara. Chartered Civil Engineer. Perth Legacy.
Photo ALLEN Bob
Born 1943
1964 Royal Australian Regiment Enoggera Qld. 1966 - 67 Special Air services Regiment. Vietnam 2 SAS Squadron. 1969 - 70. Total time with Special Air Services Regiment 1965 - 98. Discharged Swanbourne Western Australian as WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major
Photo ALLEN Ron

Born 1920
1940 Militia 16 Inf Bn Cameron Highlanders 1941 2/28 Inf Bn Cpl 6 months Tobruk C in C Card. 1942 OCTU Cairo. Commissioned 42 10 Platoon. Wounded C In C Card Taken POW, One week rescued, sent to British Hospital Cairo. Returned to Australia. Discharged 44. Help organize committee 2/28 Inf Bn Assn. 2005 Recycled President of that Assn. Employed by Dalgety Co Ltd
Photo ALLOM Rolf

1899 1996
28th Australian Infantry Battalion, World War I. Egypt, France, Mont Saint Quentin. Our most senior regular attendee to luncheon meetings. ANZAC House. Vice President Gingin RSL Sub Branch 1933. Brookton RSL Sub Branch 1938.

Born 1929
1963 Joined the Citizens Military Forces as a Medical Officer with 7th Field Ambulance. Subsequently serving with the 3rd Field Regiment Combat Surgical Team Vietnam. 10th Light Horse and HQ 5th Military District. Active Service 1969 1st Australian Field Hospital South Vietnam as Surgeon. Later, Co 7th Field Ambulance SO1 HQ 5 Military District. Retired Lieutenant-Colonel.

1933 - 13 December 2018; 536483 (Army)
In Subiaco attended PBS & PMS. 1951 National Service, RAAMC Commissioned. Staff Officer HQ 2 Task Force. Transfer 28 RWAR Major. UN Observer Group India & Parkistan. 1973 74 OC 11 Ind Rifle Coy. Promoted Lieut Col & CO WAUR 1980 83. Appointed Secretary of Committee for Employer Support for Reserve Forces until retirement after 42 years service.
Photo ARCHER Bill

Born 1915
RANVR HMAS Toorie Mine Sweeper. Backstairs passage South Australia. Area combined HQ Sydney assisting formation of Mercantile Movements Section Coastal Command South East Asia, Pacific Command various patrol boats, terminating with Fairmile ML 822.RSL Port Kembla, Northam, Highgate.
Born 1951
1969 - 1997 CMF/Army Reserve with 3 Field Regiment RAA, 7 and 8 Batteries as Gun Sergeant, Battery Guide, Battery Sergeant Major, Battery Captain (2IC). 1986 inaugural WA recipient of Prince of Wales Award with placement in UK 100 Yeomanry Artillery Regiment. 1987 awarded Order of Australia Medal. 20 years on committees RAA Historical Society, RAA Assoc. WA, 3 Fd Regt Assoc. and Hobbs Australian Artillery Memorial Foundation. 2009 retired as Manager Human Resources after 42 years public service.

Photo ARNOLD Bob
Born 4 March 1929
Enlisted AIF 18 March 1947, British Commonwealth Occupation Force 1951-52; Commissioned Lieutenant Australian Regular Army 1957; Officer Commanding 2 Advanced Ordnance Depot South Vietnam 1969-70 (Distinguished Service Medal) (Mentioned in Dispatches); Training UK, USA, Canada 1971-72; Director of Supply Papua New Guinea Defence Forces 1974-76; CO 51 Supply Battalion 1976-1978; Retired Lieutenant Colonel 1978. Member RAAOC Association, Perth Legacy, Association of Independent Retirees
Photo ARTHURS Bluey

1920 - 2006
Enlisted Royal Australian Navy (Volunteer Reserve) 1941. Served in UK ML 484 Landings at Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, D-Day, Normandy. Landing Ships Tanks 430-420 Landings at Tarakan No2 Beach Unit.Enlisted Royal Australian Navy (Volunteer Reserve) 1941. Served in UK ML 484 Landings at Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, D-Day, Normandy. Landing Ships Tanks 430-420 Landings at Tarakan No2 Beach Unit. Demobolised 20th February 1946 Associations: Normandy Veterans, LSTís Landing Craft.
Photo ASHMAN Ken
Born 1944
Cadets and Air Training Corps 1958-62. Royal Military College, Duntroon, 1963. Royal Australian Armoured Corps, 1966 3rd Cavalry Regiment South Vietnam, 1970. Australian Defence Liaison Group 1974, Singapore. 1985-86 United States Army Washington, (Meritorious Service Medal). Commander 13th Brigade. Total service 34 years, Retired Colonel.

Born 1922 passed away September 2011
Royal Australian Air Force F/LT. Pilot Victor harbour, Cunderdin, Geraldton. Nhill Navigation School and East Sale, Operational Training Unit Victoria. Flew Beaufort Bomber Aircraft Based 14 Sqn Pearce WA. South West pacific 6 Sqn and 9. Local Air Supply Unit. (Army Liason Communication Unit) New Guinea. Member RAAF Beaufort Squadrons Assn
Photo AVERY Colin

Born 1918
Australian Imperial Force 28th Infantry Battalion 1942-45 South West pacific, New Britain Australian Regular Army. Vietnam 1966-67.Medical Liaison Officer.